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Bridge Burning

Nicky taunted and ranted at Dave a while longer, pointing out how badly he could have hurt Taylor by slamming his head into the brass headboard, but it all sounded like a voice from down inside a tunnel. All Dave could focus on at the moment was his pulse beating in his ears and the realization that Nicky was about to rape him using Taylor's body.

"If you ever do something like that again, I may not punish you next time. I may just disfigure Taylor's face, or string up your cat and - "

Catching some of this, Dave struggled underneath him, begging, "No, don't hurt anyone else! Leave Oogly alone, please! I'm the one who did it! Don't hurt Taylor for something I did."

Nicky snickered. "Oogly? That's adorable." He dropped kisses on the back of Dave's neck. "Your fear is even sexier than your anger."

Dave knew it. The guy didn't just want his love. He also got off on flaunting his power over a captive victim. His body began to shake.

Now kissing his shoulder, Nicky purred, "Are you still hard? Be honest."

"Sort of," Dave replied. He could feel his dick rubbing against the sheets and yes, it was still a bit erect. No, he didn't want to react that way to what Nicky was about to do to him. If Dave could will himself not to get any more aroused, he had to try.

But Nicky, of course, had other ideas. "What can we do to get you as hard and excited as you were when you masturbated for me? Hm? Does the idea of me fucking you actually get you all hot and bothered?" Dropping kisses along Dave's spine, he parted his quivering cheeks with his fingers. "Mmm, you got yourself all clean for me," Nicky breathed, and ran his tongue around the rim of Dave's puckered hole.

At first, Dave jerked in surprise, but within seconds, he buried his face in the pillow so Nicky couldn't hear him moan. He and Kurt always referred to this as rimming, although it had other names, and they had both loved doing it to each other. Years ago, after his divorce from his first wife, Dave had gotten drunk and picked up a cute blonde guy in a record store, who had agreed to rim him until he came. The guy had begged to be fucked, and Dave had done it, but it just didn't feel enough like the old days, and although he came inside the guy, he had left feeling unsatisfied. As Nicky moved Taylor's tongue ever so slowly over that sensitive area, Dave couldn't help but rub his cock against the bedsheets.

Nicky noticed the subtle, slow movement of Dave's hips. "Oh, you like it, huh?" He reached up and took a handful of Dave's long hair in his fist, lifting his head. Dave hissed. "I want to hear you. Keep your face out of the pillow."

"Please don't make me do this."

"So you don't want your punishment? You'd rather I get the razor and go find Oogly?"

Sighing, Dave laid his head on his upturned arm. "Fine. I won't bury my face in the pillow."

"Good boy." Nicky began to lick him again.

Dave tried very hard not to rub himself off on the sheets, but it just felt too good. Trying to use more of Kurt's advice, he imagined it was Kurt rimming him, it was Taylor, they were taking turns. His hips moved a little more aggressively by the minute. Dave didn't realize how much he was moaning until Nicky stopped and remarked, "Damn. You make the most intoxicating sounds."

Dave heard him open the bottle of lubricant. Shortly after, a lubed finger slid up inside him and touched that sweet spot he liked so much. Dave almost screamed in pleasure. He couldn't bring himself to ask Jordyn to do this very often, but he did love it. Dave didn't have to see Nicky to know he was grinning.

This went on for several minutes, Nicky working in more and more lube. Dave couldn't stop rubbing against the sheets; he was close. All at once, he realized the finger was gone, and Nicky was panting and taking off Taylor's clothes. Oh, God. Could he pretend it was Kurt or Taylor on his back? Nicky had already taken so much from his possible first experiences with Taylor - he didn't want this taken from him too.

"No, don't, please," Dave pleaded.

"I can't stop now. You are too fucking hot." Dave felt hands easing him open, and then the head of Taylor's cock was against the entrance to him. Nicky breathed out slowly, rocking against him. His cock began to breach him very slowly, just barely opening him up. Dave hissed. He couldn't feel the pain yet, but he knew it was coming any second. "Ohhh, it's been so long, so long," Nicky whispered.

Dave cried out in his head, hoping someone would hear him. Kurt, I really screwed up. Please help me! If there's anything you can do, please get me out of this.

An answer came, but it sounded far away. Cry, Kurt's voice commanded. It will make him stop.


CRY. Images were forced into Dave's head of people he loved in pain, in horrible situations, things he never wanted to see. Tears instantly sprang up in his eyes. He felt Nicky rocking against him again, felt him sliding forward, and Dave burst into tears.

"Stop, please stop, no more!" he cried.

Gasping, Nicky pulled back, and turned Dave over. This caused his arms to cross over one another, but it wasn't painful. The look of horror on Nicky's face... Kurt's advice had paid off. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it, don't cry." He kissed Dave's face all over.

Dave saw a bruise coming up on Taylor's forehead, near his temple. Knowing that he had really hurt Taylor in his bungled attempt to escape only made him cry harder.

Nicky's blue eyes widened and then filled with sorrow. "Oh, please don't cry. I'm sorry, baby." He hugged Dave, continuing to kiss away his tears, then laying his head on his chest. "I went too far, please forgive me."

How ironic that a minute ago, Nicky had been determined to punish him, and now, he was apologizing to Dave for it. Crying was a weakness for the psycho; this was useful information. Thanks, Kurt.

What Nicky did next was quite the surprise. Dave was trying to stop crying, but once he got started, it took time to turn off the faucet. Nicky said, "Don't cry, baby, I only want you to feel pleasure," and, in an effort to prove what he'd just said, quickly took Dave's cock in his mouth and began to suck it.

The action was so unexpected, it made him quiver all over, hard, and huff out a loud, shaky breath. Already close, Dave moaned and threw his head back, closing his eyes. When he looked down a minute later, he saw blue eyes looking up at him, head bobbing up and down, hoping for his approval. Although the eyes were the wrong shade, it was easy to pretend they were Kurt's eyes, and remember.

But that wasn't really right. The eyes were in Taylor's face, and Kurt and Taylor were not interchangeable. Taylor had been compared to Kurt, had been called his replacement in Dave's life, had even been insinuated to only be in the band because he reminded Dave of Kurt, but none of those things were true. Taylor was his own person with his own talents, and he didn't deserve to be thought of as a Kurt clone. They didn't even look alike, save for the blonde hair. Dave put thoughts of Kurt out of his head as he looked down at Taylor's face, Taylor's lips wrapped around his dick, obscenely taking him all the way in. His eyes began to switch from blue to brown and back again.

Maybe he hadn't lost Nicky's trust after all. Maybe the ghost could still be seduced and manipulated. As Dave felt himself about to cum, he laid his cheek against his raised arm, eyes closed again, and moaned, "Oh Nicky," before cumming in his mouth.

Nicky swallowed it all down. When Dave opened his eyes, he saw those lovesick blue eyes looking back at him before Nicky nearly pounced on him, giving him several passionate kisses. He looked as if he might start crying too, eyes dewy, as he wiped the tears from Dave's face with his thumbs. "I love you, Dave Grohl," he said with a sniffle. "I think you may be starting to love me too."

Oh, this guy was totally loony toons. But let him think it, it could keep Dave alive.

Nicky kissed him a few more times before saying, "I am more turned on than ever. Can I have a blowjob too?"

Just relieved he didn't go back to demanding a fuck, Dave nodded. Nicky helped him sit up a bit and then got on his knees before him, fucking Dave's mouth.

This being the first time Dave ever gave Taylor a blowjob, he hoped Taylor was awake enough to enjoy it. Another experience with Taylor that Nicky was stealing from him. Closing his eyes, Dave fantasized it was only Taylor in there, as Kurt had suggested. He did all that he could to revive the techniques he used with Kurt all those years ago, the ones that made him growl and grab Dave's head, pulling his hair a little as Dave sucked his cock.

At one point, he opened his eyes and looked up at Taylor's face to see what color his eyes were. The face was a mask of ecstacy, eyes closed and lips slightly open. "Dave, oh yes," he moaned.

Pulling his head back, Dave concentrated on the head of the cock, licking the underside. The sounds coming out of Taylor's mouth became more high-pitched and desperate. As it was with many men, the spot Dave was licking was extra sensitive. Dave let Taylor's cock drop from his mouth. Nicky looked down at him, confused.

It wasn't just Nicky gazing down at him. The eyes were changing from blue to brown and back. Dave sighed with relief. He wanted Taylor to feel every bit of this. "Woops," he said, and tried to chase the dangling cock with his mouth.

So turned on, Nicky guided the hard member back into Dave's mouth. He put a hand against the wall to brace and began to rock faster in and out of Dave's mouth, his moans reaching a new level of needy. Full of rasp and smoke, those sounds were pure Taylor. When he came, he cradled Dave's head in his hands, and howled. Dave swallowed, enjoying the giving as much as the receiving when Taylor was involved.

When Nicky used his usual safeguards in taking Dave back to the art room, Dave did not fight him. He would choose his moments to attempt to escape better. He did, however, ask why they couldn't stay in the bedroom.

"It's easier keeping track of things with you down here," Nicky replied. He didn't explain any more than that, but Dave thought he knew what he meant. Only one path of escape.

Chained down to the chaise lounge, wearing clean boxer shorts and nothing else, Dave started in on the seduction again. "Can I see what you looked like? It's been a long time since I last saw you on TV."

"How am I supposed to show you that?"

"We can look on my phone." Maybe he could trick Nicky into calling for help. "Where did you put it?"

"Is that really a phone? They've come a long way." Nicky ran up the stairs and brought back both Dave and Taylor's phones. "I don't think this one is working."

"It just needs to be charged. They run on batteries." Luckily, Dave's phone still had some power. "After we're done, you should put them both on their chargers." He explained how to use the phone to get on the internet and search for Austin Nicholas Kelly.

Nicky could not have been more fascinated with the phone and the internet as a whole. He tapped the screen with his finger and cried, "Whoa!" when the picture filled the screen. Showing Dave the picture, he said, "That's me."

Dave considered it. Nicky looked a bit like a young, perpetually pissy-faced Leonardo DiCaprio, with darker hair. "You weren't a bad looking guy. Why did you think you had to hold people captive to have a relationship with them?"

Nicky shrugged and shook his head at the same time. "I dunno. I don't want to talk about it." He looked at the screen. "Do you think I'm attractive?"

"Yeah. You were very good looking."

Nicky smiled, looking at the phone again. "Thanks." He started tapping on the screen randomly until he'd managed to open a gallery of pictures stored on the phone. "What are these?"

"Phones take pictures now."

"Who's that?"

Dave allowed him to go through the gallery, telling him who various people were, hoping it would make it harder to hurt him or Taylor if he saw more of Dave's life outside of this room. Nicky's eyebrows dipped in confusion at the latest picture. He showed it to Dave. "Is that me?"

Nicky was showing him a photo of Taylor backstage before one of their 2015 shows. Taylor had found a couple pairs of tight leggings that he thought were so comfortable that he wanted to wear them on stage. The only problem was he insisted on wearing them without any underwear, which caused the pants to gleefully show off his balls. The corners of Dave's mouth twitched as he tried to keep from laughing. "Yup."

Nicky looked at Taylor's lower half in the tiger-striped leggings. "You let me go out in public in ball-hugging tights?"

"They're leggings, and he wore them on stage! And I ain't Taylor's mom. He's a grown man. Dude can wear what he wants."

Nicky showed him the picture again. "On stage?"

Dave just laughed.

"Ball-hugging hot pants and he wears them in front of thousands of people," Nicky said with a grin. "Taylor seems like a real character. Bad taste in clothes sometimes, but a fun guy."

Dave just laughed again, harder. He was stopped cold when the phone began to ring.

Nicky didn't know what was happening because Dave's ringtone was "Tom Sawyer" by Rush. He wasn't used to this meaning that a phone was ringing. Showing Dave the screen, he asked, "What does it mean when it plays music?"

The screen said JORDYN CALLING.

"It's my wife." He quickly explained how to answer the phone and put it on speaker. "Be cool. You're Taylor."

"If you try to signal her that anything's wrong - "

"I won't, but she will think something is wrong if I don't answer. Answer it!"

Nicky did as Dave had instructed. "Hey babe," Dave called into the phone.

"Hi honey. I've already called you twice. Where have you been?"

"I'm sorry. Taylor and I slept in. You know us, up late as always." He glared at Nicky. "Say hi, Tee."

Nicky jumped like he'd been startled, then recovered. "He~ey," he sing-songed.

"Hi Taylor. So how did your séance go?"

"Oh, not so well. Nothing happened," Dave lied. "Guess the ghost didn't want to talk. We're going to try again tonight."

"Sounds like you're having fun," Jordyn said with a giggle.

"Fun? Oh sure, it's a barrel of laughs here. We shoulda just came to Hawaii with you guys." Dave sighed. Hearing her voice was making him sad. What if he never saw her again? "Are the girls having fun?"

They talked about all the activities the kids were doing in the beautiful Hawaiian sun on the gorgeous Hawaiian beaches. Dave wished he and Taylor had just gone to Hawaii on Saturday with their families. If they had, he wouldn't be handcuffed to a piece of furniture now, wondering if he was going to make it out of this without being raped or killed. After a few minutes of listening to this, Nicky was bored, but he still held the phone up for Dave, trying to signal to him that he should wrap it up.

"I miss you sooo much, babe. I wish I was there, really I do."

"But you wanted to work on that song with Taylor and Chris too, right? You staying there 'til Wednesday wasn't just about getting in touch with the ghost," Jordyn reminded him. "Stay and finish the song. You'll be totally distracted by work if you come to Hawaii now."

Dave tried to keep the sadness out of his voice as he admitted she was right. He had to; she'd be suspicious otherwise. "I know. I just miss you is all."

"Awww. It's nice to be loved."

"And I do love you."

"Listen to you, being all romantic," Jordyn cooed. "I love you too, Dave."

Nicky rolled his eyes.

"Give my love to the girls."

"I will. I'll try to tear them away from their activities long enough to... What? Oh sure."

"Jordyn?" Dave said.

A different voice came on the line. "Oliver Taylor Hawkins, why aren't you answering your phone?"

Dave's eyes went wide. "Your wife," he mouthed.

Looking alarmed, Nicky tried to remember her name. Dave had told him her name. Was it...? "Oh, hey hon. Sorry. I forgot to recharge the battery and it went dead."

Dave mouthed, "Alison." He would have also given Nicky a thumbs up for coming up with a great explanation on the fly, but no one could have seen his thumbs when they were practically under the chaise.

Nicky looked confused; he couldn't tell what Dave was trying to say.

"You goof. Are you charging it now?" Alison asked.

"Most definitely."

"Good. I sent you a video of Shane waterskiing for the first time and he's so excited for you to see it."

Trying to save Nicky a bit, Dave cut in with, "Waterskiing, wow, that's pretty great, Alison. Tell him that's awesome."

"Yeah, Ali, tell him that's really cool."

Dave winced.

Not sure why Dave was reacting that way, Nicky continued, "I promise I'll watch the video as soon as... my phone is charged?" He wasn't even sure if that's how it worked.

Alison paused, then said, "Okay. He'll be waiting for a call from his daddy, so don't you guys get busy and forget."

"I'll make sure he doesn't forget," Dave promised, knowing that promise would probably be broken. If Nicky was going to screw up this fast, how could he be trusted to talk to Taylor's son?

"Thank you, Dave." Alison paused like she was waiting for something. Then she added, "Well, you seem busy. I'll talk to you later, okay?"

Seeming relieved, Nicky said, "Okay, bye." When Dave gaped at him, he hurriedly added, "Love you, Ali. Love to the kids."

"Love you too." She hung up.

Dave thumped his head against the chaise lounge in frustration. "Why did you keep calling her Ali?"

Taken aback, Nicky swallowed down a lump of apprehension. "Taylor doesn't call her Ali?"

"Nobody calls her Ali. She's always been just Alison." With a sigh, he continued, "You didn't ask about the other kids, either. Taylor and Alison have three kids."

"Oh... I guess I could have studied all this a little harder. I just never thought it would come up." Suddenly, he snickered. "His first name really is Oliver?"

If Dave could have hit him with something, he would. "Would you get serious?"

He went on snickering. "Hello Ollie."

Dave lightly kicked him in the side. "If you make them too suspicious, they're going to send someone over here to check on us. You don't want that, do you?" Dave wasn't sure if he wanted it or not. It could be a chance to be rescued... but it also was a chance for someone else to be hurt.

Nicky shook his head. "Should we call them back?"

"No, you might make it worse. Let's just leave well enough alone."

Sheepish, Nicky asked, "Do you want me to put your phone on the battery thingie too?"

"Yeah, for a couple hours."

It had been a harrowing, exhausting morning, and it wasn't even lunchtime yet. Dave thought about what the imp had said about having a beer with breakfast. He didn't want to do what the little fucker said, but he really needed a beer. It wasn't breakfast anymore either. "Nicky, can I have a beer?"

"Okay, sure."

"And will you put on the TV for a little while?"

An hour later, Nicky was upstairs somewhere cleaning while Dave watched some TV, trying not to worry about what might happen next. Just what were Nicky's plans here? Keep fucking around 'til he was ready to... what?

Nicky had said he was the type to clean obsessively when he was nervous, and the call with Alison had made him nervous. Currently he was up there in a room where Dave couldn't hear him, cleaning stuff, whatever. If it kept him happy and non-homicidal, Dave was all for it.

He heard the back door into the kitchen open. "Hey Dave? Taylor?"

All at once, Dave realized what was about to happen. He remembered something Jordyn had said.

But you wanted to work on that song with Taylor and Chris too, right?


He was still in town. They were going to work on a song, but Chris wasn't supposed to come over until Monday. He was here now, about to walk into a time bomb named Nicky.

The first thing Dave was concerned about was Chris's safety. Nicky had no use for him. It was doubtful Nicky would do anything but kill Chris as soon as he could.

Dave hoped he could take control of this situation before anyone got hurt. "Chris! Run! Get out of here! Taylor's not himself, he'll kill you!"

"...Dave?" He could hear Chris walking across the kitchen toward the stairs.

"No, don't come down here! Get out of here, please! Taylor will kill you! He's not Taylor!"

"What the hell are you - " Chris grunted hard, like the wind had been knocked out of him. This sound was accompanied by Taylor making a similar noise.

But as Dave had said, he wasn't Taylor.

They slammed into the wall. Dave gasped; his worst nightmare of this scenario was coming true. "No, God, Nicky, let him go! Don't hurt him!"

"Taylor, what the fuck are you doing?! What's wrong with you?" This was followed by more sounds Dave would characterize as fighting noises. Grunting, punching, cries of pain. "Taylor, stop!" Something made of glass shattered, and Chris yelped.

"Stop! Leave him alone!" Dave struggled with the handcuffs, knowing it was pointless but unable to do anything else.

A kitchen chair fell over, and the next thing Dave knew, Nicky had let out a growl of anger and effort and Chris came tumbling down the stairs. Chris lay there, dazed, breathing hard, bleeding from a gash in his forehead, as Nicky came running down the stairs after him.

Dave's heart hammered in his chest. "Noooo, no, please let him go! Let him go!"

Efficient and prepared, Nicky grabbed Chris by the wrists and dragged him over to the couch. Chris had just begun to shake off his trip down the stairs; he looked up at who he thought was Taylor and said, "Taylor... what are you... doing?"

Nicky kept going, using all of his strength to drag-lift Chris up onto the couch. He surprised even Dave by producing a set of handcuffs from his back, tucked into the waistband of his jeans (his shirt had hidden them), and cuffing Chris's wrists around the bar that ran the length of the room, the bar that was bolted to the wall. Then he removed Taylor's shirt and sat on Chris's midsection, putting the rolled up shirt to Chris's bleeding forehead.

He was applying direct pressure to Chris's gash? This hardly seemed like someone who was ready to kill. Still, Dave didn't want the inevitable to happen to Chris. Nicky didn't even know who he was. "Nicky, please, he's not involved. Let him go."

"What the hell is going on?" Chris asked, looking up at the T-shirt pressed to his head.

Panting, Nicky chilled Dave to the bone by grinning mischievously. "Do you think I'm stupid? If I let him go, he'll come back with the police." Nicky suddenly started yelling. "DO YOU THINK I GOT AWAY WITH THIS FOR OVER TEN YEARS WITHOUT KNOWING WHAT I'M DOING?!" And he laughed, evil, feral.

Author's Notes: Just had to say, I know it's very unlikely there would be this many bisexual guys in one grouping, but I really like to write my RPS as close to the truth as possible, with real life spouses and such. I also really like threesomes, moresomes, and love triangles, writing and reading them. If you're reading this, I'm assuming you're suspending your disbelief with me and believing there are multiple bisexual Foos as well as a bi Kurt.

As far as this story is concerned, Kurt Cobain committed suicide.

I added Chris to the story for two reasons. One, so Dave would have someone to talk to outside the mindscape who isn't a psycho nutjob. And two, because of this one Chevy Metal video I watched on YouTube. They were playing "The Stroke" by Billy Squire, and there's a part that is originally played on the keyboard (I think) that Chris plays on the guitar. There was something so sexy about it that I really wanted to include him in the fanfic. :D

I promise, nothing bad will happen to any of the cats in this story, no matter what Nicky threatens.

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