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i like you but it'd never work.


I woke up in my favorite, most safest place, Krist's arms! He was asleep, he was so cute when he slept, kinda like a helpless little kitten! hehehehehehe, I got up so stealthily, he didn't even notice, I kissed him ever so lightly on the cheek, he was the best most kindest person, I wanted to be just like him! I ran down the stairs as quickly as i could with 2 broken ribs. I wanted to find Dave, maybe he would want to play! or do ballet with me! I tensed up because i heard the voices of the boys, who beat me up , I hid under the stair case until they were gone, I felt like somewhere in the deep universe there was a haiku about this,like,

"The cute boy hides,

he waits for danger to subside

He searches for Dave,

While Krist is awesome."

hmm, that last part didn't rhyme well, oh well. I danced on to the music in my head, hmmm, if i were a Dave, Where would i hide? Soon I saw my almost friend called Kim,

"hey Kim, any sign of Dave,Davey, Dave?"

" uh, I hate to tell you this 2 hours after you got the fluff beat out of you, but, Dave got adopted today." i felt everything in my body go numb and I screamed and i guess i kinda fainted because i woke up on the ground and Kim was looking at me.

"oh kim i had the worst dream, you told me Davey got adopted and all our plans were utterly crushed and ruined forever with no hope of ever, never ever getting them to come true! crazy dream right?"

"Kurt! Dave got adopted! Don't scream again!!!" she said putting a hand over my mouth. My world was crushed i went into shock and disbelief really quick and i don't even think i could tell Krist, but Kim said i had to, so i went up stairs shaking and scared. Krist was still asleep, I spoke his name,

"Krist, K-Krist,,"

Krist yawned and stretched

"yeah Kurdty?" he said sleepily.

" I have really bad news" i said as i burst into tears.

"whoa Kurt, sit down and tell me what's going on."

"well, all our dreams and plans are ruined forever and ever. Dave got adopted." i curled up on the bed and cried. Krist looked like his heart just shattered into a million pieces and he turned really pale, he put his head in his hands and just sat there for a minute, then he got up and yelled and kicked the night stand.


"K-krist, are you mad?"

"No Kurt, im a failure. I let Dave get adopted and now our family is broken," I actually felt like crying, but didn't when i saw Kurt, he kind of started panicking he hand and extremely shocked look on his face and was hugging his knees while rocking back and forth.

"Kurt, We can solve this, i can fix it i just need time. I can get Dave back, I just need time to think." i said rubbing my hands through my hair nervously. I walked over to the smaller boy and sat down next to him, I put my arm around him and he leaned against me with his head on my chest.

"Kurt, We will be a proper family again, i swear, i will think up a plan and we will get Dave back, we will be a family,me, you and Dave."

"Krist, I believe you, i always have." Whispered Kurt. We just sat silent for a while until Kurt spoke again.


" Yeah Kurt?"

"When Sam left I kinda started Liking you. But I was afraid to tell you because I didn't know what you would say. And-and, what if you stopped hanging around me? Please don't leave me because I told you."

" haha, Kurt, I know about you liking me. Let me ask you something, have I ever left you before?"

" no, but how did you know?"

" exactly, I will never leave you Kurt, and well, I am a complete Genius , I know just about everything. Plus you just act a way when you like someone, and you act that way with me. It doesn't bother me, cuz you are my best friend."

" Krist, I know you don't like me, but are you gay.?"

" well kurt, it's not that I don't like you , and I honestly don't know if I'm gay, I never have had feelings or had time to have feelings, my escape plans and inventions have taken up my life, and taking care of you and Dave, so I'm not sure, maybe one day in the far future when we are all together and away from this place and I crash because my life plans are for filled I might have feelings. I don't know."

" you talk a lot about everything Krist, I have another question."

" sorry Kurt, that's just how my brain works, and yeah sure ask away."

" Are you a virgin?" I pulled away from Kurt and got off the bed,

" let"s not talk about that subject right now Kurt I have to make a plan to rescue Dave, Go play with Kim or something." And I walked out. Kurt looked shocked at my reaction, I was shocked at my reaction, I'm not sure what came over me, but I was screwed because I left my room, with all my journals and planning stuff in there, I couldn't go back in there with Kurt right now, I shuddered because I think I realized what was going on. I think I am afraid of feeling because i cannot just think up what it is logically and understand it, to have feeling I have to let my heart take over and I cannot do that. I had to shake this off now, I would make it up to kurt later. I went into the attic to form a plan, and that is where I stayed until the plan came.


I was a little hurt by what Krist said and did, but that's okay, it wasn't his fault he was probably just scared about Dave, I am now looking for my almost friend Kim, she is nice, I think she likes Krist too, sometimes I feel weird around her like when she talks about Krist I want to cry, but she always likes to play dolls, and she taught me how to braid hair. She painted my nails once, they were red and shined in the light. I went and knocked on the girls room door where Kim stayed with a few others. I waited for like EVER until Kim answered the door.

" Hi Kim, Krist told me to come play with you or something, so can we play or something?"

" haha, yeah, maybe I could do your nails again? I got a new color. Hey Kurt, has anyone cleaned your face since you got hurt?"

" oooo yay that would be wonderful!" I said clapping my hands. " uh, no I just took a nap, why? Is it really bad looking?"

" well no it's not that bad it just needs washed." Then she pulled me Inside. We walked into their bathroom and she had me hop up on the sink, hehehehehe I was taller than her when I was on the sink! Then she got a little tiny towel and put warmish water on it and gently washed the blood off my face, plus she cleaned the cuts and bruises.

" ow! Kim! My face hurts:("

" I know, but I am being easy! Sit still Kurt! Okay done. Look in the mirror."

She got all the icky blood off me, I had a black eye and a split lip and a couple bruises but not too bad looking.

" thanks Kim! Lets do those nails!!!"

" haha okay Kurt!" She helped me off the sink, and we went to her bed and she got out her nail polish! I clapped my hands I was so excited.

" okay kurt, which color do you want?"

" ooo that one!" I said pointing at a red color, " no, that one!" I said pointing a pink color., " no this green one for sure!!" It was so hard to choose there was so many pretty colors.

" haha, okay Kurt, green it is!" I held my hands out and she started painting them with the cute little brush.

" Kurt! Sit still your nails won't look good if you keep moving!"

" I'm sorry, it's just cold and it tickles! " finally she finished, and I looked at them.

" ooo you did really good Kim! I can look into them and there are 10 tiny green Kurts looking back at me!! That's so cool!"

" oh Kurt I'm glad you like them! I think it's strange how you never talk around other people but around Krist or I you talk almost non stop."

" oh, if it bothers you I won't. I'm sorry " I said looking down.

" no! Kurt! It doesn't't bother me it is just funny that your version of shy is different. "

" okay yay!" I said clapping my hands.

" hey kurt, you should let me put eyeliner on you, it would look good with your blue eyes."

" okay sure! D'you think Krist will like it?"

" i'm not sure, he might, now let me go get it, stay here." She went off and I layed down and waited, soon she came back, with a small black tube,.

" okay Kurt , sit still and open your eyes, " she put the little tube on my bottom eyelid and it was cold and felt weird she did that on both sides.

" okay close your eyes," then she put the tube on my top eyelids on both sides.

" I had better not look like a raccoon."

" trust me Kurt you won"t you will look better in eyeliner than most girls. Look in the mirror."

I did and wow, she like drew a black line around my eyes, it looked pretty.

" thank you Kim!" I hugged her, then yelped as she hugged me back, my ribs felt that. She sat me on the bed so I could catch my breath.

" Kurt you should go show Krist!"

" I can't he is in the attic planning stuff."

" like what?"

" Krist says I can't tell."

" okay, well go wait in his room and show him."

" okay, thanks Kim! "

I skipped up to Krist's room, and sat on his bed, I got a little nervous because what if he didn't think I looked pretty, or worse what if he got upset at me again.? I shuddered at that thought and waited, and waited, and waited, then I got up and got a drink then waited more. FINALLY Krist came in the room. He said he felt sad that he got cross with me and that he was just worried about Dave, then he hugged me!


My brain was racing I had found a plan that just might work! It would take some pulling off but I could do it. I was actually excited I needed to find Kurt, make it up to him and tell him the plan. Well, some of the plan, he would freak out and worry about me if he knew all of it. I went up to my room and to my surprise Kurt was there,

" did you even leave my room?"

" y-yes Krist, "

" hey Kurt, I am sorry I was short with you a while ago,you are my buddy and I wouldn't be mean to. You on purpose." I went and hugged him.

" yeah Krist I know, I'm not upset,"

" I have a plan to get Dave back."

" oh goody! Hey Kim did my nails and put eyeliner on me! See? You like it?"

" y-yeah Kurt you look nice. Also tonight I need you to stay in my room instead of going back to the other boys' room because I probably won't be in here tonight and plus we leave tomorrow so it is important you are here."

" okay Krist!" He said as he skipped out . Wow, I had to stop whatever was happening! He looked really good in eyeliner way better than any girl, he looked kinda cute, I could NOT let myself get feelings for him, it would ruin and get in the way of my planning, thus was crazy that I was even thinking that because there is no feelings to stop, I didn't have feelings for him and I never would, yeah, I just thought he looked nice in eyeliner it's flattering on him that didn't mean I liked him, geez get a grip Krist I had to get back in the game so I could do this plan. Dave was counting on me.

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