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Author's Note: Yes it's still alive and brought to you with the help of my beta Sal. Without her you may not have seen this, well not this soon anyway.

~*~Dave's POV~*~

Looking at your lap you notice even in his sleep he seems restless and unsettled. Honestly can you blame him? After what's just been through you're surprised he even trusts you. Not that you aren’t overjoyed [?] that he does, it’s just well it’s not exactly safe. Ok so yes maybe you’re looking into it too much [and making yourself seem like some deranged old man] but he almost just got raped and here he is in some stranger’s [your] car.

You were just walking round the corner to check if the bum from last night was still there, seeing as he was scaring off some of the female customers you had to make sure he wasn’t harassing anyone again. Walking out back you think you’ve honestly never been so glad to trip on a wooden crate in your life.

The loud noise, you swearing and then someone screaming for help. That doesn’t happen all too often so off you go to investigate. Turning the corner you don’t think you’ve ever been so shocked in your life. You’re face with one of the most hideous, hideous… creatures you’ve ever seen pushing up against a small, frail looking blonde that you can’t quite make out until you walk a little closer.

From there it only gets worse. Really you just don’t want to revisit what you just witness. To be honest it was probably one of the most low and disgusting things you’ve ever had to see. An old man, ugly beyond belief, physically taking over and violating a small, weak younger blonde boy. Though realising that he is one year older than you, you can’t really refer to him as this. There’s just something about him though that makes him seem so much more naïve and innocent? Now that’s not the word you’re really looking for, but you know for now it’s all you’re going to be able to come up with.

The storm calms down, winds’ dying into a low howl and the rainfall is lighter. You decide that getting him to the hospital would be the best thing right now. What you’re going to do once you’re there, you’ll figure that out when they ask you guess. Looking down one last time you shift him over so he’s lying on the seat and not your leg [you have one of those cars where the front is just one long seat] propping a jumper under his head. You start up the engine with a small chug and off you go. Once the engine’s started the radio tunes in.

The radio commentator’s voice drones on and on as you drive, the voice getting more and more irritating by the moment. Discussing the new Seattle music scene, how it’s changed and all that other crap you really don’t care about. Then you hear something that catches your attention.

“So Harold have you heard?” Someone says.

“Heard what Mike?”

“You know that new band getting pretty good airplay recently, Nirvana, well I heard they need a new drummer.”

“Really, again? Decent band they are, different but in a good way. The lead singer’s a bit trippy though I hear. Total recluse some say, then other say he’s really laid back and down to earth, easy to talk too. Really there’s too much going around about them, all the hype must be getting to their heads.”

“What? Why would you say that now? Don’t you like them? I don’t think there’s anything strange about getting a little overwhelmed by attention.”

“A little? Come on Mike the kids are from Aberdeen, a small shopping mall could leave them shell shocked. And now with all his attention, I don’t know? Either they’re playing it up or they just can’t hack it. So what I say is go home kiddies, get a decent drummer who you don’t fight with and get your act together.”

“Now Gerard that was harsh. The guys make good music, they get around by word of mouth. Their fan base has almost cult status and they are doing well. No matter what you may think, they are musicians in a harsh business and they are getting far, the right way. That’s how all good bands start, one fan hears them, they tell friends, which spread the word and it takes off from there. If more of this happened the music scene would be in a much better state then it currently is.” You listen and you would have to agree with this Mike fellow, Gerard though you have something to say to alright.

“Alright Mike don’t get all flustered about it, I think we should go to a song now,” The Gerard guy says. You hear a soft ‘Mmmm’ to your right and you look down at him quickly. He turns over and his face scrunches up like he’s in a pain, but he doesn’t wake. You look back at the road again quickly catching the last part of the two men talking.

“- so now we’ll play a new song, its called ‘About a girl’ and it’s by the new up and coming band Nirvana, tuning out are Mike and Gerard from the late night show. Hope you enjoy the rest of what’s left of the day and the song brings you some light. Bye”

“See you all, bye.” The two commentators fade out as the song starts to play.

I need an easy friend, I do... with an ear to lend, I do... think you fit this shoe…” The voice sounds incredible, incredibly familiar! It’s slow, haunting but yet a strangled beauty comes from it. You take a quick glance down at Kurt sleeping one more time before you realise, yes that is him singing on the radio. Your eyes widen and you think you might run into a tree from shock, but you don’t. You’re still cruising along on some highway very much alive.

I do... but you have a clue, I'll take advantage while you hang me out to dry...but I can't see you every night free…free…” The song lulls you into a sense of false dread. Calming and serene yet makes you feel empty and lost. You look straight ahead driving steady, as you are taking him to a hospital ending up in one yourself is probably not the brightest idea you’re bound to have.

I'm standing in your line, I do... hope you have the time, I do... pick a number two I do... keep a date with you…. I'll take advantage while you hang me out to dry, but I can't see you every night free…free…free…” The song continues to play and slowly fades out, the acoustic guitar just strumming, a ghost of the rhythm in the background.

When the song finally ends, you have to think that it’s not all that much of a shock. You did know he was in a band, you have seen him [or about 15 minutes of one of his sets…] and he does give off an angsty, misunderstood musician type aura. Though you didn’t actually expect that his band was getting that much media coverage and an ‘up and coming’ band in Seattle always seems to be doing well.

The rest of the drive is pretty much uneventful. Driving carefully, or as carefully as you can manage anyway, you by pass closed stores and dark alleys. Glancing at them and have to think, what really goes on at this time of night? and you feel your stomach fall at the thought. The feeling you get every time you look down at him is so mixed it makes you kind of queasy. Sure you’re happy that you met him, it’s really just how you met him that isn’t so good. At this time when everyone’s asleep and the roads are all but empty, you drive, pondering and thinking about this hard for the rest of the drive to the hospital.

You arrive at the hospital, finally. The drive seemed to take much longer then you’d expected, but once you’re there you weren’t sure what you should do. Kurt was still sleeping and you didn’t know- are you supposed to go with him? Or just drop him off? What do you do if they ask you questions? What if they ask who you are? So many questions and so much to do, yet you sit there like any other idiot staring out into space in a hospital parking lot waiting for a park.

After parking the car you sit there for a while longer. Turning the engine off, making the car shudder and die you look down at him. What does he want you to do? He looks almost at peace now and you don’t want to wake him up. You sit and watch him studying the way he breathes [slow and even], how his eye lashes curl against his cheeks, the way he scratches his neck every so often using his shoulders, you just sit there and watch. After a few minutes you decide that you had better take him in now, it was getting late and you still had work tomorrow.

Reaching down you grab a hold of his shoulder lightly, shaking it a few times. You watch smiling as he whines and tries to shrug you off. He doesn’t wake up though so you grab both of his shoulders and call his name softly.

“Kurt? Come on Kurt wake up now, we’re here you have to wake up sweetie. C’mon Kurt get up,” You say shaking his shoulders, pulling him upright. He whines again, shaking his head slumped back against the chair.

“I don’t wanna go anywhere Krist, leave me alone. They don’t like me, let me stay home,” He says to you, eyes still closed swiping at your hand. You laugh at him, who’s Krist? And who doesn’t like him! Letting go of one shoulder you hold him upright with the other and brush his hair back so he can see you.

“Kurt, it’s me Dave. We’re at the hospital now, we have to go in and get you checked up,” You say then noticing you said ‘we’. Well guess you will be going in with him, now that your subconscious has made up its mind. He cocks his head to the side slowly opening up his eyes blinking and rubbing his face with the palms of his hands, he looks like a 6 year old waking up from their afternoon nap. He blinks a few more times, scratching his forehead before he actually looks at you.

“Dave?” He asks quietly, trying to figure out where he is and who you are, you guess.

“Yep that’s me, so how are you feeling then hey?” You ask worried that maybe he may have hit his head? He stretches his shoulders back and shrugs, pouting slightly, you hear his neck crack.

“I’m ok, where are we?” He asks, looking around glancing outside before his eyes widen and he looks straight at you. You smile reassuringly and nod your head.

“We’re at the hospital,” You say confirming his thoughts. You watch as he shrinks back against the chair and looks at you again, hopeless and afraid.

“Why?” You hear him ask softly. You frown a little, doesn’t he remember? Or did he think you were kidding?

“Because he have to get you checked up and make sure that you’re ok Kurt. Why else would we be here? You didn’t think I was joking before did you?” You ask him and he looks outside not answering you. He shakes his head and you don’t know what to say. Why can’t he just tell you what he wants? Can’t he just string a few words together into a sentence and just make things easier, it’s not like he doesn’t have a voice [a good one at that].

“I, I don’t know?” He says refusing to look at you. You roll your eyes but remain calm.

“What don’t you know Kurt?” You ask him. Again he shakes his head, you have no idea how many times he’s done that in the little time you’ve known him. Though what you do know is he will be going into that hospital and get himself checked up.

“Ok then fine, we’re gonna go in now ok?” You tell not bothering to wait for a response as you pull the keys out of the ignition and open the door. Outside the cold hits you and you shiver but shut the door anyway. You walk around to his side and look at him as he looks up at you. You shake your head.

“I’m opening the door now,” You tell him before you open up the door he must have been leaning against, because he falls forward slightly as you catch him. He pulls back slowly trying to get away from the cold. You smile and reach across him picking up the jacket you have.

“Ok c’mon now, hey look at it this way. The faster we get this over with, the quicker I can take you home to your bed and you can forget this happened if you really want,” You say, not knowing what else you can do. You can’t exactly force him into the hospital, well you can but you won’t, and so you wait for his response. He sits there silent for a moment and you think he might not get out. Just as you’re about to open your mouth to try again he slowly starts to stretch his legs out of the car. Planting his feet on the ground he grabs onto the sides of the car to haul himself out.

He gets up carefully, wincing a little so you grab him under the arms and pull him the rest of the way up and out. He gets out standing against you and shivers, which you’re ready for as you drape the jacket around him. You move your arm around his waist and place his arm around your shoulders as you slowly begin to walk froward step by step.

“When we get inside I think I’m gonna have to sign some papers while they take you in for a small check up ok?” You tell him, he looks at you wide eyed but nods his head not speaking. You smile at him in reassurance as the two of you make your way into the hospital. You get to the front doors and they slide apart for the two of you. Looking around you see a few people seated at the small pink plastic chairs the patients have to sit in until they’re called up to be seen.

Walking up to the chairs you guide him down into one of the seats, his face scrunches up in some discomfort but he seems to be doing a lot better than he was.

“I’m gonna get some help now,” You tell him once he’s seated, he nods his head and you walk up to the reception desk. You get there seeing a young lady sitting at the desk looking somewhat bored.

“Ah hey there,” You say to her, she looks up at you slowly smiling.

“Yes can I help you?” She asks, you smile back nodding your head.

“Yeah you see my ‘ah’ friend over there, he kind of got into a bit of trouble before and I really think he needs to get checked up,” You tell her, she nods her head understandingly.

“Well what happened?” She asks you. You stand there thinking this through for a moment before you decide you may as well just tell her.

“Well you see, he kind of got into ah, ah um, fight with his boyfriend,” You say deciding at the last moment you weren’t going to betray Kurt and go back on what you had promised to him before. She looks at you with raised eyebrows but doesn’t say anything.

“Yeah and I think his boyfriend may have tried to have um, tried to do stuff with him and he didn’t want to, so yeah…” You finish off not knowing how much you could stretch this exactly, so don’t take your chances and end it there. She sits there nodding her head before she turns around to type something into her computer. After a few moments she turns back to you and hands you a piece of paper.

“Ok well I’m going to have to get you to fill this in and I’ll get you to a doctor in a few moments ok?” She says handing you the paper and a pen, “And I’m also going to need your name sir,” She asks you politely.

“It’s Dave Grohl and thank you,” You tell her. She turns back and types it into her computer quickly.

“Thank you, please take a seat and we’ll call you up soon,” She says smiling. You nod your head thanking her again before you walk back to Kurt. He’s sitting there quietly staring at the far side of the room. You sit down next to him getting ready to sign the form. He looks over at you and you smile at him, he returns it with a small nervous smile himself. So with that you settle yourself and get ready to fill in the forms.

“Ok Kurt you’re going to have to help me now,” You say to him. He turns to face you and looks at you questioningly.

“Yeah I have to fill in this form and I don’t even know your last name,” You say to him jokingly, he smiles nodding his head.

“It’s Cobain,” He says.

“So how to you spell that?” You ask, he considers this for a moment.

“Do I have to tell you the truth?” He asks and you laugh a little shaking your head, well you guess he doesn’t have to, but it does ask for a social security number.

“You can tell me whatever you want Kurt, and Kurt’s with a ‘K’ right?” You ask him. He nods his head.

“Yeah it’s a ‘K’, you can spell my last name K-o-b-a-i-n-e,” He tells you spelling out his name for you and you have a feeling that isn’t how you spell it but you don’t really care. So you sit there and fill out most of the form yourself, asking him what you don’t’ know [like all his personal details, which you now know].

So with the last question ‘What is your relationship with the patient’ [in which you say friend of course] you finish it. Just as you’re done you head you’re name being called over the loud speakers in the room.

“Would a Mr. Dave Grohl please come forward to the reception table please, a Mr. Dave Grohl.” You hear the voice call. So with that you stand up and look over at Kurt, helping him up too. Once up the two of make your way over to the reception table where the lady there greets you, much more warmly this time.

“Hello again Mr. Grohl,” She says to you when you get there, Kurt standing behind you.

“Please call me Dave and here is the form you gave me,” You tell her handing over the form. She smiles taking it and reading it over to make sure you’ve filled it all in. She nods her head approvingly and looks back up.

“Ok then Dave, is that,” looks down at the form, “Kurt behind you?” She asks nicely. You nod your head stepping aside so she cans see more of him, but he looks up and walks back behind you again. She laughs and looks back at you again.

“Oh I see he’s a shy one then. Yes well if you can, could you just head down to room P34 where a doctor will be waiting to see to you. It’s just down this hallway here and mid way you should see the room,” She tells you showing you the direction in which t head in. You follow her hand and see her point down the first hallway to your left.

“Yeah sure, thank you so much for you help,” You tell her turning around.

“No problem, it’s my job,” She tells you light heartedly. You nod your head before you then head off down the hallway she just pointed out, Kurt following right behind you. Once you’re at the room you open up the door and walk inside leaving it open for Kurt, who slowly but surely manages to walk in, staring wide-eyed at everything.

“Come on Kurt don’t worry, it’ll be over soon and then I can take you home and you can get into your own warm bed and sleep all night and day if you want,” You say reassuring him that things will be fine. He looks over at you as he walks in.

“You’re going to stay here with me right? Right Dave?” He says to you sounding a little desperate. You smile, well you might have left him alone but you won’t be doing that now. You nod your head.

“Of course I will, now come on go inside already,” You tell him as he walks the rest of the way inside. Just as you close the door you see someone walk out from behind the curtain, shocking you a little but Kurt a lot. So much so he stumbles backwards and into you.

“Calm down, it’s ok, it’s just the doctor,” You tell him and he does calm down standing back up properly. The doctor, a middle aged woman looks up at the two of you, smiling. She’s holding a clipboard and she, like all doctors is wearing a white coat, has a stethoscope around her shoulders and has her hair in a tight bun.

“Hello there I’m Dr. Ladson and how are you two tonight then?” She asks you kindly. You smile back before you answer.

“Hey Doc, well right now not so great I guess,” You tell her and she nods her head understandingly.

“Yes so I see then. Would the patient like to sit up here for me then?” She asks walking over to the table with the white sheet on it. You look over at Kurt and silently tell him to go up to the table, he looks at you scared but walks to the table nonetheless. She turns around smiling at him and places her clipboard down on the table.

“Ok then, could you hop up onto the table for me, yep that’s right good. Ok so tell me what’s the matter now,” She says tactfully as you do note her look at him strangely when he sits down, wincing slightly hissing.

“I-I-I got - I don’t - I - Dave?” He starts not being able to finish his sentence calling for you instead. You look up to see the both of them look at you. She looks at you confused as Kurt just sits there quietly not knowing what to say. You sigh and guess you’ll have to lie again.

“Ah yeah, he kind of broke it off with his boyfriend tonight and he didn’t take it so well, his boyfriend that is, and he tried to make Kurt here do some ‘stuff’ that he didn’t want to do. And well I guess the rest is just what happened,” You tell her empathising the ‘stuff’. She looks at Kurt then back at you nodding her head understandingly and walks back behind the curtain.

Kurt looks at you with wide eyes and you just shrug mouthing a ‘Don’t worry’ to him. He continues to look at you but doesn’t say anything. She walks back around pulling on some gloves. Kurt takes one look at her and almost faints. You walk over to him, taking his hand in yours you whisper to him ‘don’t worry it’ll all be over soon, everything’ll be fine’. He nods his head closing his eyes, face pale.

“Ok Mister?”

“Kobaine,” You tell her, she nods her head.

“Ok Mr. Kobaine, I’m going to have to ask you to lie down now,” She tells him and he doesn’t even protest just lays straight down. She nods her head and takes out this tent like thing and sets it up around his middle so he can’t see anything she may be doing. You walk up towards his head and take a hold of his hand again.

“I’m going to take your pants off now and inspect the area,” She tells him; he closes his eyes nodding. She looks at him before she reaches up and starts to unbutton his jeans. When she gets them down around his ankles, you feel him squeeze your hand tightly.

Then you see her reach over and grab some equipment from the pan next to the bed. You see her take a swab, a light and something that looks like tongs. You watch her as she bends back over and start to ‘inspect’ him.

“Ok this may sting a little,” She tells him as she you see her grab a bottle of something and swipe it onto a cotton bud on a stick before she moves it back under the tent thing again. You feel his grip on you tighten so much you almost can’t feel your fingers, as he hisses closing his eyes and clenching his teeth.

“This doesn’t look very good. The area around your rectum is torn and swollen, there’s also a small amount of bleeding, this may lead to some infection. Now I know you don’t want to tell me, but I need to know what he did to you exactly,” She says gently, using that doctor voice that seems to soothe people and coax them into talking. He holds onto your hand still just as tightly but opens his eyes to look at her.

“H-he used hi-his fingers,” He says quietly. She nods her head.

“How did he do it exactly? Did he use any sort of lubricant first?” She asks again and you can actually see his face burn with embarrassment, the red creeping up his neck and coating his cheeks. He clenches his teeth and bites his lip before he answers her.

“N-no, he, he j-just jammed them up, up, up there,” He manages to stutter out, closing his eyes tightly again. You feel the anger rise up in your stomach, regretting that you hadn’t caught the bastard and kicked his brains out. You stay calm though and watch again as the doctor nods her head.

“I see then,” She says before she bends down and takes another look at him for a few more agonising minutes, which you spend half holding your breath, half worried shitless and Kurt, well he just lays there face still burning a slight pink, eyes shut so tight the lack of blood is making the area white.

All at once sh'es done, standing back up.

“Well it could be worse, and thankfully I don’t think you will need any stitches or such. What I do need though is to clean up the area and to give you a shot, just in case,” She tells him. He nods his head and so does she. Meanwhile you’re still just standing there.

She grabs the same bottle again from before and you watch as she pours a small amount onto a small wipe thing and bends back down to clean him. You can tell when she does by the almost bone crushing grip Kurt has on your hand. Once she’s done she throws the cloth away into a bin near the edge.

“I’m going to need you to turn over so I can give you, your shot now,” She tells him. He doesn’t move, so you touch his shoulder softly.

“Kurt, you need to turn over for the doctor now,” You say, he opens his eyes looking straight at you and obediently turns over as asked. She takes a needle out and sticks it into a bottle of something or other. She pulls it up, sucking the clear liquid into the needle, squirting a small amount out and flicking it, like they always do.

She gives him the needle and you watch as he moves forward slightly, clamping his eyes shut again. She stands back up and throws the needle into a yellow used syringe tub. She takes off her gloves and throws them away too.

“Ok I’m done now, you can put your pants back on,” She tells him and you both watch as he scrambles onto his back and pulls his pants back up quickly through the tent. She watches him laughing quietlly, as you stand there chuckling. Once he’s put his pants back on, sitting up and she’s cleaned up, putting the tent thing away she comes back out. She puts her hands in her pockets and starts talking.

“As your doctor Mr. Kobaine I have to tell you that you did a very good job, not many patients are that co-operative, especially when it comes to such delicate areas. Though on another note I would also like to suggest you go to the police and report this. The man who did this to you against your will should have known better, in fact I’d go so far as to say he sexually assaulted you. Yes I know he may have been your boyfriend at the time, but it was against your will, therefore he broke the law. Now I can’t make you, but it’s a suggestion,” She tells him kindly but still being forceful. You could not agree with her more but Kurt just sits there blankly.

“Now on another note, I have cleaned up the infected area but, I’m still going to prescribe you some antibiotics just in case. You can take this to any local chemist and they will give it to you. Take one every morning before breakfast and one more before you go to bed for the next week and everything should be fine. Though if you in anyway feel there may be something wrong don’t hesitate, please see your doctor or you can come back here,” She tells him and you nod. After this she tells you a few more other things and you nod making sure she know at least you’re listening as Kurt’s zoned out again.

Once you’re done you thank her and the two of you head out, walking silently into the car pack again. You spot your car and walk up to it, first opening his door and waiting for him to get in. He gets in and you walk round to the other side, getting in and starting the car back up. You back out of the space, onto the road and begin driving back. The two of you sit in silence until you realise you have to take him back home and you don’t know where he lives [well you can't remember, it was on the form].

“Kurt where do you live?” You ask, he looks over at you shaking his head.

“Umm…do you know where Riverwood Road is?” He asks, you nod your head, you do know where it is.

“Well I live in the block of apartments at the top of the road near the shops,” He tells you. You nod your head.

“Ok, I’m gonna take you home now,” You say and look over at him. He frowns and you wonder what’s wrong.

“What’s wrong?” You ask, he looks at you and shakes his head.

“Nothing,” He says looking back outside again. You frown a little but don’t question him any further. The two of you don’t talk much more so you decide to turn the radio back on hearing some slow rock ballad play. Then you remember him singing!

“Hey I heard you on the radio before, you sound great,” You tell him. He turns over to look at you quickly.

“You what?” He asks shocked. You laugh at him but continue to talk.

“Yeah I heard your band on the radio before, you guys sound great. I think the song was called ‘About a Girl’ or something. I thought it was good, why didn’t you tell me you were in such a great band?” You say jokingly. You can see his mouth gaping slightly and he blushes again.

“You know I’m in a band,” He finally says. You laugh again.

“Yeah but you didn’t tell me you guys were so damned great!” You say excitedly, just wanting to see him blush again, and he doesn’t disappoint. Blushing a deep red that you can see even in the less than ideal lighting of the dark streets.

“No we’re not, well Krist is great but I’m just stupid,” He says modestly, looking down at your jacket that he’s still wearing. You shake your head.

“Actually I thought you sounded beautiful Kurt, really good,” You tell him honestly, he mumbles something under his breath that you can’t hear.

“What was that?” You ask him.

“Nothing,” He says, and you don’t pry anymore. You think he’s still having issues about things right now and you only want to take his mind off things, not frustrate him more. That and he really doesn’t know you very well does he? The two of you listen to the radio the rest of the way back to his place, and to you the ride there seemed to take a lot longer than the ride home because next thing you know you’re heading up Riverwood Road towards his block of apartments.

You stop in front of the block taking in the half empty car park and clean, mowed lawns, guess this is the better part of the place then. You turn to see him looking at you. Smiling, you see him smile back.

“Well, guess this is your stop then hey,” You say to him softly as he nods his head.

“You want me to walk you in?” You blurt out. He looks up at you, a small smile on his lips and considers your offer.

“Do you want to?” He asks you and you nod your head.

“Course I do, why would I ask otherwise?” You say to him and he nods his head.

“Let’s go then hey, get you home safely,” You say turning off the engine and getting out quickly. You walk over to his side and see him open the door slowly getting out as well. He stands up carefully and closes the door, still wearing your jacket. The two of you walk towards the front door slowly, quietly. Once you’re there you both stop.

“Well this is it then Kurt, make sure you get those antibiotics tomorrow,” You tell him and he just nods his head, not looking at you.

“Why you look so down? Yes ok I know it’s been a bad night but you know you can still go to the police any time right?” You tell him and he just shakes his head.

“No, I just want to forget it,” He tells you and you nod, knowing anything you tell him now would be useless. So you nod as well.

“Ok then, you sure you ok though?” You ask again seeing him fiddle with the sleeve of your jacket.

“Actually no, not really. Am I going to see you again?” He says finally after what seemed like forever. You smile at what he says nodding your head.

“Of course, I work at ‘Trawny’s Pub’ down town near Orange Grove Hotel. You can come visit me anytime and hey, you still have my jacket on. Keep it for now and you know, just give it back to me whenever you want,” You say to him grinning widely. He nods his head a small smile playing at his lips.

“Ok then,” He says looking at you. Then he leans forward and hugs you almost awkwardly before you hug him back pulling him against you. You rub his back before you pull away, him doing the same.

“Thank you so much, I don’t know what would have happened without you tonight and really I just-“

“It’s ok, don’t worry about it,” You say cutting him off holding onto his shoulders. Then you lean in and kiss the top of his forehead softly. Pulling back you see him stare at you with wide eyes.

“Now go inside so Krist doesn’t worry too much about you, and send out a search party for his beloved lead singer,” You say to him and watch as his face flushes a pale pink, nodding his head.

“Ok, bye then,” He says quietly opening up the front door to the building and walking inside. You watch as he walks slowly inside, turning around once to look at you and smile before he disappears in the shadows.

You sigh. Now it’s time for you to head home and get some well-needed rest. You’re tired, sleepy and drained but, happier then you’ve been in a while now. You really don’t know why, but you have a fleeting suspicion it has something to do with the timid, shy, blue eyed angel you’ve just met. Under nicer circumstances it could have been a lot better, but you know you can’t change anything and really you don’t think you would. He may be slightly broken and he may not talk much, but you know that if you ever get the chance to know him better, it could turn out as beautiful as his music.

So with that you start walking back to your car, head home and get some much need rest after a too long day. Opening the door to the driver’s seat you wonder if the local CD store down the street sells any ‘Nirvana’ CDs. Guess you’ll have to check it out tomorrow now. And don’t they still need a drummer…? You think hopefully.


So...what do you think? Yes it did take me forever and a day to write, but bear with me here. It's hard to write something when your brain lags and the plot isn't quite there.

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