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Fuck. Damn it. Great.

Excellent. Ok so that went well. Now all we need is a new drummer. You mean to say Chad was a nice guy and as a drummer he was pretty good, but he just obviously was not up to it. He had to go. That's like what? Our 8th drummer or something now. Seriously you lost count when we hit lucky number 5. Maybe we're cursed? Krist is pissed off as well now. Where the hell are we going to find a drummer? They don't just grow on trees you know?

Contemplating this while you walk down a dark Seattle street is all so very good as well, but you have your cigarette to provide yourself with all the comfort you need. Christ its cold. Hugging the over-sized green jumper closer to you, you ponder where the hell it is you're going to find another drummer before Krist looses his cool. When Krist looses his cool and there's no pot left...oh god lets just not go down that road ever again, and to find a damned good drummer at that.

Oh the bloody responsibility! Responsibility really isn't one of your strong points. Honestly being able to find clothes that fit you and colour schemes, fit for the weather really are even considered complicated tasks. Now having to find your band a new drummer...why don't they just tell you to discover the 9th Wonder of the world!

Drag in, out. Flick off ash.

Damn this cigarette is even causing too much hassle right now. You really should be returning to that little dump, you comfortingly called home at the moment. So you speed up, head down, cigarette between your lips, jumper pulled tight around your shaking body when. Bang. Next thing you know you're sprawled out on the dirty floor of the alleyway staring up at a knife.

Shit. Head down. Hold in tears.

"Get up kid," A low voice growls at you. So slowly you stand up while he holds the knife close to your neck [slowly ‘cause you feel like you're gonna piss yourself and the fact he's holding a fucking knife to your neck!] carefully backing against the wall so the knife is at it's furthest point from your neck.

"Hand over your money and anything else you've got," He tells you once you're standing on your shaky feet. Still silent you reach into your back pocket and pull out the $10 and 55 cents you have, along with a pack of Marlboro reds, a stick of gum, matches from the local bar and some random paper and string. After emptying the contents of your pockets onto the dirty floor you dare to look up at him. Stupid mistake.

Crack. Smack. Shit.

Tears well up in your eyes as the stranger slaps you across the head, hard. So hard you can almost feel the blood pounding to get out and rush down the side of your face in a fountain like gesture. Your hands fly up to cup the side of your head in an attempt to ease the throbbing pain.

"Did I tell you to look at me?!" He barks at you. You don't dare move but he hits you again anyway.

"Answer me boy!"

"N-n-no," You manage to squeak out. You can tell he shakes his head, but still you're unable to see him. The way you are both positioned in the darkness of the ally prevents this, with you, under the lights on the side of the building while he remains on the dark side, shadows covering his face from you. You're merely inches apart yet you still cannot make out what he looks like. Oh God help you now...

"Is that all you have," He asks you, the anger still evident in his voice, and for a moment you're to scared to tell him that yes that is in fact all you have on you. Thankfully your head still feels the throb and you answer him.

"Yes. I don't have anything else, that's all I have. Please let me go," You plead with him, wondering where all that common sense about 'walking in dark alleyways alone at night danger' had gone to.

"Well that's just not good enough now is it?" He asks you, a sick smile spreading across his face. Enough? That's all you have for him. What else could he want that you have? Your jumper maybe?

"But-but that's all I have," You tell him. He laughs a cold sinister laugh that chills you to the bone. This is not good, this is not good, this is not good...

"Oh well then I guess you're just gonna have to make it up some other way now aren't ya," He says cruelly.


It's all you manage to get out before you're spun around face up against the wall, hands placed to both sides of your head. Oh Fuck...no....

"You're a pretty lil' thing now aren't ya?" He whispers into your ear. You shiver and you shake like crazy, thrashing back against him trying to get free. He hits you again, smacking you squarely on your jaw and you yelp out in pain.

"Shut up!" He screams at you, "Now do as your told you little punk ass fag!" He says this insinuating it by pushing you up harder against the wall, pinning your arms down causing the blood to rush so fast towards your head and arm that you feel dizzy.

"This is what happens to lil' boys that walk around at night. Especially ones like you, strutting around like the scum you are. You're even wearing eyeliner!" He growls at you, "What were you looking for business? You were weren't you?" He demands. You whimper out in pain as his heavy frame crushes you.

"Stop it! I'm not doing anything! Let me go home!" You yell out pleading with him to just let you run home into bed, tell Krist about it and try and forget it all ever happened.

"NO! You're gonna stay here and get what trash like you all deserve," He tells you this as he reaches forward for your fly. [Oh no, Oh no, Oh NO!] You start to fight back against him again as he manages to undo the top button of your jeans and pulls down your fly. Pulling against his hand holding your arms above your head and wriggling, but all is in vain. He's too strong and he just growls at you more, telling you to shut up or he'll kill you. You can't let this happen, you just can't. Men don't get raped; men don't get raped by other men! Why the hell is this happening to you!

"Stay still you little slut!" You yell at you [how would he know what the hell you're like] successfully managing to get your tight jeans down to your ankles and leaving you in your boxers. All you can think about is how cold it is as you hear him fumbling with his own pants. When he gets them undone and down his legs he reaches for you again, though this time not for your hands.

"Ahhh!" You scream out in panic and disgust as he slips his hands into your boxers and grabs you.

"So you're a big boy now aren't you?" He says to you laughing manically.

"Oh Oh Oh! Stop please stop!" You say to him tears running freely down your face now, as you're unable to contain them and feel the fight you had a minute ago start to slowly drain from you. Oh please stop, just stop, I wanna go home...

"Now you're going to return the favour," He tells you taking hold of your right hand spinning you around. Then you see him, and now you wish you hadn't. He looks about 40 [and you're only 21...] but you can't tell with all that scarring on the left side of his face. He has dirty black hair hanging in front of his face and he seems to be wheezing as he breathes, making him pant at you. Looking at him makes you nauseas in every way and the hunger in his eyes when he sees you stare at him makes you feel faint.

"Oh and aren't we pretty as well - blonde hair, blue eyes, eyeliner...Yes a pretty one indeed tonight," He says to himself. After hearing him say this you feel the doom creep up to you and the faint feeling starts to return. No, you're not going to give up, you can't give up. But it's so tiring to struggle. He moves your hand down to himself and makes you rub his already aroused member through his underwear and you can just feel the bile rise up in your throat, if it weren't for the fact you hadn't eaten today you probably would have thrown up on him.

"Don't be scared. I'm sure you've done it before and if you haven't you'll always remember your first," He says to you in an almost soothing tone until the last part when you realise 'Yes you will always remember you're first time' and the cruel words sink in. This can't be your first, not like this. You hadn't even realised you were bi until just recently. No this was all just some bad dream, where you'll wake up and talk to Krist about and then forget.

Reality has a cruel way with things though. The feeling of his hand 'on' you and the moment you touch him sends you reeling back to reality. Yanking your hand back as far it will go you try to pull away from him yet again, but still to no avail. When he yanks the back of your boxers down along with his you really start to freak.

"Wh-wh-what are you doing? Don't-"

"Shut the fuck up you slut!" He screams at you, seemingly getting aggravated at the fact you're scared shitless about the fact he's going to rape you! You can feel him trying to prepare you, his fingers slip behind you and he gropes at your ass moaning as you cry out in fear.

"I know you're getting into it, I know..." He trails off taking your cry of fear as one of pleasure. You can feel his fingers start to probe you and you let out another ear splitting scream as he thrusts a finger into your virgin hole. Slowly moving it in and out of you. The pain is unbearable and you continue your small whines of pain as you start to loose your voice from the screaming that you’ve been doing.

“You’re so damned t-tight. I’m gonna rip you apart,” He pants at you and that’s the last thing you want to hear. Then he pulls out and jams two fingers into and you let you let out yet another wail of pain induced fear. This time though you hear a crash behind you and you can feel him stop his movements. You feel hope arise within you as you hear stumbling and someone curse out loud as they run into something in the dark.

“HELP” You manage to yell out before he clamps his hand down on your mouth so tight you can feel the bruises spring up on your skin.

“Wha? Who’s there?” You hear a male voice ask.

“Shit,” The man holding you captive says. “You stupid slut. Oh fuck this you’re not worth it.” You can hear him say hurriedly as he lets go off your mouth to pull up his pants. As he lets go you slump to the ground and let out another yelp of pain.

“That’s it. Who’s there?” You can hear the male voice ask again, this time you see him walk through to the clearing where you lay slumped up against the wall as your captor pulls his pants up to the right place.

“Holy fucking crap!” The young guy yells.

“What the hell is going on here?” He continues to scream as he runs up to the two of you. The scarred man’s managed to get away though. Holding up his pants and running off, but leaving enough time to spit on you before he took off mumbling obscenities and calling you names as he bolts around the corner of the dark ally.

The young guy runs after him for a bit, but quickly returns to you kneeling down to examine you and any damage he may have caused.

“Oh Jesus Christ. Shit are you ok there, shit. Ok look don’t freak out but I-I’m gonna pull your pants up alright,” He tells you as he reaches for your pants that are around your ankles you jerk back subconsciously. You can feel the shame creeping up your neck and you just wanna crawl into a hole and die.

“Whoa calm down, don’t worry, it’s ok I’m here to help you alright?” He tells you softly as he pulls your pants slowly up your quavering legs. You whimper in pain as he pulls them up to rest on you properly. He’s so close you can smell his sweet cologne. That’s when you let loose. You start to cry and shake uncontrollably, no longer able to hold it in. You grab onto him and cry into his shoulder, a guy you don’t even know who’s just saved you from getting potentially even more hurt and violated then you already are.

“It’s ok. I’m here to help you don’t worry,” He says to you soothingly holding you and brushing down the front of your hair calmly like he does this all the time. Randomly saving guys getting attacked and raped by strange scarred men. You both stay in this position for a few more minutes as you slowly start to calm down until you’re just hiccuping. He’s still holding you and you feel oddly safe. Slowly he pulls back and wipes what’s left of the smeared eyeliner from under your eyes. You can’t remember the time someone cared for you this much.

“Don’t worry ok. I’m gonna hunt that sick bastard that did this to you and I’ll make him pay alright,” He tells you and you just stare at the dirty floor your both sitting on.

“Ok well he, he didn’t do anything to you did he?” He asks in a soft tone you would use on your child. Then you burst out in tears again and he grabs you hugging you to his pretty much skinny body.

“Look its ok you don’t have to tell me right now. We can go the cops look don’t worry,” He says to you reassuringly. The last thing you want to do is go to the cops right now though, but you don’t tell him that.

“So then what’s you’re name hey?” He asks you after a few more minutes of sobbing.
“K-K-Kurt,” You manage to get out through all your hazy thoughts.

“Well that’s good to know. You remember your own name at least. That’s a start right?” He says to you jokingly. And you can’t help but smile just a little at him. He’s so incredible. You don’t know what it is but you like this guy already.

“Guess you should know my name then, it’s only fair hey. Well it’s nice meeting you Kurt. I’m Dave, Dave Grohl,” He tells you holding you to him. And you don’t quite know why but you feel safe and just a little more calm. Why? Because you’re now in the arms of one Dave Grohl.

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