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The Divorce

I held on to Frances like I would never see her again, I knew I would one day, but for now I had to say goodbye. I started crying. What did I do wrong? Was it Nirvana, me always being away? I didn't even cheat on Courtney, now she is leaving me, and worst of all, taking my beloved Frances.

"Kurt... Its time to go, say goodbye to Frances and leave" Courtney came in the room almost yelling at me. I hugged Frances very tightly and grabbed my bags, I tried to at least shake hands with Courtney but she turned around. I went down stairs and left to go to Dave's place. He told me I could stay there until l found a place of my own.

As soon as I got in to the car, I broke down crying. I loved Courtney with all of my heart, but she didn't love me. I drove to Dave's house and knocked on the door, I wiped my tears and went inside with him.

"Kurt, you're a mess" He said as he hugged me. I quietly sobbed in his shoulder. He still lived in our old apartment, it was not as messy when Imoved out.

"I guess I will sleep on the couch" I said with a sigh. Then he offered that I stay in his room, which I said yes, even though it would be awkward.That night I laidthere staring at a picture of Frances and Courtney, wondering what I did wrong. Could it have been my crappy attitude, always being with a band, or did she simply just stop loving me?

As the days went on, Dave became very clingy, probably because I didn't want to talk to anyone. I mainly slept on the couch all day. I know what I had to do.

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No point

"Kurt, I am going to hang with Krist, you want to come" I heard Dave yell from the living room.

"No, Dave, I will be fine" Then he left and I had sometime to think to myself. I picked up the phone and got the courage to call Courtney and ask her to see Frances, my little bean. After the fifth ring, she finally picked up.
"Umm, hello Courtney, its Kurt"

"Ugh, why are you calling me" she slurred, I almost started crying. "Um, I would like to see Frances soon, if that would be alright, we don't have to see each other, Cali can bring her over" I said trying to hold back the tears.

"No Kurt, I left you for that reason. I don't want you to be around Frances, maybe like once a year, but not right now, I forbid it" She said and hung up. I started bawling, she was right, I needed to get out of her life, out of everyone's life.

I went to the bathroom and got a pen and a paper, writing my note to Frances. Then I went on my other one, to Dave, Krist, and the fans. I put it on Dave's pillow and I grabbed the pills and took them, and next thing I knew, I was out.


A/N: Sorry for the sad chapter, but it gets happier, I swear.

Chapter 3

"Kurt, can you hear me"?I heard a familiar voice say.

"Yeah, where am I" I said coughing.

"Kurt you're in the hospital, you tried to kill yourself last night, it's Dave" I opened my eyes and saw that he was crying.

"Oh" Was the only word I could slip out, I thought I would be dead by now, but I'm not. Then I saw a doctor come in and say I could go home later. He told Dave I needed to be watched for about a week.

"Kurt, you know you can talk to me whenever you would like, just please promise me you will never try to do that to yourself again" I just nodded in agreement, when we got home, I just went upstairs and Dave followed me.

"You know, I can take a nap all alone, right"? I asked him shutting the door, and he just walked right in.

"Kurt, no, andI amtired too" He laied next to me and we fell asleep.

Love you so much

Dave's POV :

I woke up with Kurt in my arms, I wanted this everyday. He doesn't know it, but I am madly in love with him. I kissed the top of his head and looked over at the clock. 2:36am. Damn we slept for that long? Then he woke up and moved out of my arms and got up and went to the bathroom.

"Um, Kurt what are you doing, sorry if I am being a little to overprotective" I said witha huge sigh.

"Just going to shower, please don't worry" He said closing the door. I know I seem so overprotective but I have to be, I would hate for him to do something to himself, again. I saw the note he left, I let Courtney read the one to Frances, only because maybe it would knock some sense into her that he does really care about Frances, and needs to be around her. I laid back down and went to sleep.

Kurt's POV:

I got out of the shower and crawled into bed with Dave,I honestly didn't mind it, he made me feel safe and made me really warm.
When I woke up, Dave was downstairs, cooking lunch. I sat on the couch and just watched some tv while strumming my guitar.

"Here you go Kurt" Dave taped my shoulder while giving me my plate. It was Kraft mac and cheese. Yum.

"Thanks, Dave" I said with a smile. We ate and talked and he suggested that we go to the park today. "Yeah, that sounds nice, just let me go get dressed" He nodded in agreement. I came down stairs and we left.

"Ah, today is nice" Dave said as we sat on the bench.

"Yeah, it really is" I said looking up, it was one of those days when it was cloudy, but kind of sunny too, and it was sort of cold, I loved those days. We started walking and Dave let out a sigh.

"What's wrong" I asked sitting down.

"It's starting to rain, lets get back home, unless you want to go to Krist's house" He said as we walked back home.

I just shook my head no, I wanted to go home and do nothing. When we got home, I went up stairs and got just cried. I wanted Courtney, I wanted Frances, I wanted to feel loved. But unfortunately for me, I lost the loves of my life, and Ihave no one. The Dave came in the room, I quickly wiped mytears, and smiled.

"Hey, what's wrong, you can tell me" Dave said hugging me.

"I-I, just,have no one Dave, no one at all' I mumbled into his shoulder, then he backed away and just stared into my eyes.

"You have me, Kurt" He said hugging me again.

"Well, we are not gay, I mean like no one to love" I said bawling.

Then Dave said something I never thought he would do, he kissed me.

We cant do this

I couldn't help but kiss Dave back, but then I realized what I was doing was wrong. I quickly pushed away from Dave.

"Kurt, I-I'm sorry" He said

"Dave, its okay, but you know, I am not gay, and never will be" I said getting up.

I went to the living room and sat on the couch and all I could think about was that kiss, why did I kind of like it? Why would Dave kiss me? Is he gay?

Dave's POV:

I can't stop thinking about that kiss with Kurt, god I'm so stupid. I feel so bad, he told me he will never be gay. I probably just ruined our friendship. But man, did I love that kiss, and I knew he felt something to, he kissed back, with passion. I went to the kitchen to get some water, and I saw Kurt sitting on the couch just staring into space.

"Kurt, want anything to drink"

"Nah, but Dave, can I ask you a question" He asked turning around.

"Shoot" I said as I walked to the couch and sat next to him.

"So, Dave, um, why did you kiss me, are you gay or bisexual" He asked turning off the TV.

I just stared at him frozen. "Um, I kissed you because I, um, guess it was a first reaction to um, I don't know, and I am gay, I guess" I said looking down.

"Dave, its okay" He said pulling me into a hug.

"Thank you Kurt"

Maybe we can

It has been a couple of days since the kiss, and Dave told me he is gay. Honestly, I don't have a problem with it, but it is just awkward now. We haven't been talking much, and when we see each other, it is just pathetic smiles.

"Hey Krist" I said as we met up at the park.

"Hey man" he told me as he pulled me in to a hug "we don't see each other that much anymore, since, you know"

"Yeah" I said in a whisper, and after an hour of talking, I finally went "home".

"Dave, I'm home" I yelled to him and went upstairs to find him peacefully sleeping.

He looks so cute and peaceful , wait, Kurt, you shouldn't be thinking this, your 're straight, you shouldn't have enjoyed the kiss either.

"Hey Kurt" I heard Dave say in his sleepy voice, so adorable "I can go sleep on the couch, you know, because, it would just be awkward and all"

"No, no, Dave, its fine" I pulled him into a kiss. He hesitated, but kissed back, with that same passion he did the first time. I deepened the kiss, then he pulled, breathless.

"K-Kurt, I don't know what to say" He said pecking my lips.

I just smiled at the thought of Dave being mine.

"Why did you kiss me, not that I didn't like it, but you said that you would never be gay" He asked reaching for my hand.

"Honestly, Dave, I don't know, when you kissed me, I felt something, and I just don't kow, I guess I like you" I told him staring into his beautiful brown eyes.
Then Dave kissed me again.

Fighting For Frances

Daves Pov:

"Courtney, please. You don't understand how much Kurt needs her." I told Courtney over the phone, I called her because I think Kurt needs to see Frances more often.

"Dave, no. He would be a bad influence on her. Don't think about asking again because the answer will always be no!" She yelled and hung up.


I honestly don't know what Kurt would do if he never saw Frances again. He needs her.

"Hey Dave" I heard Kurt come up from behind me. "I heard you yelling, everything okay?"

"Yeah, everything's fine, I just got made at someone"

Then the phone went off, and Kurt answered it.

"Hello" He sounded confused then put the phone down mouthing "Its Courtney"
Then I started to freak, he can't know that I called her.

"Yeah, I would like that" He started smiling.

"Thank you Courtney" He said and hung up and hugged me.

"Thank you for calling her Dave, I get to see Frances in a week"

Kurt's POV:

"You're very welcome, Kurt" He told me and then kissed me.

We kissed for a while until I pulled away breathless.

"Dave, I have a great idea" I told him "I think I am trying to get full custody of Frances"

"Kurt, you should really try" He pulled me into a hug.

Nothing could get any better than this.

Dave, what's our relationship?

I need to talk to Dave. I am so confused about what we are, I mean we kiss all the time, and I love it. I just don't know if we are dating yet. We haven't told Krist, so it can't be official yet. "Hey Dave, can I talk to you"

"I need to talk you too Kurt, will you, well you know" then he kissed me.

"Yeah I know what you mean Dave, I-I love you, I always have, but it just took me this long to realize it"I cant believe I just said that

"Kurt, I love you too, ever since the day I first met you" He told me as he kissed me. Then the phone rang, it was Krist.

"Oh hi Krist, Dave and I need to tell you something, please come over ASAP" I told him then hung up.

This is wrong

"H-Hey, Krist, can you sit down, its important" I told Krist.

"Man, you're not breaking up the band are you?" He said breathing heavily. "No Krist, everything is fine"

Dave grabbed my hand and we told Krist everything. Hopefully he will understand.
"Wait, What?" Krist stood up. "Kurt, scince when are you gay"

"I honestly don't know, but I love Dave"
I told him.

"Bullshit" He muttered. Then he walked out the door.

Oh no. Why would Krist think this is wrong, he is not homophobic so I don't understand, maybe it is just wierd for him.

"Dave, do you think he is fine with it"

"Yeah, Kurt, I am sure he is just shocked or something." He toldme. "Krist isn't against anything like this, so its fine."

Krsit's POV:

What. The. Fuck. Just. Happened.

Kurt is not gay, never has been, and told me henever will be. Now he is in a relationship with Dave. Why?How? Are they fucking? No, I bet Kurt just misses Courtney, that is all. I am not homophobic at all, but I don't know, this just doesn't seem right at all.

Seeing Frances

Finally, today is the day I get to see my Bean. I am so happy. I honestly thought I was going tonever see her again. Courtney is dropping her off today at 11am and I get her all day. After today, I plan on going to court to get full custody of her. The phone went off and Dave answered it.

"Okay, yeah, thank you, see you in ten minutes, bye." He said and hung up "That was Courtney, they are on their way"

"Yay, I am so excited Dave." I told him then kissed him.

Around ten to fifteen minutes later, Courtney dropped off Frances. I took her to the couch and held her. She started smiling and laughing then crying. "She must be hungry" I told Dave and he went to her diaper bag and got her bottle. She took it like she hasn't ate all day. When she was done eating, I put her on my lap and just stared at her and smiled.

"Kurt, do you want to do anything with Frances?" Dave asked as I let him hold her.

"Yeah, lets go to the park"

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