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The First day I saw you

Kurts Pov:

I walked into my first day of high school. "Kurt Cobain" I hear a beautiful voice say. "H-here" I studder.
"Im Mr.Grohl, I will be your homeroom and history teacher" he said as he turns around.
He has beautiful long brown hair and these big gorgeous brown eyes. He walks around and immediately I catch my self starring at him.
"kurt stop, he will think you are wierd" I think to my self, but I couldn't. He was just so pretty.
Daves Pov:

I can tell Kurt was starring at me and for some reason it didn't feel wierd.
He is beautiful and seems very shy.
He has dirty blonde hair and these blue eyes that would make the sky jealous.
I also love the way he dresses. He wore a "grunge is dead" shirt, ripped up jeans and converse. He was hot.
"Wait, Dave you shouldn't be feeling this way about a student, but he probably will never find out." I thought to my self as I starred back.

Stay after school, Kurt.

Kurts pov:

It has been about two months and school is going okay I guess. I have all C's and one F. The F is in history, I don't really care about history. I have only one friend. His name is Krist and we bond over our love of music.

Anyways, In history I never pay attention to the work, just to Mr. Grohl. He is so beautiful I always catch myself starring at him. I hope he doesn't notice. That is probably the reason why I am failing his class.
I am in history right now, I hope we don't have homework, I won't do it anyways.
"Kurt can I see you after class" I hear him tell me causing me to jump.
"Yes Mr. Grohl" I say back in fear.
I hope this isn't about my grades.
"Mr. G-Grohl, you wanted to see me?"
I ask studdering.
"You do know you are currently failing my class, right?" He asks looking in to my eyes, it was like he was starring into my soul.
"Oh, I am"
"Stay after school Kurt"
"O-o-okay" I say as I walk off fastly.

Daves Pov:

I have asked Kurt to stay after school today.
I hope things don't go wierd. I need him to start passing my class.
I hear a knock on my door.
"Come in"
It was Kurt. Oh great, he was early.
"I thought I said after school, Kurt" I raise my eyebrows trying to be serious.
But I was actually very happy he came early.
"Kurt sit down, we need to have a little chat" I say as I walk over to his desk and I pull out a chair. I sat infront of him and I instantly wanted to kiss him. But instead I stare into those beautiful eyes and say nothing for about 5 minutes.
"S-so about my grades" He said breaking the silence.
"Oh yes, I need you to do this extra credit so you will have at least a C in my class"
He rolled his eyes and looked down.
"Oh great" He mumbled under his breath.
"Look Kurt, I know you don't like doing Homework, But I care about your grades". I say as he gets up to leave but I stop him.
He went up against the wall and I got close to him and before I knew it his lips were on mine and we were kissing passionately.

No one can know

Mr. Grohl put his hands up my shirt, kissing my neck, he found that spot and I moaned out loudly.

"O-Oh, god, Mr. Grohl" I moaned loudly.
"Shhh, they might hear you, now meet me during lunch in the janitors closet" He said as he kissed my lips softly, but with passion. Then he handed me a piece of paper with his number and I left.

When I got home, I immediately called Mr. Grohl. After the third ring, he answered.

"Mr. Grohl, its Kurt" I said, and I couldn't stop smiling.

"Call me Dave "

That night we talked about random stuff and it didn't feel like he was my teacher. He told me many times "no one can know about this, at all" I just agreed. Then we hung up, I couldn't sleep because I just thought about Dave.

Such a bad boy

Finally lunch. l wonder what Dave wants to do, honestly I don't mind anything. Then I felt something pull me in the closet. It was Dave.
"D-Dave, I thought about you all-" then he cut me off by smashing his lips on to mine. I kissed back then he started unbuckling my pants.

"I'm going to suck your dick, make you feel good, now you better not moan or they will hear you, and I will get in trouble for being such a bad boy " Then he took my member into his mouth, and sucked.

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