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its times like these


I was home alone, Dave had to go to a cousin's wedding and Kurt had, 'business' to attend to, honestly I think Kurt is up to no good at the moment where ever he is, but that's between him. They told me this last night before the movie, so yeah I wasn't going to be doing anything. In fact I just woke up and it 3 in the afternoon! I got changed and everything , and I was going to do stuff for me and not think of Dave. I kept telling myself, "it's a new day, you are free to be you and not think of Dave," while i waited for my ravioli to heat up in the microwave. It beeped, I got it out, it's a new day. I sat down to eat my ravioli, then it hit me, I'm alone I wanted to be supportive of myself but I cannot handle being alone! It's a new day! but I'm alone. I couldn't take it, so naturally I did the only thing I would normally do, I decided to call Anthony. I dialed his number,

" Hello?"

" Anthony?"

" No this is Flea on Anthony's phone, who is this?"

"oh, I'm sorry to bother you, I'd better go." I started to hang up when i heard,

" WAIT! this is Krist isn't it? Hey man."

"yes, Flea it's me, I needed to talk to someone and well, the only person I felt I needed was Anthony. But that was dumb of me I'm sorry."

" dude, don't be, maybe I can help?"

" well,it's worth a shot. so, Ilike someone but they either don't like me back and are just pretending, or they are cruel and flirting with me. and I'm lost and alone, and I want to quit the band but I cannot stand to be alone, thats why I was calling Anthony, I'm here alone, and I can hardly take anything of what's going on. I'm sorry to tell you all this Flea."

" dude, no it's fine, I left you in a vulnerable place,I'm not sure how much of this will help you but let me give it a wack. Firstly DO NOT quit the band, you will never forgive yourself it will be yourbiggest mistake. Secondly, you are never alone, of course there are times when you are physically alone but there are people who love you and are just a phone call away,if you find yourself alone like today, distract yourself until you aren't alone anymore. I hopped this helped some buddy."

"Thanks Flea, it did help,how are you and Anthony doing?"

" yeah, about that, Anthony was going to call you this evening about it, we are getting married Krist. I love him alot andI asked and he said yes.We want you to come but understand if it's too much, but we will still send and invite, with a 'and guest' on it so maybe you could bring Dave, or Kurt."

"Oh Flea! that's great!I'm very happy for you! please tell AnthonyI said congrats baby. I'm not flirting Flea,I swear butI always said that to him when something good happened, and he would expect me to say that so he knows I mean it! Congrats FLea, wellI should get off the phone now.. bye Flea."

"Bye Krist."

I sat down on the couch and cried, not just for Anthony, Not just for Dave, not for just being alone, it was for all three plus the fact, thatI have no one.SoI just cried, covered my face ad cried because no onewas there to worry. I'm not sure how longI cried but WhenI just stopped,Dave walked in, I knew my face looked horrible and I probably had tears marks on my shirt, I just looked at him,I think he looked sad but he just stood there , and we just looked into each other's eyes from across the room.I gotup and started crying again and muttered something about notdoing this thenI went to my room and stayed there.


Ugh,Iwas more than glad to gethome from Jessie's wedding, ifIwas asked, "why are you still single dear,when you have such a pretty face?" one more time, I would have freaking screamed. AsI walkedtothe door of our flat I thoughtIheard crying, but it could have been a random noise in that hallway. I opened the door, and my heart almost stopped, it definitely dropped down out of my chest. Krist was sitting on the couch he had just looked up from his hands where he had been sobbing His face was all red and his breathing was all scattered, and his shirt was wet from tears.I just stood there my heart started hurting think about what could have possibly made him hurt like that, I wanted to go over and kiss him passionatly but I didn't I just stood there and felt pain for him. All of a sudden he broke eye contact and started bawling again.

" I can't do this anymore ' He sobbed and ran into his room. I felt really bad for him I didn't even know what to do, then Kurt walked in.

" yo, Dave, you look like you've seen a ghost and it kicked you in the face. whats wrong.?"

" It's not me it's Krist, I came home and he was crying, and then he went into his room because he didn't want me to see him that way, I'm really worried about him, what if he doesn't come out of his room?"

"I got this. Follow me." Kurt walked to Krist's room, the door was locked, so he knocked, there was no answer so he knocked again and said,

"Krist Josef Novoselic! you open this door right now! you will listen to me I'm 2 months older!"


"looks like he wants to be left alone." i said.

"Pffft, it's never stopped me before." Pretty soon,Kurt had picked the lock and the door was opened. Kristtwas a sight for sore eyes, right away Kurt walked in and sat down next to him, he pulled Krist near and was hugging him, krist put his face in Kurt's shoulder and cried, Kurt started stroking Krist's hair and trying to sooth him. I felt like i was intruding so i walked out and into my own room, I layed down and started trying to read a magazine about LGBT dating, i kept getting distracted by the thought of Krist, Kurt had said he had some troubles in the past, I wondered about them, and how i move forward with him, the movie night didn't work but there had to be some way. if I only knew how. I spoke out loud to my empty room,

" oh forget this!" I got up and went to the kitchen, I was going to make a romantic dinner for 3, and Krist was going to eat it too! There was a plate of ravioli on the counter untouched, I sighed, I hadn't seen Krist take a bite of food since I've known him, I made a great dinner of chicken, with salad and gummi worms, Most romantic dinner ever! I walked to Krist's room and Kurt and Krist were sitting on the bed, Kurt was no longer holding Krist, he was talking and Krist was nodding, then i spoke.

" Guys, I made us a great dinner, its on the table, c'mon."

" oh thanks man!" said Kurt standing up, then krist got up but he spoke too.

" Im gonna pass on dinner,thanks though."

"OH HAIL NO you are gonna eat too Krist! just look, you are wasting away to nothing!" I said then I poked him in the tummy,

"see My finger goes through you almost, you are going to the dinner table!" He alloud me to lead him to the table, and he kinda smirked when i poked him, maybe this was a step in the right direction. Kurt wolfed down his right away. Krist munched on some gummi worms, but that was it, I was satifyed though. Kurt informed us that when he was gone he had gotten Chad's RV to use for the tour so we didn't have to stay in hotels while we were on the road. I felt a wave of excitement come over me because of the tour! I was really looking forward to it. Soon after the dishes were done and Kurt watched TV we all decided to go to bed. after i got changed i noticed Krist's light was still on so i went into his room and sat next to him.

" i just wanted to say goodnight Krist."

" thanks, goodnight Dave, see you."

" yeah, see you." I started to walk out,

"wait, one more thing Krist," I turned around and ran to him and gave him a huge hug, and we just sat there in that embrace for a couple minuets "you're my best friend Krist." thenlet go and walked back to my room feeling so amazing, he was the softest sweetest hugger ever! I fell asleep dreaming of his embrace.

* hey sorry about the huge Dave pov but in the next chapter he will have two lines that are his pov so i wanted to make up for it in this one hope you enjoyed!

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