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I walk this empty street


I woke up with a splitting headache, signature hangover feeling. I rolled over to see Dave sitting beside the bed watching me, I felt rather sad,

" What do you want." My voice cracked .

" Krist, I don't want to fight anymore, look what it is doing to us? I'm become estranged and you are getting drunk, we are lovers in a band, can we work this out love? " Dave pleaded.

" uh, yeah, I really missed you, you where my muse, except I no longer deserve you."

" why not? ! You never said anything worse than I did?"

" I kissed Kurt, and and I liked it, I've hurt you, you are so beautiful and sweet and I- " Then I turned away and cried. Dave gently pulled my face up to look at him, he looked like someone had just stabbed him in the heart 4 million times.

" Then kiss me, give me a chance to prove im still just as good as Kurt. "

" I know you are, I just crossed a line though." Dave pulled me to him and kissed me passionatly.

" lines can be erased Krist. I love you. I've made mistakes and you've made mistakes, let's just start it again, you have to keep going on when something is forever."

" Okay Dave. I love you too." We laid back down, kissing.


I woke up, I felt the need to rethink my life, After 20 minUtes of that I felt ill and decided to never rethink life again, so I left my room, I needed Krist oR Dave to lean on I felt horrible inside and thought that it probably was for the best I wasn't alone. I went I to the kitchen and no one was there, same for the living room. I sat down at the table and put my head in my hands, I cried then got kinda angry at them. i needed them and they weren't here! They were supposed to be here for me. Then I had a realitization, The doctors and nurses were wrong, people are not the best thing for me right now, I just needed to learn to be okay alone , to survive with just me. I was people, others are not perfect they have problems just like me, they can't heop me when they have their own problems, I only needed me now. Not only can no one help me but I wouldn't be a good help to anyone either! People are not for helping other people with their life problems , they always get let down on account of the other guy's troubles. I have the perfect examples, I am a suicidal muscian, Krist is an anorexic teenage drunk, and Dave is afraid of men. We were all quite a group with too many problems to help each other. On that note I left the house, barefoot and all.


" Dave! Dave wake up now!!!! " Krist shook me awake.

" What?" I groaned.

" Kurt is gone." I sat up shockEd.

" WHAT?!"

"yeah, he isn't in his room, he isn't in the bathroom, or the main room, he didn't leave a note or anything . He is gone, what are we going to do?!"

"well, call everyone, and I am going in the van to search for him."

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