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And I wanted more than I could steal.

I sighed, it was time to start my plan, i didn't want to do this but i had too, and i knew how to get it done. It was risky because i had to talk to the scum and waste of air who was the orphanage director. I was hoping i could get in trouble and he would make me re-arrange all the case files, then i could find out where Dave is, or my plan could totally fail and he would rape me again. But I had to hope the situation would go as i calculated . He was one of the big reasons we were leaving, I have no idea how many of these orphans he has taken advantage of, plus he doesn't care at all, we never have what we need and it's miserable. But oh well, i am fine now, it only happened once, i always kept Kurt and Dave away from him. I sighed, and knocked on his door, here goes nothing. I heard his foul voice,

"yeah?? WHADDA WANT?"

"um, sir, it's Krist Novoselic, I-I want to talk to you."

"aghh! you brats are always wasting my time,get in here fast!" I walked into the dimly lit room and was taken aback by the smell of stale liquor.

"yeh, what do you want Krist," I got into my poor little 'good boy' character, and really hammed up my sadness and guilty look, i figured it might also help to act a little dumb and hopeless.

"well sir, I feel really guilty about something i did,and and i wanted to bring it to your attention, I-I didn't know what else to do." I started fake crying.

"oh, well stop that crying! tell me what you did." I grinned inside my head, he was buying it! darn i as good.

"well sir, I went into the attic and i knew I wasn't supposed too, i just had to get away from the little blonde boy he is so annoying, but now i have guilt so i needed to tell you." I let out a few more fake sobs.

"well, you aren't very bright , are you Mr.Novoselic? telling on yourself like that, I would have never known, but you know what they say, honesty is the best policy so now you realize i must punish you severely to teach you some sort of lesson." He said with a cruel smile on his face. I felt a real shudder of fear come over me.

"oh yes sir I Understand that it all is part of,,, of,,,, the learning experience ."

"now, how should i punish you, any ideas?"

"oh sir, i am sure what ever you choose will be a fair and just punishment,, but i have just o-one request..." i said in my most sweetest voice.

"what is it?"

"oh please sir! don't make me re-arrange the case files! y-you know i'm not good at reading." I whimpered.

"hmmm, That is a good idea, i will have you arrange them!" He laughed evilly like he had done some horrible thing.

"yes sir." i tried to sound so heart broken.

"hmm, don't take it personally, dear." he said touching my face, "oh and when you are done we can go over it and make sure you arranged them correctly, Together. Now i Will leave you to your punishment." Then he walked out.

"there is no way in hell that is happening!" i shuddered, i knew what he meant, but there would be no way i was going to be used by him in that way again, my body is a temple for my mind and i shall protect it. I ran over to the huge filing cabinet okay, it had to be with the 'D's or the 'G's ah ha! sweet success! i found it! I started reading the file, oh gosh, he was 3 states away, that was farther than i expected. It was do able, it just meant I have to plan more carefully. I wrote Down the adress and number then I dumped all the files on the floor, as kind of a reckless teenage move. I ran out and into my room where Kurt was sitting on my bed writing in his journal he carries everywhere.

" hey Kurt, let's pack your stuff before I leave for the second part of my plan."

" okay Krist!" He jumped off the bed and took my hand and we walked into his room where the other boys stayed too.

" okay, you need clothes, encluding underwear and socks. You need tooth paste, I will bring a comb so you don't have too. Oh pack puff, your journals and pens and don't forget your scarf! Okay, if you feel like an item needs to come with us then bring it. But you need to have one bag, you have a bag, I have a bag then we have one for food and stuff."

" okay Krist, thanks!"

" oh. Also leave a pair of clothes out for tomorrow and your jacket because it will be cold. Now when you are done put it in my room and stay there. I will see you tomorrow." I rubbed his hair playfully.

" be safe Krist! Puff and I will be waiting for you, if you are late I am going to let Puff scratch you! You have been warned!" Then he gave me a hug.

" okay little buddy." Then I walked into my room reach under my bed past the food supplies to a small box with my money in it. I had about 20$ it was not enough, which brought me to the next part of my plan. I pocketed my money and climbed out the window, then I jumped over the large brick wall in the back and started walking to town. In town there was a casino, I know you must be thinking 2 things, 1:I'm not old enough to gamble and 2 What if I lose it all? Well, they have an underground part where they don't care how old you are, it's a don't ask don't tell kinda thing. As for the second part, I only play poker and forms of poker because I win every time it is a science if you count right, I never lose. I needed to hit it big, and I would. I walked to town, squaring up against the sharp Seattle wind, I kinda wish I brought a jacket of my own but no matter, I will keep moving and it will be fine. I went in the back of the casino, I got a weird look from a bar tender, eh he must be new. I walked up to the Black Jack table and it was 8 pm. I went from table to table playing games, I decided to stop at 300$ then I noticed it was after midnight! Crap! I had an hour walk home still! I took my winnings and started the cold dark trek home. When I finally crawled back through my window I saw that it was 1:30am. Kurt was sleeping on my bed except he was off to the side leaving room for me too, he had his journal opened on his chest like he was writing in it then fell asleep before finishing. I could not resist so I picked it up and started reading it some. The page he was on right now had some sort of poetry or song written on it it said,

" I'm so happy 'cuz today I found my friends , they're in my head, I'm so ugly that's okay 'cuz so are you, we broke our mirrors, Sunday morning is everyday for all I care and I'm not scared."

Wow, this was. Good, I knew he could write stuff. I flipped through some older stuff, he had a few drawings, one of them was me sleeping I think, a bit strange but oh well, he also was talking about how to treat kids and girls, he had homework notes, he had a few short stories written in there, this generally made me smile it was like being in Kurt's brain. I closed his book, put it beside him, took off his shoes and then my shoes. I yawned and laid down next to Kurt and fell asleep. While I was asleep I had a dream, it was me and Kurt, and we just leaned in closer and closer, and closer until we were so close to kissing! Then I woke up , Kurt was still asleep, i rolled over away from him and went back to bed. It was the next morning, And I woke up, I needed to get Kurt up so we could get going but he was sleeping so peacfully cuddling Puff right under his chin. I sighed.

" Kurt, Kurdty, wake up dear, Kurdt!" He just rolled over, oh well I guess a few more minutes wouldn't hurt, now would it?

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