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I don't care what you think unless it is about me.


I was scared, I had never been this far from Krist an Kurty before, the new couple said we were going far away. I didn't talk to them, i knew Krist will find me, so i just have to wait it out for him. No matter what, i am not going to talk to these people, but i am going to sit in this corner and sleep.


I am currently carrying Kurt on my back. we are almost out of Washington, we did not get the car in Olympia because i could not locate one that wasn't needed. We had gotten a few ride from some farmers but we have walked most of the way. Kurt is a trooper, he hasn't complained at all but he has gotten to where he can't walk much further, so i am carrying him, i should have us rest but we are so behind on time!

"Krist! put me down! you have been carrying me a while you need to not carry me you will get hurt!"

"Oh Kurt, you don't weigh to much you are fine."

"Nope! Puff and i are getting off." then he slid down my back and on to the ground.

"now, Kurt, why did you do that?"

"well, you said you would take care of me, but who will take care of you? I never see you eat, and you carry to much stuff!"

"Uh, well i suppose we could rest, and I eat, just not as much as you."

"yeah we are going to setup camp here young man! and you need to start eating just as much as me! Or i shall have Puff scratch you!"

" okay! Okay! I will start eat just as much!" I lied, I couldn't I had to make sure he had enough for the entire trip! He seemed satisfyed with my answer. I set down the stuff , luckily we where in the woods basically, I had heard on the radio that we were wanted so I have tried to keep us away from roads. I set up our blankets near a log, then I got out some food,

" hey Kurt, you wanna go get some sticks for the fire? You think you can do that?"

" uh, yeah Krist, I am not a baby! Of course I can!"

" I know Kurt, I just am worried I want our family to be back together, please don't go to far off."

" okay Krist, see ya! C'mon, puff! Let's go find wood!" He waved and started talking to puff about all the wood they would find. I sighed and prepared a spot for the wood so we could get a fire, about 10 minutes or so later I heard one of Kurt's signature blood curdling screams! I jumped up and ran Towards the sound as fast as I could. I found him! He was very scared looking and backing up slowly, then I saw it, a rattle snake. I crept closer, it was focused on Kurt so it didn't notice me comeing behind it, Kurt just kept getting more scared looking, then in one quick movement I crushed it's head under my shoe. I ran to Kurt,


" y-yeah Krist" he started bawling.

" oh god. Oh god, No No No! Where Kurt? Where?" By this time I couldn't hold back tears I started silently crying. I bent down on my knees so I was better sized with him.

" on my shoe." I could see the puncture marks on the shoe, I took it off his foot, and it was totally fine! It bit right through his shoe and missed him!! Thank goodness!

" oh Kurt!!" I hugged him we just hugged these in the woods crying.

" how did this happen Kurt?"

" okay, Puff and I were picking up sticks then I thought it was a stick I geuss, but it moved and was a snake! I backed up away from it but it launched and bit my shoe so I screamed then you came and saved me, thank you Krist!" We hugged again .

" let's go back to camp." Kurt took my hand and we walked back, I was sure I lost him, I kinda wanted to grab him and kiss him over and over because he was safe, because I don't know what I would do without him. Oh stop Krist! You cannot be feeling this way, it's wrong he is your best friend, plus you don't have room for feeling, a person is either all brain or all heart and you are brain. wow, I was talking to myself in my head again, eh I will just blame this whole thing, the wanting to kiss and everything on the fact I am waaay to hungry. I opened a can of soup , I put most of it in a a bowl for kurt and the last bit I left in the can for me., but kurt got suspicious,

" Krist, Did you pour an even amount? "

"Yeah, split even" I lied with a smile. " now eat up ."

After dinner Kurt sat on his blanket and played with puff, I sat on my blanket on the other side of the fire and took inventory of our supplies, ugh I was an idiot! We were running low! I should have planned better! I am going to have to find more supplies.

Later that night when I was going to bed, I just layed down against the log when kurt came over.

" K-Krist, Puff was scared and wanted to know if I- we , I mean we could sleep here with you?" I chuckled,

" yeah kurt c'mon." I put my arm out for him to lean against, then pulled him close with my at. Around him, he snuggled up with his head on my shoulder. I sighed as we sat/layed there, I was thinking about this beautiful boy that was depending on me to not fail him, when he spoke softly,

" ya'know, you are really handsom when you are thinking deeply." He looked up at me as he spoke. I looked down at him, straight into his eyes, then before I could stop myself, I gently caressed the side of his face, then leaned in and gently kissed his lips. It was a very soft and relaxed kiss, But I quickly stopped. We both opened our eyes, and I just sat there staring at him, he kind of grinned I think, then he layed down curled up next to me and eventually went to sleep. I stayed up watching him, and for once not understanding what was going on, eventually around 4 am I fell asleep from exhaustion, with Kurt right beside me.

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