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part one Kurts first gay encounter

Kurt sits on the bench at the park with his friend "what's up " Kurt says to his friend who was shaking "please don't freak out man" his friend says "ok what is it" Kurt grew more curious looking at his friend "i-im gay.." Kurt looks at his teary eyed friend his friend inhales "I also have a crush on you..." Kurt smiles "and what's wrong with that ?" Kurt holds out his arms offering a hug his friend hugs him sobbing "shhhh it's ok man" Kurt rubs his back "my dad would fucking hate me if he knew Kurt !" Kurt looks down "well your dad's an asshole" Kurt giggles it brings Kurts friend to laugh as well a brief moment of silence begins but is broken with the question what do you want to be when your older Kurt ponders at the question "I don't know probably a painter or some shit" "don't you play guitar ?"his friend asked "yeah but I doubt I'll get anywhere with that he laughs" Kurt's friend blushes at the laugh "you're laugh is really cute" his friend says Kurt doesn't know how to react feeling flattered "thanks" he mutters out blushing Kurt looks at his friend and starts to feel weird his heart beats faster from excitement Kurt grabs his friends waist grinning K-Kurt ? what are yo- , Kurt kisses him softly he pulls away looking at his friend "sorry about that" kurt says scratching his head .. his friend trys to reply but then sees Kurt's mom behind him "Kurt... Your mom" Kurt looks back "crap..." Kurt's mother grabs Kurt by the wrist "STAY AWAY FROM MY SON YOU QUEER ! " Kurt's moms voice booms toward Kurt's friend "Ms Wendy... I'm sorry" his friend says looking down Kurt's mom pulls Kurt in the car driving home "your not aloud to speak to that boy you understand ? " Kurt looks down ignoring his mother. They arrive home him storming up to his room he locks his door blasting music, the next day Kurt saw his friend at school "Anthony !" he yelled out but his friend ignored him pretending not to hear him Kurt and anthony never really talked after that as Kurt soon Dropped out of highschool. (End of part one)

P.s hi guys I really hope you enjoyed the next chapter will be more first person from Kurt's eyes but I really hoped you liked it I will be writing part two soon sorry there's probably alot of errors but I'm just starting at this stuff.

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