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Krist blinked, was he seeing what he thought he saw?

"Kurt... What did you do to your hair?!" Krist huffed coming over to Kurt who was smoking a cigarette and sitting on the bumper of the van.

"Tracy helped me with it, you don't like it?" Kurt had a playful smile on his lips.

Krist made a slight face, he wasn't exactly sure he liked Kurt's new hair color. He stepped closer running a hand through the darkened strands.

"Black though?" Krist pouted a little.

"I like it." Kurt smiled, actually looking more and more smug each passing moment the more Krist didn't seem to like it.

Kurt's skin seemed to look even more pale with this darkened hair color, his blue eyes looked even more sharp.

Krist flushed slightly, thinking all of Kurt's physical characteristics seemed to heighten because of this new look.

Leaning forward Krist kissed Kurt's cheek softly, "I think it's growing on me."

Kurt blushed, "huh?" Not expecting this sudden acceptance, and blushing even more when Krist was all over him in a matter of seconds.

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