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Me and kurt have known each other for a while and its just amazing how fair are bands gotten. Krist you ready Kurt says yeah man i say back we come out the backstage we start out by playing rape me, ive always admired Kurt's songs and lyrics it gets near the end kurt throws his guitar and grabs on to me. He roars at the crowd fuck homophobia he pulls me closer and makes out with me. Im stunned and i go with it but i feel weird no wait im straight...but when he pulled away his blue eyes met with mine. we start breaking shit we head in the Dave tells us hes gonna take a nap so me and kurt just stare at each other he puts in a tape playing the vassilines listening to Molly's lips and jesus dont want me for a sunbeam. ?Kurt says you hungry my stomach grumbles hell yeah we dident really have lots of food he hands me a bag of chips and a pre wrapped sandwich out of a little cooler we kept in the van so kurt hows the girlfriend me and that girl split man but the other night i was at a bar i met this girl named Courtney oh i say yeah girls come and go i say yeah he says we stop in an empty drive way we go to the back back of the van and there is enough room for exactly two people we squeeze in in and we talk cause we both have problems sleeping we talk about political views and how MTV is trash then we fall asleep......... well guys its me the author i hope you enjoy my fan fic please know most of these events are made up to fit in with the plot

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