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Notes: welp, here we are. Another thing which is surprising no mudhoney/nirvana fics, let alone mudhoney. so of course i had to take things into my own hands. this is a one shot of course, it slightly ties into the other one shot Nirvana fics I had wrote, which you should check out if you haven't already! Comments and questions most appreciated thank you! :)

It was late, and the show lasted longer than expected.

Which left everyone involved extremely tired.

What money they had was used to make a small investment in a motel room. Mostly when you were on the road you didn’t have the luxury of using a shower or a real toilet often.

So with Krist’s OK they were given a few nights in a motel room, since they’d have a few more shows in this small town.

Which thankfully the teen scene was all over their music, they couldn’t get enough, with clubs over filled wanting to check them out.

Another bright side of all of this, though they weren’t touring together exactly.

The band got to see one of their favorite bands night after night.

Sharing the stage with Mudhoney was a small dream of Kurt’s.

He was a big fan of the music and the people of the group.

Krist usually hung around Matt and Steve, since they could drink and talk about guitars. They got along quite well. While Kurt liked to hang around Mark and Peter.

Especially Mark, Kurt was drawn to his energy he brought to the stage. He was a real showman hopping and dancing around while singing, then strapping on his guitar to play along for a few songs. Kurt wished he could be like that, knowing himself it could never be that way. Since he liked being able to hide behind his guitar, that gave him an excuse not to have to exert so much energy.

It was after the show this particular night, Mark had his arm around Kurt’s shoulder.

Everyone was chatting casually behind the stage, talking to fans, or each other about well anything really.

It was a very relaxed atmosphere, and the booze definitely helped.

“You look a little tired.” Mark noted, since Kurt was glued to his side the entire night it was easy to notice.

“Not use to being up honestly, we usually leave the venue once we're done, and go sleep in the van or maybe a floor if we know somebody in the city.” Kurt shrugged, barely able to finish his beer.

“Come on.” Mark guided Kurt, giving his shoulder a tug to follow.

Mark told his bandmates, he was calling it a night, with Kurt shyly tagging along.

Kurt managed to catch Krist’s attention.

Krist gave a confused look, with Kurt putting up his hands slightly, and a small shrug in passing each other.

“What? Giving the okay.” Mark chuckled softly, noticing Krist and Kurt’s brief communication.

Kurt flushed slightly, “well yeah, I think my bandmates should know where I am.”

“I’m teasing.” Mark briefly ruffled through Kurt’s hair.

Kurt didn’t exactly enjoy the teasing since it was embarrassing, though strangely he did like the attention Mark was giving him so he let it go.

The two of them walked back to the motel together.

It was mostly a quiet walk, a few teens here and there heading home themselves from a late night of partying.

“You need to shower or anything?” Mark asked once they were in the room.

“Yeah, but I didn’t bring a change of clothes, we got laundry to do tomorrow.” Kurt shrugged.

“You can borrow some of mine don’t worry about it.” Mark waved his hand.

Kurt was surprised, even though he was tired, a nice shower did sound good.

“Don’t you wanna shower?” Kurt asked.

“What? Want me to join you in there or something?” Mark gave a sly smirk.

The comment made Kurt turn quite a few shades of pink in the face.

“I’m kidding. I already took one this morning, and here. These might be a little big on you though.” Mark briefly went looking through his bag to get Kurt a change of clothes, and handing them over.

Kurt was still a little flush in the face, “thanks.” Then scurrying into the bathroom.

“Don’t worry about it.” Mark smiled.

Kurt let out a sigh of relief once he was in the bathroom.

He could practically feel his face burning.

Kurt took a nice deep breath, managing to calm himself.

Okay no need to stress, just Mark being a little over friendly…

I mean no way Mark swung that way, he was probably just goofing around just to mess with him.

Kurt reasoned internally, he did his best to shrug it off, getting undressed he hopped into a well needed shower.


Kurt spent a little longer than necessary in the shower, practically using up all the hot water there was.

Just as Mark was about to check on him, Kurt stepped out.

His face a little pink from using all the hot water.

“I was getting worried, you were in there for like 45 minutes.” Mark chuckled softly, sitting back down over the bed.

“Ah… Sorry.” Kurt apologized.

Mark shook his head, “don’t worry about it, you’ve probably been on the road for a while huh?” He then questioned.

Kurt gave a nod, “yeah… It’s nice to shower in privacy, didn’t really like the truck stop showers, and junk.”

“Understandable.” Mark smiled, since the early days of of previous bands he was in he had to go through the same thing.

Kurt wondered if he should head back to his own hotel room, or stick around here.

Since he did notice there were two beds in this room, Kurt assumed Mark was bunking with someone else.

“Take a seat, you look a little troubled?” Mark patted a spot next to himself on the bed.

Troubled wasn’t exactly the word Kurt was looking for, but took a seat.

“Hope your roomie doesn’t mind…” Kurt sort of mumbled out.

“Hm? Oh Steve he’ll be out for a while, don’t worry about it.” Mark waved his hand, not looking too worried at all.

Mark felt around in the nightstand next to him, “please don’t let the rumors be true, you aren’t a goodie two shoes really are you?”

“What?” Kurt didn’t understand.

“You, I’m talking about you.” Mark chuckled softly, he was leaned back against the pillows.

“Why do I come off that way?” Kurt wondered.

Mark shrugged, “listen, mostly there’s just a lot of talk. People say your band is one short step away from being this straight edge rock music, I mean if it wasn’t for the fact I seen all three of you drinking your brains out. I would think that, or maybe some back woods amish folk leaving the woods, and trying to make it into the big city with your hand crafted and carpentered instruments.” Then lighting up a pipe he had pulled out from the nightstand.

“Do you even think before you speak?” Kurt gave a small chuckle, since Mark’s ramblings was probably the most ridiculous assumption he’d ever heard about his band.

“I guess that’s one of my short fallings, I usually don’t. I think I just picked that up from Steve, now if you want Steve’s opinion about you and your band, you better not be faint of heart. Since he likes hearing himself talk as much as I do.” Mark teased.

“And what would he say?” Kurt sighed, lying down on the bed he was getting too tired to sit up.

“Mh… As much as I’d love to throw Steve under the bus, I’m not gonna say. Since he’s much better at rattling other people's cages than me.” Mark lit up the pipe, that he stuffed a little from some pot he picked up earlier in the day.

After taking a hit, Mark offered it to Kurt.

Kurt was a bit reluctant since he was just tired, getting high wasn’t exactly appealing when you’re just on the edge of passing out.

Mark gave it a little shake in front of Kurt’s face, teasing him a little with it.

“I’m tired…” Kurt sighed.

“That’s exactly why you should smoke, it’ll help. Here, sit up a little.” Mark instructed.

Kurt was hesitant, but did eventually sit up. With Mark putting the pipe right in his mouth.

“All you gotta do is suck.” Mark had that same sly smile on his face.

Kurt breathed in when Mark lit it up for him, his eyes slightly upturned as he looked up at the other.

Kurt let out a heavy sigh, with Mark petting his head.

“Don’t be so hesitant, what you do with me won’t ever hurt you, believe me.” Mark leaned in slightly.

Kurt flushed, turning his head shyly away, “i’ll keep that in mind.”

A few more hours passed, with the two of them smoking pot for the majority of it.

They talked shop mostly, Kurt shared with Mark his ideas if he ever got the money to customize his own guitar.

“Ha. I’d like to see that, haven’t broke like 3 guitars already?” Mark chuckled softly.

Kurt pouted a little, “and? Destruction is art.” Saying simply.

“Ew. Don’t go mainstream, what’re you sucking Pete Townshend's cock too?” Mark made a bit of a suggestive gesture with his hand and mouth, to tease Kurt.

Kurt turned a few shades red in the face, “shut up.” He huffed, then hitting Mark in the face with a pillow.

Mark only laughed, “hey if you like sucking cock I’m not here to judge.”

Kurt’s eyes quickly averted, “seriously shut up man, or I’m leaving.” Saying a seriously.

Mark didn’t seem threatened, using his hand he tilted Kurt’s chin up to face him.

“No you’re not.” Mark leaned in giving Kurt a small and gentle kiss.

Kurt was taken aback, using his hands to push Mark off of him.
“What?” Mark frowned, he didn’t look angry, maybe slightly saddened.

“I-I… Dunno…” Kurt cleaned his throat a little, his eyes averted again.

“I won’t hurt you… Seriously, I’d make us both feel good.” Mark’s hand gently caressed Kurt’s neck.

Kurt felt a shiver go down his spine, his eyes shyly meeting Mark’s.

“Have you done this type of thing before?” Mark asked.

Kurt flushed a bit embarrassed, “no.”

“Really? I thought you and Krist were…” Mark trailed off.

“We’re nothing alright.” Kurt frowned.

“You know I’m never a good judge of character, but… You really suck at lying man.” Mark chuckled.

Kurt blushed again, “I’m not lying.”

“Hey I won’t say anything, it’s probably nothing serious right? I mean I heard you both have girlfriends back home, everyone gets a little lonely.” Mark shrugged.

Kurt flushed deeply did someone rat him out about him and Krist, or was it that obvious?...

Kurt shrugged it off, “it’s nothing you need to worry about.”

“Okay I won’t push it anymore.” Mark combed his fingers through Kurt’s hair.

Mark leaned in closer, closing the space between them to give Kurt another kiss.

Kurt flushed shyly kissing back, his hand gently stroking Mark’s chest.

Mark moved closer, so he was on top of the other blond.

Kurt let out a small whine when Mark suddenly deepened the kiss, blushing more as he kissed him back.

Mark’s hands roamed over Kurt’s body, pushing up his shirt to stroke his chest and stomach.

Kurt started to feel slightly dizzy from all the kissing.

Kurt pulled away panting softly.

“Were you holding you breath or something?” Mark teased, kissing along Kurt’s jaw instead.

Kurt flushed, “no… You just kiss too rough…”

“Have you ever heard of passion in the moment?” Mark lifted Kurt’s legs to wrap them around his waist.

Kurt swallowed thickly, he was completely flush in the face, his heart racing.

Mark noticed Kurt’s expression, maybe eagerness with a touch of uncertainty.

Mark palmed and stroked Kurt’s crotch over his sweatpants, his touches were gentle, but still very firm.

Kurt let out a few shallow sighs, his hips lifting up slightly, wanting more of Mark’s touch.

Mark leaned in to give Kurt another deep kiss, not so rough as the last one.

Which seemed to be the best choice he made, since Kurt started to moan sweetly into his mouth.

Mark blindingly, pushed past Kurt’s sweatpants to actually stroke his cock.

“You like that?” Mark purred into Kurt’s ear, stroking his cock almost lovingly if you could call it that.

“Yeah…” Kurt rasped out, his eyes fluttering shut.

Mark kissed along Kurt’s neck, smiling a bit to himself when he bucked his hips into his hand slightly.

Mark briefly let go of Kurt’s cock, only to unbutton his own pants.

Kurt barely had his eyes opened, as he looked up at Mark.

Mark leaned over Kurt more, he pulled out his own aching length from his jeans.

Taking ahold of his cock, and Kurt’s and stroking them together.

Kurt flushed more, but let out a pleasing sigh when Mark started to touch him again.

“Mark…” Kurt moaned gently, his hands gripping the sleeves of Mark’s shirt.
“Told you I’d make you feel good.” Mark cooed, kissing Kurt again deeply and passionately.

Kurt groaned, and sighed, his hips lifting from time to time into Mark’s hand.

God he was just so good with his hands, Kurt thought to himself.

Eventually Mark’s hand started to slick, with the precum dripping down his hand from Kurt’s cock.

Mark figured Kurt was getting close, “come on baby… Just a little longer…” He purred into Kurt’s ear.

It was a hint that Mark wasn’t close yet himself, Kurt on the other hand wasn’t sure if he could last much longer.

Kurt swallowed thickly, “ah… I can’t…” He flushed.

Mark purposefully stroked their cocks even harder, watching as Kurt’s legs twitched trying to hold back.

“Then go ahead…” Mark nipped at Kurt’s throat.

Kurt let out a few small gentle gasps before coming against Mark’s hand and cock.

Kurt’s head fell back against the pillow with some relief, still flush as Mark nuzzled against his neck.

He wiped his hand against the sheets of the bed, then after took Kurt’s hand to put it on his cock.

“Looks like you get to help me finish baby.” Mark gave Kurt a small kiss.

Kurt licked his lips after, his hand lightly wrapping around Mark’s length, and giving it a few gentle strokes.

“Mh… Yeah… A little faster…” Mark sighed.

Kurt flushed softly, this reminded him too much of him and Krist, what they’d do to each other behind closed doors when they were alone.

Kurt shyly leaned in kissing Mark’s cheek, he shut his eyes, and let out a small sigh.

He thought of Krist, his mind wandering thinking of his bass player on top of him right now, and stroking his cock. Seeing as Mark was just as big as him, it certainly made it easier.

Mark could feel himself getting close, his hips rocking into Kurt’s hand, noticing the other did seem a bit into it.

He knew he’d get Kurt to come around like this.

Mark thought about what it would be like to have him, on his knees and ass up, and fucking him into this cheap mattress.

He smiled a bit to himself, wondering what it would be like have Kurt call out and moan louder. Wondering if he could get the younger man to come without touching him.

Mark let out a shallow groan, his perverted thoughts definitely helped him push himself over the edge.

Mark’s hands fisted the sheets on either side of Kurt, and came into his hand.

Kurt flushed, feeling his hand suddenly becoming wet and sticky, his eyes opening seeing Mark panting under his breath still over him.

Mark leaned forward giving Kurt a kiss, then pulling away to tick his cock back into his jeans.

Kurt wiped his hand against the sheets, God he was exhausted.

Booze, pot, and sex.

Kurt was officially spent, and ready for bed, he shut his eyes, as he curled up on the covers of the bed.

“If you’re too tired, you can bunk in here.” Mark tucked a few strands of Kurt’s hair behind his ear.

“Alright…” Kurt said gently, pulling back some of the covers to go to bed.

Which it only took him mere minutes to pass out and sleep like a rock.

Mark on the other hand wasn’t so easily tired.

He still sat on top of the blankets and sheets, and went back to smoking pot again.

A couple of hours passed and the door to the hotel room opened, Steve had stepped in and looked a bit haggard.

“Have fun?” Mark asked, he was sitting up in bed.

“You know it…” Steve noticed Kurt all curled up in Mark’s bed fast asleep.

“Looks like you did too.” He added.

Mark held out a five dollar bill, when Steve was about to lie down.

“You were right about him being gay.” Mark chuckled softly.

Steve was about to take the bill, when Mark pulled back his hand.

“But I was right about him not being a virgin.” Mark had a sly smile on his face.

Steve pouted a little, “figures… So how were you so sure?” Then kicking off his shoes before plopping down on his bed.

“I could tell how bad he wanted it, and how easily he just let me touch and kiss him…” He trailed off.

“Well hey if this rockstar shit don’t work for him, he has pretty good potential making it in ‘acting’.” Mark chuckled softly.

“Ugh, shut up. I don’t wanna hear that, I’m too tired for your gay agenda.” Steve pulled a pillow over his head.

Steve soon felt a slight weight against him, pulling back the pillow seeing Mark hovering over him.

“Maybe I’ll just do all the work then this time.” Mark leaned down giving Steve a kiss.

“Yeah that’d be nice for a change you horny weasel.” Steve huffed slightly.

“I can’t help it, the kid was good, but he’s still lacking experience for somethings.” Mark kissed against Steve’s neck.

“Again, I don’t need to hear about what you did to get your rocks off quick with some kid.” Steve sighed, his hands rubbing up against Mark’s sides.

“Well we didn’t fuck, which was disappointing. Since I kinda wanted to see how well he took it…” Mark rambled off a little.

Steve hit Mark with a pillow on the side of his head.

“Keep it up, and I’ll just bunk with Dan and Matt.” Steve frowned.

Mark pouted a little, “aww… Come on you know I was just teasing…” Giving the other another kiss.

Steve pulled away slightly, “you like to tease too much.” He huffed.

“Fine I’ll stop… For now… Just come on… I’ll do that thing you like when I’m fucking you…” Mark purred into Steve’s ear.

Steve flushed slightly, “stop trying to act cute, just suck my cock, and maybe I’ll let you fuck me.”

“You’re always after my heart Steve.” Mark chuckled softly, his hand reaching down, and palming Steve’s crotch.

Steve let out a small pleasant sigh, “I love you too… But it’s not going to suck itself you know.”

“Not my fault it takes you a little while to get hard.” Mark teased.

Steve shot Mark a glare.

“Ah… Sorry babe…” Mark apologized softly, pushing up Steve’s shirt so he could kiss down his stomach.

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