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End of the Line

Warning: This story contains a lot of MAN CRYING, especially these next few chapters. I think these are situations where men could be moved to cry, but I wanted to warn for it anyway in case you're bothered by that sort of thing.

In this chapter, Nicky says some unpleasant things about Kurt's suicide.

The smile upon Taylor's face oozed venom, but it was not Taylor in that moment who wore the expression. "I know he hurt you, Dave. Taylor shouldn't have kept this secret from you. But I thought you should know." He moved in for a kiss, sliding his hands up the sides of Dave's neck and into his hair.

Nicky jumped at the other man's unexpected reaction. "Get off me," Dave commanded. As he raised his head, Nicky just looked at him, bewildered. "Get off me!" Dave suddenly screamed. His eyes wide, Nicky shook his head, getting up and moving to the side of the chaise lounge. Dave was more upset at him than he had expected. Before he knew what was happening, Dave was using his knee to shove him. Nicky reached for him, the chaise, something to keep him from falling, but then Dave placed a foot against his side and pushed as hard as he could. Nicky landed on his side with a grunt, a few feet away from the chaise lounge.

As he looked up at Dave in stunned shock, Dave exploded. "That wasn't your secret to tell!" he yelled through his tears. "It was Taylor's! It's something he probably would have told me once you were gone and we had a chance to have a serious talk, but you just had to get a dig in, didn't you?"

"I'm not the one who lied to you!" Nicky said, trying to cut in.

Dave interrupted him, not allowing him to hijack the conversation. "No, you're the one who drugged me and chained me up and raped me!"

His eyebrows dipped in the middle; Nicky was baffled by this accusation. "I didn't rape you."

"What do you think you're doing right now?! You think Taylor and I want you here while we make love?!"

"Would you and Taylor have ever 'made love' if I hadn't possessed him?" Nicky shot back. "You'd still be pretending you didn't want each other!"

Beginning to feel the weariness of everything he'd been through, Dave hung his head again, sobbing. "I hate you," he said, hair in his face. "You're trying to make me hate Taylor, but it will NEVER! HAPPEN!"

Tears standing in his eyes, Chris tried to comfort his friend from across the room. "Oh, Dave... it'll be okay. Somehow, it's gonna be okay."

Nicky watched him for several seconds, regret washing over him. Then he scurried back up on the side of the chaise lounge, taking Dave's face in his hands and kissing away his tears. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I went too far." He kissed Dave's lips, but Dave did not kiss back. "I just love you so much, I want you all to myself." More kisses that were not returned. "You love me too, I know you do."

Dave didn't correct him; there was no point. Instead, he poured his heart out, hoping Taylor would hear him. "I want my Taylor back, I want my Tee."

His sobs tore out Nicky's black heart. He kissed Dave again. "You can't help it, it's only been a short time since you lost him. I know you miss Taylor." Nicky tried to make Dave laugh. "You wanna see his flexibility trick now?"

"No," Dave replied, his voice icy cold. "That's Taylor's trick, not yours."

Not knowing how to win Dave back, Nicky offered, "I'll let you talk to him, okay? For just a little bit. I can still keep control from in here."

"What do you mean?" His question was answered as he looked into Taylor's eyes. But they were still switching color, just much more slowly. Hazel brown... blue... hazel brown..... blue.....

"Dave..." There was a definite shift in the speaking voice, like Taylor was more there than he had been since Nicky possessed him. More awake. "...I'm sorry I didn't tell you the truth."

Dave couldn't help it, he burst into fresh tears. "Taylor, Taylor, Taylor..."

"Shhhhh..." Taylor kissed him, holding his face in his hands. "Don't cry, okay? Don't cry."

"Are you awake? Can you control your body?" Dave semi-whispered, as if he could keep Nicky from hearing him by speaking quietly.

Taylor shifted a little, testing what he could do. He looked Dave over and his entire face became troubled by what he saw, but still, he barely moved. "No. I think I need to get a key, to uncuff you, but my body refuses to move. I think I want to kiss you, and..." Leaning forward, he kissed Dave's mouth. Dave gratefully and enthusiastically kissed back. "I'm being controlled. The ghost... I could feel hands, holding my wrists down, and a voice whispered, 'Go to sleep, Taylor. Stay asleep.' Right in my ear."

"The ghost possessed you," Dave confirmed.

Taylor, considering that, sighed. "This is really happening."

Dave nodded.

Overwhelmed, Taylor closed his eyes and barely moved for a short time. He said, "Part of me is still asleep. I don't know how to wake up."

Trying to reassure him, Dave said, "We'll figure it out."

Taylor swallowed, emotion choking him up. "If all of this has to come out, then I want to explain why I let you think it wasn't me you slept with that night in 1997."

They had forgotten Chris was even there; he reminded them by saying, "You slept with Dave in 1997?!"

Confused, Taylor turned around. "Shiflett?" He saw Chris cuffed down on the couch with the wound on his forehead and his clothes in a disarray. It all came rushing back. Taylor groaned as if he was in pain, gritting his teeth. Suddenly, he started to pant, loudly. "You - you piece of shit... you could've killed Chris, hitting him with that bottle. You threw him down the stairs! You tried to... Chris didn't want it and you were just gonna go ahead and... And what you've done to Dave! You are a monster! Give me my body back!" He struggled to lift his arm, but it hovered in place and shook, not doing whatever Taylor was trying to get it to do. An angry scream built in Taylor's throat as he attempted to overcome the power Nicky had over him.

Chris cried, "You can do it, Taylor! Kick that bastard out!"

"Come on, Taylor, you can do it!" Dave added.

It seemed like Taylor might be doing exactly what Dave and Chris were encouraging him to do, but it became obvious he wasn't by the look of horror that overcame his face as his shaking hand slowly reached behind his back. "No... no, I'm sorry... don't do it... don't!" Taylor's hand came back around, holding the gun.

His eyes going wide, Dave yelled, "No, God, don't you do it!" He watched the barrel of the gun come up, achingly slow, to rest against Taylor's chin. "Oh God, Nicky, please don't do it!"

"Don't do it!" Chris screamed.

Panting, Taylor sat there with the gun aiming up towards his brain and said nothing until his eyes turned blue. "Is this how Kurt did it, huh, Dave? Or was it more like this?" He put the gun in Taylor's mouth.

Dave keened in anguish. "Please, pleeeease don't kill him!"

Nicky took the gun out of his mouth. "You tell Taylor to stop fighting me, then, and I'll let him live for now. You can talk and you can even fuck if you want to, but if he tries to take his body back again, BANG!" he yelled.

"Okay, okay, I'll make sure he understands, just put the gun down, please, please, I'm begging you," Dave pleaded.

Nicky stared him down before placing the gun on the side table. A sigh and his eyes began to change color again, slowly, regularly. Taylor took a moment to realize what had just happened and burst into tears.

He knew how close he'd come to death; Dave didn't have to give out any of Nicky's instructions. Dave shushed him as Taylor collapsed against him and sobbed for several minutes, his head against Dave's chest. "It's okay... you tried... you did so good, Taylor. You'll get it another time. It's okay..."

Eventually, Taylor leaned up, sniffling, looking at Dave's chest. "He cut you," he sobbed, his eyes tracing the word MINE.

"Don't think about that now," Dave said. If Taylor got angry again...

They both realized that Chris was crying softly on the couch, trying not to be heard. Taylor grabbed a box of tissues from the side table and stood up. "I'll be right back, okay?" he said to Dave, and walked over to sit on the side of the couch.

He helped Chris blow his nose. "Don't cry. You can't blow your own nose right now," Taylor reminded him.

Chris tried to stop. "He almost killed you," he said.

Taking a page from Dave's book of denial, Taylor replied, "Don't think about that now." He touched the wound on Chris's head very carefully. "He could've killed you too."

"My head's harder than that," Chris joked, and they laughed. Taylor caught his eye and nodded; somehow, Chris knew he was saying Next time, I got this, I'll get my body back.

Taylor looked down the couch and immediately turned his gaze away, embarrassed. "Do you want me to, um, put you back in your pants?"

"No..." Chris had to chuckle. "For some reason, it's less weird if Nicky does it."

"Okay." Taylor wiped Chris's nose one last time before standing up. "I'm gonna go talk to Dave now."

"Okay." As an afterthought, he added, "I'm sorry I have to be here for your private conversation."

Taylor shrugged and said, "It's not like you can help it."

He went back to the chaise lounge and settled in next to Dave. "Where were we?"

"You were going to explain why you didn't tell me it was you that night."

"Right, yeah." While he spoke, Taylor used tissues to clean up Dave's nose and his own. "I could tell you were really messed up that night. Really depressed and vulnerable. I was afraid you were going to get hurt if I didn't look after you. I had heard about your divorce. I never thought in a million years that you even liked, you know, the occasional dude..."

Dave chuckled, a little embarrassed for reasons even he didn't understand.

Taylor continued. "When we got back to your house and you grabbed me and kissed me, I realized that all the stuff you said about looking at your drumsets, 'Do you wanna see my drumsets?', was all a come-on, that I had actually been picked up by Dave Grohl." Shaking his head, he laughed. "It was unexpected, but not unwelcome."

"Yeah, that wasn't my best pick-up line ever."

"I was so slow on the uptake that I didn't even know I had been picked up 'til then." Taylor remembered Dave literally picking him up by his rear end and him wrapping his legs around Dave's waist as they kissed against the wet bar, Dave saying something about his tight little tanned body. Then Taylor's head brushed against the glasses hanging over the bar, making them tinkle musically. He smiled at the memory. Their deep, dirty kisses... "Still, I wasn't as drunk as you."

"I was as drunk as me and... I don't have an ending for that."

Rolling his eyes good-naturedly, Taylor said, "My point is, I just went with it because I was ah... I was attracted to you. But part of the way through, I realized how it looked, that you might think I was trying to fuck my way into the band. I had also heard about you losing your drummer. I panicked and started trying to hide who I was." Looking down, he laughed lightly. "Nobody ever calls me Oh, not then and as you know, not now."

Dave added to the story by saying, "Two weeks later, we met on the camping trip, and when you first saw me, your eyes went wide. I thought it was about you recognizing me, because apparently, I had a moment of narcissism, but your eyes went wide because you were afraid I'd recognize you as the guy I'd fucked a couple weeks back." Now Dave laughed at a memory. "You actually put your sunglasses on and quickly took them back off; you didn't know what would be best to keep me from realizing who you were. What you didn't know was the memory of your face from that night was a big blonde blur." They both laughed. "I never stopped drinking the whole night."

A memory of himself saying to Dave, "Let's move this to your bedroom, okay?" and Dave responding, "Okay, race ya!" and falling on his face within a few sprinted steps made Taylor chuckle even harder. "Yeah, in hindsight, you were pretty wasted. But I wanted the chance to audition for the Foos so bad. It took me some time to be sure, but once I realized that you didn't know I was Oh, it was easier to just keep my mouth shut. I couldn't risk that you'd kick me out of the band for being an opportunistic whore. I mean, I wasn't, that's not why I slept with you, but that's what you might think." Taylor's eyes pleaded for Dave to believe him. "And I just loved being in the band so much, Dave. I never meant to keep such a big secret. As the years went by, it became easier and easier to just not say anything."

To his relief, Dave nodded and agreed with him. "Now that I hear your side of the story, I can understand it. But Tee, twenty years! It's been twenty years! Were you ever going to tell me?"

Taylor shrugged. "I don't know. If the time seemed right..."

Dave, sighing, didn't know what to say at first. "I guess in a twenty year relationship, there are bound to be some secrets."

"Like the fact that we both like 'the occasional dude'?" Taylor ran his hands up and down Dave's sides, caressing him. "I know it's bizarre for the two of us to be having deep conversations and making out when there's a homicidal ghost possessing my body, but I really want to kiss you right now, Dave. Do you want to...?"

"Tee, I want anything that you want," Dave replied. "I'm just as attracted to you as you are to me."

They weren't admitting to their deeper feelings, Chris noticed. He wasn't going to say a word right now, but Dave had said he was in love with Taylor. They were pretending these feelings, their longing for each other, were primarily physical. This probably wasn't the best time to discuss anything more.

Taylor leaned in. "We can do this over. We can do it all over again," he said, and started with a light kiss.

Dave felt he could cry more, hearing that. He didn't have to settle for a drunken, unsatisfying experience or fucking with a dangerous ghost breathing down their necks. They could do it all over again, and make it as perfect and romantic as they wanted it to be.

But would Taylor want to, when this was all over? Once they reunited with their wives?

Now Taylor was giving him those deep, dirty kisses from their first night together, all tongue and open mouths, and Dave stopped caring about anything else.

Truth be told, Chris had lied when he said it would be less awkward for Nicky to put him back in his pants. He just didn't want to be put back in period, not yet, not until Dave and Taylor were done for the night. Part of him felt guilty for wanting this, but Nicky had worked him up pretty good, and his two bandmates sounded really hot as they kissed and moaned. Chris wouldn't watch them, but he couldn't exactly leave the room, so he instead turned his body on its side and slowly began to rub himself off on the back of the couch. It was so soft and somehow warm... he doubted Dave wanted him to stroke his dick against the cushions, but his hips just wouldn't be still.

After all, couches could be cleaned.

Taylor broke the kiss, and they just breathed against each other's lips, foreheads nearly touching. "I want you inside me, Dave. I want to be with you again. Do you feel up to it?"

For the first time, Dave considered how many sexual encounters he'd had with Nicky and by proxy, Taylor, that day. His body should have been completely worn out by now, but he wanted Taylor so bad, he thought he had one more encounter in him. "I wouldn't miss it for the world, Tee."

Smiling, Taylor kissed him one last time before stripping off his shirt and tossing it on the floor. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the blue bottle of lube Nicky had found in Dave's nightstand. "I guess Nicky planned ahead." Standing up, Taylor took off his pants and did it slow so Dave could watch. He wasn't wearing any underwear; Taylor rarely did, and didn't even own many pairs. For a brief moment, Dave wondered how Nicky felt when he discovered that.

All thoughts of Nicky left his head when Taylor pulled down his boxers and sat on his thighs, lubing up one hand and wrapping it around Dave's cock, getting it slick and hard. Dave moaned loudly, arching up into Taylor's hand. "Taylor... Tee... that feels so good..."

Running a finger over the head of Dave's cock, Taylor stroked it down several times; the motions made hot squishing noises that only added to the arousing nature of what they were doing. Chris let out a small, barely audible moan. Dave squirmed like a snake on the chaise lounge, his mouth open in an almost continuous cry of pleasure.

"I can't wait any longer. You are too much," Taylor breathed, and stood up, straddling Dave's crotch. He took hold of the erect cock beneath him and guided it to his entrance, then sat down on it as slow as he could stand. Both mouths hung open in ecstasy as Dave breached him, sliding deliciously up inside Taylor's backside. When he was all the way in, Taylor shuddered and shook, crying out and clutching at Dave's sides. "You're bigger... than the strap-on... Alison fucks me with." His chest heaved with desperate, heavy breaths.

Watching Taylor's hard cock bob around, Dave wondered how close he was to having him cum in his face. "You really like being fucked, Tee?"

"Oh fuck yes. Feels so good." Taylor started to move, to establish an intoxicating rhythm. He almost immediately began to moan so loud and raspy that it was practically a scream. "Oh Dave! Ooh... fuck me, Dave!"

Dave remembered being on the receiving end of sex with another man and how good the prostate stimulation felt. For years, he had denied himself that pleasure, too afraid to ask Jordyn to do to him what Alison had been doing to Taylor, afraid she would feel threatened by the spectre of Kurt and the possible, looming menace of sex with Taylor, and what these two things could do to their marriage. He wondered if Jordyn and Alison had gossiped about her pegging Taylor, and how Alison felt about it. "Does Alison enjoy fucking you, Taylor?"

He nodded, panting. "She loves it," he hissed. "Puts on a tight bustier that pushes up her tits and shows off her nipples... loves to laud her power over me and turn me into a begging mess."

Chris made another soft noise.

Arousal swept like an electrical shock up Dave's back at the pictures that conjured in his head, of Taylor the begging puddle of sweat and Alison the dominatrix, and how he and Jordyn could fit into the middle of such a scene. Why oh why hadn't the two couples explored this side of their friendship before? "What do you think Alison would do to Jordyn if she had her on all fours on the bed? Do you think she'd be into it?"

Taylor seemed to consider it and then gasped, moving faster and thrusting harder. He lowered his head to Dave's chest and just fucked for a bit. "That's so damn hot, so fucking hot... I wanna watch my wife fuck your wife..."

"Make her scream." Dave kissed Taylor's head. "I wanna touch you. Fuck, these handcuffs..." He pulled at them in frustration.

"Don't, don't... don't hurt yourself." Taylor ran his hands down Dave's arms until he could lay his palms over the backs of Dave's hands and intertwine their fingers. They stayed like that for several minutes, Taylor lying on top of Dave, while Taylor's movements brought them closer and closer to orgasm.

Eventually, Taylor slowly sat up, caressing Dave's arms as he did. No one was touching his cock, not even him, but it still twitched, obviously engorged with sexual desire. He panted and moaned, moving faster than even before. Dave felt his nails digging into the skin of his sides.

"You gonna cum on me, Tee?" Dave asked, enjoying the dirty talk.

"Yeah... yeah, baby!" Taylor's voice was reaching scream levels. With every thrust, he cried out, getting louder and louder and gasping harder. "Ooh Dave... Dave... uhh... Dave!" Taylor came, spattering Dave's chest with white ropes and pearly drops.

Amazed, Dave went over the edge, cumming inside Taylor. He growled while Taylor gasped and moaned hoarsely; they continued to make those noises for roughly another minute as they calmed down. The volume of these sounds came down as they did.

On the couch, Chris was still moving, breathing heavier and slightly louder in reaction to their orgasms.

"I never touched you. You never touched you," Dave said with a breathless laugh. "Still, you came pretty hard."

"Butt sex is the best," Taylor declared, and tiredly laid his head on Dave's chest again. When his head came back up, his eyes were stark blue... and angry.

Dave frowned at that look. "Hey Nicky. You okay?"

Nicky did not move off of Dave, kept him inside the body he was possessing, as he started to lick up all of Taylor's cum. He looked up at Dave with those hurt, angry eyes the whole time. At the end, Nicky sucked on Dave's nipple and then bathed the wound, the word MINE, with his tongue. It didn't hurt even though Nicky licked hard enough for it to; Dave realized the Vicodin must still be working.

When he felt finished, Nicky asked, "Did you enjoy that? Did you enjoy fucking him?"

Absently, Dave nodded. A sense of foreboding squeezed at his heart; Nicky was mad for some reason and he wasn't sure he'd be able to talk his way out of it. "I enjoyed having sex with you both."

"So you didn't even notice that I wasn't really there for the whole thing?"

Shit. Had Taylor's eyes stayed brown for most of the sexual encounter? Dave thought they probably had, but he was too distracted to make note of what that meant.

Nicky put on an evil, satisfied grin. "Taylor is my sweet little slumbering puppet. He'll never get control of his body back. So I let him feel most of what it was like to fuck you while I sat back and watched. You've been playing me, Grohl. You could never love me. You're too in love with Taylor."

Dave's heart began to hammer in his chest. "That's not true, Nicky. Yes, I love Taylor, but... we shared a special moment in my bedroom this morning. You and me."

"You and me... and Taylor." Nicky sighed, looking down. "But you know what? I don't care. I know what I have to do to have you all to myself now. You will be mine and mine alone to touch... and fuck... and hurt if I see fit." With that, he stood up and headed for the couch.

"Nicky, what are you doing?"

Chris had been listening, and his face already showed fear before Nicky took him by the hip and turned him over on his back. Without another word, he took Chris's cock in his mouth and aggressively began to suck him off.

Chris couldn't hold it in; he moaned and then cried, "No! You said you wouldn't if Dave took over!"

Dave snarled, "You fucking liar! You said you would leave Chris alone if I fucked you instead!"

Nicky stopped long enough to address what they'd both said. "But you didn't fuck me, Dave. You fucked Taylor." Then he went back to finishing Chris off.

Dave screamed, kicking his legs. "Whose fault was that? I didn't tell you to pull back and just watch!" Nicky ignored him. Chris started to squirm. "Nicky, goddamnit!"

Chris tried to use his legs as Dave had to push Nicky off the couch. Without missing a stroke, Nicky shifted his body so he was fully sitting on Chris's calves and pinned his hips down with his hands. He sucked at him even more aggressively, taking Chris into his throat.

Chris howled, losing his breath halfway through, and seemed to give in, lying still at last.

Dave screamed angrily, kicking his legs again. "You bastard! You want me to love you, this is not the way!"

Nicky did not answer him this time. He finished Chris off, blowing him until he came in his mouth. With a feral grin, he put Chris back in his pants and zipped him up.

Dave watched as Nicky picked up Taylor's clothes and began to put them back on. "I get that you need time, Dave," he said. He looked back at Chris, who was being very quiet, but was shaking all over. "But my patience is wearing thin. I also need time. Time to figure out how to accomplish what needs to happen here so I can be happy. So you and me can be happy, together."

"I don't know how I can ever be happy with you when you deliberately hurt my friends," Dave pointed out.

Nicky shrugged. "Then maybe you need to be separated from your friends," he said, and went up the stairs.

Dave was too shocked to respond. What did he mean by that? Would Nicky take him away? Would he...?

With Nicky finally gone, Chris burst into tears.

Notes: I know some of you are slash purists and don't really like the fact that Dave and Taylor mentioned stuff they'd like to do to their wives during sex, but I'm writing this from the perspective that these guys are bisexual, and I'm a big fan of mixed-gender threesomes and moresomes. So nyah. ;)

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