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Chapter 1

Kurt POV-

Same old english class and the same boring faces. I wish school was more interesting, maybe then I'd get better grades and could work towards a better life. But I'd have to be motivated for that to happen and the only real thing that gets me out if bed every morning is the band. Lyrics was always flying around my head whenever I was sat in class or in my bedroom. The only real release I have in life is my music.

I ran my fingers through my messy blonde hair before flicking through some pages of my notebook and found a drawing on a random page. 3 stick men with poorly drawn instruments next to each one and some writing at the bottom that said 'Nirvana by Dave Grohl - Age 17'.

I couldn't help but laugh as Dave was so childish and I didn't even know he'd done this. I noticed that the girl next to me was looking at my notebook with her eyebrow raised, "What's that?" She asked curiously, leaning in closer to get a better luck.

"It's nothing.. Just my friend being stupid" I shrugged her off and closed my book, placing it into my backpack that was currently on the floor. I let out a long sigh before resting my head down on the table until the class was over.


I yawned loudly as I walked through the now empty hallways of the school. I would usually just hung around until everyone left because I didn't like how crowed it got in the hallways after classes had dismissed for the day. But just as the thoughts of sleep clouded my mind, I heard my name being called from behind me. I turned around only to be faced by the girl that was sat next to me in english class earlier.

"Hey Kurt, I was wondering if.. maybe.. you wanted.. to.. um.. go to the prom with me?" She asked timidly while twirling a strand of blonde hair between her fingers.

"Prom isn't for another 2 months yet, Courtney" I shrugged my shoulders at her and shoved my hands into the pockets of my oversided green cardigan.

"I know, I just wanted to ask before someone else asked you" she said, lightly pressed her finger to my chest before giving a soft smile.

"I'll think about.. I'm not even sure if I want to go to prom anyway" I sighed, turning my head to the side so I wouldn't have to look at the disappointed look she was giving me any longer.

"Okay, but let me know if you change your mind" she replied back before making her way back through the quiet hallways with her hair swaying behind her as she walked.

I headed outside and left the school gates only to run into none other than Dave Grohl. Not that I was surprised though as he usually waits outside for me so we could walk home together. His goofy grin always brings a smile to my face even on the darkest days.

"You doing anything tonight?" He asked, running his hand through his long, tangled brown hair. I just shook my head for a reply and that allowed Dave to continue speaking, "Wanna come to my house for a few beers?" He asked before lighting up a cigarette.

"Uh sure, I guess it's better than being home alone" I replied back, returning the best smile I could to his usual grin he worn pretty much every minute of the day. "Just let me grab some things from my house then I'll be over"


Dave's room was always clean which I always thought was strange as he looks like the kinda guy to throw things anywhere and everywhere. But maybe he does and just cleaned up only because I had agreed to come over.

We were laying on his bed, listening to some really old vinyl records that Dave had stacked on his desk. But there was something missing and I knew exactly what it was, but would it be appropriate right now or would Dave get angry about it?

I slowly sat up and glanced over at my best friend that had his eyes closed and was rocking his head to the music playing in the background. My eyes trailed over his slender body and for a few moments I just watched his chest rise and fall back down at a steady rate.

"Kurt?" I heard and jumped back as I was lost in some kind of Grohl-indused trance.

"Uh sorry, I just wanted to ask you something" I said, rubbing the back of my neck as Dave pushed himself up into a sitting position on the bed. He nodded his head, allowing me to continue speaking but instead I reached down for my backpack that was placed beside the bedpost and took out a grey tin.

Almost immediately I could see Dave's facial expression change, "I don't know about this, Kurt" he said, biting at his lower lip.

"It's nothing to be scared of, I'll take care of you if something goes wrong. I promise" I told him and watched as he took a long deep breath before looking me dead in the eyes.

"You promise that nothing bad'll happen?" He spoke in a bit more of a confident voice that before but I could tell he was still unsure about the whole thing.

"I'll give you the correct dose, it's totally safe" I said almost doubting my own words, but I do it all the time and nothing too bad ever happens to me. So I guessed it was safe enough.

"Alright, I trust you" he nodded, moving closer to me as I opened up the tin, taking out one of the small syringes inside. As I began preparation, Dave sat there quietly watching me as some slow rock music played. Thankfully Dave lived alone, so there was no chance of us getting caught doing this.

I checked the syringe before tightly tying a red band around Dave's arm until the vein was clearly visible, "This might hurt a little" I told him before slowly pushing the needle into the crook of his elbow.

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