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Positive. The test came back positive. It didn't sink in until Kurt left the clinic and was in the parking lot. He barfed into the hedge by his car, then sat, back against a tire, head between his knees. He sat like that for a good half-hour until someone asked if he was ok, then he got up and drove away without a word.

He couldn't remember driving home. He was probably lucky he hadn't crashed. Not that it mattered. He didn't know where the fuck Courtney was, so he called Krist. His shaking fingers dialled the number automatically when he picked up the phone, but his voice fled when he heard Shelli say hello. He hung up, helpless.

Krist called back two minutes later. “Kurt? Is that you? Did you call just now?” Still couldn't speak. “Kurt, are you ok?”

“No,” he whispered. He put a hand over his mouth to stop the sob that tried to leap out.

A pause. “I'm coming over, ok?”


Krist held him as he sobbed, waited patiently for him to say what was wrong. Started crying himself when he heard Kurt say it. They called Dave.

Now that Kurt had said it once, it tumbled out again, too easily. “Dave, I have AIDS.”

“Oh my god.” A long pause. “I'm coming out on the next flight.”

Kurt would wait. He would wait to say goodbye; he owed everyone that much. But his mind was made up. This week would be his last.


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