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Somtimes I feel I'm walking alone.


I wasn't sure where I was going but I knew I had to leave , so I was.

Except it was dark outside now, and i was regretting not having a jacket, or shoes. Yeah I was defiantly regretting the no shoes, my feet were getting scraped up. I just kept walking to stay warm, I finally got into town and people kept giving me weird looks as I walked by. A couple stopped me, I looked down so mabye the wouldn't reconize me. The guy of the couple spoke,

"Hey buddy, you in trouble? You want some spare change?" I felt awkward, I look up at them and spoke,

"uh, n-no I am good, thank you both, I will be going now." The girl's eyes got very big and she gasped,

" I know who you are! You are Kurt Cobain! Are you feeling okay? Do Krist and Dave know you are here? You should be resting!" she sounded very concerned. But this is not what I needed right now. Before I could make an excuse the guy spoke again,

"hey, uh my girlfriend and I could give you a ride somewhere, if you want." Every inch of my body screamed at me to let them drive me home. But I declined.

" Uh no thank you. I am fine." Then I walk on before they could say anything else To me. I kept walking and about 10 minutes later it was just my luck, it started raining. Wet, alone, and cold I trudged into the subway. I flinched from the bright florecent lights that were above. I sighed, this was more my element, I went up to the ticket booth, the person inside it started to chuckle at me. I spoke,

" uh hi!, I would like to purchase you cheapest ticket to as far away as possible."

" how much do you have?" He asked. I reached into my pocket I counted,

"I have 12 dollars."

" ha, Kid that isn't going to get You anywhere." I walked out dejected. but I mean you know what they say, onward and upward! At least the rain had slowed down. I kept walking, at this pace I could reach the state border in two days. Okay, here is my plan I would leave the state, change my name and become a goat farmer, I would have a simple life. I was now on the outskirts of town, when suddenly a van pulled up next to me. Oh no, what had I gotten into? I stopped and they rolled the window down. I let out a sigh of relief it was just Chad, and Krist, and what I guessed was Dave in the back.

" Kurt, wAnna lift?" Chad asked . I felt myself grin, Dave pulled the side door open so I could hop in.

" you look like a wet rat!" he Declared cheerfully. I sat down in the back with Dave, i was cold, I started shivering.

" Kurt! What were you doing all the way out here?!? we were worried about you! You don't have a jacket or shoes!" I realized Krist was crying when he said this.

" I-I, w-was t-trying to b-become a-a goat f-farmer..." I said with my teeth chattering. Krist turned around and looked at me, he had shock on his face,

" Kurt, you are freezing! Come here!" So I went to Krist who held me in his lap and wrapped his coat around me, he starTed hugging me to warm me up. But I looked over his shoulder and saw Dave was really upset looking. I guess krist must have told him about our kiss and he still thinks Krist loves me. Ugh the drama I could tell that was coming, it made me wish I was gonna still be a goat farmer. When we got home we all went inside, Chad was going to stay the night with us because it was late, so he came in too. I went straight to the shower, and man my feet hurt. Whilst I was showering I spotted my razor, it was like it was staring at me, I couldn't get it out of my mind. I just tried to ignore the urge to take it apart and leave cuts all over my body. Just. Keep.showering. I told myself.


I was so relieved when we found him. I was really scared he was gone for good. I recalled what happened as I got us all some tea, I'm glad Chad was here, it would be like old times. I heard my stomach growl,

" deal with it!" I accidentally said out loud to it.

"deal with what?" Asked Chad, I then jumped, he surprised me.

" oh, I didn't see you there, Chad. Oh nothing I was just, uh talking to myself." I laughed nervously.

" Krist, if you are hungry you should eat. Also can I have some darjeeling tea?"

" I'm not hungry Chad, I don't eat. One can not be hungry if they don't eat. and yesh, you and Kurt drink Darjeeling, Dave drinks English breakfast and I drink earl grey. "

" oh, so now you, 'don't eat' , Krist that's not good, it was bad enough when I used to live here, you rarely ate, but now you don't eat? I don't want to push you into anything, but I Think you should get help. I care and I want to see my friends get better, I want Kurt to not feel depressed and I want you to be healthy." He seemed concerned, but yet he said it all in his calm Chad voice, he was so good at this stuff, I guess that's why he is majoring in psychology in college.

" Don't worry about me Chad, I am okay. I swear." Maybe I wasn't okay but I as sure as hell was not as bad off as kurt, plus I had beautiful Dave. I suddenly rememberEd Kurt had a razor in the shower! I ran as fast as I could go the door, I

pounded on it then ran in,

"Kurt!!? Are you alright?!?"

" Jeezus. Krist! What do you need? You scared me. and uh, stay behind that curtain, I'm showering you know!"

"give me the razor that is in here. " he handed it to me through the curtain. I walked out very pleased with my self. When Kurt finally came out of the shower we all three tucked him in, well Dave and I tucked him in, Chad was staying the room with him anyway so he was just there. As Dave and I walked out of Kurt's room gand in hand I was only sure of one thing, Stuff has to get better from here.

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