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Blitzkrieg Bop.

I woke up to Kurt shaking me awake.

" huhh, Kurt, what??"

" Krist, we need to go, it's daylight., like afternoon daylight." I started to settle back to sleep, but Kurt took ahold of my shoulders and pulled me up into a kiss, he had his eyes squeezed shut , and he was just sitting there with our lips locked. I pushed him off,

" kurt, you can't just kiss me whenever. And whoa you are right, according to the Sun's position I'd say it's 2 pm." Kurt crossed his arms and frowned.

" if I can't kiss you, why'd you kiss me last night? That was mean of you Krist!"

" uh, Kurt, I-I uh, I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking last night, there just is no way it will work out between us, I'm sorry Kurt."

" Krist, I'm not going to talk to you right now, I do have feelings, and you hurt them, that was my first kiss , and it didn't mean anything to you." He turned around put his music in his ears and walked off ahead of me with his arms crossed, I could tell he was crying but I let him walk ahead he needed some space. I think I felt what normal people call guilt, it was my first kiss too, it did mean something I think, but that's it, I'm not sure why or how! I'm scared of it I guess, i think it makes me feel,,, alive. I don't like feelings they are not predictable. That's why it can't work. I sighed, I hope I haven't lost kurt, we kept walking, I honestly don't have a plan on now to fix this, which scared me , always before I depended on my brain to work things out but my brain was not qualified for this. By the time we had walked 6 more miles Kurt has not said one word to me, I was thinking about talking to him when this giant bright blue RV pulls up beside us and stops. The window rolls down and loud metal music pours out, a greasy hair teenager with a horibble sounding accent pops his head out to speak,

" aye! You guys lost? Ya want a ride? Me and me brothers are on a band tour! Jump in!" Kurt's face lit up I think he recognized him? We Got in to find three other greasy haired boys to match the one who spoke to us. They all four dressed the same, In blue jean jackets with black t shirts, jeans and combat boots, and sun glasses. I realized who they were! They were the teen group The Ramones! One stepped forward to talk,

" aye, we are the Ramones, I'm the oldest, Joey, this here , the second oldest is Johnny, the baby is Tommy, and then there is Dee Dee , he isn't the brightest. What is your names?"

" uh, uh,, I'm Krist, and this is my best friend Kurt." Kurt waved at them still awestruck .

" well boys you are welcome to join our Merry pirate crew! Stay on tour with us as long as you want or need too I can assure you we are going the same wAy cus we are going everywhere !" Kurt's eyes lit up, he was thinking about how Joey said they were pirates, I know it.

" thanks guys!" I said. An hour passed and Johnny had taken Kurt to his room to teach Kirt some guitar. And I was telling Joey the entire story. The other two Ramones were playing cards and not paying attention. I told him everything, even up til this morning.

" well, firstly this dirt bag orphanage director needs to be reported to the coppers. Secondly, that's quite the trouble you have with the little one, let me tell you your problem. Okay so not only are you afraid of feelings because you are so brain reliant and you can't explain feelings, but you are also generally afraid of becoming intamite with someone because it requires you to be fully open with someone, so they know your weaknesses and everything about you, which puts you out of control of the situation which is your greatest fear of all, and it all ties back into when you were taken advantage of when you were younger. Look, you are going to have to fix things between you and kurt, from the sounds of your story you want to be with good Ol' kurt, but you just don't know how to let go and just be with him, not analyze everything and just be with him, you have to do it !you deserve it! So does he, tonight when you guys are in your room patch things up explain to him all this and if he loves you like you say he will forgive you and you guys can work towards being together . Also we are going to help you get Dave back,we have a soft spot for family."

" thanks so much Joey!! You are the wisest person I think."

" well what can I say.. ". We both laughed, and I started thinking of what to tell kurt.

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