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“Dave!” Krist squealed trying to wipe the sticky substance off his face this making Dave giggle so much he rolled off the bed he had been sitting on. When Krist was able to open his eye he saw what had hit him in the face, a pink iced cupcake with sprinkles. Krist raised an eyebrow and tasted the cupcake icing wondering why he’d had a cupcake thrown at him.

“Hey… This is actually pretty good.. What’s in it? Did you make it?” He questioned Dave “….Why did you throw a cupcake at me?”

Dave still giggling slid under the bed and stayed there. Krist tried to work out what was going on, maybe he’d gone under there for the recipe book, maybe it was Dave’s birthday… He hoped not.. He didn’t have a present for him. Well not one that Dave would like anyway. He poked his head under the bed and got greeted by another cupcake in the face, this time a lime green one.

“Aghhhhhhhh Dave!?!? What the hellllll!? That went in my EYE!” This only made Dave roll around in hysterics under the bed. He sounded like such a child... With a beard.

Krist decided he’d had enough.. It was war! He ran to the fridge and snatched a custard pie, grinning evilly to himself as he sneaked over to the bed and jumped atop it; he leaned over the one edge and waited for Dave to come out. When he heard Dave’s giggling slowed he leaned over the edge a bit more, he was hardly on the bed anymore clinging to it with his legs. As he did this Kurt came home and slammed the door, causing Krist to fall off the bed... Onto the un-expecting Dave who had just crawled out to get more cupcakes. He landed on Dave with a splat, dealing the custard pie right in Dave’s face and landing flat on top of him. Neither of them said anything for a moment and stayed completely still. Kurt on the other hand decided to stroll over and taste the pie.

“Hey, not bad…” He said licking the pie off of his finger, next he turned his attention to Krist who was still laying on top of Dave. Kurt poked out his finger and scraped it along Krist’s cheek getting some of the green icing and sticking it in his mouth.

“..Ew, what the hell is that?... Gross!.. Is it icing?.. Whatever it is it’s gross.” He scrunched up his face and took a packet of cigarettes out of Dave’s pocket, “Well, I guess I’ll be leaving you two alone now” He smartly added before lighting a cigarette and leaving.

Dave exploded in a burst of giggles which caused Krist to also giggle. They both rolled around on the floor giggling bumping into each other which only made them giggle more. Somehow Dave managed to roll on top of Krist and still giggling, tried to wipe the custard pie onto Krist’s face by using his own face, this only made Krist squirm and try to get away from the custard. Not that this stopped Dave from wiping his face all over Krist’s face what did stop him, however was when their lips touched. Krist felt it too, only for a second before he pulled away.

“Hey.. heheh Custard lips!” Dave giggled and pushed his lips on Krist’s again. Krist blushed red, was Dave only playing around? Or was he intentionally kissing him? It was almost like Dave could read his mind, he responded by sliding his tongue into Krist’s mouth. Before Krist knew what was happening, Dave was undoing his shirt kissing as he went along, the next to go were Krist’s pants which were thrown aside. Krist kissing the side of Dave’s neck pulled his shirt off and tugged his jeans off. Dave giggled at his touch. Krist suddenly jerked backwards.

“Dave! What the fuck are we doing?” He squeaked, his eyes wide with fear.

“I’ll show you what the fuck we’re doing” Dave said trying not to giggle as he crawled back over to Krist and striped him of his boxers. He moved above Krist and slid down his own boxers.

“Dave…” Krist looked up into Dave’s eyes, what the hell was going on. Dave simply put his finger up to Krist’s mouth.

“Slide your legs back” He whispered into Krist’s ear. When Krist didn’t Dave nibbled his ear. Reluctantly Krist moved his legs back.

“Dave..” Krist started but was interrupted by Dave who had slipped back down

“D..FUCK!!!!” Krist yelled, not prepared for what Dave was doing. When Krist screamed out Dave only pushed himself in further and moaned. Krist eventually started moaning and grabbing at the hard floor. When the whole spectacle was over Dave cleaned himself off and than Krist.

By the time Kurt got back they were in the kitchen making more cupcakes. Kurt trudged over and fell on the bed exhausted. Upon getting the pillow off the floor he muttered:

“I hope that’s an icing stain or somethin’” before falling asleep. Dave just giggles.

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