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One night, back in the day, a young boy named Bert McCracken went to a Nirvana concert. There were no seats available so he snuck into the show. He had no seat so he went straight to the mosh pit and barely got past the security guards. He stood in the front row of all the teens, right in front of his favorite singer of all time Kurt Cobain. Kurt came on stage and Bert’s eyes lit up in amazement that his god was singing rite in front of him. Kurt asked the crowd “what’s that smell? Its teen spirit!” Kurt saw him out in the crowd, and bent down to touch just a lock of Bert’s hair, they were in love. Bert made it backstage, not backstage, but backstage backstage with the band! He and Kurt talked for hours and hit it off. Kurt asked Bert if he would go on the road with him and the band for the rest of the tour. Bert said yes. Like any other couple Bert and Kurt were alone together, Bert got pregnant (yes a man getting pregnant) and they had a baby. This baby was a boy, a boy with a future, one who could sing, play guitar, and has the hotness of both of his fathers, they named him Bert Cobain. Bert and Kurt were perfect for each other, but Kurt got pregnant. They had another son, (with the same talent as his brother) and named him Kurt McCracken. The relationship came to a halt when Kurt killed himself in 1994. Then Bert was forced to live on the street and become a hobo until one of his ex boyfriends took him in. Their sons Kurt McCracken and Bert Cobain still don’t know they have two fathers instead of a mother and a father because they were adopted. Bert moved on with his life and joined a band called The Used. Now in stead of Kurt asking the crowd “What’s that smell? Its teen spirit!” he can say “what’s that smell? Its fresh strawberries!” (Bert McCracken smells like fresh strawberries).

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