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"Over here, Kurtie!"

Both men were playing on a field. There were some couples too, but they didn't care about them. Kurt was wearing a typical white T-Shirt, and Dave was shirtless, because it was incredibly hot in there.

As always, Dave was happy, but there was something strange for him. Kurt was happy too. He was smiling, laughing, etc. Something strange for both him and Krist, who saw him as a depressive man, which he was, but not every time.

"You having fun, dear?"
"Yes, I do." Kurt smiled. Dave blinked and smiled too.

Suddenly, Kurt fell on the grass.

"Kurt, are you alright!?"
"Yes, I am. Why?"
"Well, I always wanted to ask you for something..."
"What is?" Kurt looked at Dave's eyes.

Dave took a shining ring out of his pocket and placed it into Kurt's hand.

"I... I love you, Kurt. More than you think. Being a couple isn't enough... So..."
"My dear Kurt Cobain... Would you like to marry me?"

Kurt shrugged.

"Oh my... Yes. I love you David Grohl. Of course I want to marry you!"
"Aw~ Thanks!"

Kurt didn't expect that... Just 2 weeks with Dave, and they're getting married. He'll though if Krist would accept that, since he's always been the friendzoned 6' 8" guy.

"Now you're mine, Kurt. You'll always be mine. Even after death."

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