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Warning: This chapter contains sex while high on drugs, which some could consider dub-con.

Angry, Dave didn't consider that he was speaking to a crazy person. He just started yelling. "What the hell did you do that for?! What gives you the right..." He trailed off as Nicky leaned down and licked some of the blood off his chest. Obviously, he was having some sort of moment, his eyes closed and mouth panting.

Dave tried to reach him. "Go get the bandages."

"No," Nicky said, shaking his head. "I want this to scar. I'll monitor it to make sure it doesn't get infected, but I want it to be permanent."

"I don't."

"You say that as if it matters." He caught another rivulet of blood with his tongue and followed it up Dave's chest, taking the nearby nipple in his mouth and sucking it.

"So the truth comes out. Before, you were saying you and Taylor could learn to live in the same body, but that's not the truth. You want to steal his body and hold me captive. It doesn't matter what I want. You're torturing Taylor by trapping him in your most violent memories, aren't you? Trying to break his will?"

Nicky blinked at him, trying not to lose his buzz. "How do you know that?"

"I had a dream. It was too real." Did Nicky know Kurt was involved, and the things he was showing them?

Nicky stared at him a moment longer, then dabbed at his wounds with the towel again. The blood was drying up. "I guess you found me out. But it's only because I love you and want you all to myself."

Dave considered continuing with his current train of conversation, but realized it would be pointless and a bad idea. Instead, he said, "It really hurts. Can you please bandage it up?"

For several seconds, Nicky did not answer him, just stared dreamily at the word he'd carved into Dave's chest. Eventually, he looked up. "I won't bandage it. But I did get you something for pain while I was out." He got up and went over to a couple shopping bags at the foot of the stairs.

This gave Dave a chance to survey the room. Chris was still asleep on the couch. Some of the lights were off. Had Nicky come back from running his errands and immediately climbed on top of him with the knife? It seemed that way - he hadn't even taken the time to unpack the shopping bags. Why had he come back with such a jones to carve MINE into Dave's chest? Was it the idea of watching movies about himself and his crimes that had gotten him so worked up?

Nicky came back with a soda in one hand and a bottle of pills in the other. He straddled him again, purposefully settling Taylor's crotch right on top of Dave's. Dave made a small noise of surprise. Nicky opened the bottle and fished out two pills. "Open your mouth."

"What're those?"

"Vicodin. You had an old prescription in your nightstand you never filled. The pharmacist recognized me and had no problem filling it for Dave Grohl's bandmate and best friend." Nicky grinned, showing him the bottle.

"Wow, there really is no such thing as privacy with you, is there?"

Ignoring the comment, Nicky said, "Why do you bother going to the doctor if you're not going to fill the prescriptions they give you?" He looked at Dave expectantly.

Dave knew there was no fighting this. He would refuse to take the Vicodin and Nicky would threaten to kill Taylor and he would take the pills anyway, so instead of going through that song and dance, Dave just opened his mouth. Nicky put the pills on his tongue and gave him some soda to wash them down with. "Those will take a little bit to take effect. You want something to eat?"

Dave did; he was hungry. Nicky got the lap tray and the fast food he'd bought for lunch and fed it all to him. "I already ate," he said, squeezing ketchup onto Dave's curly fries. By the time they were done, Dave was feeling more than fine from the two Vicodin pills. But that's what Nicky wanted, wasn't it?

He felt warm and perfectly comfortable. Soon, the soaring feeling would overtake him, and a smile would be plastered on his face. Why hadn't he filled this prescription before? Vicodin was awesome. "My chest stopped hurting," Dave reported, and giggled.

Nicky grinned at him. "You feeling good, baby?"

Dave nodded. Oh, here came the feeling of soaring around the room, out the window, into the sky! His eyes became a little unfocused as Nicky removed the tray and climbed into his lap again, rubbing his crotch against Dave's. Dave let out a little moan.

Nicky took the other man's face in his hands and began to kiss him. Dave was feeling too good to resist. Within half a minute, Dave found himself hard and shaking, enjoying the lapdance Taylor was giving him. But, was it Taylor? Dave looked and saw the ever-changing eyes, and smiled. He didn't give a shit if Nicky was there too. All he cared about was his hot, sexy Taylor rocking back and forth on top of him, breathing hard and moaning, looking so good with his half-lidded eyes and mouth open in ecstasy. And as long as they were doing this, Taylor wasn't in Nicky's memories, being tortured.

"Mm... Dave..." he breathed. He grabbed the sides of the chaise lounge and leaned back to give himself plenty of traction so he could grind down on Dave harder. Dave watched Taylor's hips work for a moment before throwing his head back and lifting his hips so he could grind back.

In the mindscape, Chris was starting to wake up. He realized something weird was going on next to him, and lifted his head.

Taylor was tossing in the bed next to him, but it was clearly not a nightmare making him do so. He was moaning and crying out in pleasure as if someone was touching him, writhing under the attentions of a phantom lover. "Oh Dave... Dave," he panted.

Watching him, Chris realized he was rolling his hips against someone who wasn't there, and the gyrations had made his dick hard. The bedsheets were tenting over his crotch. Chris had to laugh; it was an awkward thing to have going on right next to you. Then he heard someone else laugh too, and looked up.

Kurt sat crosslegged on the bed, Munchie the cat on his lap. He couldn't stop giggling. Eventually, he had to turn his head to the side and partially cover his mouth with a curled hand.

Laughing with him, Chris asked, "What's with Taylor?"

"You're gonna have to wake up all the way to see that," Kurt replied, and snorted.

At that moment, Chris realized he really didn't know how to get out of this place. "How do I - "

Chris awoke on the couch with a start. He still felt a bit groggy from the Morphecil, but that feeling would wear off, he thought. Still, he tried to move his hands, forgetting they were shackled to the bar. Sounds coming from nearby stole his attention, and Chris immediately stopped thinking about the fact that he couldn't lower his arms once he saw Taylor on top of Dave. This is why Taylor was moaning and writhing in the bed. This is why Dave was so underdressed from the moment Chris came into the house. Nicky had been keeping him almost naked to assert dominance over him. And probably to make what they were doing easier from a practical standpoint. Chris's mouth hung open in shock.

Dave wasn't resisting. He clearly liked getting off with this ghost. At least, that's what Chris thought at first. But he quickly realized the only person Dave wanted to be with was Taylor. Dave wanted to be with Taylor?! "Holy shit," he said out loud.

Nicky looked over his shoulder at him, and Chris saw the changing eyes. Blue, brown, blue, brown, bluebrownbluebrownbluebrown... this is what Dave had meant. And that meant Taylor wanted Dave too.

Why hadn't he seen this before?

While Nicky grinned at him mischievously, Dave looked at him in surprise and then averted his eyes, turning his gaze anywhere but at Chris. A huge secret, a whispered suspicion, had been revealed.

That's when Chris noticed the drying blood and Nicky's carving work.

"You fucking sicko, what have you done to him?!" he yelled.

Panting, Nicky snapped, "Can it wait? Kinda busy," and put his attention back on the motion of his hips.

Dave tried to calm Chris down. "Is'okay, Chris. I'm okay."

Chris wanted more of an explanation of pretty much everything he'd seen since he woke up, but figured he wasn't going to get the best responses until they were done, so he decided to wait. Soon after, Dave pulled hard at the handcuffs with his hands balled into fists and his head thrown back and came, thrusting his hips up against Taylor's crotch. Nicky took hold of his face, putting their foreheads together, and talked him through the orgasm, which seemed quite intense. "Come on, baby, cum for me, baby... that's it... this is all mine... all for me..." Watching Dave shake and listening to him pant and moan, Nicky kissed him, obviously satisfied with himself.

Chris wasn't sure he needed an explanation for the word carved into Dave's chest now, although he definitely had something to say about it.

Kissing him one more time, Nicky got up and loomed over him, watching Dave still breathing hard for a little while longer. "I love you like this. All spent and feeling good." He stepped around the chaise lounge and flopped into one of the chairs, sinking low into it so his spread open crotch would be sticking out.

Dave panted, "You didn't cum."

With a shrug, he replied, "I want to save it up. Somebody's going to fuck me tonight and make me cum so hard I see stars."

Dave worked his jaw, unsure what to say. He didn't want to spoil his first time with Taylor, but if he didn't do what Nicky wanted, how would he react? Would he get angry and carve into Dave further, or just turn to the other man in the room for sex? Would Chris even want it? Would Nicky rape him if he said no?

Of course he would.

Not knowing what to do, Dave watched Nicky rub his hand over his crotch provocatively.

"Dave... how long have you and Taylor felt this way about each other?" Chris asked. "Have you been keeping a relationship secret from the rest of us?"

Dave shook his head. "I've been in love with Taylor since about 2001, at least. How long he's wanted me, I don't know. But this is the first time we've done anything sexual." He glared at Nicky. "Since Nicky showed up."

"Oh God, Dave, I'm so sorry. If I had known, I never would have - "

"It's okay, Chris. You didn't know."

Nicky swiveled one way and then the other in the chair, looking at the two men and wondering what they were talking about. He rubbed absently at the erection poking at his pants again.

It was something Nicky kept doing as he forced them all to watch the first of the movies made about him. His level of arousal just seemed to increase the more memories he relived through the film. "This guy is almost too good-looking to play me. It's a nice compliment, though. Oh, next is a really good sex scene." Nicky leaned back in the chair to watch.

Furrowing his brow, Dave said, "How would you know? You died long before this movie was made."

Nicky, after briefly freezing, finally shrugged. He refused to explain any more.

When the sex scene was over, Nicky was obviously much more aroused than before. He rubbed hard at his erect cock through the tough denim and hissed. "I am so turned on right now. Mmm. I need somebody to fuck me before I burst." Looking at Dave, he waited.

Dave looked away, biting his lip. He didn't want to do this with Nicky still in Taylor's body. He wanted their first time to be romantic. Intimate. Perfect.

Trying to make Dave jealous, Nicky rolled the chair back and put a hand on the inside of Chris's thigh, massaging it. Chris jumped in surprise. "How about you, boy-oh? You wanna fuck Taylor, hm? Was I right when I said you had a thing for him?"

Chris squirmed, repeatedly looking down at the hand on his thigh. Clearing his throat, he replied, "You gotta understand, Taylor's like sex on legs; he's just got this vibe, and... I... but..." He finally finished, "I promised my wife that wouldn't happen again."

Mouth agape, Nicky looked at Dave. He was looking away, but Nicky could still see the hurt on his face, the sad cast of his eyebrows and pout to his mouth. "You promised your wife you wouldn't fuck Taylor again? How did that happen?!"

Clearly reluctant to discuss it in Dave's company, Chris looked from one man to the other. "Um... Dave, are you going to be okay if I talk about this?"

Dave shrugged. There was no point to saying no.

"Okay. Well, it was the end of our tour for 'Wasting Light.' We had a really big party, and things got a little crazy. Our wives weren't there. It was our 'no wives' party, so we could get a stripper."

Nicky clucked his tongue at Dave, enjoying this already. "You dog."

Dave didn't respond, just looking away.

Rolling his eyes, Chris continued, "Our wives understand that shit. They married hard rock musicians. It's not like anyone was going to fuck her. Anyway, everybody was off somewhere else. They'd already had their turn. It was just me and Taylor in the room. We'd had way too much to drink when the stripper came in. It was the end of a tour and we needed to party hard. You know?"

Nicky nodded.

"The girl was anxious to make as much money as possible, and she offered to go further than a lap dance, that she would blow us both for additional bucks. Taylor said no, that it wasn't necessary, because he could bend over so far that he could suck his own dick. I thought he was just talking, joking, you know. A drunk boast. So the stripper said she didn't believe it and dared him to take his dick out and suck it.

"Next thing I know, Taylor is stripping off his clothes and getting down on the floor, playing with himself the whole time, and at first we're all laughing. He explains that he inherited a spinal defect that allows him to be really flexible, and his cock gets pretty decently sized when he's hard, so he could suck it. Then Taylor goes, 'This is the easiest position to do it in,' and lays on his back. He pulls his legs up so his ass is sticking in the air and practically puts his ankles behind his ears, easy as pie, and we're really laughing now. Including Taylor. I mean, it was like one of those circus contortionists. His dick was hanging right in his face. Then he put it in his mouth as far as he could and started to moan and suck himself off, and everybody stopped laughing." Chris's eyes were a little wild as he recounted the story. "It was hot as shit."

Astounded, Nicky looked at Dave, then Taylor's crotch, and back at Dave. He was just now realizing what this meant. "Did you know about this?"

Dave sighed. "Taylor said as much years ago, but I also thought it was just Taylor being Taylor, and I never dared him to prove it." He looked at Chris. "Chris telling us the story of what happened was the first I heard of it being true."

Again, Nicky looked at Taylor's crotch. He snickered, long and hard. "Go on with your story," he said to Chris, but Dave knew what he was thinking.

"Okay." Chris glanced at both men and swallowed hard, afraid he was hurting Dave by telling it. "The stripper said this was the hottest thing she'd ever seen, and offered to masturbate for us if we paid her more, and I said okay, just kind of waving her off, because I had all the entertainment I needed. I mean, it was one of the hottest shows ever. It was like a porno. Taylor was fucking his own mouth and really liking it and it was turning me on."

Nicky resumed rubbing his inner thigh. "Just how many bisexual guys does this band have anyway?"

"Oh, I'm not bisexual. Taylor's the only guy I ever wanted. I like women."

Nicky snorted. "So, you fucked a guy... but you're not bisexual."

Dave cut in, "Is this really the right time to debate sexual identity?"

"Right, right." Nicky shifted a little in the chair, face flushed. "So then what happened?"

"I sat on the couch next to where the stripper was taking off her clothes and just opened my pants and started beating off. Neither of us was even watching the chick, we were looking at each other. Taylor gets up, comes over to me, and starts begging me to fuck him. He says he occasionally likes to be fucked, that Alison had pegged him before, but he prefers to be fucked by a real dick. Before I can stop him, Taylor starts giving me a blowjob, and I didn't stop him." His eyes were even wilder than before. Nicky noticed a lump in his pants, and grinned. "I was so turned on. The stripper loved it."

"So you fucked him."

"I didn't have to move a muscle. After he got me extra hard, Taylor just climbs into my lap and the next thing I know, I'm inside him and we're fucking, no condom. All I could think is shit, Cara's gonna kill me. But it felt so good, I didn't stop him."

"How did she find out?"

"I told her. I felt guilty. She almost left me. That's why I promised her it would never happen again. So you see, I can't be the one who..." Chris looked at the hand, rubbing his thigh. "Please stop that."

"Oh... but you've got me really worked up, mister." Nicky rolled himself out of the chair and right into Chris's lap, straddling him and rapidly unbuttoning his shirt.

"No, no, come on, man."

Nicky opened his shirt and rubbed Chris's chest. "Jesus, Dave, have you seen all these tattoos? I think he's more tatted up than you are."

"Leave him alone. He said he doesn't want to."

"Make me," Nicky challenged. He moved down to undo Chris's pants.

Chris sounded like he was holding back tears. "God, please, don't, my wife..."

When Dave saw Chris's cock in Nicky's hand, he said, "Nicky, come on, please, be human."

"Make. Me," Nicky repeated. Chris whimper-moaned and pulled at the handcuffs as Nicky began to stroke his cock. When he leaned down and gave the head of the hard dick a good licking, Dave spoke up again.

"Fine. Fine, motherfucker. Stop it. Leave Chris alone."

Nicky leaned up, looking at him with hope. "You'll be with me instead?"

"What do you think I'm saying?"

"This is the fulfillment of a dream." Nicky stood up, leaving Chris in his excited state, but it made Chris heave a sigh of relief. Truthfully, Cara probably would have forgiven him for it if she ever believed the circumstances, but he would still feel guilty, thinking of how much she cried the first time.

Sitting on the side of the chaise lounge, Nicky asked, "What would your wife think if she knew you fucked Taylor?"

"She'd think it finally happened."

"You and Jordyn have discussed this before?"

"Me and Jordyn have talked about this before, yes. I swore her to secrecy because I thought it would never happen."

Nicky didn't waste any time; he stroked at Dave's cock through his underwear. Dave was already part of the way there. He writhed sinuously under the wandering hand. "Have you ever seen Taylor do the flexibility trick?"

Dave shook his head.

"Do you want to? Would you like to see him cum in his own mouth?"

Dave nodded vigorously.

"Okay, then." Nicky unbuttoned his jeans.

"Wait. I want to tell you something first."

His hands still, Nicky looked at him.

Dave couldn't hold it in. "I hate you for this, Nicky. I wanted my first time with Taylor to be perfect, just the two of us. Instead, you'll be there, and Taylor won't be completely conscious of the fact that this is really happening. You're ruining this experience for me."

The reaction he got was unexpected. Instead of getting upset and making an in-character threat, Nicky smiled, evil and calculated. "You really don't remember, do you?"

"Remember what?"

"Maybe you do remember, but you don't realize... you were quite drunk that night."

"Nicky, cut the shit. What are you getting at?" Dave growled. If Nicky didn't get on with it, he might lose his nerve.

"Well, you see... I have access to Taylor's memories, because I'm possessing his body. Before he joined the band, shortly before he joined the band, in fact, you encountered him in a record store..."

The world seemed to stop for a moment. Dave's mouth fell open. "What...? No. No, that's impossible. I was drunk, yeah, but I remember a lot about that night, and that guy's name was - " Suddenly devastated, Dave couldn't speak at first; it was written all over his face. "...Oh. He told me his name was Oh."

Nicky made sure he remembered, "Oliver starts with O."

Snippets of their conversation came back to him. Everything was fuzzy, a little blurry. Kissing Taylor, Taylor insisting on wearing his sunglasses practically the whole time, except when he was behind him, licking, so slowly. "What's your name?"


"Your name is Oh? So what am I supposed to moan while we're going at it, oh Oh?"

Taylor snickering in reaction.

All these years, how he had built this moment up in his head, only to find out it had already happened. He had left feeling disappointed, unsatisfied. Dave's eyes filled with tears. "God, Taylor. When you realized I didn't know it was you, why didn't you tell me?" He hung his head and cried.

Chris wasn't sure what they were talking about, but Dave's tears moved him, and he looked at Nicky and said, "You're a monster."

Ignoring him, Nicky finished, "So as you can see, you've already fucked Taylor."

Notes: The idea for Taylor to be this flexible comes from actor Misha Collins, who, um, actually has this spinal defect.



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