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won't you stay with me? 'cuz you're all I need.



"not again!!!" i groaned. Kurt had broken into my room and waking me up loudly because it was the first day of the tour.

"GET UP! AREN'T YOU EXCITED??????!!!!! GET UP! GET UP! GET UP! EHEHEHEHEHE" He started jumping on my bed.

"KURT! go wake up Dave, PLEASE give me a break , i will be up in 15 minutes. I whined.

"OKAY BUT BE FREAKING EXCITED!!!!!" and he ran out my room to jump on Dave.. huh, he forgot the butt slap this time i thought to myself.

"WAIT! I FORGOT SOMETHING!!!" he still was shrieking as he ran into my room again and slapped my bottom. then he ran back out. I guess he remembered. I stretched and got up. eh, i didn't even feel like reciting all that it's a new day crap. So I didn't , I got changed in my normal grunge bassist clothes, and walked out of my room, I chuckled as i heard Dave yelling sleepy sounding profainities at Kurt, ah it was a good morning. I was first in the kitchen so i got my everyday coke and coffee mixed then sat down to read the television. I know that sounds dumb but watching stocks from wallstreet is pretty much reading. In about 20 minutes Dave and Kurt came into the kitchen, Kurt pretty much just slumped in a pout all at once,

"Dave! Krist is reading the television again!! you know i wanna watch cartoons!"

" Kurt, if the boy is interested in stocks and bonds let him be! We have to leave soon anyway."

" once again Dave Grohl is correct, okay, kindly giant, finnish up coke 'n' coffee and lets load up!" Wow, Kurt just got back on his im the adult here kick, I liked it.

We loaded everything up in about 45 mins, by we I mean mostly me with all the heavy stuff and kurt and Dave with the smaller stuff. Finally we got on the road. Kurt insisted on bringing the mix tape he made forDave , and playing three times, and just so you under stand how many times we heard it we heard it 24 times, it's also a 3 minuet song, so we listened to 72 minuets of the same song. I kind of thought Dave was going to murder Kurt in his sleep tonight, but by the last time he sang along with it.

" okay we have been driving for over an hour! Offical potty break!" Kurt said.

We pulled into a gas Station, Kurt also said we could stock up on junk food for the rest of the tour!! So I got a 48 pack of coke, 6 bottles of vodka, 3 bottles of wine, and 3 jumbo sized bags of cheese puffs. I was set for, like ever now!

" got enough vodka there Krist?" Asked kurt sarcastically.

" hey, I have needs, plus you said we could stock up for tour!"

" Don't you want to at least remember some of the tour?"

" it's not a all for me. I will share:)"

" fine," sighed kurt.

We soon were a all back in the RV and I put 3 bottles of vodka and 1 bottle of wine in the refrigerator for later. I was getting bored very fast, then Dave went to sleep, dang he sleeps a lot . So I went up front with kurt.

" Kurt, thanks for all you do."

" don't even go there man, you're my best friend , and you do a lot for me too buddy don't forget it,"

" well I just know its been really emotional for me lately and you have been there each time."

" ugh, dude quit or I will send you back into the living area of the RV! You would be there If it was me. So let it go Krist. So any idea on how you are gonna win the heart of one special drummer?"

" keep your voice down! At this point I don't think he is even gay, I know he has never had girl friend but he has never had a boy friend either I think he could be acesexual,,, but I don't know this may be a lost cause."

" okay, he is not acesexual, I know for a fact because I asked him. And no one is a lost cause man!"

" okay because you are my best friend im just gonna let that one slide, I won't even mention how, THERE ARE LOTS OF LOST CAUSE RELATIONSHIPS, see how I did not even make a big deal? It's cause I love you and all. "

Then we both started laughing. About after an hour Dave came up with us too, Kurt started freaking out over the fact he was standing while we were driving down the street.

" but Kurt I don't want to be back there alone and there are no more seats up here. I have to stand."

" no, there has to be another safer way. Oh' I've got it, kirst unbuckle!"

" what so I can die too? No thanks."

" just do it! Now, Dave get on his lap, then Krist rebuckle. "

"Um, I think there are laws against that, once again, Krist Novoselic shall save the day and go to the back."

I sat down on the couch, oh how I'd love for Dave to be on my lap, but I was way to attracted and to him, and turned on for that too happen. They were talking about something but I'm not a good lip reader so I got bored trying to figure it out and fell asleep. When I woke up Dave was sitting across from me staring at me. Then he spoke ,

" oh good you wokeup, I've been trying to use the force and Jedi mind tricks to wake you up for the past 30 minutes so we could play cards, and now it worked."

"How long have I been asleep?" I asked because I noticed it had gotten dark outside.

" um, about 4 hours. Kurt says we are almost to our first gig place and we play that tomorrow. So you wanna play Poker or go fish? But I should warn you im a master at both."

" do you even relize how different those two games are?"

" honestly Krist those are the only two card games I know."

" haha go fish it is." After six rounds of go fish kurt pulled off the road and back with us.

" we are here, and Ante up!" He said as he sat down.

" we are playing go fish ." Said Dave.

" well, that's a stupid game, let's break out some of that liquor, Krist and lets all play some interactive games!"

I got some vodka Dave grabbed the wine bottle and Kurt only wanted a coke.

First we played classic rock trivia, then we played a twisted version of mafia, after the mafia game I was pretty sloshed, and Dave wasn't much better. It was late and kurt who kept getting nervous about tomorrow, said he was going to bed because his nerves couldn't take anymore. So naturally Dave and I stayed up longer and drank. I was aware of stuff but I had just enough to not care and to not have a filter from my brain to my mouth.

" okay! Game change dude!!!" I said.

" okay!!!"

" we should play the game called compliment the features, it's a fun game where you say nice stuff about the other person playing."

" Im cool with that" I said.

" you start Dave"

"Okay, you are a great bass player."

"You, Dave Grohl, have an awesome sense in style."

" you have an adorible face" he said pinching my cheek. Which was weird.

" Dave I have to tell you, I love everything about you." And I leaned in and kissed him softly but passionately , I had one hand on the back of his head but not too hard if he wanted to pull away. I stopped and just took a deep breath and smiled, I felt like an addict getting a fix nothing had ever felt so good. Then I relized Dave was just staring at me, he didn't. Say anything, I'm not even sure if he enjoyed the kiss. I started freaking out and the feeling of accomplishment fled, and my heart shattered right there right then,

" I'm sorry Dave, I'm so sorry, I'm so, -just,,," I sobbed then ran into my little RV room.


He kissed me, my first kiss, it was heaven I didn't know how to respond it was slightly scary but the best. Next thing I know Krist is freaking out because I thinks I don't like him, and he ran off, poor Krist, it was now or never, I jumped chugged the last of my wine then ran after him into his room, I was trying to prepare myself for what might come next.


Oh gods, Krist you've really made a muck of things this time! I don't care how well I know them, no one will ever convince me again to express my feelings to someone! Never ever. I just sobbed . Then I heard something.

"Hey, it's my turn, Krist." I turned around in disbelief Dave was there. He came over to the bed , and sat down.

" Dave, don't feel like you have to spare my feelings, if you don't like me then it's fine just don't tell kurt I told you."

" well that's a relief! Because I don't like you, I love you," he said while holding under my jaw bone as he pulled me closer and we passionatly kissed. I put my arms around him, pulling him closer to me, it was quite amazing everything I thought kissing him would be like. I pulled away to get a breath,

" I cannot tell you how long I've waited to do that Dave. I want you, So badly, I love you so much. "

" I love you too" he said kissing me again, I pulled him onto my lap and we started making out, all these months of torcher just left my mind. Dave was now laying on the bed , I was over him.

" Dave d'you wanna, you know.?"

" K-krist, I-I'm a-a-a V-virgin. "

" that's nothing to be embarrassed about babe, when you are ready I don't wanna rush this stuff. Just you being with me here now, knowing you love me is plenty. "

" you are amazing Krist,"

" no I just love you, just a second" I jumped up nd ran to the window I opened it up and screamed out of it, 'I love Dave Grohl' then shut it back.

" Im gonna get changed, here you can wear one of my flannels to bed Dave. " I threw him a flannel and we both got changed, and I'm not sure who blushed more. We climbed into bed and I held him in my arms and for the first time since I met him I've slept peacefully. The next morning I woke up thinking it was all a dream but no, Dave was there in my arms, I sat up but groaned in pain , my head! I had a very bad hang over. I replayed some of the events from last night in my head, and sudden fear gripped me, what if, just what if Dave didn't mean the things he said last night, this morning what if it was the liquor talking.. Dave rolled over to look at.me and he smiled. Oh gods I loved that smile.


" hey,"

" I'm glad I woke up to you krist, is your head okay baby?"

" trust me I'm very glad I woke to you, and no my head hurts super bad I've got a hang over something fierce. "

Dave started kissing me, and sure enough the hangover was leaving and he kissed the pain away. I was wondering would we be an item is my boyfriend now? Was this a one night half stand kinda thing? I had questions but. I didn't want to ruin the moment. There was something we had to talk about though, kurt.

"Dave, I think it's best we don't tell kurt about us until after this tour, he is super stressed and he is worried us being together will mess up our karma, plus he really wants us to be a thing and I think he would want to celebrate when he wasn't so stressed. Sound okay to you?"

"I think that's a great idea love!"

." Yeah, it's only 10 he should still be sleeping we have time to sneak out of our room."

We got changed and walked out of my room and ended up face to face with kurt, who was waiting for us outside the door. And he asked the question I've been wondering since I woke up.


I woke up this morning at 8 because I was so nervous I couldn't sleep , I quickly remembered Dave drank an entire bottle of wine, I needed to make sure he was okay, he was smaller than Krist is and can't handle as much. I went to his room, no one was there! The bed hadn't even been slept on. Strange, so I went to the living area no drummer there. But there was an empty bottle of wine and a knocked over vodka bottle. Then it hit me! Oh sweet Boddah, Dave and Krist, last night! YES!!! FINALLY!! I had to wait for them to come out of the room, I'm so happy right now! Well either that or Dave got kidnapped and is dead somewhere, eh, by benifit of doubt we will go with the first one. As soon as they walked out the door I smiled and asked them,

"So are you guys dating now?"

Krist looked at Dave, and Dave looked at Krist,

They both nodded yes , then started kissing.

" congrats boys and may I just say on behalf of being best friends with both of you,, ITS ABOUT FREAKING TIME GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

Then we all three hugged. Krist won't quit smiling and Dave won't let go of his hand and I love seeing them. But I couldn't help but feel something was missing. I couldn't figure out what is was so I let it go.

" so, did you guys passionatly make love all night?"

Dave blushed so much I didn't know it was possible to blush that much.

" n-no." He stuttered..

" but that's fine, we are waiting!" Said Krist proudly.

As they looked deeply into each other's eyes I relized what was missing, any amount of feelings or hurt that Krist had still from the unfortunate event when we were 16 was gone. Now I was happy, truely happy, I knew now Krist would be alright without me one day.

" hey if you two can let go of each other long enough we could practice,I can replace you!" I joked, we all laughed and went to practice, it's amazing what returned love can do for a person's music skills. After practice I let the happy couple go take a nap before the show. I watched them walk off, they were holding hands and Krist leaned down and kissed Dave's head, and Dave smiled up at him. I yawned too, so I went to lay down before the show. Id rifled off into a dream about my sweet Courtney.


Guys, I'm going to a 3 day concert so I won't update those three days but after that I will update regularly again, this by far was the most fun chapter:)

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