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He's the closest thing to perfect I've ever seen.
I'm just so worried I won't be able to pick up the pieces for him.

Those thoughts circled my mind over fifteen years ago.
Now I'm tired and growing old.
I don't want to go through all this hurt again.
He said he'd never leave me
but then where is he now?
I look at the picture of my once best friend
and I try to remember him.
I look at his eyes
and I see all the sadness I could of saved him from.
Tears stream down my face
and I wonder if I'll ever be the same again.
Here's to all the moments I cherished so.
Washing them down with another bottle of Jack.
You said I was your best friend.
So why'd you have to go and die?
Why'd you have to go and hurt me so?
Maybe if I had just told you,
you would've stayed.
I can't keep living this way.
It can never be the same.


I love you and I always have. I'm sorry I was too late.

Love Dave.

With that note he said goodbye
and held the picture he'd now worn down.
He kissed the shotgun goodbye
Hoping to see Kurt in the sky.

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