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Chapter one

Kurt's point of view:

"Hey " I said as I called Dave.

"Kurt why are you calling me at 7am?" Dave replied while yawning.

"Remember we have band practice today at noon? I'll tell Krist not to be late again."

"Yeah I remember .." Dave lied.

"Ok! bye!" we both hung up. Dave went back to sleep but I couldn't. I couldn't stop thinking about Dave. In my head there was a voice that kept saying "You don't love Dave!" There was another one saying "Dont you love Dave?"


It was finally time to go to practice.

I called Krist on my way there. "Dont forget this time!" I told him "I know Kurt I'm just walking out the door" Krist replied and hung up.

Krist's point of view:

"Dang!" I shouted while I quickly got dressed. I couldn't believe I forgot about practice AGAIN! It's probably the 6th or 7th time. I couldn't find any clean socks so I just decided to wear ones from the day before. I didn't have enough time to fix my hair or eat, but I expected Dave to bring a snack or something for us all.

Chapter Two

Kurt's point of view:

"Hey Dave" I waved.

"Oh hey Kurt, where's Krist?" Dave asked.

"No idea... but if he's five more minutes late, we'll just start without him." I said trying not to get angry.

"But what do you want to do for five minutes?" I asked.

"Don't know but we could start without him. you know, teach him a lesson for once!" Dave snapped.


Krist finally came and had the worst bed head ever. I could tell he was in a big hurry."So, got up late Krist?" I asked kind of annoyed.

"Well... I guess.. I... just forgot again" He mumbled. I knew it! Krist Novoselic was late AGAIN. Didn't surprise me or Dave.


After practice was done, I asked Dave if he wanted to come over and have a drink or just hang out for a little while. He said he had to get home to his new boyfriend. Well I know he's gay know. I even told him he could bring his boyfriend along and he said he couldn't because he was too tired. I drove home a little upset. I really had feelings for Dave, but he has a boyfriend. When I got to my house, I took a nice warm shower and went to bed. I need Dave , I really need him.

Chapter Three

Dave's point of view:

I feel kind of bad. Kurt looked a little upset when I said I couldn't come over last night. I unwrapped my arm around my boyfriend Jack carefully-to not wake him up , and put on a white T-shirt and some jeans and walked out of the door.


When I got to Kurt's house I knocked on his front door. It took a while for him to come to the door but he answered. "Oh...Hey" he said as he looked at his feet. "Can we talk for a while?" I asked. He looked up at me as he let me in. "why did you come here?" Kurt asked very confused.

"I just thought we haven't talked in a while so I came to talk." I said hopefully cheering him up. "Oh.............. well hi" he said in his sad voice. "you ok?" I asked him as I tried looking into his blue eyes. "I'm fine." He sniffled.

My phone rang right then. "Give me a minute?" I asked Kurt. He shook his head yes. "Hello?" I asked

"Where are you!" yelled Jack

" Just trying to cheer up a friend"

" You never told me!!" he screamed

The next three words he said played in my head in slow motion "It's Over Dave!" I hung up right away and tried holding back my tears. Kurt could tell I was upset. I couldn't resist and I started sobbing. Kurt leaned over and hugged me, I hugged him back and cried on his shoulder. "it'll be ok" he whispered softly. His breath was warm, very warm. "Thanks" I said while sniffling.

"I'm sorry Kurt frowned"

"No Kurt! It's not your fault"

"If I wasn't upset, you'd be together"

"It's ok.. it's my fault for making you so upset"

"Dave shut up!"

"Kurt it's not your faul-"

He kissed me right on the lips. When he pulled away, our eyes grew bigger.

"I'm so sorry" He frowned

"No it's ok" I kissed him back

Chapter 4

Kurt's point of view:

I finally made my move and kissed Dave. It was amazing! His lips were soft and tasted like cherries, I didn't even bother to ask why.

I hope Dave doesn't avoid me now, I don't think he will. I feel bad for Dave, he just broke up and I don't even think he has a place to live. so that's when I decided to go out and find him myself, it would be a hard job but its worth it!

Getting out of bed wasn't fun though! I got into a plain T-shirt and some jeans and began my search. first I waked down town, looking in every one of Dave's favorite stores for him. I looked under the first bridge closer to town , no Dave. I finally found him under the second bridge eating a Hot Dog. I ran up to him quickly and sat next to him.

"Dave! are you okay?"

"Oh, I'm fine...."

"Dave, come live with me! I wouldn't be able to stand the feeling of knowing my best friend is living under a bridge by himself. it would kill me Dave!" I started crying.

"Don't cry Kurt, ill live with you"

"Good, now come on".

Dave's point of view:

I didn't know it would hurt Kurt that much. I thought he wouldn't care. We walked in the house and he showed me my new bedroom. It was just a bed next to his because he doesn't have a guest room.

"I hope you like it here" he smiled

"Kurt thank you so much. your my best friend and my hero. I thought I'd just die under that bridge."

"You don't have to thank me Dave!"

"You sleepy too?" I asked

"Yeah, goodnight Dave"

"Night Kurt"

Chapter Five

Kurt's point of view:

I woke up this morning with Dave sleeping on my shoulder. He is cute when he is asleep. He woke up about five minutes later

"Im sorry Kurt! I was just afraid so I kind of fell asleep on your shoulder."

"It's ok Dave! It's ok here, you'll love it when you get used to it."

"Thanks so much" He said as he kissed my cheek with his soft lips.

Dave looked up at me and that's when I went for it, I kissed him. It wasn't so soft though, it was a rough kiss. I broke the kiss to breathe but then I kissed him more. Surprisingly, Dave kissed me back ,hard. When he kissed me, I got hard. I hope he doesn't notice it. But I think it's okay because I see that Dave is hard too.

"Have you ever..... you know.... done....I...it before? I asked while blushing

"No, have you?" he asked blushing as well.

"Not yet" I gulped "I'm still a Virgin"

"Me too" Dave replied.

Chapter six

Dave's point of view:

Living with Kurt has been fun so far. I'm starting to have feelings for him, I know he has them for me. As I lay in my bed, I often look over at Kurt to see if he's awake. But it's only 7:00 AM. I got into a robe that Kurt gave me, and went downstairs to light a cigarette and drink some coffee. I slowly sipped my coffee while reading the paper-yes I was that bored.

"Morning Dave" Kurt said as he smiled

"Hey sexy" I smirked

"Hah" He laughed

"I left you some coffee on the coffee maker Kurt."

"Okay, thanks. Have a Cigarette near?" He asked. I handed him one and a lighter. "ummm Kurt?" I nervously said "something wrong Dave?" he said as his face got a worried look.

"Would you like to... you know..... be my boy fri-" my words were interrupted by a kiss. "yes" he whispered.

Kurt's point of view:

So Dave and I are dating know! I love him so much and I want us to be this way forever. "I love you Dave" I blushed

"I love you too Kurt." He smiled.

"Want to go upstairs?" I asked

"To do what exactly?"

"We could watch a movie or something together?"

''Sounds good"

I took his hand and led him upstairs. we laid in my bed and put on a movie that made us laugh a lot. Dave looked up at me and smiled. I kissed him softly , he kissed me back. Our kisses got rough, he started to take my shirt off and I took off his.

"Want to... you know?" I asked while blushing and getting nervous for his answer.

"I don't know Kurt, I don't think I'm all that ready yet, sorry" he frowned

"No Dave. don't be upset, I understand, I don't think I'm all that ready either."

"Okay. Maybe tomorrow night or something" Dave grinned.

Chapter seven

Kurt's point if view:

Dave has been acting weird lately. He's been really upset for some reason and its making me a little upset not seeing his smile everyday. Right now, Dave is sitting on his bed with his face covered by his knees, I wonder if he's crying.

"You ok Dave?" I asked sweetly

He didn't give me an answer or even look at me. I sat down next to him and rubbed his back

"Hey Dave? We can talk you know, I'll always have open ears for you"

"It's just that something is bothering me" he said still covering his face.

"You can tell me Dave. I won't be mad if its about me"

"Ok, well..." He sniffed "my mom died"

"Dave it's alright, everything will be ok." I said as I rapped my arms around him and he hugged back and cried on my shoulder.


Dave's point of view:

Kurt has been so nice to me since my mother passed away. I just love him so much, I want him to be mine forever and ever. But I'm really depressed and I know it's bothering Kurt.

"Hey beautiful" I walked downstairs

"You look happier today" he smiled

"I'm happy because you smiled, the whole world has to smile when they see you have a smile on your face!"

"Haha thanks Dave" Kurt said as he kissed my lips roughly. I closed the Curtain and laid on top of him and kissed him more. I took his shirt off and we kissed more and more. He was about to take my shirt off but someone knocked on the door

"Darn! Hurry, get your shirt on!" I whispered so whoever was at the door couldn't hear us" Kurt put his shirt on and I walked over to the door and looked through the peek-whole. It was Krist, I opened the door

"Hey Krist, ummmm, so come in?"

"Ok" he said as he walked in "you guys ok?" He asked

"Fine, yeah. we're fine" Kurt said as he grabbed a pillow and put it over the bulge in his pants. I raised my eyebrows at him and said "Kurt come here. But Krist stay here please"

"Ok, I'll stay here" Krist said looking around at the pictures on the living room walls.

Kurt and I walked up to the bedroom and thought of what we could do about it.

"Sorry Dave , I hope Krist didn't notice."

"It's ok, I hope he didn't notice me either!" I whispered as I handed him some baggy sweat pants. I changed my pants too, the baggy sweat pants made our whole lower body look puffy so Krist won't notice we were hard before he came over. Before Kurt and I walked downstairs I pulled him aside and kissed him softly.

"Were back Krist" we said

"Took you long enough! but I have to go know, I'm meeting up with a girl. Bye" he said as he slipped out the door.

Chapter eight

Dave's point of view:

I woke up before Kurt this morning and instead of getting up out I bed, I watched him sleep. His breath was slow and soft,he is a cute sleeper. Kurt's head was on my chest and my arm was around his waist, just how I like it- quiet and calm with my sweetheart next to me.

"Morning Dave" Kurt whispered to me

"Morning cutie" I smiled

"What shall we do today?" He asked

"I don't know, but later we can... you know for the first time?" I said nervously. I felt him smile as he said "ok, sounds good."

"I love you Kurt, your amazing, I'd be under that bridge eating hot dogs if you didn't care about me. I thank you for that."

"I love you too Dave, you don't have to thank me. you've thanked me enough"


We finally got out of bed around 10:30 AM and fixed up some breakfast. As we ate, we played footsie under the table, it kind of was like a foot wrestling match,Kurt won the footsie fight. Kurt and I walked outside to sit on the porch swing in the backyard and have a cigarette and cuddle a little bit. Kurt's phone rang and he picked up:

"Hey Kurt!" Krist said "I was wondering if you and Dave wanted to practice tonight, my new girlfriend said she wanted to watch us practice"

"Umm let me ask Dave" Kurt pulled the phone away from his face and asked me and I shrugged "sure I guess' I said

"Yeah Krist we can practice tonight at the normal practice spot."

"Okay! Bye" Krist hung up


Kurt's point of view:

Practice went well until Krist and his girlfriend came, she only watched me play and not Dave or Krist,and she kept giving me looks like she was trying to be sexy or something. "Okay practice is over" I said to everyone

"Lets go Dave" I whispered to him

"Okay, something wrong?" he asked when we got in the car

"No, nothing at all" I hesitated

"I can only help you if you tell me what's wrong Kurt."

"I know Dave, it's just that I'm fine, I'm just really tired"

When we got back we went to bed right away. My head on his chest and his arm around my waist.

Chapter nine

Kurt's point of view:

"I'll go get us breakfast, ill be back soon" Dave whispered in my ear.

"Okay, thanks. I'll be here."

I was laying in bed relaxing and I heard Dave leave, then a minute later I heard the door open again. Dave must have forgotten something. But no, Krist's girlfriend walked in the room as I quickly covered myself in blankets.

"No need to cover up Sugar" she whispered

"Why are you here? don't call me sugar." I said as I pushed her off me.

"Feisty are we this morning" she said as she ripped her shirt off. I closed my eyes real tight. She tried kissing me and I wouldn't let her, but she managed to stick her tongue in my mouth. I pushed her off of me and yelled at her to get out. Someone else walked in too. I didn't know him at all, he was big and buff but scary. He tried pulling me off the bed and I kicked him off but he punched me and tried to unbutton my pajama shorts.

"No!! stop! get your hands off me!" I yelled. All I wanted was Dave here with me.

The guy pinned me down to the ground and the girl took my pants off. "Stop!!!" I yelled real loud. I closed my eyes and kept trying to kick them off me as they tried kissing me. I heard the front door open again and I though more people were coming to hurt me but I heard Dave's voice.

"DAVE HELP ME!!" I screamed before the big guy tried getting my boxers off. I heard Dave run up the stairs with a wooden baseball bat and said to the people

"Get off him you sick mother fu-" Dave got interrupted by a punch in the face but luckily he hit the guy in the head with the bat and then we pulled the girl off me and hit her too.

"You okay babe!?" he looked worried as he pulled me up" I was so scared I could barely talk or stand so I just collapsed in bed while Dave called the police.


"You alright babe? The police took them away, everything will be okay." Dave wrapped his arms around me as I cried on his shoulder.

"It will be okay Kurt, Your with me, I won't let anyone hurt you." He whispered in my ear gently.

The rest of the day, I laid in bed speechless. I only got up to go to the bathroom or shower. Dave gave me my meals in bed. I was so scared I just wanted to cry all day on Dave's shoulder.

Chapter 10

Dave's point of view:

I feel worried about Kurt, it's been 2 days since the incident but he still can't say anything and he's super shaky.

"Morning sexy" I whispered to him in bed.

He looked up at me but that's all, I could see the look of fear in his eyes, I just feel so bad! I wrapped my arms around him and let him lay his head on my chest, and kissed the top of his head. We stayed that way for a while


A day went by and I laid in bed waiting for Kurt to wake up and see if he's ok. I could tell he was having a bad dream cause he was twitching. I closed my eyes and relaxed until Kurt sat up and screamed then started to cry.

"Kurt!! you okay? what's wrong?" I quickly asked as I hugged him and let him sob on my shoulder.

"J....just a.a b....b....bad dr...eam" he said as he was very shaky.

"Well it's ok babe, I've got you." I rubbed his back trying to get him to calm down a bit. He was crying real hard, my shoulder was wet from him crying on it. "I have a surprise for you later tonight" I smirked.

"Oh...o..okay" Kurt stuttered. I kissed his lips softly, he kissed back and rested his head on my chest . "I'll be downstairs" I said, he nodded yes.


I got up from drinking my coffee and writing down notes for a drum beat I liked, to make Kurt some lunch. As soon as I got some stuff from the fridge, Kurt walked downstairs without a look of fear in his eyes but a tired look. "Hey you okay now babe?" I asked.

"I guess I am now, thanks Dave for taking really good care of me."

I went over and hugged him tightly

"Don't thank me Kurt, I'll always be there"

Sorry this chapter was so short it's just that the next chapter will be really long. But make sure to read the warnings in the next chapter!

WARNINGS +Chapter eleven



(in other words, Dave and Kurt will have sex

Dave's point of view:

"Dave!!" Kurt yelled as I exploded inside of him. I went slower to take a breath .

"faster, Dave, faster!" Kurt panted.

I did as he said and exploded inside him again. I stopped and started to kiss Kurt roughly, we rolled over to where Kurt was on top of me. He slowly went in and stopped as he saw my face "am I hurting you?" he asked me, I shook my head no and he went inside farther and soon he was going faster.

"Kurt!!! Shit Kurt!" I screamed as he went faster then erupted inside of my body. He pulled himself out of me and laid next to me while panting.

"That was great" we whispered and put our boxers on.

"Goodnight, I love you Kurt" i kissed his nose

"I love you Dave, goodnight" he laid on my chest.


"Morning baby" I smirked and whispered in Kurt's ear

"Morning My Dave " he whispered back.

"So, ummmm... are you sore? " he asked while blushing a little.

"A little, what about you."

"Yeah I am sore, I'm sorry for hurting you Dave ." he frowned.

"Don't be upset, it was our first time. I am sorry for hurting you." I whispered as I kissed his beautiful lips.


Kurt's point of view:

Dave and I had sex for the first time the other night . To be honest, it was amazing, it made me feel alive. I haven't asked him if he liked it yet but I'm pretty sure he did. while I was at the coffee maker waiting for my coffee, I felt two arms wrap around my waist

"Morning sexy" Dave whispered in my ear, then started kissing my neck. I got hard right away and so did Dave. We heard a knock on the door- lucky us for being in our big puffy sweat pants to hide the hardness. I went over to the door and looked through the peek-whole, it was just Krist.

"Oh hey Krist" I opened the door

"Hey Kurt I just wanted to say I'm sorry for what happened with my girlfriend, that guy and you, and Dave.

"Ah, it's ok!" I faked as I faked a smile.

"Coffees ready my se- Kurt" Dave said trying not to let Krist know we were dating.

"I think we can tell him now Dave" I said as Dave came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist and said to Krist:

"We're dating!"

"That's great guys!!" Krist smiled "well I'll let you guys enjoy your morning together" Krist waved as he walked away

"Okay, bye! " Dave and I said and closed the door.

Chapter twelve

Dave's point of view:

I woke up before Kurt this morning and he is just so adorable, I can't get over it. I decided to wait until he woke up to get out of bed, patiently waiting for my beautiful to wake. He finally woke up around 9:25 AM and looked at me with his beautiful blue eyes, I love him!

"Morning blue eyed baby" I smiled.

"Hah, morning babe." he smiled back.

"What do you want to do today?" I asked.

"I don't mind. whatever you like Dave!"

"Ok, I'll think of something." I said as Kurt leaned in to kiss me, which I allowed him to.

We kissed softly then roughly for about 4 minutes straight, I enjoyed every bit!

"Hey Dave? Could we get a kitten today?" Kurt asked sweetly

"Sure!" I smiled


After we drank our coffee and smoked a cigarette we got dressed and headed out to get a kitten. When we got into the pet store, there were so many animals there. Cats,Dogs,Birds,ferrets,spiders, even fish, but also many more. Kurt and I walked up to the kitten cages, there was only one kitten left, He was very cute! The kitten was all gray but had a white belly and paws, you could tell Kurt was in love with this kitten.

"He's just ....perfect!" Kurt smiled.

"Well lets get him! he won't be lonely with us" I smiled back.

We payed for the little kitten and some food, a bed ,a couple toys , and some litter and a box. When we got home, we laid out his bed in our room and situated his things to make the little guy comfortable.

"What should we name him?" I asked

"I don't know....maybe smokey?"

"Sounds good Kurt. I love you!"I hugged him tightly. After we let go of our hug, we played with smokey for a little while, man, that cat could jump.


It was a pretty lazy day but we had fun.

"Goodnight my love" I kissed Kurt's nose

"Goodnight my Dave" he kissed my cheek

Smokey came to lay with us for the night, he laid In-between Kurt and I.

Chapter thirteen

Dave's point of view:

I woke up this morning to the smell of coffee, Kurt must be up. I got out of bed and put on a robe because its getting colder outside and inside.

"Good morning" Kurt waved as I walked downstairs

"Morning babe, how long have you been up?" I asked.

"Oh I don't know, maybe around 6:30 because I couldn't fall back asleep and I wanted to make you breakfast" he said as he handed me a plate of waffles and a cup of coffee.

"Thanks so much." I said as I went over to hug him. We hugged tightly and before you know it, we were kissing again. Kurt was sitting on the counter while I was standing on the tile and kissing him. When we broke our kiss, I looked deeply into is blue eyes. They are so amazing, I love him so much.

"I love you" I whispered in his ear

"I love you too" he whispered back


Kurt's point of view:

After we ate our breakfast, we played with smokey some more. I loved Dave and our kitty so much!!

"Look! it's snowing!" Dave jumped while clapping next to the window.

I walked over to him and looked out the window. "wow! it is Dave. when it gets heavier, lets go out there"

"Sounds good" He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my cheek.

Dave and I laid on the couch together. I laid on top of him and stared kissing him roughly. He started to kiss my neck and I couldn't help it but I let out a soft moan.

Dave took my hand and led me upstairs.

Chapter fourteen



Dave's point of view:

I took Kurt's hand and led him upstairs to our bedroom. When we walked in, I playfully pushed him on the bed and got on top of him. We started kissing right away. I started to untie his robe, and underneath he only had his boxers on. I noticed he was sticking up, he blushed. I kissed his soft lips again, I started to get hard too.

"Let me get something" I winked. I looked on my night stand and my dresser and didn't find what I was looking for. I looked under the bed through all the cat fuzz balls and toys and found what I was looking for, condoms.

I walked back over to Kurt and showed him what I had. He winked. I started to kiss him again, I kissed my way down to his neck, then all the way down to his pants. I carefully slipped his boxers off and looked at him, he was blushing. I took my clothes off and slid the condom on.

"Ready?" I asked

Kurt nodded yes.

I slowly stuck myself inside of him, it felt so good. About half way in, I looked up at Kurt, he was trying to hold in his moans.

"Hurting you?" I asked

Kurt shook his head no. I went in farther and started repeating this motion faster and faster. We both were breathing hard.

"Dave! " He said

"You okay?"

"Yep!" he scrunched his face as I continued to go faster. I pulled myself out of him and caught my breath. once I noticed he could breathe normally, I dove in for a kiss. He didn't refuse and started kissing back roughly. He slid his tongue in my mouth and we started sloppy kissing. I pulled away to catch my breath and looked into his eyes.

"That was amazing babe" Kurt smiled

"It really was" I replied.

We heard a knock on the front door and looked at the clock.

"Shit!!!!! We forgot practice" Kurt quickly got dressed.

"Shit!" I said while getting dressed.

Kurt raced downstairs an opened the door, it was Krist.

"Hey Krist?"

"Hi, I was leaving my house for practice and I heard someone scream "Shit Dave! faster" so I'm guessing you guys had sex?"

"Oh, you heard that!!!" I ran to the door.

"Yeah, next time, don't leave the windows open."

"Shit!" I said.

"Well you can go home Krist." Kurt sighed

"Ok so the time I'm not late, there's no practice. But okay bye!" He waved

We closed the door and hugged each other.

"It's okay babe" I whispered in Kurt's ear

"Okay, I guess it is" he sighed and kissed me

Chapter fifteen

Kurt's point of view:

"Morning sexy" Dave chuckled. He always had the weirdest nicknames for me, but they're all cute. I'm either sexy or beautiful- or sometimes, blue eyed beauty. I don't really have nicknames for Dave yet, but I'll have some soon.

"Morning" I yawned while waving.

"I made some coffee for you" he smiled.

"Thanks a lot babe." I kissed his nose.

"Your amazing Kurt. Your my everything, my best friend ,and my boyfriend, and... my sexy"

"You really mean that Dave?" I stuttered

" I sure do."

"Thanks Dave. I love being your best friend, your boyfriend and, your sexy. But you mean a lot to me, there is too many good things about you I can't explain to you."

He walked over to me and hugged me tightly "I love you" he whispered his hot breath into my ear.

"I love you too Dave" I whispered back.


After breakfast and a few rough kisses in bed, we decided to go out and do something for once.

"You ready to go?' Dave asked

"Yeah, I guess! where are we going again?"

"It's a secret Kurt." he took my hand and we walked not too far but to the new park down the street. But we kept walking farther, where were we going? There was a little path from the new park into a nice little field, there was a stone walk way that was lined with flowers that were dead from it being winter. Even though the flowers were dead, it was still beautiful from all the snow. Dave, still holding onto my hand, said:

"Almost there babe."

"Okay, this is lovely Dave"

"Isn't it?" he replied.

We finally got to where Dave wanted to. There was a frozen pond that was beautiful. The pond was lined with snowy tall grass. Dave pulled out two pairs of ice-skates and handed me a pair.

"Ummm Dave, I don't know, I'm not that good at this."

"It's ok babe, I got you"

"Okay... I'll try" I said nervously as I put the skates on. Dave helped me onto the ice and tightly held my hands. He started to skate and I tried to skate, but I was safe in his arms if I needed help. It was the best time of my life. Dave stopped to ask me something, I could tell he was nervous about it. oh no.

Chapter sixteen

Kurt's point of view:

Dave and I were at the frozen pond ice skating but then Dave stopped to tell me something, he looked nervous.

"You okay?" I said softly

"Yeah, it's just that Kurt..." he said

"You can tell me babe, ill listen"

"Okay we'll Kurt, I've enjoyed my time with you and I want to be with you every second. you mean the world to me, your a sweet young man and I have developed strong feelings these past days and I wanted to know..." Kurt do you want to get married?" Dave said blushing and smiling

"Dave Of course!" I hugged him tightly.

"I love you" he whispered in my ear

"I love you Dave" I whispered back.

"Want to go home now?"

"Sure lets go."

He took my hand and helped me off the ice. Once we changed shoes, we walked back to our house. The snow was beautiful, especially when it was in Dave's dark hair. When we got back home, we walked upstairs to our room and laid on the bed. I rested my head on Dave's chest while he wrapped his arm around me and put on a movie. Like most movies Dave and I watch together, it was a funny one. We laughed so hard we almost cried, after the movie, we kept laughing for no reason.

"You hungry?" Dave asked

"Yeah, a little. You hungry?"

"Of course" he laughed

"Lets go eat" I grabbed his hand and walked downstairs to get a coat and boots on.

We ate at a steakhouse and got a drink to celebrate our engagement. Dave showed me the rings and they looked pretty cool.


We got home and went to sleep. I fell asleep listening to Dave's heart beat.

Chapter seventeen

Dave's point of view:

Life is great. Kurt and I are finally engaged and I'm so excited to be with him forever. I woke up before him again, I just laid there cause his head was on my chest an he looked so adorable. Kurt finally woke up and looked at me with his beautiful blue eyes.

"Morning" He whispered and kissed my lips

"Good morning babe" I whispered back. I slowly picked Kurt up and laid him on the bed. I got on top of him and rapidly started to kiss him, he kissed back.

I went downstairs to make Kurt breakfast and gave him time to take a shower. I made him pancakes with whipped cream and strawberries on top. Kurt always compliments my cooking, his cooking is way better then mine!

Kurt came downstairs in only jeans, he's so hot, I can't resist. I went over to him and kissed his nose, he wrapped his arms around me and hugged me tightly.

"I love you Dave" he softly said

"I love you too, Kurt" I smiled.

Kurt looked up at me"what to do today?"

"I don't know, good question."

As we walked upstairs to hang out, I spanked his bottom and said

"but, I know what we can do tonight"

"Sounds good" Kurt chuckled.

We laid in bed and just cuddled each other for a while. I got up and looked out our bedroom window, everything had snow on it. "We can play in the snow?" I suggested to Kurt.

"Sounds like fun!" Kurt got up and put on his snow suit, coat, gloves, a hat, and a scarf. I got into my winter wear too. We walked downstairs and put our snow boots on too, then ran outside together. It was beautiful outside, especially when the snowflakes fell onto Kurt's nose. I walked around knelt down to grab some snow, but I felt a snowball hit my back then Kurt started to laugh.

"Oh it's on!" I playfully said as I made a snowball and hit his arm with it.

After we went to a snowball war, we built a funky looking snowman. He had rocks for eyes and a mouth, then we stuck a stick in its mouth to make it look like it was smoking. Then, we carved a snow nose and stuck it on the snowman, and put sticks for arms. It looked cute, just like Kurt. I walked over to him and kissed his lips, he kissed back. We stopped kissing and went inside cause I was hungry, again. I made us some chicken noodle soup, perfect for winter. Kurt downed the whole thing, he must have been hungry too.

"I had fun in the snow with you" I smiled

"I had loads of fun with you, Dave."

"Your so cute! I love you."

"I love you too babe" Kurt replied.

Chapter eighteen

Kurt's point of view:


Around 9:00PM Dave led me upstairs, I think I know what were doing. We walked into our bedroom and Dave playfully pushed me onto the bed. He climbed on top of me and started to kiss me roughly. I couldn't help it, but I let out a moan as he kissed my neck. Dave pulled my shirt off and then leaned in to kiss my lips again. I slid took off his shirt too. He is cute shirtless! Dave started to unzip my jeans, I looked up at him, he smirked. He slid my jeans off my legs and I blushed when he noticed my bulge in my underwear.

We kissed some more then I undressed Dave some more. He didn't use a condom or lube, he just went in.

"Does that hurt?" he asked

"Nope, it feels good" I said as he went faster, it did feel good! I felt alive again, I even feel closer.

"I am going to-" Dave said as he exploded into my body.

"Dave..." I softly moaned as I felt him drain inside of me, it was warm.

Dave pulled himself out of me and we rolled over "ready for this?" I asked him

"Yep" he scrunched his face as I went inside of him. "hurting you?" I asked

Dave shook his head no. I could tell it hurt a little. I started to go faster until I realized I am erupting inside of Dave

"Oh, shit Kurt" Dave quietly moaned

I pulled myself out of Dave and laid next to him. "that was great" I happily sighed

"Yeah, it sure was." Dave said breathing hard. He put his boxers on and I put on mine. I rested my head on his chest and fell asleep. Dave slowly drifted off.


Dave's point of view:

Kurt and I did something we didn't do in a while, have sex. We didn't use condoms or lube, all we used was love.

Kurt sleeps so cutely, you can tell if he's having a happy or bad dream. Sometimes, he'll talk in his sleep and honestly, what he says is pretty funny. Kurt opened his beautiful blue eyes at me and whispered:

"Last night was great, I love you."

"It really was. I love you!" I kissed his nose. Kurt kissed my lips and I happily kissed back.

We laid in bed together in silence for a while until I asked

"So, when's the wedding?"

"I don't know, but hopefully soon, I want you so bad" I smirked

"Sounds good... soon."

"We could just get married in a private place, just hire a person with a license"

"I like that idea. Where do we find a license guy?" Kurt asked

"I'll arrange something. Don't worry about a thing" I smiled

Kurt smiled back at me, his smile was beautiful. Smokey climbed in bed with us and demanded attention. Kurt loved that cat so much, it's cute to see them interact, and how Kurt talks to him.

*sorry short chapter, I am running out of ideas*

Chapter nineteen

Dave's point of view:

I found someone who did weddings for people and Kurt and I planned some things. We didn't know where to have the wedding, so we just picked a pretty path that was on the way to the pond (In earlier chapters).We also though Krist could be there too and we could get drunk that night or something. We said we wouldn't get too fancy and get tuxedos or anything and we'd just pick out something 'nice' to wear (a nice sweater for winter)

"Are you exited?" Kurt asked

"Of course!" I picked him up and twirled him around.

"What should we do today?"

"Good question, we could go to a winter festival?"

"Ok, sounds like fun" Kurt smiled

We got into our winter gear and headed outside. We got into the car and drove to a festival. It looked fun and it wasn't too packed. We got out of the car and went sledding. I got onto the raft and Kurt sat on my lap, the ride down the hill was fun, it was fast. I helped Kurt ice skate again, he's getting the hang of it. I watched snow fall from the sky and onto Kurt's face

"Your so beautiful, Kurt" I kissed his nose

"Dave, I love you!" he kissed my cheek

"I love you too"

We went home and relaxed for a while with Smokey.

"Want to shower?" Kurt asked

"Sure" I smiled and followed him into the bathroom. We undressed each other and got in

"Shit! it's cold!" Kurt yelled

"It'll be warm soon" I giggled

It finally turned warm and we were comfortable with the warm water falling on us. I shampooed Kurt's blonde hair and rinsed it off. Kurt washed my long dark hair and rinsed it off too. After our shower, we laid in bed and relaxed together for a while.



Kurt's point of view:

"Dave! I'm so excited!"

"I am too! I can't wait until tomorrow"

"Me either, why can't we just get married right now, and right here?" I sighed

"I don't know, but as long as we get married, I'm happy" he smiled

Chapter twenty

WARNING: Inappropriate Parts

Kurt's point of view:

Dave took my hand and placed the ring on it. The wedding guy asked Dave to repeat things after him and he asked me the most important thing, if I do.

"I do" I smiled

I placed the ring on Dave's finger and said a bunch of stuff and Dave said

"I do"

We kissed each other and signed that license thing and then the guy left. Krist was there the whole time watching us. After the wedding, we partied with Krist, of course Krist got drunk like he always does. He ended up passing out on the couch so Dave and I went back home. We weren't drunk, thank god. We went upstairs and Dave playfully pushed me onto the bed and got on top of me and started kissing me roughly.

"I love you" He whispered his warm breath in my ear

"I love you more" I whispered back

"Don't think so" he said kissing my neck

I let out a little moan and he looked up at me and smirked.

"Your so cute" Dave pecked my lips

"Hah" I laughed

Dave sat on my lap and started to unbutton my shirt. Once he got it unbuttoned, he took it off me and ran his finger down my chest.

"That tickles!" I laughed

I took Dave's shirt off him and kissed his lips some more. Dave unbuckled my belt and threw it on the floor. He pulled my zipper down and slid my pants off to where I was only in my boxers. Dave pressed his lips into mine and pulled me on top of him.

"Your so light" Dave chuckled

"Good" I twirled my finger in his hair

Dave slid my boxers off and I began to take the rest of his clothes off. Dave slid himself into my body gently

"Does that hurt babe?" he asked

"No, keep going" I said breathing fast as he went faster.

Soon Dave was going so fast we were panting.

"I'm going to- to--" he moaned as he drained inside me. His warm liquid filled my body and it felt so amazing.

He pulled himself out of me and waited for us to catch our breath then he pulled me on top of him again and kissed me. I stuck myself inside of him, Dave scrunched his face like it hurt so I asked

"Keep going?"

"Y-yep" he stuttered

I went faster, and faster. It felt good, so good in fact.

"Kurt!--" Dave screamed as I filled his body with my warm liquid.

"Feel good?" I panted

"Yes" he panted back.

I pulled myself out of him and kissed him. We slid our boxers on and snuggled each other tightly.

"I love you so, so, so much!" Dave snuggled me

"I love you , Dave" I fell asleep on him.

Final chapter

Thanks everyone who's reading this! But the story is over after this chapter :( it's been fun writing it, and I have other stories like this one.

Dave's point of view:

"Where are we going again?" I asked Kurt

"To a special beach" He smiled

"Okay" I continued packing my suitcase

We ate our breakfast and got into our car. Kurt drove us far away, I kept falling asleep. Kurt woke me up every once in a while to say we're getting food or when an animal crossed the street. Smokey was also with us.

We got there around six PM. It was a beautiful vacation house.

"Woah Kurt, who lives here?"

"Well... we can spend every summer here, I bought it." he smiled

"Oh!! Thankyou Kurt!" I hugged him tightly.

"Come on, let's go get some food" Kurt chuckled

I couldn't pass on food so I followed Kurt to the beach. there was a table nicely set up. Kurt took some food out of a cooler and placed it on the table.

"Got a lighter?" he asked

I handed him a lighter and he lit a candle. We ate dinner on the beach, it was beautiful!

After our romantic dinner, we made a bonfire in the sand. I laid in the sand and looked up at the starry sky. Kurt rested his head on my shoulder. All of a sudden, there was a firework show. There were people all over watching fire works.

"I love you" Kurt said snuggling me

"I love you too, Kurt"

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