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Notes: I really just needed to take a break from all current fics I'd been working on, and just do a random one shot. It's pretty disappointing that there are no Krist/Kurt fics around since literally they are probably more 'canon' that dave/kurt, but that's my own a opinion. The setting and era I'd say around late 1988/early '89, if that helps give you a better idea how everyone looks. I'd really like to write more nirvana fics in the future since I do have a few ideas I'd like to get out. So here you go a slightly smutty/fluffish fic? Anyways comments and questions most appreciated thanks!

Krist could make jokes easily, having the cynical sarcastic asshole bit down perfect. Which was usually a put on, just so people knew not to get too close, which usually failed, since many people did enjoy Krist's company a lot.

Tonight was one of those nights, Krist managed to charm the heck out of a fan one night after they'd performed.

Which was great for the band since sleeping on the floor of their van, wasn't exactly the greatest thing to do for the past two months of touring.

The fan in question offered them their living room floor, plus use of their shower, and laundry room.

Now for Krist, Kurt, and Chad this would be absolute heaven.

Even though they had to sleep on the floor, at least they had an actual roof over their head.

Krist took a nice long shower, and actually having some clean clothes on top of it made it even better.

Krist came out into the living room, it was darkened a bit, since there was only one light on, which was the hall light.

Seeing Chad face planted on a piece of foam passed out.

Kurt was also on a larger chunk of foam, he usually shared it with Krist. The blond was quietly drinking from a can of beer, his eyes upturned as Krist stepped closer.

Krist plopped down on the piece of foam next to Kurt.

"I think I had a few layers of dirt caked on." Krist joked, letting out a heavy pleasant sigh.

"Gross." Kurt gave a small smile, holding out an unopened can of beer for Krist.

Krist happily took it, then taking a long drink from it.

"Well sorry I don't take whore bathes." Krist teased, leaning over and breathing in slightly.

"Least you smell good." Krist complimented Kurt.

Kurt flushed ever so slightly, "thanks." Then taking another sip from his can.

"When did he pass out?" Krist asked, gesturing with his beer can, at Chad who was snoring happily into a pillow.

"I think when you left to shower, one beer and he was out like a light." Kurt chuckled softly.

Krist gave a small laugh even, "I don't think he can hold his liquor."

Kurt lied back on a couple of pillows, courtesy of their host who was already in bed themselves.

"What time we have to leave tomorrow?" Kurt asked.

"I think we can manage a little later in the morning, I'll need the sleep since I'll be driving all night long." Krist sighed.

Kurt gave a small pout, "I can drive you know..."

"But you'll be sleeping like a baby, when it comes to changing of the guards." Krist pointed out.

Kurt flushed a little, "yeah? Wake me up then." He huffed just a little.

"So you promise you'll wake up?" Krist teased.

"Yeah I promise." Kurt was still pouting.

Krist leaned down, giving Kurt a small kiss, "thanks." He smiled and pulled away.

Kurt flushed deeply, he didn't pull away, staring a little shyly at Krist who was finishing off his beer can now.

Kurt's eyes watched as Krist quietly sat the empty beer can on the table near him, then lying back himself. He watched as Krist made himself comfortable, he lied on his back, his eyes shut that faced the ceiling.

Kurt leaned over, giving Krist a small kiss as well.

Krist opened one eye, peeking at Kurt who shyly pulled away.

Krist had an arm that reached around Kurt's back, pulling him close as they lied down together.

If Krist had to describe Kurt's body type, it would most likely be petite.

Kurt may not have carried himself gracefully, but there was a type of charm to it.

Krist had plenty of thoughts about Kurt, which varied from day to day.

From platonic caring brotherly love, to passionate and deep lover.

Or vaguely in between that, since Krist wasn't good with sharing his feelings.

Krist used his hand to gently caress Kurt's cheek, kissing him softly, with Kurt shyly kissing him back.

Kurt sighed gently against the kiss, blushing deeply as he felt Krist's hands caress his waist underneath his baggy shirt.

"Krist..." Kurt mumbled out barely above a whisper.

It was usually hard for the two of them to mess around, since they weren't sure how Chad would react about it, or their girlfriends back home would feel either.

Kurt sighed, which masked a soft moan or two as Krist felt him up.

Krist took a look around incase there would be anyone sign of anyone else mostly their host.

Seeing as the coast was clear, and Chad was still snoring.

Krist went under the sheet like blanket, pulling down Kurt's boxers to suck his cock.

Kurt let out an audible gasp, his hand finding a place on Krist's head under the blankets.

Kurt swallowed thickly, his eyes staring up at the ceiling.

"Uh-hh..." Kurt moaned softly, his hand starting to grip tightly against Krist's head not wanting him to stop.

Kurt licked his lips, as he panted softly.

The way Krist was sucking him, he wouldn’t last much longer.

“K-Krist...Krist… S-stop… I’m gonna come…” Kurt blushed, his half lidded eyes staring at the mound that was covered by the blankets that moved.

Kurt tried pushing Krist off of him, to no avail, his legs quivered slightly. He could barely hold back any longer as he came into Krist’s mouth.

His hips gave a small buck, his hand no longer gripping Krist’s head tightly, and now slacking against him.

Kurt turned his head shyly away when he felt Krist licking his cock still, with eventually the brunette popping his head out from the covers.

Krist gave a small pant himself licking his lips, “lasted a bit longer.” Saying a bit softly.

Kurt was still blushing, “I hate it when you don’t listen.” He pouted, his head still turned away.

Krist lied down beside Kurt, “what’s the big deal I like it when you come in my mouth.” Kissing the outside of his ear.

Kurt gasped softly, turning an even brighter pink when he felt Krist lick the inside of his ear.

Kurt gave Krist small punch to quit it, “knock it off…” He blushed.

Krist pretended to pout a little, “ow…” He huffed, rubbing his chest where Kurt punched him.

“Quit making those eyes… I didn’t even hurt you…” Kurt huffed, blushing as Krist made big puppy eyes at him.

“Yeah alright sorry…” Krist said gently, acting like he was some kicked puppy.

Kurt let out a sigh, he hated when Krist acted like this. He scooted closer to Krist, laying his head near his shoulder.

“I forgive you, so stop pouting.” Kurt kissed Krist’s cheek softly.

Krist perked up quite a bit, rolling over so he was on top of the blond.

He leaned down kissing Kurt softly, Kurt shyly kissed back. His eyes flickering around triple checking to make sure there was no one else around.

“Jeez were fine Kurt… If someone comes just say I’m sleepwalking.” Krist chuckled softly.

“Ow hey!...” Krist laughed more when Kurt gave him a rough pinch.

“I don’t really wanna be kicked out into a hot van tonight.” Kurt whispered.

“Well… I don’t have to fuck you then… Maybe… Help me out then?” Krist smiled, giving Kurt a small kiss.

Kurt blushed at the ‘help me out’ comment, he figured it was only fair since Krist always did so much for him sexually.

“Yeah I can…” Kurt said softly, his hand shyly reaching to the front of Krist’s boxers, stroking his half hard length.

Krist let out a deep sigh, kissing along Kurt neck, as he felt him pull out his cock to stroke.

“Kurt…” Krist moaned out softly, rocking his hips into Kurt’s hand.

Kurt flushed, looking up at Krist who had his eyes closed, and mouth parted as he softly panted.

Kurt used his other free hand to pull Krist closer, kissing him softly.

Krist kissed back, his hands fisting the blankets on either side of Kurt, as he continued to rock his hips.

He had to admit Kurt was always pretty good with his hands, they could be shy and clumsy at times; but Kurt seemed to know how to touch him right once his embarrassed exterior wore off.

Krist let out another sigh, “a little tighter…” He flushed.

Kurt flushed a bit himself, squeezing Krist’s cock tighter, and stroking him a little faster, “better?” He asked softly.

“Y-yeah… Fuck…” Krist swallowed thickly.

Krist nuzzled against Kurt’s cheek, he could feel himself getting close.

Krist let out a very small moan, which blended into a shallow deep sigh as he came hard into Kurt’s hand.

Kurt felt his hand was sticky and wet, still flush in the face as Krist kissed nuzzled against his cooing happily like some pigeon.

Krist rolled off of Kurt, still sighing happily, “want me to lick that for you?” He smirked.

“No.” Kurt blushed deeply, managed to sit up, and wander off to the bathroom to clean his hand.

Krist droopy blues watched as Kurt scampered off, then letting out a yawn he got comfortable on the piece of foam. Actually falling asleep by the time Kurt had returned.

“Typical man, always falling asleep right after.” Kurt teased, as he sat down next to Krist.
Kurt reached over to his bag feeling around for his cigarettes, he’d stay up just for a little longer anyways. Quietly smoking and softly petting Krist’s head who started to snore just as loud as Chad just a few feet away from them.

He chuckled softly giving Krist cheek a playful pinch, who briefly snorted awake, brushing off his face before rolling over to his other side.

Kurt shook his head then taking another drag, just enjoying the quiet, minus his band mates snoring.

His thoughts he tried to keep short and brief, since a lot of them had to do with Krist, or the band itself.

He let out a heavy, finishing his cigarette before curling up beside Krist to go to sleep.

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