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So I'm in a band. It's called Nirvana, and currently we are looking for a new drummer. This will be our fifth drummer so far, if someone makes the audition.

Our first person auditioning is someone I don't really know. I've heard good things about him and all.. but anyone could make stuff up. Anyways.. all I'm really saying is I need to see him play first.

I've been grouchy because I really hate kicking people out of our band, and we're doing some gigs soon and I'd hate to cancel them because we have no drummer.

He walked over to the drum set. His eyes brown, his hair long and dark. He is beautiful- no, stop it! I can't think of this man like that.. I don't even know him yet, what if he's an axe murderer?!

"Okay, you can start playing" Krist said, cause I guess I was taking to long to say start.

He pounded on the drums like he wanted it, and he wanted it badly. His hair whipped perfectly with the sound. This could be him. It will be him.

After he was done, I called him over, asked him a few questions.

I stuck my hand out for him to shake and said "Mr. Grohl.. welcome to Nirvana"
His smile was unbelievable. He looks like he just won a medal, and with that drumming, he probably could win a medal.

That night in the van, I thought about him. Dave- that's his name. I thought aboht how he's on a plane going home.. and how were picking him up in a week. Krist slept on bottom bunk while I slept on top, dreaming about our new drummer.

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"I need you" I said in between kisses. My fingers were tangled in Dave's hair.

Suddenly I woke up, covered in sweat.. great.. dreams about Dave. I looked at the clock. 2:44AM. Only if I could call him.. but he's either on a plane right now, or sleeping like most people are. If I called him right now, 1) Krist would hear and 2). Dave will think I'm a creep or a stalker.. something like that.

It's raining outside, the thunder is loud and scary.. so I decided to just curl up in my blankets and try to fall back asleep.

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~a couple weeks later~
"Kurt! Kurt.. C'Mon man! were gonna be late to the airport!" Krist shook me awake

"Oh.. Yeah.. I forgot!" I said. "Your driving, cause its not that far"

"Okay fine" Krist sighed. He got into the drivers seat, and I sat on the couch/seat in the back and looked out of the window.

~14 minutes later~

"Okay, we are here.. now we need to wait for Dave to come out of the front entrance" Said Krist.

We waited a couple minutes, then Dave came out. Krist honked the horn and Dave got in.

"Hey there Dave, you can go in the back with Kurt" Krist said, shaking Dave's hand.

"Hey guys, sorry I was late.. the baggage claim was packed." Dave shook Krist's hand then came into the back.

"Hello" I said, trying not to act weird

"Hey man, how's things been?". His smile was perfect. His eyes, perfect.. his hair, perfect.

"Eh.. things have been ok.. you been practicing for the gig in three days?" I asked

"Of course" he replied.

Krist shouted to us in the back: "we'll be to our destination in about 6 or 7 hours.. so take a nap.. Dave can sleep in my bunk for now until we change the other bunks sheets"

"Okay" I shouted back.

As an hour and a half past, Dave and I talked about bands and interests. We have things in common and we are very into music.

The night slowly went on, but Krist got tired so he said we should call it a night. He pulled over on some side street and climbed into his bunk. Dave and I talked for a little longer, but we both got really tired.

"Where am I going to sleep?" he said. The other bunks sheets were disgusting. Our past drummer ate in bed, cut in bed, and maybe smoked a little in bed.. so I wouldn't let Dave sleep in that.

"You can sleep in my bunk, I can sleep here on the seat" I said

"No you should sleep in your own bunk, I can sleep on the seat." he replied.

I sighed "oh, okay.. Goodnight" and climbed into my bunk, above Krist's.

About three minutes later, Dave quietly climbed halfway up the latter and whispered "hey, can I sit up here, the seat is really uncomfortable"

"Sure" I whispered back. He came over to my side and sat next to me, leaning against the wall. There was a spark of excitement in me as I fell asleep with Dave right there.

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I woke up with Dave sitting asleep, still besides me. Krist was already driving, so I got up to say good morning to him.

"Mornin, how long you've been up?" I asked

"Just started driving, woke up maybe 10 minutes ago" he said "you and Dave where sleeping together?"

"No, it's nothing like that.. the seats back there weren't comfortable so he slept in my bunk.. nothing romantic going on" I explained to him.

"Okay.. well I warmed up frozen waffles, they're on the table" he said, keeping focus on the road. I walked back to the table and sat to eat. Little did I know Dave was awake. I looked up at him to kind of check on him, when I noticed his eyes were open.

"How long have you been watching me? " I asked

"Not too long...sorry" he looked down.

"No it's alright" I said. He got down from the bunk and ate a waffle at the table with me.

I went to use the restroom while Dave and Krist were talking up front. As I began to pee, the door opened, Dave walked in quickly, and closed the door. As he turned around, he noticed I was in here too. Our faces turned a dark red, and I quickly zipped my pants back up.

"Kurt... I- I'm so so sorry" he stuttered.

"I-it's ok" I said

"Kurt, I have a confession to make" he said, locking the door.

"Yes?" I said, getting nervous and excited

"I like you Kurt" he looked away.

"I- uh- I've liked you too" I blushed again.

"I just feel ashamed, ya know? How crazy could I be to just admit that to you?" he said, with his head still turned away. I walked over to him and embraced his face and kissed his lips. I had to step up on the tips of my toes because he's so tall. He kissed me back. The kisses got more and more passionate. I rubbed my hands up and down his chest and he kissed down my neck, carefully not to leave a mark. Dave found my sweet spot and I moaned quietly and softly.

"I want you" I whispered to him

"I know" he whispered back.


The bathroom action went on earlier this morning, and I don't regret it. I haven't felt those feelings for someone in a while. Krist admits he needs a break from driving, so he says he's going to watch a gig at a bar, and he promises he won't come back drunk.

8:30 pm:
"K guys, have fun!" Krist said as he walked out of the van and hopped into a cab. I got up and locked the doors of van and looked at Dave, who was sitting on one of the seats, looking at me. My stomach flurried with excitement as I got closer to him. I sat on his lap, facing him, and leaned in to kiss him. Our lips connected and moved perfectly in sync. He picked me up and set me down next to the latter, leading up to my bunk. I climbed up and he followed. He hovered over me and kissed my lips, down to my neck, not leaving any marks. I slid my shirt off and he kissed my chest.

As he massaged me through my jeans, the van was pitch black, like the night sky. Soft and quiet moans escaped my mouth as he continued to massage through my jeans. Then, I took his shirt off and he took my jeans off, then my boxers. I had a boner.. of course. He began to stroke me lightly. I couldn't really see him but he leaned in and sucked me. I moaned kind of loudly, as he sucked harder and faster. After he was done, he took off his pants and boxers. Before he went in, I reached out and stroked him. He moaned a little, then lightly took my arm and moved it. Then he slowly put himself into me and began thrusting, harder and harder.

"I- I'm going to come" he managed to say. We both shouted bad words as the warm liquid flooded inside of me. He slipped himself out.

"Ride me" I begged. He placed himself on my member and moved up and down, faster and faster. I came inside of him, then he got off. We caught our breaths for a second, then he stroked me really fast, causing me to moan and bite my lip. I came again in his hand.

We turned over and I stroked him lightly, moans escaping from him. I sucked him hard and he came again. He peeked out of the window and saw Krist get out of the cab. "Shit" he whispered. "get your clothes on" I whispered back. We got dressed just in time for Krist to knock on the van door. Dave laid on my bunk as I unlocked the door.

"Everything ok?" he said

"Yep! just about to go to bed" I said, climbing up in the bunk with Dave.

Krist fell asleep before we did. Dave kissed me goodnight, and we fell asleep.


Krist drove up front with the radio up loud enough where he wouldn't hear Dave and I.

"Does this mean were together? " I said

"I guess" he smirked

"Well then" I smiled and pecked his cheek.

"Last night was amazing" he chuckled

"I know" I sighed in happiness.

"Should we tell Krist?" Dave asked

"Nah, lets wait until our gig is over"


~Skips to gig~
I screamed into the microphone and played my electric guitar. Dave pounded on the drums like he owned them. The small audience danced around, showing a liking to the music.

We finished our last song and crashed our set. Then walked off into the back room.

"That was a great gig" Krist said before taking a drink from his water bottle.

"Yeah, you killed it new drummer" I chuckled to Dave. He smiled back.

We got into our pajamas and sat on the couch. Dave and I on a love seat kind of thing and Krist in a armchair.

"So Krist, we've got some news for you" I said

"Spill it, I'm getting excited!" he clapped

"Well.. Dave and I are.. dating!" Dave and I smiled at Krist.

"I PREDICTED THIS DAY!" Krist stood up and clapped. Dave and I just laughed.

"What?" Dave asked, laughing.

"Me, Krist Novoselic predicted the future" Krist said.

"Okay then, that's nice" Dave said

Krist decided we should hit the road for a little bit and then we'll stop again for the night. He said he'll pull the curtain down that separates the drivers seat from the back, cause he told us a new couple needs they're privacy.

I slipped on my headphones and started up my Walkman. Ah, how lovely.. the Cars. As I listened, I sat in my bunk and rote down song lyrics.. but after my song was over, I put the headphones away and grabbed my guitar.

Dave climbed up with me, interested in what I was going to play. My fingers started strumming the guitar, and I was singing Pennyroyal Tea. Dave smiled as I sang and played.

I put my guitar down and looked at Dave.

"I'm tired" I yawned

"Me too" he said.

"Hey Krist, we should stop for the night!" I shouted

"M'kay!" he shouted back and pulled over.

As Krist came back to his bunk, he turned all the lights out and went to sleep. Before he actually fell asleep, he said

"Now listen to me you two.. don't wake me up by having sex"

I laughed to myself and curled up in Dave's arms. He began tickling me and I quietly giggled, then he continued to tickle me and I laughed really loudly.

"What in heavens sake is going on up there?" Krist said

"Oh Kurt, your so biiig!" Dave said in a high pitched voice, just to piss Krist off.

"Nasty motherfuckers.. yeah.. real nasty" He mumbled.

~4 minutes later~
Krist was for sure asleep because he was snoring. The van was dark still, and kind of cold. Dave kept me warm though. I straddled Dave then kissed him.

"Frisky, eh?" he whispered after I pulled away.

"Your funny" I said

"I love you" He said before kissing my neck lightly

"I- love y-ou too" I said, biting my lip.

"I've never wanted someone so bad before" he whispered

"I'm all yours" I smirked.

"You think we'd wake up Krist?" He asked.

"Probably, but I think the bathroom is sound proof"'

"There's only one way to check. stay here" Dave whispered and got down from the bunk and into the bathroom, locking the door. I heard nothing. He came out 7 seconds later.

"I flushed the toilet and turned the sink on, you heard nothing?"

"Nothing" I paused "then lets go!" I whispered

"Okay frisky" he chuckled and followed me into the bathroom and locked the door.

So much sex!



Dave followed me into the bathroom and locked the door.

"What if Krist has to take a piss or something?" Dave asked

"He can piss on a tree outside then" I chuckled, Dave laughed.

"You so cute" Dave said, poking me in the stomach.

"That tickled" I giggled. I couldn't wait any longer so I embraced his face and kissed him. Without hesitation, he kissed me back. We pulled away for a minute, and I started singing a line from Lithium

"I'm so horny, but that's ok, my will is good" I sang a little quiet. Then at the same time we leaned in to kiss again. I reached down during the kiss and massaged him through his jeans. He moaned while kissing. Then, Dave pulled away and backed me up so I was against the wall, and he kissed my neck, knowing my sweet spot. I bit my lip, enjoying this.

I pulled his shirt off and he pulled mine off too.

"I really don't want to have sex in here" I said looking at the ground

"Me either"

"We can be quiet enough.. Krist sleeps pretty well"

We quietly got back in my bunk. Dave took my jeans of and kissed me some more. Then in the dark van, he sucked me. I bit my lip, trying to hold in all my moans. When one slipped out, it was quiet.. but luckily Krist didn't wake up.

I flipped Dave over and removed his jeans and boxers. I stroked him slowly, then a little faster- he squeezed his eyes shut and bit his lip. But when I began to suck him, he made a little peep.

We made out a little more then Dave got on top and slowly went in. I took a deep breath and bit my lip really hard as he slowly thrusted. To keep my moans in, I grabbed the side of the mattress and closed my eyes. He jerked a little. We both moaned. He began to stroke me again, then sucked. He sucked hard and fast, making me whisper cuss words to myself. My back arched and I came. "Shit" I said a little louder.

On the bottom bunk, we could hear Krist quickly wake up. Dave stopped and pulled the covers over us and waited for Krist to be quiet. Instead of going back to sleep, Krist got up and turned the lights on. He began reading a book, then walked into the bathroom.

"We forgot our shirts" I mumbled to Dave

"Lets make this quick, he'll be out any minute" He said then sucked me under the covers. I squeezed the mattress and breathed hard. Dave came up face level to me with the covers over our bottom halfs and put himself in. The thrusted slowly and breathed fast, I held my moans in as best as I could.

"I'm going to come" he mumbled

As he came, we both made a good amount of noise. We cussed, and moaned. Krist came out in a hurry. He froze when he realized what was happening. Dave paused, still inside of me.

"What. The. Fuck." He said

"We can explain" I said

"I- I don't need an explanation" he said. "I'm going back to sleep" he said

Dave pulled himself out with a jerk and put his boxers on, and I put mine on too.

We made out for a couple minutes, then went to sleep.

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Dave and I woke up, still cuddled together. It was about 9:44am and Krist was already up and driving. I hope he's not going to act weird after what happened last night.

We got on the stage, and the annoying lights blared in our faces, the crowed screamed, and we grabbed our instruments.

My fingers held a tight grip around my guitar pick, and I sang into the microphone.

After the show, Dave, Krist and I played cards and drank some beer. I wasn't really playing, I was hugging Dave from behind, peeking off his shoulder and whispering to him what card he should play.

"This is getting boring guys" Krist said.

"Why, cause we are dominating you?" Dave snickered in a funny way.

"Yeah.. let's do some stuff" Krist said again

"Like what?" I asked

"Truth or Dare?" Snickered Krist, rubbing his hands together.

"No" Dave said

"Yes" Krist said

"Why" Dave pouted

"Because" Krist said, then looked at me. "Truth or dare Kurt" He said

"Truth" I said. I would've said dare, but knowing Krist, I picked truth.

"Is it true you and Dave had sex last night?" He said

Dave and I both rolled our eyes then I admitted "yes". I mumbled my answer.

"W-Well it's kinda cute for you guys.. but y'Know, I wasn't expecting that" Krist said.

"Okay.. Dave, Truth or dare" I said to Dave

He smiled "dare"

I paused for a minute to think, but then said "I dare you to do something to make Krist either disgusted or shocked"

"Okay" Dave replied, then leaned in to kiss me. I kissed him back, making Krist close his eyes.

Dave pulled away, "you disgusted yet Krist?"

Krist shook his head no.

We continued to kiss, making noises and moaning in between kisses. I kind of forgot Krist was there and I rubbed Dave through his jeans, causing him to moan kind of loudly.

"Ok!! I'm disgusted!!" Krist shouted

"Your turn" Kurt said to Krist

"Truth or dare Kurt" he said

"Truth" I said

"Ah dammit.... I don't feel like playing this game anymore" Krist sighed. "I'm going to go out for a little while, one of my old friends is having a party in town" he got up.

Before he walked out of the door, I said "now Krist, remember to use protection!" Dave laughed and Krist let out a little laugh. "Ok.. I'll remember that" He walked out of the van and waved for a cab.

"So.. what do you want to do?" I asked.

"I don't know.. we could find a board game to play?" Dave suggested

"Okay, let's go look for one" I smiled at him.


We looked in one of the cabinets and found a bunch of board games. Sorry, operation, monopoly, life, uno, clue.

"Woah" Dave said as he looked through the stash.

"What should we play?"

"How 'bout life?" He said

"Sure!" I grabbed the box. Thank goodness the game was at the top of the stack.

I brought the box back over to the table and took off the lid. Surprisingly, the pieces were all organized and put back correctly.

We got started, and I let Dave spin the spinner first. He decided to go right to the career path, and so did I.

By the end of the game, I had three little pegs on my car. Me, Dave, and if we had a child. Dave had four pegs. I retired first, so I basically won the game.

"What if we ever had a kid- ya know.. adopted one?" Dave nervously asked.

"That would be cool" I said

"But that's a long ways away" he said back

"Yeah" I sighed.

We climbed up into the top bunk and cuddled together.

"Goodnight Dave" I said

"Goodnight" he paused "love you"

"Love you too"


We finished another gig and went out to get a beer to celebrate the band and all that kind of stuff.

"This one goes to our newest addition of Nirvana.. Our drummer" I smiled and raised my glass. Dave and Krist raised there glasses and we clinked them together, then took a sip.

"We've done really good so far" Dave said, setting his glass down.

"True" Krist chimed in.

"Yeah... where would we be without you guys!" I said, kind of smiling.

"No where.. Duh" Krist said

"Yeah.. that was the point" I chuckled.

After a beer, we went back to the van. We weren't drunk, but Krist had some crazy ideas.

"Hey guys.. what if we go crashed a party and started playing our songs!" Krist said

"Oh boy" Dave sighed "here we go again"

"Um.. You alright up in that noggin Krist?" I said

"Yep" he replied

"I'm kind of up for it though" Dave said

"I know right.. the looks we'll get when we start playing" I laughed

"Lets go!" Krist got behind the wheel. Oh No.


We walked in the house, without anyone noticing. Everyone was to busy partying.

We plugged our amps and instruments, etc.. into the wall and on the count of three, we started playing In Bloom. Everyone looked at us. Without questioning us, they all started dancing.

"That was fun" Dave said as we loaded the back of the van

"Yeah" I said.

We went to sleep dreaming about the adventures of tomorrow.

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Dave and I lay under the stars thinking about our future.

"Kurt?'' Dave said

"Yes Dave?" I replied

"What do you think the future will be like?" He concentrated on the stars

"I don't know" I sighed, kinda wishing I knew.

"Kurt, we should get married" He said quietly

"W-what'' I said

"Kurt, will you marry me?" he pulled a ring out of his pocket.

"Dave.. Yes!" I said. We wrapped each other in a hug.

"I love you" Dave said

"I love you too" I smiled. We leaned in for a kiss.


Dave, Krist and I walked into the court. Dave and I are going to get married! We filled out our marriage license, and went on a little trip in our van. Krist drove us to the beach which was about 20 minutes away from the court.

Dave and I sat on a seat and looked out of the window.

"I can't believe it. We're married!" I smiled in excitement

"Yeah." Dave said "I'm lucky to have you" he pecked my cheek.

<<<<At the Beach>>>>
We all went into the water, which was super cold.

I splashed Dave and he covered his arms.

"Dang.. that's cold" he said

"Exactly" I let out a playful laugh

"Oh it's going down" he said and splashed me.

<><><>Night Time In The Van<><><>
Dave and I cuddled in our bunk, each drinking a beer.

"It's been a great day" Dave smiled

"It has" I sighed happily

We kissed and talked for a couple minutes then let sleep take us away.

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Dave thrusted harder and faster, making me dig my nails into his back.

The van was filled with moans. (Krist let us have some time alone). The air felt hot.

"Aw shit" Dave moaned as he came inside of me. I moaned from the amazing feeling and turned Dave over. I went inside, making him bite his lip. As I went faster, he gripped the bed sheets and moaned.

I came inside of him, making him bite his lip even harder.

"That.. was... great" he said, catching his breath

"I kn..ow" I said

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>G O I N G O N A R O A D T R I P<
Krist drove the three of us to a campground. The drive seemed like forever, but finally we were there.

Dave helped me set the van up while Krist got sticks for a bonfire.

We were all settled. The only light was from the moon, stars, and glow of the fire. It was quite relaxing.

Krist went in the van for a minute and came out with metal sticks, marshmallows, chocolate, and gram crackers.

"Who's ready to make some s'mores?" he said in a joyful tone.

Dave raised his hand, then with the other, he took my wrist and lifted my arm up too.

I looked at him and smiled.

We roasted marshmallows and ate s'mores all together. This camping trip is going great. I have the love of my life and my best friend with me- What could be better?

Around 2am, we put out the fire and got cozy in our bunks.

"I love you" I whispered and pecked Dave's lips

"I love you too.. don't know what I'd do without you" he tucked the hair in my face behind my ear, and held me close.

We kissed, said goodnight, and fell asleep together.

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