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Chapter One

Kurt's point of view:

"Kurt and Kim go greet them, please?" My mom said

"Why do I have to mom?" I whined

"Because your a nice person!!" She pointed to the door

"Only if Kim goes too!" I crossed my arms.

''Ok fine, KIM!!" Mom called upstairs

Kim ran downstairs, and smiled.

"Yes mom?"

"Honey, will you take your brother and the cookies to invite the new neighbors over for dinner tomorrow at 5:30 PM?" My mom asked sweetly

"Ok fine, come on Kurt. Lets go!!" Kim kissed my mothers cheek, grabbed me and the cookies, and walked out the door

Kim and I walked next door with the cookies and I let Kim knock on the door. A lady who looked my moms age answered the door.

"Hello?" She waved and asked

"Hi I'm Kim and this is my brother Kurt and here's some cookies" Kim handed the lady the cookies.

"Thank you! You guys can call me Virginia" she held the cookies

"Also, your invited for dinner tomorrow night at 5:30 PM" Kim added

"Yeah, but Kim, we have to go know!" I nudged her arm.

"Okay? Well nice meeting you Virginia, see you tomorrow!" Kim waved as I walked her back.

Chapter Two

Kurt's point of view:

So my mom has been going crazy today. She wants the house to look perfect for the new neighbors to come over. I told her the only part that needs to be clean is the dining room but she didn't listen. Even Kim is going crazy! She's obsessed with cleaning now, thanks a lot mom. There was a knock at the door but I still didn't leave my room writing guitar notes. I heard my mom open the door then let them in, then introduced herself to Virginia and her kids and then I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. My mom opened my door:

"They're here Kurt, come downstairs please." She smiled

I got up from my bed and followed her downstairs, I've never seen our house this clean before.

"Kurt, meet Lisa" Mom said

I waved to her

"Dave come here!" Virginia called

A boy my age came in the room.

"Meet Dave" my mom said

I also waved to him. Dave looked like a bad boy who dated everyone in school, or always skipped school. I didn't bother to ask if he likes music but I'm sure my mom will bring it up while we're eating.

"Time to eat!" my mom led us all to the dining room. Kim and Lisa were already chatting up a storm. Dave just kind of sat there, didn't say much, kind of like me.

Just like I guessed, my mom asked Dave if he played any instruments or if he's interested in music.

"Well... I play drums" he said quietly

"Ohhhh neat!" my mom said as she tapped my leg under the table to make sure I was listening. "Well Kurt likes guitar" She told Dave. Dave nodded.

After dinner was done, everyone went into the living room accept me. I just sat at the table drawing deadly things. Dave walked through the dining room to put the dessert dishes into the sink. On his way back to the living room, he stopped and took a look at my drawings.

"Those are good pictures" He said

"Thanks" I mumbled as I got up from the table. Dave pushed me against the wall and I whispered "Dave!!" He put a finger over my mouth until I was quiet. He removed his finger from my lips then pushed his lips into mine then walked away into the living room. What was he thinking? He can't just do that! I liked it though, but I shouldn't. He'd just break my heart like he probably does to everyone else.

"Well we better get going now, thank you for dinner and dessert" Virginia said as she grabbed Lisa and Dave.

"Nice having you! I'll have Kurt and Kim walk Lisa and Dave to school tomorrow!" my mom said as she waved goodbye and closed the door behind them.

Chapter Three

Kurts point of view:

Its time for me to start walking to school, but I have to walk with Dave and his sister Lisa. Kim and I said goodbye to our mom and walked next door. They were already waiting for us on theyre front porch.

"Good morning!" Kim waved and smiled

"Hey Kim! Lets go now" Lisa waved and smiled back.

I waved to dave and he waved and smiled at me, I am pretty sure he likes me. On the way to school, i asked dave some questions like: "who and when did you date last" and some other questions. Dave gave me an answer for every one i asked him, he seemed honest, and a little rebellious too. We also talked about music and our musical talents.


When we got to school, I found out Dave is in all my classes, I dont know how to feel about that though. All the classes were fine until we tried leaving school. Dave pushed me against my locker, grabbed my face and started to kiss me. When he pulled away for air, i started to walk away. I felt tingles of joy down my spine. "no" i thought in my head "I cant like the badboy!" i thought again.

When i got home, i didnt even bother to tell my mom about the kisses Dave has been giving me. I know my mom wont approve. But hey, I really did like those kisses.

Chapter four

Kurt's point of view:


" I love you Dave!!"

"I love you Kurt. Hey lets go upstairs."

"To do what?"

"Something I've wanted to do to you for a while know"

Dave pushed me onto my bed and started kissing me.

*end of dream*

I sighed as I woke up from my dream, why couldn't it be real life? I pretended to sleep as my mom came in.

"Kurt, honey wake up" she tapped my shoulder

"Oh mom, you scared me" I pretended

"Oh, sorry. But you have to get up for school now" She admitted

"Ok!" I jumped up and she walked out so I can get dressed. I hope my best friend Krist comes to school today, I feel like we're brothers or something like that. Krist always jokes around with me and called me a nerd and stuff like that, I guess I am a nerd.

"Don't forget to walk Dave and Lisa, Kurt." my mom reminded me as I poured milk into my cereal.

"Okay" I said reading while eating.

"How's your book, you nerd" Kim asked

"It's a lovely book, you should read it." I replied

"Books? eww! I'm allergic" Kim pretended to gag.

We kissed as hugged our mom goodbye and headed next door. Dave was sitting on the porch swing eating grapes, Lisa was coloring in a girly coloring book, eww.

"Morning Lisa" Kim jumped

"Hey Kim! lets go." Lisa said

Dave got up and started walking behind them, I walked next to Dave. Finally, Dave said something:

"Why do you think I'm such a bad person?" he asked with a frown

"Dave... I don't think tha-" I got interrupted by Dave jamming his lips into mine, I tried pushing away but I couldn't. Dave let me go then ran away, I didn't see him in our first class, or second.

In third class, Dave wasn't there either. But my writing was interrupted by ambulances leaving the school.

After school, Krist walked up to me and said

"Hey nerdy, how's it going?"

"Haha I'm fine" I smiled "Hey Krist? do you know why there was ambulances leaving the school?"

"Yeah, some no brain head cut too deep, that's why no one was aloud In the bathroom by the second hallway."

"Oh gosh, do you know who did it?" I asked with an interesting look on my face

"No, he looked new. I can describe though, he had long black hair, and brown eyes"

"Brown eyes!" I said under my breath.

"You okay?" Krist asked

I didn't answer him, instead I ran to Dave's house and knocked on the door, Lisa answered.

"Hi, is Dave home?" I asked panting

"No, but check the nearest hospital" Lisa slammed the door

I went inside my house and asked for a ride to the hospital. Why did Dave do this? Is it my fault? I feel so bad.

"Hi, where is Dave, Dave Grohl?" I asked quickly

"Room 44" the nurse boringly said

"Thanks" I said as I ran off to find him. I walked into the room and saw Dave asleep, he's a cute sleeper, but I can't think like that. Dave woke up and was surprised when he saw me.

"Kurt? what? what are you doing here?" he asked confusingly

"I'm here to see you, now what happened?"

"Oh it's just that someone cheated on me" Dave sniffled.

"It's okay Dave." I said hugging him and rubbing his back

"Never do this again" I said

"Okay" Dave sniffled

Chapter five

Dave's point of view:

My wrist has scars and I wish I never cut myself. My mom has been acting like I'm too weak to do anything. I wanted Kurt, I need Kurt, Kurt doesn't want me. I grabbed the phone and dialed Kurt's phone number.

"Hello?" Kurt answered the phone yawning

"Hi Kurt, it's Dave" I quietly said

"Oh, hi Dave" his voice changed a little

"Want to hang out today?" I asked

"Ummm, I don't know. I'll think about it"

"Fine, can you ask your mom?"

"Fine, ill ask" he sighed

I waited for him to call me back but he never did. Instead, he actually came over, I fell asleep before he did, and he woke me up.

"Wake up, Dave" Kurt tapped my forehead

"Kurt? sorry i fell asleep" I yawned

"It's fine, what do you want to do?"

"I don't know, what do you want to do?"

Kurt sighed "I don't know"

"Lets watch a movie or something" I suggested

"Okay, what movie?" he asked

"Your pick" I pointed to the movie cabinet

Kurt picked out an all emotion movie, one that would make you cry, has romance, and all the other stuff. Kurt sat on my bed as far as he could from me, I scooted over to make room for him and he refused.

During the movie, there was a really sad part that made Kurt start to cry. I pulled him over to me and wrapped my arms around him, thank god he picked this movie cause surprisingly he hugged me back.

"It's okay Kurt" I said as he cried on my shoulder.

"Why though? why? why did he have to die?" Kurt sobbed

"It's not real, it's okay." I reminded him

"Okay" he sighed and sniffled

I laid back down closer to him, he rested his head on my shoulder and wrapped his arms around me, I wrapped my arm around him. He is so gentle, and fragile, he's super skinny though.

"Can I stay here tonight?" Kurt asked

I got a bulge in my pants as soon as he asked me that question.

"Of course, just call your mom and ask, I'll go downstairs and ask my mom" I said as I handed him the phone before I went downstairs.

Both our parents agreed. I let Kurt borrow some pajamas. He walked back in my room in his pjs. I smiled at him as he made his way towards me, he laid down next to me and fell asleep with his head on my shoulder. Perfect!!


Kurt's point of view:

I spent the night at Dave's house last night and it went well. I woke up before him and watched him sleep. again, he's a cute sleeper. He opened his beautiful brown eyes at me

"Good morning" he whispered

"Morning" I whispered back

He kissed my forehead which made me blush. He noticed I blushed so he softly pressed his lips against mine, I couldn't help it but to kiss him back. It felt amazing, I wasn't even thinking about him being the "bad boy". Our kissed got more rough and soon I was on top of him kissing him so much. As soon as we heard footsteps coming up the stairs, we laid next to each other and pretended to sleep while Dave's mom came in and checked on us. When we heard her shut Dave's door, Dave rolled over and whispered

"I love you"

"Dave" I blushed "I love you too"

Chapter six

Kurt's point of view:

What was I thinking? Kissing Dave, and actually liking it! I woke up before seven AM (for school) and just stared at my ceiling, I kept thinking about Dave but I tried pushing my thoughts of him away. I must have the flu or something cause my thoughts about Dave, are not clean ones.


I got out of bed at seven and got dressed. After I got dressed, I walked downstairs to eat something. I wonder what Dave's doing. My thoughts were interrupted by Kim shouting

"It's snowing Kurt!! look!!"

After I was finished eating my cereal, I looked out the window to see the snow, it was beautiful. I looked across the street and saw Dave looking out his window. He must have saw me cause he smiled.

"It's time to go guys" my mom said

I went over and hugged her "bye mom"

"Bye Kurt" she wrapped her arms around me "I'll see you later"

Kim hugged mom and said goodbye too. Then, we went out into the cold to go get Dave and Lisa. I knocked on the door and Ms.Virginia answered

"Hey guys" she waved "I'll get Dave and Lisa"

Lisa ran over to Kim "I haven't seen you all weekend!!!"

"I know, I know" Kim laughed

Dave and Lisa said goodbye to they're mom and starting walking to school with us. Dave looked a little unhappy, I took his hand and held it tightly, which caused him to look up from his feet and smile at me. I smiled back.

When we got to school, everything went well. We had so many substitutes, which meant its basically free time! Dave kept telling me funny jokes the whole time. I was starting to like him, a lot.

"Dave? I.....I... like you" I quietly said

Dave gave me a gigantic smile, I leaned over and kissed his lips.


When I walked into my house my dad was there. great. I haven't seen him in forever, and like he always does when he is over, we was yelling at mom. I tried sneaking past him to go up to my room, but he grabbed my arm tightly and punched my face and threw me across the room. I ran upstairs to see Kim sobbing her eyes out, I wrapped her in a hug and whispered

"It's okay Kim. He'll be gone soon"

"No he won't" she whispered back

"Watch this" I said as I walked over to my phone and called the police. I "tattled" on my dad and it took about two minutes for them to come over. They ended up arresting my dad. My mom was bruised and so was I. We all group hugged and cried on each other.

Later on that night, Kim walked into my room and gave me a huge hug

"I love you " she cried on my shoulder

I patted her back "I love you too Kim"

Chapter Seven


Dave's point of view:

Kurt has been down in the dumps lately, and I want to know why. He has been bruised too, I need to beat who's hurting him, I just need to know who.

I was waiting for Kurt on my front porch for a little bit. They finally came and I pulled Kurt aside

"Kurt, please! who hurt your beautiful, fragile body?"

"I'll tell you later" Kurt mumbled

"Please Kurt! I need to now, now." I demanded

"Fine, the other day my dad came over and beat the shit out of me and my mom and then I got him arrested but he hurt me so bad it's not going away quickly."

I wrapped my arms around Kurt and held him tightly. I didn't want to let go.

"It's okay, Kurt."

"Come on let's go to school" he sighed

We were almost late to school, but it didn't matter to me, honestly. We had more substitutes again today so I just spent most of my classes hanging out outside or in the hallways. I started working on a plan to get Kurt.


After school, I asked Kurt if he could help me with the math were doing in school and he agreed.

"Come on let's go" I told him

"Wait, I need to ask my mom first."

"Fine, but make it quick"

Kurt nodded. It didn't take long for him to come back outside and tell me his mom said its okay.

"Okay, now come on."

"Why are you so worried about this?"

"I don't know, I don't want to fail?" I shrugged.

I led Kurt into my house and up to my room. Kurt pulled his math books out and sat in front of me with his legs crossed.

Kurt was trying to explain the lesson to me but I didn't understand a thing.

"What? what does carry the four mean?"

"Your so cute Dave! Now focus please?"

"Fine" I chuckled. I think my plan is working so far, now time to get things going. My mom was at work and Lisa was at Kurt's house hanging out with Kim, perfect!

I leaned in to kiss Kurt as he was explaining more complicated math things to me. He tried pushing away but I wouldn't let him. As I pulled away, he got up and backed up toward the door.

"No Kurt please!" I begged

"Why did you do that?"

"Cause, I love you!!" the words slipped out of my mouth and made Kurt blush.

"Fine, ill stay" Kurt walked towards me and sat back down on the bed. I gently grabbed his face and kissed his lips softly, it took him a while to actually kiss back. I laid down and pulled him on top of me and kissed him more, I kissed him roughly and he kissed back. I kissed all the way down to his neck.

"Dave- ohh... Dave, I can't" Kurt moaned

"Yes you can" I whispered. I tried taking his shirt off but he gave me a look, then finally let me take his shirt off. He continued to kiss me then I stuck my hand down into his pants, then his boxers.

"No-Dave .....Dave!" Kurt sexily moaned as I stroked him roughly.

"Dave---- I'm going to co-" Kurt exploded on my hand and in his pants.

I grabbed some Kleenex off my nightstand then wiped his pants off and sanitized my hand.

Kurt started touching me and it made me explode in my boxers. oops, I grabbed more Kleenex and blushed as I wiped down my boxers.

"I love you" I whispered in Kurt's ear

"I love you too" he whispered back.

Chapter eight

Kurt's point of view:

Man, I really enjoyed last night with Dave, but I don't know about it. What if he does break my heart? I'll have to think about it some more. I can't wait until this weekend, I feel over worked and a little sick.

"Kurt, honey wake up"

"Mom, I don't feel to good"

"I hope you didn't get the winter cold!"

"Me too" I said as my mom got the thermometer.

"Here, you know what to do" she stuck it under my tongue. we waited for it to beep.

"Wow Kurt, looks like your staying home today!"

"Really?" I groaned

"Yep, now just go back to bed" she kissed my forehead, turned off my lights, then walked out. I don't want to miss school today, Dave will be at school, so will my math papers, and my binder. I sighed, closed my eyes, and fell asleep.


"Dave, I need you"

"Then lets go upstairs again"

"Dave? Want to...........date?"

"Yes babe, I do" Dave kissed me roughly and pushed me on the bed and kissed me more.

*end of dream*

I woke up from a kiss on my cheek.

"Mom? can I sleep?" I said

"Mom? I'm Dave" Dave said

I squinted and picked my head up

"Sorry Dave"

"Nah, it's fine. How are you?"

"Good, I guess. why aren't you at school?"

"I want to be with you" he smirked. Dave walked over to my bed and laid next to me. I rolled over and smiled at him, he kissed me.

"Dave, stop I'll get you sick!"

"I don't care" he said leaning in to kiss me more.

"Dave? want to ya know.... date?"

"Of course babe" he kissed my cheek and wrapped me in his arms tightly.

"I love you Dave"

"I love you too Kurt"

Chapter Nine

Dave's point of view:

Yes! I finally got Kurt to fall in love with me, it's a dream come true. I woke up next to Kurt, he is staying home from school cause he's sick. I kept waking up through the early morning, Kurt stayed asleep. The blinds were closed so it was really dark, but I imagine he sleeps cutely.

"Dave? you still there" Kurt whispered

"Yes, I'm still here" I snuggled him.

"I don't feel good Dave"

"I know, you'll be better soon" I kissed his forehead softly.

"Are you sure?" he coughed

"Yes, I'm sure"


Around 9 AM, Kurt woke up quickly and ran out of bed, I ran after him into the bathroom, he started throwing up. Maybe my plan isn't working so much. I rubbed his back and sat next to him while he puked multiple times.

"You okay babe?"

"I guess so" he could barely keep his eyes open cause he's so tired.

"Where is the thermometer?"

Kurt pointed to a cabinet and I grabbed the thermometer out of its case , and stuck it underneath Kurt's tongue. He had a really bad fever.

"I don't feel like puking anymore Dave"

"Want to try to go back to bed?"

"Yes please"

I helped him up from the bathroom floor and he fell into my arms

"I can't feel my legs" he whined

"I'll carry you" I picked him up and carried him Bride style to the bed and laid him down. I grabbed a bucket just in case.

After he puked more, and he couldn't walk, I carried him to the car and drove him to the hospital. The lady gave me a wheelchair to sit him in. I wheeled him into his room, where we waited for the doctor.

"Hello Mr.Cobain" He walked in

"Hi" he mumbled

The doctor checked him out and asked both of us questions. He had some kind of flu and had to stay a couple nights in the hospital. I stayed with him and just slept on the recliner in the room and it was actually pretty comfortable.

"You feeling any better sweets?" I asked

"I guess so" he said resting his eyes

"Okay. I love you Kurt"

"I love you, Dave"

Chapter ten

WARNING:Inappropriate Parts

Kurt's point of view:

I'm still really sick, I wish it would end. Dave said he will pick my work up from school for me, he's so sweet. Maybe he isn't such a bad person, I can't think of him badly anyway! Were dating and I love him so much.

"Hey babe, here's your work" Dave whispered as he opened my bedroom door and closed it behind him.

"Hey, thanks Dave"

"Anytime" he smiled

Dave watched in shock as I did my math homework.

"You ok?" I giggled. Its pretty funny to see him with his mouth wide open cause I multiplied something.

"Your a genius, that's all" he kissed my cheek.

"Dave, ill get you sick!"

"Fine, but I love you"

"I love you too" I smirked and carried on with my math.


Day Later

I feel so much better, but my mom is making me stay an extra day home just in case. Dave has been bringing me my homework everyday, then taking the finished papers back for me. I kept waking up throughout the night, but I finally fell asleep before Dave came back over.

"Good morning sunshine" he whispered

"Morning Dave" I said kissing his cheek

"Someone feeling better today?"

"Yes, much better"

Dave wrapped me in a big hug and then turned off my lamp. He pulled me on top of him and started kissing me, I kissed back. Dave stuck his hand down my pants and into my boxers. As soon and he touched me I got hard.

"You love me that much?" he chuckled

"Sorry" I blushed

"It's fine" he said stroking me softly

"Dave...oh god.. Dave" I whispered as he went faster

"Dave I'm going to-" I gasped as I leaked onto Dave's hand. He licked his fingers, I don't know how to feel about that. I could barley see anything in the room, it was that dark.

"I love you" Dave whispered

"I love you too" I kissed his lips.


Dave's point of view:

My plan has worked very well. I have Kurt, he's mine. I love him, and I want him to love me too. I know I made him feel good. I'll have to fuck him soon, when no ones home.

"Hey Dave" Kurt walked up to me

"Hey babe, wanna skip school today?"

"I don't know, what will we do?"

"I'd have to think about that"

"Okay, well my mom wants to know if I can stay over your place tonight cause she has a meeting and my sis is going somewhere with your parents and sister."

"That's fine with me" I kissed his nose

"See you tonight" he smiled

"Okay, bring pjs"

Yes! perfect! Some alone time with my sweetheart.

Chapter Eleven


I walked over to Dave's to spend the night.

"Hey" he pulled me in by the waist into his warm house.

"Hi" I smiled. Dave hugged me tightly, then kissed me softly. He pulled away right before his mom walked in the room.

"Bye Dave" she hugged and kissed him. Her and Dave's sister walked out the door.

"Looks like its just you and me" Dave winked

"Yeah, let's get into our pajamas"

Dave led me up to his room. He got undressed and slipped his clothes on. As I got into my pajamas, Dave watched my every move.

"Your so sexy" he winked

"Uhh.... thanks" I blushed

We were both in our pajamas now. I walked over to his bed and sat next to him.

"I love you" Dave said pulling me in to cuddle.

"I love you too" I cuddled with him.

Dave kissed my head and sighed in a happy way.

"What to do?" I asked

"We can watch a movie?" Dave shrugged


Dave smiled and got up from the bed. He walked over to the TV and put a movie in the disc player.

He walked back over to the bed and snuggled me again. The movie started up, it was a funny one. I remember the title from somewhere.

We sat there snuggling, watching a movie and laughing our heads off.


The credits of the movie went onto the screen.

"Oh Kurt look, my favorite part!"Dave said sarcastically.

"Mine too" I joked back.

Dave grabbed the remote and turned the TV off. He looked deeply into my blue eyes.

"Your eyes are so beautiful Kurt" Dave embraced my face.

"Thanks" I blushed.

Dave gently kissed my lips, I kissed back.


We watched more movies and heard someone walk in the front door. Dave quickly turned the TV off again and pushed out of our hug and whispered

"Pretend to sleep"

I nodded my head and closed my eyes. I heard Mrs.Virginia walk in and check on us. Once she walked out, I felt two arms rapped around my waist.

"Goodnight beautiful, I love you" Dave whispered in my ear.

"Love you too" I whispered back.

Dave unwrapped his arms from me and turned his lamp off.

"I'd snuggle you, but my mom would see us" he whispered

"It's okay"

We fell asleep.

Chapter Twelve


I decided to invite Kurt for dinner and maybe his mom and sister too, but I'd have to ask my mom.

"Hey mom? could we invite the neighbors over for dinner tomorrow night?" I sweetly asked

"Of course" she smiled

"Thanks mom" I walked over and kissed her cheek.


Later in the evening, my mom and Lisa were making dinner and I happened to hear just about everything they were saying and I was surprised.

"I think you and Kurt would be cute" My mom told Lisa

"You think so?" Lisa asked

"Of course! You guys would be perfect!"

I walked in just then and they stopped the conversation.

"I'll be right back" I said then walked out.

I ran next door to Kurt's house and knocked on the door. I had already told him about dinner.

"Hey Dave" he smirked

"Hey Kurt. Can we talk right now?" I nervously asked

"Of course!" he smiled and stepped onto the porch and closed the door behind him

"Everything alright?" he curiously asked.

"Kind of. I overheard my mom and Lisa talking and my mom told Lisa that you and her would be a cute couple" I looked down

"Oh" Kurt's voice changed

"So then, I walked in to make them stop. May I tell them about us?"

"Yeah I guess we should say something soon. My mom talked to me and she said she'd accept me anyway." Kurt smiled

"That's good, but I don't know what my mom will say"

"Don't worry, I got your back"

"Thanks Kurt" I smiled

He smiled back "anytime"

"Well I got to go now" we hugged

"Love you" he whispered in my ear

"Love you too" I whispered back and walked back home.

As I walked in, the smell of food caught my attention.

"Sit Dave, it's dinner time" my mom said

"Okay" I said sitting next to Lisa. I picked at my food more then I ate it. I was getting nervous of what'll happen if I tell my mom.

"Dave, don't tell me nothing's wrong, you barley ate anything"

"I'm fine" I groaned

"If you tell me, you'll feel better"


There was a long silence.

"So? Will you tell me?" she impatiently asked me

"Okay.... well.... Kurt and I have been dating" I closed my eyes tightly.

"Oh honey! That's great!" she clapped, then gave a look to Lisa.

"Thank god" I said taking a bite of my chicken.

"How long has it been?" Mom asked smiling

"About a month" I said chewing

"I'm so happy for you" she smiled and patted my leg.

Chapter thirteen


"Dave I love you so much!"

"I love you so much Kurt!"

"Come here and give me a kiss"

My wonderful dream had ended. I need to see Dave, now, or else someone's day will be ruined somehow. I got up out of bed early and walked into the kitchen, still in pajamas.

"Your up early" My mom whispered, trying not to wake up Kim.

"Couldn't fall back asleep" I shrugged. It is pretty early I guess. It's 5:30 AM and now I can barely keep my eyes open.

"Actually, I'll see you later " I headed upstairs. My mom nodded back.


BEEP! BEEP! My alarm annoyingly buzzed. I slapped my palm onto the off button and the annoying, horrible noise shut off. I got up from my warm bed and quickly got dressed. After I got dressed I walked back into the kitchen. Kim was eating cereal and my mom was sitting with her and reading a book at the kitchen table. I decided I'll have cereal too.

I was finished getting ready for school so I left at 6:30 to go to Dave's. Kim stayed behind until it was actually time to come over. Dave's house had its lights on inside so I knocked on the door and Virginia let me in.

"Dave's in his room sleeping" she said. I saw Lisa sitting on the couch as I headed for the stairs. I quietly walked into Dave's dark room and turned on his bedside lamp. His eyes remained closed, he was adorable.

"Good morning" I kissed his nose

He slowly opened his eyes and smiled while squinting (from the light)

"Hey" his voice cracked.

"How'd you sleep" I asked

"I slept great. you?"

"Great too. But my dreams ended too early" I sighed

"Haha" Dave giggled, he's so cute when he giggles.

"Dave your so cute"

"But your sexy" he bit his bottom lip, which caused me to blush a deep red. Dave pulled me onto him and kissed my lips like he'd never kiss them again.

We kissed for a while, it was great until Dave's mom walked in and saw us snuggling together while sleeping. I don't think she had mind but I'm unsure.


In school, the whole day was boring. The teachers gave us homework, and she says I have to tutor someone in the class. I had plans with Dave to get some donuts but instead I have to tutor.

"Kurt, don't leave yet" The teacher said as everyone walked out.

"Am I in trouble?" I said in a panic

"No, I'm just giving you the address so you can tutor" she slipped a piece of paper into my hands and lightly scooted me out of the room. I unfolded the paper and read the address on it. 1424 Canon drive. Wait! I live down canon drive and my address is 1423.


As I walked down my street, I read the numbers on each house until I found 1424 which led me straight to Dave's house. No way! I gladly knocked on his door and waited for him to answer.

"Hello tutor" he opened the door and giggled

"Hey" I smiled. He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me into his house and closed the door. Once the door closed, he embraced my face and kissed me.

"Go get some in your room Dave" Lisa snarled.

Chapter fourteen (last)

Kurt's point of view:

"Dave you can't leave me" I said sobbing.

"Kurt I have to, I'll be back in a couple years, I need the education" Dave replied

"I'll miss you" my voice cracked

"I'll miss you too Kurt" he looked into my eyes "Oh stop, your going to make me cry too" He said sniffling

I helped carry his luggage to his car that was heating up. It started to snow in Dave's dark hair. I looked deeply into his eyes and held back my tears.

"We"ll write, okay?" he said

"Okay" I smiled while crying.

"Well I have to go now" Dave hugged me like he'd never hug me again.

"I love you" he whispered in my ear

"I love you too" I whispered back. Dave got into his car and drove away. I walked back into my house. I already miss him.

Days went by, and Dave and I wrote to each other like he said.

Dear Dave,

I miss you very much. Nothing is the same around here without you. Hopefully you'll come back to see me next year.

I love you,


Dear Kurt,

I miss you too, I think about you everyday. Of course I'll come back to see you.

Dave :-)

The end

Hey let me know if you guys want a sequel for this story! Thanks for reading!

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