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Dave's POV

Tonight was the night we got selected to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2014. I took a seat beside Krist. "Long time no see," I said tapping Krist on the shoulder. "Hey Dave! How have you been?" Krist said giving me a hug. "I'm doing alright." Krist looked at me with sad eyes. I wiped a tear from his eye, "Krist it's okay." "I know Dave, I just miss him so much. He was my best friend." "I know Krist, he was my boyfriend and my best friend." Yeah, I can remember that day like it was yesterday. I walked in to audition and ended up falling in love, and getting the job. That night Kurt, Krist, and I all went out for drinks. We talked all night and they asked me questions. We all got to know each other very well. Kurt told me he was gay, and I told him I was too. We all ended up staying at Kurt's house since it was closest to the bar because we were all too drunk to drive. Krist fell asleep on the couch and Kurt invited me to come upstairs and watch tv in his bedroom. We talked and watched movies. We ended up having sex and Kurt told me he loved me. The next morning we told Krist and he wasn't even mad. He said "aww how sweet. I'm happy for you guys." Kurt and I ended up writing a song that day called "Love Buzz" it was our song. We had to make the lyrics seem like he was singing about a women because nobody knew about Kurt and I dating, except Krist. That was the last song he ever preformed before he died that April. He committed suicide 20 years ago this month and each year gets tougher and tougher. I looked over beside Krist to see that the seat was empty. Except it had a note on it and a rose "Kurt" I thought. I miss Nirvana so much. We were all so close and it all ended too fast. "Good evening everyone. Tonight we will be honoring one of the world's most amazing bands that sadly ended 20 years ago. The remaining members of Nirvana are Mr. Krist Novoselic who played bass, and Mr. Dave Grohl who played drums. They are here tonight to share some words with us about what the Nirvana journey was about, and their stories and experiences with the late Kurt Cobain. Please welcome to the stage, Mr. Grohl and Novoselic." I got up from my seat and walked up to the stage, Krist stood behind me as I went to give my speech. "Nirvana was one of the most important times of my life. Traveling the world, playing music that lives until this day, and making two wonderful best friends. Tragically something is missing tonight, and our band isn't quite complete, but that's okay. Krist and I are here tonight to show respect for our best friend who passed away, and to receive this award in his memory. We had many memories together in Nirvana, but my number one favorite memory was when I auditioned to be the new drummer and I got the part. I miss Kurt very much and think about him everyday. If I had one wish, I would bring Kurt back." I finished my speech and let Krist have the podium. While Krist was talking I looked behind me to see pictures of Nirvana being projected on a huge screen. The picture that was currently being shown was a picture of Kurt with angel wings. I whispered to myself and said, "I want it all back. R.I.P. baby, I love you so much." Soon I heard screaming at cheering, and Kurt's voice singing. I turned around seeing I wasn't at the Hall of Fame anymore, I was at a Nirvana concert and I was sitting behind my old drum set. Everything was weird, I looked at Krist who was playing his bass. I looked down at my drums which showed my reflection, I looked like I did 20 years ago. "Can you feel my love buzz!" Kurt sang. Oh my gosh, our song. WAIT!!? Kurt is dead, and Nirvana isn't a band anymore what the hell? I then remembered this concert, it was our last concert before Kurt died. I hit the drums, making the beats to follow Kurt's voice. The song ended about 2 minutes later. Kurt walked back to where I was, "So how'd you like our song" he said kissing me.

Welcome Back

Dave's POV

"Oh my gosh Kurt I can't believe you're back. I've missed you like crazy!" I say jumping onto him, wrapping my legs around him. "Uhh Dave baby, I've only been gone for 45 mins and I was just at the front of the stage." "No Kurt let me explain everything. On April 5th you committed suicide and in the year 2014 Krist and I got to be selected to preform and except an award at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Well I starting crying and wishing I could go back to the old Nirvana days and some how this happened and you're back. Please don't ever leave me again." "Wait, it's only March babe that could never happen. April hasn't came yet." "But Kurt it did happen, I know it sounds crazy but it did. See Krist will tell you. Hey Krist come here" "Hey Dave what's up?" "We're back and Kurt is too." Krist looked super confused "What the hell are you talking about Dave?" "2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Kurt killed himself" "What? Kurt are you depressed?" "No Krist, I have no idea what Dave is talking about. But he sure is happy." "Damn right I'm happy, my wish came true and Nirvana is back." "Okay maybe you should lay off the vodka Dave," Krist said laughing. Was it all just my imagination, was it just a big fake story? Maybe Kurt didn't die? "Maybe I'm just imagining stuff, but I have never been more happy in my life to see you guys. Nirvana forever" "Nirvana forever," They said still looking confused. "Let's just all go home," Krist said. Before Kurt died we all moved in together, and when Krist and I were out together Kurt done it, or so I thought. I'm so happy to see Kurt again, he and I walked hand and hand all the way home.

Kurts POV

I wonder what's up with Dave. He had this big vision thing where I died or something, crazy right? But I have been feeling less happy lately, but I would never leave Krist and Dave behind. When we got home I went to the kitchen, got a beer, and sat down at the table. This week was stressful, two shows everyday plus practice, but it's all worth it. Besides, I get to spend the weekend with Dave and Krist. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Kurt, Kurt Cobain. I was going to Aberdeen High School a couple of years ago when Krist and I met, became best friends, and started a band. Krist was there for me always. One day I told Krist my biggest secret, I'm gay. I only told Krist I was gay because I trusted him, not because I liked him. *flashback* We had auditions one day for a new drummer. I figured we needed a new sound considering our second record was almost about to begin. We were about to close auditions that evening when a boy with long black hair walked in. Dave. He had beautiful brown eyes and his smile was perfect. I stared at him the whole time while he whipped his hair and beat the crap out of the drums. He was perfect for Nirvana, and me but at the time I didn't know if Dave was gay or straight. That night we told Dave that he passed the audition and to celebrate, he, I and Krist went out to the bar and got drunk. We were talking about ourselves and I thought "what a perfect time to tell Dave I'm gay." Krist already knew, of course, but I wanted to tell Dave. Scared of his reaction I said, "hey Dave I wanna tell you one of my biggest secrets since you're in the band now. Krist already knows this but, I'm gay." "Its okay Kurt I don't judge because I'm also gay." I smiled at him and he smiled back. We all walked to my house and stayed the night. Krist passed out on the couch, so I took Dave up to my room. We watched tv for a little while and I told Dave more stuff about me and he did the same. "Well Kurt I should be going to bed now. Goodnight." He was heading to the guest room when I said, "umm hey Dave, you can sleep with me if you'd like." He smiled and came back into the room. He took off his shirt and shorts leaving him in his boxers, I did the same. "Wow," he said. "What" I said not paying attention to him. "You've gotta nice body." I looked over at him seeing him staring at my body and biting his bottom lip. He came over and started feeling my abs, then he looked into my eyes as I looked into his and I bent down and kissed him. He started exploring my mouth. I started rubbing him through his boxers and it was not long until they came off, and so did mine. We ended up having sex and then I held him in my arms. "Dave I know that we just met but, I'm in love with you." "I love you too Kurt." After that we went to bed. That was two years ago, but Dave and I are still together, and closer than ever. *end of flashback* "Dave will you come here." I shouted. "Yes baby," he said sitting on my lap. "I love you, a lot. More than you'll ever know and I don't know what kind of hallucination you had earlier but know I will never leave you." "Aww Kurt, I love you too please don't ever leave me again." "I won't baby, I'm right here always." I kissed his cheek and we got up and walked into the living room. We watched movies and I ordered a pizza. When the pizza got there, the delivery man wanted an autograph, so I gave him one. Our fans are everywhere these days. I made Krist and Dave some pizza, and they sat down in the living room. I fixed myself some, then went to sit with them. I sat beside Dave, he tried to feed me his pizza, isn't he adorable? He's been so sweet tonight, sweeter than usual. But I don't mind :)

The Lake and The Stars

Dave's POV

I woke up to the sound of Kurt singing and the smell of bacon. I still can't believe everything came back. It's everything I've ever wanted. I looked around and saw blankets everywhere, and half eaten pizza on the coffee table. We all must've passed out last night in the living room. I got up to see where Kurt was. I followed the sound of his beautiful voice and discovered he was making breakfast in the kitchen. "Come as you are, as you were. As I want you to be." "Good morning Kurt." "Woah Dave, you scared me," he said chuckling. "Sorry," I said wrapping my arms around him and putting my head on his shoulder. "Did you sleep well?" "Sure did. Hey, how long have you been awake." "About 30 minutes. I figured you'd be hungry when you woke up, so I made breakfast," he said giving me a piece of bacon. "Mmm this is good, thanks for cooking. But hey, where's Krist?" "He's out looking for a new bass guitar." "Oh okay." When Kurt finished cooking, we sat down to eat. He made bacon, eggs, grits, toast, and had some kiwi in a bowl for me. "So Dave, I was wondering, do you wanna go on a picnic later at the lake?" "Of course, that sounds romantic," I said putting our plates in the sink. "I'm gonna go take a shower." "Okay Kurt, I'll just wash the dishes while you're taking a shower." "No Dave I want you to come with me," he said winking at me. Not being able to resist that offer I said, "Oh okay. I'm coming." "Yay!" I jumped on Kurt's back, and he gave me a piggy back ride up the stairs. I started the water then got undressed, Kurt did the same. I've missed his sexy body, but God somehow gave me another chance to be with Kurt. I don't know why Kurt left us in the first place but now it's like it never even happened. I got Nirvana back. And Kurt and Krist. Yeah I know I keep talking about it but I'm so happy. I went through 20 years of pain, but that's over now. "Dave?" "Oh sorry I was just thinking, let's get it." We got in the shower and I washed my hair and sang "Drain You" with Kurt" "One baby to another says- I'm lucky to have met you," Kurt sang. I blushed because he was singing that to me. "It is now my duty to completely drain you," I sang. "You haven't drained me in a while if you know what I mean," Kurt whispered into my ear. That sent shivers down my spine, we finished our shower and Kurt dried off and put on his flipper shirt with his ripped jeans and his converses. "Babe give me the towel," I begged. "Okay." Kurt wrapped the towel around my naked body and carried me bridal style to the bedroom. "I love you crazy." "Haha I know," he said laying me on the bed. He hovered over me, kissing everywhere. "Ohhh God Kurt," I say leaning up kissing his lips. "Get dressed sexy, and let's go." "Hehe okay." I put on a black shirt and jeans with my converses. Kurt and I left and went to the barber. "Kurt what are we doing here?" "Well I wanna get a haircut, if it's okay with you." "Aww. I don't care babe, you can get one if you'd like to." "Yay." Before the haircut, Kurt's hair was at his shoulders, but afterwards it was at his ears. "I love it," he said happy about his new haircut. "Me too, now let's go get stuff for the picnic." Kurt and I walked home to notice Krist was still gone. "He left a note on the fridge," Kurt says from the kitchen. I went to read it, it read, "Kurt and Dave, I picked up a new bass today can't wait to show it to you guys, it's cool. Since you two haven't really had alone time lately I went down to Aberdeen to see my family. I'll be back tomorrow. You guys enjoy your Saturday together, and use protection ;) -Krist " "Well it's look like we have the house to ourselves Kurt." "Yep, and we better get going before it gets dark outside." We packed little snacks like crackers, and chips. Just simple stuff for our picnic. Kurt and I left around 7 p.m. When we got to the lake, the sun was setting. We layed down our blanket and picnic basket. Since there wasn't anyone at the dock we decided to gather some rocks and take them to the dock. Kurt and I stood on the dock and threw stones at the water and talked until the stars came out. We went back to the blanket and had a snack, then we layed down and looked up at the stars. "All the stars in the sky can't compare to how much love I have for you Dave." I smiled. Kurt and I started making out, passionately but soft. We both knew what was gonna happen next so we packed up our things and went home.

Sorry this chapter is so short guys.

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