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I know it's wrong so what should I do?


"Okay Kurt, We MUST go, now, GET THE HECK UP!" Then I shook him.

" ehhhh Krist, go away!! I am sleeping!!" He whined.

" Kurt we have to go get Dave, and we need to leave before someone notices.."

" okay, I'm up, I'm up, but I am not happy about it! Nor is Puff! Puff wants to scratch you,."

" well Puff will wait , get changed and wear your coat and scarf! I need to tell Kim what is going on."

" okay Krist. But watch out for Kim, I think she likes you." Kurt actually sounded, angry. I had never heard him angry.

" I will Kurt. I promise." I walked out of my room already changed then I walked to Kim's room I knocked on the door, some girl named Katy answered.

" is Kim There? I need to talk to hear."

" I will get her." A few seconds later Kim showed up at the door smiling.

" whatcha need Krist?" She said sweetly , I felt uncomfortable but had to do this.

" I want , t-to talk to you.. Wanna take a walk ?"

"sure!!!!" She looked really excited, I'm not sure why but she was very eager. We started walking around the grounds silently until we had walked a bit then she spoke.

" what did you want to talk about?"

" well, I have to tell you something but I want to break it t you easy, because I know you are friends with Kurt and I feel like you are my only ally here outside of my family. Well. You know how Dave got adopted?"

" oh! You trust me?! And yeah I know, I was the one who told Kurt, remember?" We had now stopped walking under a tree.

" yeah I remember, okay this is important that this stays a secret but I wanted someone to know, but Kurt and I are running away today, we are going to find Dave." I thought Kim we going to cry, she looked heart broken and shocked.

" Kim, you okay? I know you and Kurt are close but I didn't think you would take it this hard."

" Krist, you can't leave, I always thought, well, there is something I have to do before you leave, I should have done this a long time ago." She started leaning towards me, i didn't know what she was doing until she tried to kiss me! I panicked and pushed her away, but she fell down because I pushed too hard. She started crying. I bent down super quick to help her up.

" oh Kim! I am so sorry I didn't mean to push you down! I just couldn't kiss you, I love you but not like that, I am so sorry Kim. "

" it's okay Krist, I understand. " she said looking down. "Hey will you give Kurt this red nail polish, he liked it best , tell him it is his going away present from me."

" I will Kim, goodbye."

" bye Krist."


I put on my jeans with the patches, then I put on my baggy white t shirt, Krist doesn't like me wearing it with something else he says it's too cold in Seattle to wear just one shirt. Today is really cold so I am wearing my coat and scarf! I love my Scarf it blows in the wind, like a dragon tail! I put Puff in my front coat pocket, she has her own spot there so I don't lose her. Krist came back and gave me some pretty red nail polish from Kim! I would miss her, but it's okay cuz Krist says we will be more happy away from here. Krist says we have to climb out of his window, I am scared I can't climb well, I am small. Krist says he will help me. We went over the plan, he would jump out, then I would toss him the bags, then I would jump and he would catch me, he had too. I trusted Krist, he has always been there okay it was time to jump, but I could'nt I just froze.

" Kurt, buddy, c'mon! Just jump, I am right here come on its not far, I swear I will catch you."

I knew I had to so I stepped up and hopped out with my eyes shut. I felt the Rush of falling, then warm arms were around me, Krist caught me! he hugged me and I hugged him back I was safe. We walked to the back of the wall, Krist threw the bags over the wall and told me what was going to happen.

" okay Kurt, I am going to set you on top of the wall, you are going to sit there very still, I am going. To jump over the wall and help you down from the other side. Okay?"

" o-okay, Krist,," He picked me up so easily and placed me on the wall, it was really high up there, I had never seen the outside of the orphanage, it was beautiful! I looked, in awe of it all. Krist jumped over the wall and landed with a thud, he was skilled, then I kinda slid down off the wall into his arms then he put me down. He picked up the back packs, and put one on each shoulder, then he put the satchel over him.

" Krist, I can carry something! "

" I know you can kurt. I just am right now, also I have something very very important to tell you!" He kneeled down and looked at me straight in the eyes and spoke,

"Okay, we have to go very far away, this will be extremely dangerous! We will run into trouble, and we will be very tired, the most important thing , above anything else is you NEVER leave my side, stay with me the entire time and I will keep you safe or die trying. Okay Kurt? No matter how scary things get just know I will take care of you. You ready to go on an adventure?"

" okay Kriist!" This sounded exciting, I wonder what sort of danger there was? I wonder if we will meet any pirates!!!

We started walking north, or that's what Krist said. After what seemed forever, I said I was hungry. Krist laughed and said it had only been 15 minutes and we hadn't even made it to town yet.

" Krist how will I know when we are in town?"

"Haha, okay, when you look up and you don't see trees you see buildings. "

" No, trees? Okay, I have never been to town before Krist."

" I know Kurt, but by the time we are through we will have been through lots of towns."

" are we going to walk the whole way Krist?"

" um, not sure Kurt, we are going to walk a lot but when we get to Olympia I am going to see if, I , can...... Locate a car."

" oh Krist, you are'nt going to steal it are you?" I pouted. He worried me sometimes, I am worried he will get caught doing something bad and they will take him away from me,

" No Kurt, I have this friend you see, he can get things, don't worry your pretty little head about it."'

" okay Krist," I couldn't tell if he was telling the truth. We walked in silence, until I got bored.

" Krist?"

" yes Kurt?"

" how far til town? And are we going to Olympia?"

" about 20 more minutes, and we will be in Seattle, Olympia is still a ways away."

" okay Krist, " We kept walking and walking, we got to this point where the road got bigger and Then Krist took me by the hand, I am not sure why though, It seemed like the farther away we got the more nervous and tense Krist got, it worried me too if he was worried. Suddenly he gasped and threw me over a random fence then jumped over too, and hid. I heard a police siren, I think. Once it was gone Krist got us out from beside the fence and we kept walking.

" Krist?"

" yes, Kurt?"

" why did you hide from the noisy police cars?"

" well, you see Kurt, um, we sort of left illegally, with out telling the orphanage leader, and he might at any time find out we are gone and send the police after us. I would be in trouble for 'kidnapping' when I didn't kidnap you we went willingly but you can never be sure when they are after you or not.."

" oh, okay that's bad."

" yeah Kurt, but once we have Dave and get out of here we can not worry about it anymore."

" you sure?"

" yeah Kurt, I am sure."

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