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Chapter One: In the way


It's music class, finally. I get to play the drums because the music room just purchased a set. Also, my best friend Kurt is in class with me, and his stupid boyfriend isn't. His boyfriend is my old friend, Krist. They drive me crazy!! They have made out in front of me, and Krist said he's tried doing something in the boys bathroom with Kurt. It just makes me feel like a nobody, I don't have a boyfriend, and I like Kurt, I love him.

"Class take your seats by an instrument!" The teacher said.

I proudly made my way over to the drum set, it was shiny.

"Hey Kurt" I waved

"Hey Dave..."

"You okay today?"

"Yeah, just tired. I stayed up all night with Krist"

"Oh.... okay" I sighed.

"No talking!!" the teacher snapped.

"Now class, we'll play instruments in number order, it will be a short solo"

The teacher called a bunch of students names and they played a solo, the she called out Kurt's name and he played a beautiful solo.

Then later, she called on me. I played my solo, trying not to brake a drum. The solo I played was from a song Kurt and I made up, we don't have a name for it yet. When I was done, everyone cheered for more, but then got shushed by the teacher.

After music was all finished for the day, I met up with Kurt in the hallway for a couple minutes

"Nice solo, I recognized it right away" Kurt said

"Thanks, yours was better. I knew it right away too, we had the same song" I smiled

"Sup babe" Krist said grabbing Kurt's waist and started to make out with him.

I groaned and opened my locker. I was depressed, all I could hear was Krist slobbering all over Kurt's lips. It was disgusting, I felt like I was dying.

"Please guys, make out somewhere else" I asked

"Someone unhappy today?" Krist snickered

"You piss me off" I slammed my

Locker and stormed off

I felt so upset, Krist is in my freaking way. He's so annoying, he thinks I'm mad all the time.

"Dave! come back!" I heard Kurt run after me

"Boys!! get back here this instant!" The principle ran after us


Here I am, sitting in detention for trying to escape school. Im all by myself. It's so boring here, all I can do is look at the clock and wait to go home.

Kurt walked in the room and my eyes lit up.

"What are you doing here?" I whispered

"Same reason as you" Kurt yawned

"Oh... sorry" I frowned

"It's fine" he rested his head in his arms on his desk.

I can tell this week of detention will be great.

Chapter two: Best detention yet.


Ok, so now I know Kurt's in detention with me for chasing after me when I ran out of school. All my classes were boring today, but I was actually excited to go to detention with Kurt.

Finally, all the stupid classes are done and its time for detention. I sat down and waited, waited for Kurt to come to detention.

"Hey Dave" Kurt sighed

"Oh hey Kurt" I smiled

"Do you even like detention?" he asked

"When it's me and my friend"

"Oh, is he coming? should I leave?"

"Kurt, your my friend, my best friend"

"Awww thanks Dave"

"Anytime" I winked


During detention, it was quiet most of the time and I was bored even though Kurt is here with me.

"Want to come over tonight?" I broke the silence

"Sure, we can work on those songs"

"Okay, see you after dinner"

"Okay" We got up and left.

As we walked out, I walked back wards and faced Kurt. I slipped on some ice and landed on my back, Kurt landed right on top of each other. Our lips accidentally jammed together.

"Kurt! how could you!" Krist ran up to us, screaming at Kurt.

"No Krist!! It was an accident! Krist do-" Kurt said as his eyes grew big cause Krist just punched me across the face.

"There, my work here is done" Krist kicked me while I was laying on the ground in pain. Blood was running down from my face, I want Krist to leave us alone for once. Kurt shoved Krist and Krist ran away.

"Are you okay?" Kurt asked in shock

All I could do was cry.

Chapter three: Songs


"So Kurt, what song should we work on?" I asked trying to find my drum sticks

"The one that goes: Come as you are, as you were" He said taking a puff of his cigarette

"Okay, sounds good" I shrugged

I found my drumsticks and sat at my stool.

"Ready?" Kurt asked

I nodded yes. We both started playing the music but Kurt didn't sing, we just played. We looked at the clock and decided it was getting a little late. Before I walked got up from my stool, I apologized to Kurt.

"Sorry for what happened today..." I frowned

"Ah... It's okay, no big deal." he shrugged

"What about you and Krist?"

"He will probably forgive me soon, but don't worry Dave"

"Well I can't stop worrying" I sighed. My eyes started tearing up a bit.

"Come here, Dave" he held his arms out

I ran into his arms and we both hugged each other.

"It's not our faults, it was an accident" Kurt whispered

"Kurt, your like my brother, thanks"

"Your welcome. Your my brother" he smiled

I wiped my eyes and said goodbye. I slipped on my jacket and my boots and drove back to my house.

After my shower, I tried falling asleep. I couldn't though, Kurt was on my mind.

Chapter Four-Fight


The past two days, all I can think about at night is Kurt. He's so cute. But it looks like things with him and Krist are picking back up.

I walked into the school building and headed to my locker.

"Hey Kurt" I chuckled

"Hey" he waved.

Krist walked up to us, he gave me a death stare and pulled Kurt to Kurt's locker (which is one away from mine).

"I've missed you" Krist whispered. He leaned in to kiss Kurt but Kurt turned his head.

"Krist... we need to talk"

"Okay see you tonight"

"No, right now"

"Okay fine... what?"

"Krist... I'm breaking up with you" Kurt mumbled

"Kurt-" he said trying to kiss Kurt

"Krist no, goodbye" Kurt pushed Krist away and headed to the bathroom. Krist ran after him yelling. Once they disappeared into the restroom, all I heard was screaming, Krist was yelling his head off. I couldn't help myself so I ran towards them. When I walked in, Krist had Kurt off his feet and on the wall.

"Get your filthy hands off him!" I yelled and punched Krist in the nose. Krist let go of Kurt and Kurt dropped to the floor. I knocked Krist out for sure.

"Are you okay?" I helped him up.

"I'm.....dizzy" he stuttered.

"Get on my back"

Kurt did as I said. I ran with him on my back to the school doors, and ran out. I ran to my house.

"Detention!" I said under my breath

"Just...F... forget about it" Kurt said almost passing out.


I laid Kurt down on my bed and covered him up with some warm blankets.

"You okay now?" I nicely asked

"I guess so" Kurt smiled

"Good" I smiled back.

"Come lay with me Dave" Kurt whispered

I walked over to my bed and got under the covers with Kurt. He started to twirl his fingers in my long dark hair. Then fell asleep right in my arms. I kissed his forehead and sighed in relief.

Chapter Five-A kiss


Kurt was still in my arms sound asleep and suddenly he woke up.

"Good nap sleepy head?" I giggled

"Yeah" he yawned

"How are you feeling? you know... after the fight and your break up?"

"I'm okay" Kurt shrugged "but my lips hurt" he said

"Why?" I asked in curiosity

"Cause Dave, I need you to kiss me"

My eyes opened wide and I took a deep breath. Then closed my eyes and kissed him gently.

"Better?" I nervously asked

"All better" he smirked. I softly embraced his face and kissed him passionately. It felt good, it felt right. I pulled Kurt on top of me and kissed him more. We heard my front door open and that's when we stopped.

"School would be over anyway" he said

"Yeah... and I forgot detention is over too!" I smiled

"Good" he sighed in relief

My mom walked in.

"Hey guys, how was school"

"It was school" we sighed

She walked out. Kurt laced his fingers with mine and put his head on my shoulder.

Sorry such a short chapter!! Leave a comment on some ideas!

Chapter six- Trouble


School has been the worst these past days. Dave is out sick and I'm getting teased by Krist and all his friends. I've tried skipping but I'm not sneaky enough (like Dave) . Sometimes I wonder, why me? Why does all this crap have to happen to me? I pushed away my thoughts when I cried myself to sleep.


Another day of torture is what I have to go through. I combed my hair and got dressed then ate. I walked slowly to school, taking any possible shortcut where no one but myself would be. I turned a corner and out popped Krist.

"Where do you think your going?" He snickered and stopped me from getting past.

"To school" I mumbled

"Don't think so"

"Then I'll go home, away from you" I said under my breath

"What did you say!?" Krist yelled and picked me up.

"Nothing! Let me go!" I screamed. Krist would let go so I tried kicking him. I got punched pretty hard and he threw me to the snow. My vision started blurring out then I got a sudden punch and everything went black.


I woke up to hear Dave's voice yelling at Krist. I was still at the corner, with a puddle of blood in the snow, under my nose. As Krist ran off, he kicked me again and I blacked out again.


I slowly began to wake up in a warm place. I had soft blankets over my body and a rag over my head. The lights were dim and I felt bruised. Footsteps were coming up the stairs and someone walked in. It was just Dave.

"How are you feeling beautiful?" he asked

"I... I feel .......horrible" my eyes watered and blood from my nose dripped down my chin and neck. Dave grabbed a warm wash cloth and wiped the blood off. Then, he put the cloth over a scratch on my cheek.

"You'll be alright" Dave said as tears slowly ran down my face.

"I will?" my voice cracked

"Of course" he kissed my forehead

"How bad do I look?"

"You look beautiful" Dave smiled

He climbed in bed with me and snuggled me close to him. I am so sore and bruised.

"I love you" Dave whispered in my ear

"I love you too Dave"

Chapter seven- I love you


I woke up with Kurt snuggled in my arms. He had dried blood on his face, but I'll clean that up when he's awake. I feel so bad for him, I don't know how he feels either, but I bet it's bad.

I heard Kurt sniffling so I looked over. He was crying in his sleep. I got a warm cloth and put it on his forehead to relax him. He woke up.

"What's wrong Kurt? You were crying" I asked

"Bad dreams" he sniffled

"Here" I wiped all the dried blood off his face.


"Your welcome. How do you feel?"


"Just stay calm and relax. You'll feel better"

"Okay doctor Dave" Kurt chuckled. I smiled at him and put the cloth back onto his forehead.

"Hungry?" I asked

"A little. " He said with his eyes closed

"Shout if you need me, I'll make you food"

"Gee, I didn't know your a chef too" Kurt laughed

I walked downstairs and made some chicken noodle soup for Kurt and I.

"Here you go" I handed Kurt his soup on a tray.

"Thanks chef Dave" Kurt joked



I let Kurt sleep longer but I read at times or just napped with him. He suddenly woke up with watery eyes.

"Everything alright?" I sweetly asked

"My heart... it's broken in half" Kurt's voice cracked

"It's okay... just relax and that'll be better too" I smirked. Kurt didn't say anything. Instead, tears rolled down his cheek, which tore me apart. I wrapped him in my arms and let him cry on me.

After a while, he calmed down a little. He's still in my arms, all snuggled up and sniffling.

"I love you Dave" he sniffled and slowly closed his eyes, still listening.

"I... I love you too Kurt" I kissed his head and let him fall asleep on me.

Chapter eight- Forever? Forever.


-it'll be super short sorry-


Kurt pulled away from our kiss and said

"Does this mean we are-"

"Together?" we said at the same time

"Of course" I snuggled him.

"I love you Dave. I've loved you since I met you. You mean the world to me"

"I love you too Kurt. Thanks" I smiled

"Forever?'' he asked

"Forever" I closed my eyes and held him tightly.


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