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I have this friend you see


daily journal log:

My name is Krist Novoselic and this is day 2,555 since i've been in this orphanage, I am 16 and will escape from this hell hole one day with my two best friends Kurt, age 14 and Dave age 12. Life is hard here for kids like us, but for the last 2 years we have slowly been gathering supplies and previsions to leave. We are almost there, ration so far is getting up in numbers, water will be difficult to obtain but can be done. Our money count is low, it is very hard to come by but i am a genius so i come by it. I will not give up until we are safe. signing off until tomorrow.

I lied on my bed and sighed. I had been keeping a daily log since i got here at age 9 expecting that i'd get adopted but when i didn't i started planning a jail break. My best friend Kurt Cobain, got here four months after me, and he kinda took to me and we haven't been separated since, I am his protector basically, when he was 7 he started staying with me because he was afraid of the lightening, and when he got older i helped him with his chores and now days i protect him from getting his butt kicked then handed to him in fights, because he gets bullied alot. He happens to be gay, and well, he gets picked on because of it, if he were sized better i don't think i would constantly know his where abouts,but he is very small and weak for a 14 year old and has been smaller and weaker than the other boys forever. It's funny that the other boys don't mind ganging up on a little 14 year old that is 5'2 and 99 pounds, but they don't seem to want to gang up on him when i am with him. I am 6'8 and 180 pounds, and apparently that shifts the odds a little. I don't mind the other boys being afraid of me, because i would end any of them for Kurt if i had too, well, i would end them for Dave too. Dave is the youngest in our group and when i was 12 and Kurt was 10, Dave came to the orphanage, he was 8 at the time, Kurt and I had already made an alliance and were buddies. We saw the little long haired brunette on the play grounds, he got pushed down by some of the older girls, and was crying and looked scared and lost. I went and picked him up because I've always acted older and smarter than my age, I calmed him down, and Kurt and I basically welcomed him into our family that day. At first, like a fool i only planned to get myself out, but as i got closer to Kurt and Dave and they looked up to me, i knew it wasn't just me against the world anymore, it was us against the world and i had to take care of my family. When i revealed to the boys what i was planning all those years ago, Kurt suggested when we got out that we start a rock and roll group like the Beatles or the Pixies, Dave agreed and to make them happy i agreed, it gave them something to look foreword to, which made it easier to keep their spirits up. This was the most free time i had all week, so i used it on what i do best, thinking. I have an IQ of 197 , i am the most cunning and sweet talking person that ever lived. So i exercise my brain as much as i can, at this time i decided to think about where my companions where mentally. Dave seemed to be progressing normally as a 12 year old, he also was developing a profound sense of humor. Of course, I was amazing and advancing in awesome ways for my age. It was Kurt i was worried about. He was super shy, and hardly talks, he is very smart but can sometimes be childlike, he is very sensitive, and innocent and acts quite younger than 14, but the boy could write poetry! Um, speaking of Kurt, my thoughts were interrupted by the sound of shrieks and cheers from outside. I jumped up and ran to the window, sure enough there was a fight, or more of a creaming, i saw the floppy blonde hair and ran out as fast as i could because it was my Kurt. I heard the sickening sound of skin against fist, and i screamed,


I pushed through the crowd of kids, really? 3 against 1 that wasn't fair, I grabbed two of them and banged their heads together and they were knocked out. The other one was kicking Kurt repeatedly I punched him as hard as i could from behind, and he turned around to face me, and he almost passed out just looking at me.

" what? am I more of a fair opponent so you don't want to fight me? oh but you would still beat a little guy senseless, i see."

I sucker punched him twice, and he crawled off wiping blood from him. My heart was heavy as I bent to see Kurt, I pushed his long hair out of his pale face. He was bruisedand cut and swollen in different places on his face, he was bleeding from his lip and mouth and was passed out. I wanted to check his sides but i knew i had to take him away from the yard. I picked him up bridal style and carefully carried him to my room. Dave was there already and looked sad when i carried Kurt in, he spoke as i set Kurt down on my bed.

" was Kurt fighting again?" he whimpered.

"he was getting creamed Dave,Creamed."

" why do the other boys hate him? It makes me sad Krist, he is so nice, and he helps me with my chores, he doesn't deserve to be hit." Dave started to cry.

" Dave, the other boys are afraid of Kurt, they can't see that he is nice, now don't cry because soon everything will be alright, remember? we are gonna leave and start a rock band, remember drummer Dave? Now run along, i have to play doctor again with Kurt."

"okay Krist!" he skipped off smiling. Now, I had to make sure Kurt was okay, I carefully slipped off his shirt, his sides made me sick, they were turning horrible bruise colors, and looked painful, no bones were sticking out of his skin and his breathing didn't sound raspy so i figured his lung wasn't punctured but i would bet money on that some of them where broken. I sighed, it ticked me off when he got hurt, because it meant i failed him again! Kurt woke up , screamed and covered his face in fear, not knowing he was safe. Then he screamed again but in pain and folded up to try to stop the hurting in his sides. Bingo i was right, breaking happened. I waited til he stopped screaming in pain, and i stretched him out flat and helped him easily sit up.

"aahhhhhh! i-it hurts Krist." he sobbed. I wiped a tear from the younger boy's blue eyes.

" i know it does Kurt, you have a broken rib or two. I'm sorry i got there so late."

" n-no Krist, it wasn't your f-fault Maybe if i-i wasn't so..." and he trailed off. Then he stated something else. "I wish, i wasn't even gay." he started sobbing harder, I put my arms around him, and he just cried into my shoulder, I let him stay there till he was done. It distressed me what he said.

" Kurt, I don't want to ever hear you say that again, you have every right to be proud of who you are, Those boys are jerks who are afraid of you, I don't know why but they are. Don't worry about them they don't matter. Hey they will love you when you are famous but you won't pay them the time of day. You need to rest okay?"

" Krist, do you have my Kitty?"

" yes Kurt, Here you go." Kurt couldn't sleep without his stuffed Kitty named Puff.

"Will you stay here with me Krist to protect me from Monsters? or bad dreams?" he pleaded with me, and looked so sad and worried.

" yeah Kurt, you know it." I wasn't going to sleep but he needed me. I laid down with him and he wrapped my arms around him, then he cuddled under my chin and went to sleep fast. I flashed back to when we found out he was gay. He was 12 ,I had been searching for him all day i couldn't find him, i was afraid he had gotten adopted, which wasn't too bad but i didn't get to say bye. I found him in the kitchen pantry,

"Kurt! i've been looking for you all day! why the heck are you in there?"

" I'm hiding."

"why are you hiding?"

"because i am Different. Maybe I can hide until i'm not different, or until they forget about me and they won't tell him."

"okay, slow down and tell me what is going on Kurt."

"well, Some of the other boys were talking about which girl was prettiest, then they asked me who i thought was best looking and i said Sam, because i like Sam, he smells nice and he has cute hair and gave me hispudding cup once. But they laughed and said that I was weird and they were gonna tell Sam how weird i was. I don't know what is weird about me but i don't want them telling Sam i'm weird, cuz he might not like a weirdo. They never told me what was weird about me so i'm hoping i can stay here until I'm unweird."

"hahahaha! Kurt! there is nothing weird about you! Now tell me something, Is Sam the only one you like? do you think any of the Girls are pretty?"

"well, I always blush around Justin when he waves, but then he laughed and i'm mad at him, and no none of the girls make me blush or feel like i do when Sam is around. Krist if you say there is nothing wrong with me why do the boys think i'm weird ?"

"Kurt! you're gay! that's great!The other boys like girls, and they think it's strange you like a boy instead of a girl."

"What is this,,, gay?"

"All it means Kurt, is you are a boy and you like boys instead of girls. There is nothing weird with it, so don't hide,come on let's go." Then the boys started making fun of him, but Sam got adopted and never got to say if he liked Kurt or not. Then the boys let it die, until they asked him if he was gay and he said yes. Then the rest is history. As i faded out of the flashback i actually fell asleep too.

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