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Dedication: Sal this is for you Hun! Hope it made you forget/ feel better for maybe even just a little while...

Cold. It's so awfully cold right now. Why is it so cold all of a sudden?

"Hey. You alright there? You're shaking, damn you know it is kinda cold isn't it," He says to you moving back slowly. You don't let him though, holding onto him tighter. He chuckles softly under his breath and under any other circumstances this could be mortally embarrassing. Actually coming to think of it, it is. It's still so cold though, what's wrong why's it so cold? A violent shiver runs through your body and you can't help but moan out at the pain and discomfort you're in.

He moves his head back to look at you warily, careful not to move back to far or make any sudden movements that might cause you more pain. You thank him silently for this and he continues to look you over, or look at what he can see of you anyway.

"Kurt? Kurt look at me buddy," He asks you firmly. Slowly you look up at him and see a tall guy with long dark hair and caring eyes. Eyes so full of compassion they make you shiver more. He doesn't seem to know this though and looks kind of shocked to see you shivering so much, so he does what you've been waiting for and holds you into him. Not just to him, but into him. Shifting you slightly so you’re almost in his lap as he crouches next to you on the dirty, grime infested ground. Though right now you don't mind so much and almost forget the fact you've been violated.


"Jesus, I thought I was a pretty skinny guy but you're definitely giving me some competition," He says sounding muffled as your ear is pressed against his chest. You don't say anything opting to just sniff and rub your face against his soft fleecy jacket.

"You know I think you should wear more when you’re out on such a cold night like tonight. I mean not saying anything. What you're wearing is fine, I'm just saying 'cause you’re such a little fella you should bring an extra jacket with you or something..." He rants for a while before he slowly drifts off again. You think he's just trying to make you feel more comfortable [which is probably harder then dancing right now and you're in lot of pain] but you make no conscious effort to help him.

All you really want to do is just go to bed right now and forget that this ever happened. Most people would probably want revenge on the bastard that did this to them, but not you. The need for a warm bed and maybe a cigarette far surpasses that need for 'justice' right now.

"Kurt are you feeling ok?" He asks, startling you out of your own thoughts. You don't reply for a second before nodding stiffly into his chest.

"Shit I'm sorry. Christ how can you be ok? Fuck I'm such an idiot, ignore me," He says to himself after a while. You don't answer back, you're still too cold and now you feeling incredibly tired. Letting out a huge yawn you finally make a movement grabbing onto his waist, slipping your hands inside his jacket. He jumps a bit but doesn't say anything.

"You comfortable there?" He asks you amusement evident in his voice. Again you don't reply, another yawn falling from your lips.

"Guess you must be tired not to mention cold," He muses looking upward at the night sky.

"It's a nice night isn't it? What were you doing out so late alone tonight then Kurt?" He says this and you must have stiffened quite noticeably. Just as he must have felt the tears you just couldn't hold in any longer as you let them slip again, allowing them to trail down your cheeks. He stopped all movement and just held you. After a while he started to pat your head and whispered cooing noises to you telling you, "Everything'll be alright".

How though? How is everything going to be alright? Nothing's alright, nothing. You start sobbing as you think about how everything has turned out wrong lately. You loose a drummer, Krist is always moody, the management company is pissed off at you and, and then tonight. Dave holds you until your sobbing starts to subside again, but this time he pulls you away from him.

"Kurt it's going to be alright ok? I'm here for you. I think I should take you to the hospital now," He contemplates as he holds onto you by your shoulders. You slump back and forth as he thinks and talks to himself. You watch him through the opening in your hair and think that he really is an amazing guy.

You don't know anyone that would be this caring towards a stranger on the street. For all he knows you could have been a prostitute with a bad client. Yet he still went out of his way to help you and has been with you since. Staying for the past half hour just to 'comfort' you. Touched, that's what he's done to you, he's touched you. The last time that happened was when Krist told you he believed in you and disregarded his acceptance into his dream college 4 years ago.

Hold on did he say hospital? Hold on you can’t go to the hospital. If you went to hospital then the company would know and then Krist would know and it’d get around and no one would want to have you guys playing at their club anymore [you still needed a drummer though…]! You can’t let this happen. That and the fact hospitals scare the living shit out of you.

“No!” You cry out after a brief moment where he had been staring at you carefully to inspect for any reaction. He’s slightly startled, but doesn’t do anything except sigh.
“Kurt, I know the last thing you want right now is to go to the hospital and get checked out, but you’re gonna have to. You know this right? And we have to tell the police about it as well,” He says calmly. You continue to shake your head slowly not wanting to go anywhere but home. He sighs again.

“You don’t want that to happen to anyone else do you?” He asks you suddenly. You don’t reply [of course you don’t!] and wish again, for what seems like the millionth time, that you had just stayed home and this had never happened. Can’t he just take you home…?

“No…” You reply after a moment of silence.

“Exactly, so now we’re going to take you the local hospital 15 miles away…” He says trailing off for a bit as he realises the ‘local hospital’ is in fact a far way away.

“Yes and then we’ll get everything checked out and make sure that your pretty self hasn’t been hurt to bad because I’m just not qualified to do that sort of stuff and I’m sure you wouldn’t want me too anyway,” He finishes off. Like the prospect of having to travel that far just for me doesn’t bother him in the least. Checked up? He wants you to get checked up! You start blushing insanely at the thought of some old guy prodding you down there and checking out your vitals.

“Don’t want to go.”

“But you have to go. You have to get checked out. What if something’s wrong, you’ll want it fixed as soon as possible won’t you?” He talks to like your some little kid he’s trying to convince that going to the dentist is good for them. Right.

“No, just want to go home.”

“Kurt…” He says exasperated. You really don’t want to go to the hospital though! You just want to go home and rest and get some ice for the bruising maybe…

“You need to get yourself checked out,” He tells you, “I mean I don’t know exactly what happened, but I know you need to get checked out.”

“Hmm…” You whine knowing that he’ll probably have his way; you’re too weak to say much or protest anyway. You slump back against him when he’s satisfied that he’s gotten his way with you and yes you can tell that you’ll both somehow be making that 15 mile trip to the hospital. How are you going to get there exactly?

"Not a man of many words I see," He says to you after the next few minutes of him rambling and you not paying attention [you can hear his voice though, that counts right?]. Again you don't say anything, he sighs sounding tired.

“Kurt, I know you don’t want to go to the hospital or the police but you’re going to have to go,” He tells you then mumbles something about it being a long night.

“Why do I have to go?” You ask him finally giving out more then a one word answer. He looks up at you surprised. “Why can’t I just go home and rest? They’re not going to do anything and-and,” You don’t finish your sentence as you think about what just happened and how you’re going to have to tell Krist. The look of disappointment that will be etched into his face as he stares at you, you can see it now.

“It’s ok, it’s ok. Look we’ll just go to the hospital and get you a check up then ok. We don’t have to tell them what happened exactly and as for the police we, well we don’t have to go to them either,” He says sounding exasperated yet again. You look up at him hopeful that he will keep his word and you won’t have to go to the police.

“We really should though-” He starts but stops as he sees your face fall.

“Ok, ok we won’t. But don’t you want the sick bastard that did this to you put in jail for this? Don’t you want him to be punished for what he did? Kurt?”

You don’t answer him, simply shaking your head. You do but you don’t want to have to face the shame that comes with it. All those eyes looking at you, judging you inside out and they don’t even know you. How could they possibly help!

“I see. Look we really should get going then. It’s getting really late and we should get you checked out as soon as possible. Can you walk?” He asks you. You’re not sure what to say, can you? Looking up at him he seems to be seriously considering this.

“How about I carry you over to my car? It’s not that far, just around the corner over there and down the parking lot.” He proposes and you think how is he going to carry you all that way? You don’t have any other ideas so you just nod your head.

“Great. Now just let me get you propped up here, yep now ok. I think you should take my jacket as well you look really cold,” He says to you propping you up against the wall as you hiss in pain. He takes off his jacket and he’s wearing a thin cotton blend shirt underneath. God he must be freezing, but he places his jacket on you anyway. Then he bends down and you think he’s going to tie his shoelace or something but are shocked when he swoops you into his arms in one swift motion.

“Oh,” You cry in surprise. He looks at you concerned.

“Did I hurt you?” He asks. You shake your head no, but can feel a slight burning and dull ache in your backside.

“Good, let’s go then hey,” He says adjusting you in his arms and gathering the rest of you so he can walk properly without to much more hassle you guess.
Standing up he starts to walk towards where you presume his car is. You hug his jacket close and hide underneath it as the winds start up. Peeking out you can see him smiling down at you his hair whipping every which way. You wonder how it is that he was the one to save you and how did he know what to do or –

“You cosy there? Well as cosy as you can get like this I suppose.” He says cutting you off from your train of thought. Looking up at him you nod to say that you are as he says ‘cosy’ and warmer now.

“Good. So how old are you Kurt?” He asks looking ahead.

“21,” You answer and he looks down at you a little before looking ahead again.

“Wow really? I thought you were younger then me, I’m 20.” He continues walking a little faster now. You walk down a long, long parking lot before you reach a small blue car parked well away from the rest of them.

“Well Kurt I’d like you to meet Sheila. She’s been with me for a while now, one of my most loyal and trustworthy friends. She may not look it but she works like a charm, never let me down once,” He tells you proudly. You look at the car and think ‘It suits him’ but you don’t even know him so you keep your mouth shut. He then places you on top of the bonnet gently and starts looking through his pockets.

“Shit, where the hell-” He starts before he looks at you. Looking back you don’t say anything as he advances towards you and slips his hands around your waist. You stare at him wide eyed before he pulls back holding a set off keys with a huge Led Zeppelin key ring attached to it.

“See I knew I had it somewhere,” He says shoving the keys into the lock and opening the door as you sit there stock still, slightly shocked. He throws the keys onto the other side at the passenger seat and turns back to you.

“Gonna have to get in now,” He says looking at you as he lifts you once again and places you down softly in the passenger seat. You move your legs in and shift to get comfortable as he shuts the door and walks around to the driver’s seat. Opening the door he gets in, shivering as he does so.

“Boy its cold isn’t it? Better get going now I guess.” He says starting up the engine, which coughs and splutters before purring into life. Turning on the heater he lets the car warm up before he pulls out of the parking lot with a few bumps [or a lot as you feel e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e of them] and you start to make the 15 mile journey to help as he’d like to have you think. You hope this will be a long 15 miles as you’re not all that keen on having some old guy or butch nurse pocking around in the nether regions.

“You know Kurt you look really familiar,” He says after a few moments, you turn and look at him.
“That sounds pretty freaky hey, but I think I’ve seen you somewhere before,” He says again. You have no idea. Before tonight you didn’t even know he existed. Let alone who he was.

“Where? Now where have I seen you before? Hmmm…” He ponders aloud looking at the road ahead.

“Yes! That’s it I know now! You’re in a band aren’t you? I saw you playing at some club a couple of weeks ago. You guys are pretty good, except the drummer. He was a bit of a downer that night, but other then that you guys rocked,” He rambled out as you blushed self consciously in your seat hoping he couldn’t see you.

“Thanks,” You mumbled quietly. He looks over at you for a split second before returning to the road smiling.

“Hahaha, it’s ok. Just saying what I think is all. So how come you guys haven’t played in a while?” He continues with the questions. You don’t answer for a few moments and he starts to apologise for asking too many questions.

“No it’s ok. We, well I sacked our drummer. He wasn’t up to it any more and just wasn’t doing the band any good,” You tell him. He nods.

“Ah I see. Well that sucks, but I understand. My band just broke up as well. ‘Musical differences’ and shit, wasn’t very clean cut but we’ve finalised it and we’re officially over,” He tells you. You look over at him and think that he looks like he’d belong in a band.

“Really? That’s not very good,” You try to sympathise with him, but if it were you in that situation you’d pretty much be lost.

“Yeah it isn’t, but it's good I guess. We weren’t really that tight or anything to begin with,” He tells you good heartedly as if this was one of the better experiences of his life.

“Oh ok then,” You say. The two of you drive for a few more minutes in silence before he speaks again.

“Well aren’t you going to ask me what I play?” He asks you smiling. Well you weren’t but ok.

“Umm…what do you play Dave?” You ask him and he just laughs at you.

“Gee you’re a cute one aren’t ya,” He says jokingly as you sit there slightly embarrassed at the way he keeps saying things which probably don’t mean anything but you seem to take it all to heart.

“Well I play the dun, dun, dun – drums!” He says with a drum roll to the steering wheel. You look up at him. Drums? Wow that’s cool. You hear him laugh and look over.
“You look so lost. Don’t worry I’m not going to make you let me join your band or anything. How ‘bout you turn some music on hey. Yeah just switch it on and something should come up hopefully,” He tells you and you weren’t even thinking about getting him to join Nirvana, but now that he’s mentioned it…He could be really good and maybe Krist would like him as well. Krist has to like him ‘cause if Krist doesn’t like him you can’t either. You frown but reach forward to turn the music on.

‘Yes folks it’s a windy winter’s day here in Seattle and the weathers just plummeted to a low of 10 degrees. So get out your coats and winter mittens because it’s gonna be a cold one tomorrow. Watch out for on coming rain as well, it’s forecasted that we will be expecting torrential rainfall in the next few days…’ You hear the radio drone on and on about the weather so you change stations and The Melvin’s blast through. It’s too loud right now though and you turn the volume down to a comfortable level.

“The Melvin’s wow I haven’t heard them in a while either. Rain well that should be good Sheila needs a good wash,” He says to you. All of a sudden rain starts to pound down on the two of you in the car, lightning flashes and thunder roars. You jump in your seat and hide behind his jacket at the sudden onslaught of noise.

“Shit this isn’t good I can’t see,” He says more or less to himself after a few moments. So he slowly pulls the car over to the side of the road and parks.

“We’re gonna have to wait until the rain subsides before we can keep going. Not too safe and my night vision isn’t that great either. That and the car might conk out if we keep driving in this weather,” He explains as to why he pulled over. You peek over the jacket some more and nod your head.

“Ok.” You yawn and look over at him as he gazes outside at the storm coming up. He turns around and the two of you just stare at each other until you break eye contact and look at the dashboard.

“You tired?” He asks. You nod and he moves over closer to you.

“Here you can lay on me if you’re really tired,” He says patting his leg and right now you can just feel the fatigue creeping up so you don’t argue. You just move over and lay down on his leg curling up as more pain creeps up your back. You moan out in pain. He rubs your back comfortingly and brushes your hair back.

“It’s gonna be ok. Don’t worry I’m here. I’ll look after you and once we get you checked up and everything’s ok I’ll take you home or out and we’ll get something to eat hey? How does that sound? Get some hot chocolate or coffee or something,” He says but you can’t hear him anymore. He starts to make cooing noises to you as you flinch at another roar of thunder. You feel safe now and that song.

Is that an Elton John song on a Seattle radio station?


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