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Generating steam and heat./ girl with the most cake.

*KRIST'S POV*. So like I said before two months have passed and we go on our first tour in a week, but tonight is movie night, and Kurt is bringing over a girl. Kurt has been running around all morning like a chicken with it's head cut off, trying to get things ready. I had never seen him so worried and dare i say almost nervous. he actually showered! on a friday! Useally for my band leader showering is a forced wensday event...


"geez Kurt, dont scream at me, im coming!, whatcha need little buddy?" i asked.

" okay, good, i wasnt sure you would hear me. can i use some of your special cologne that you wear only when you wanna smell like a business man. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaasssssseeeee????" then he gave me his 'butter wouldnt melt in my mouth look' that's him trying to loook sweet.

" wasn't sure i could hear you?? really? yes you can use some, just remember a little goes a long way. haha, Kurt you are more bothered than a mother hen, this girl must be pretty important to you."

"thanks man, and, i am not!! just, hey can you make sure Dave doesn't wear his stained up 'scream' shirt again?"

" hahahaha! Kurt you crack me up man! but sure i will ask him not too. So, who is this mystery girl anyway?"

Kurt answered my while spraying on way too much Of my cologne. " Well her name is Courtney Love, she is amazing! we met back stage at a concert she is amazing and we clicked from the start, did i mention she is amazing? i invited her over tonight but i want things to go well,.. Will you and Dave go out to the store and get popcorn , chips,a cake and drinks? please??"

" WOW, you really like her! and i could just go alone...."

" no! Dave wanted to go when i was gonna go but i cannot go like this! im a emotional wreck!"

" that you are Kurt, that you are. Okay it's chill I will tell him, I just ,, it's just.."

" what Krist? Dude we've been besties since I was 5 you freaking know you can tell me anything, dude, I've even seen you naked, there is nothing I will judge you about and you know it."

" we promised not to ever talk about that time! Okay but the problem is it's kinda awkward with Dave now, I like him a lot but he is so wishy washy! Like I can't read him! Sometimes he acts like he likes me but he never does or says anything about it, and I can hardly stand it anymore, so I try not to be alone with him to much I might accidentally tell him how I feel."

"Krist. D'you think you need to, I don't know, TELL HIM HOW YOU FEEL?!?!?! You might be surprised at what happens. Take the chance man!"

" Kurt I cant." I said my voice cracking with sadness.

" I've gotten hurt too bad going out on limbs and stating how I feel blindly, remember when Chad finally convinced me to tell you how I felt , I had flowers and I brushed my hair, walked in our front door to find you half naked and making out with some chick, I actually heard my heart break I cannot take that again, I cannot fall for someone, work up the courage to speak to 'em to hear them say, sorry I'm straight. "

Kurt winced, " I'm really sorry Krist, if I had only known, I would have broken it to you easier, or at least been more careful about who I brought home, I didn't even know you were Gay when this went down. No, you're right, I remember you snapping and having to chase you down, talk you off the bridge then hold you as you sobbed, which had to have been weird that you were sobbing over me and I was the only person you trusted to help you through it,. You maybe should wait to tell him, but trust me this time, think about telling him. Okay? I do love you give me a hug"

We hugged, and as we embraced I said, " thanks Kurt" he knew what I ment when I said that, I ment I wasn't stilll in love with kurt but the pain was still fresh in my heart and mind, I was just a kid, 16 to be exact, I remembered the day at the bridge I was done, I wasn't going to kill myself over just Kurt, I had been thinking of it before but kurt just was the last straw that made me crack, I snapped and I called chad and I told him that I was done with everything and loved him as my own brother and hung up, I got ready to jump when kurt screamed 'stop' he pulled me down, he was strong for a little guy, and we just sat there on the path of the bridge kurt held me back and had my head under his chin whispering to me it would be okay. I was hysterical, sobbing muttering about how he didn't love me, something else about let me die, and kurt kept saying no it s okay I think he cried a little bit too. I was never the same after that sure I've gotten better, heck , I've dated Anthony , and now have fallen for Dave, but you just never not feel heartbreak. I shuddered and tried to shake that memory out of my mind. Dave was in the kitchen, then he spoke to me,

" so you okay Krist? You looked like you had a dark thought."

" haha, yeah I'm okay, I always have dark thoughts. Listen, um kurt said you wanted to go to town to the store, so yeah, I'm going to get some things kurt wanted, so you can come if you want. "

" okay, yeah sure I'd love to go With you . To the store to get stuff ,"

" oh, also kurt wants you to change your shirt. "

"Haha okay, give me sec, or I could meet you out at the van?"

" yeah sure,"

Minutes late we were in the van, I could hardly believe Kurt was letting, let alone wanting me to drive the van. Dave jumped in shotgun seat and we started down the road, it got very quiet quick so,

" oh Dave there is a cassette in the player, let's listen to it! Hey it looks like a mix tape, and it says 'for dave' it's in Kurt's writting! Play it!"

Dave pushed it in, then it started playing 'here comes your man' by the pixies, Dave gasped .

" WHAT?! I can't believe it!"

He skipped to the next one, and it was 'here comes your man' again! 8 times it was on that tape, 8 times in a row, Dave started laughing hysterically.

" that dog!" He said holding his side.

" why was that funny Dave? And why was it on there 8 times?"

" ummm,,,,,,, I,,, hate that song... Yeah, that's it I hate it. And kurt thinks it's ironic that I hate the song so he teases me about it."

" oh, yeah that's something kurt would do, he would put a song someone hated on a tape 8 times, I happen to actually like the song though, I like to imagine, it's me he is talking about to someone."

That made Dave laugh too, I'm not sure why and I wasn't sure I wanted to know.

* DAVE'S POV. (sorry about the really bad spelling when Joey Ramone comes in, it is me trying to represent his accent)*

Krist went to get the things kurt wanted and I went to go get what I needed, but instead I stumbled onto my life time hero Joey Ramone.

" oh my sweet garage band from Seattle!, you are Joey Ramone!"

" yeah, kid, can ya say it any louda im not sure the deli lad ov'a there heard ya."

" no, I heard him," he Said.

" I'm sorry Joey Ramone, it's just you are right here. You are my inspiration! I'm a drummer."

" ya fo'get about it! I love ta see inspiration, before I leave ya, any wisdom I can give ya?

" well, if it's not to much trouble , I'm in love with the bass player in my band, and I don't know how to let him know how I feel with out telling him straight out , I want him to know before tour, but I don't know how to let him know, and tonight we are having a movie night.."

" wall, 'eres watch ya gotta do, ya hall tale home And gettcha a Showa' then ya gettcha on some jeans an' a sweat shirt, then ya move in closa to 'em an' ya can use the imma cold excuse , then cuddle up to 'em with ya head on 'is shoulda an' ya holdan on to 'em , he'll get the picta! Good luck to ya boy.!"

" thanks Joey Ramone!" I hugged him.

" Fo'get about it! No problem, hope it works for ya," the. He walked off. I sighed,

" wow he was hard to understand!" I said to the deli worker.

Then we started laughing. Krist walked up.

" what's so funny Dave?"

" I just met Joey Ramone!"

" oh I see him in here all the time, he is really hard to understand! I got all the stuff, you ready to go?"

" yeah, sure!:)"


When we were in the van Dave quickly went to sleep, he looked so peaceful and adorible, I wold love to just watch him sleep if it weren't for the fact I was driving. I started humming ' here comes your man' except I was thinking of Dave, but that's what I had to stop, he wasn't my man. When I pulled into the drive way and shut of the van, I pulled my legs up under my chin and wrapped my arms around them, and just watched Dave sleep. Admiring his beauty. Then he woke up, and looked at me, I had to think up something.

" we just pulled up and I was trying to wake you, looks like it worked. Okay let's go in, I got the stuff."

Gosh I have to stop acting weird. I pretty much ran off and left Dave. I handed kurt the stuff, who actually looks more nervous than before if it's possible. Then I went and napped in my room. I woke up to Dave banging on my door, he said that Courtney was here. He looked like he just got out of the shower, but I didn't ask cuz that would be weird, Courtney and kurt were very similar, and they pretty much became joined at the hip the rest of the night, like we got popcorn, they got a bowl and Dave and I got bowl, he y sat on the couch together and Dave and I sat beneath them in the floor. I wasn't really paying attention to the movie my brain was occupied with Dave. About 20 mins in Dave moves in to me at an angle where my arm was around him, then he laid his head down on my shoulder and put his arm around my back, he got very snug next to me. I tensed up and every inch of my insides screamed at him, don't you know what you are doing to me Dave??!? If he knew what I useally fantasized came next he would have ran out the door. This was about to kill me but I relaxed at the thought of at least he is in my arms and I'm holding him. Yes I got comfy fast, I still felt reallly sad because this felt so right but he didn't even know I bet. It was all I could do to not start kissing him passionately, so I just started lightly rubbing his side with the side of my thumb. He seemed to enjoy it because he smiled up at me, I tried to smile back but I couldnt. This was a good growing moment for me , I gained some self control. Soon in his confortable position he fell asleep, and I tottally forgot about the movie and never stopped looking at the sleeping Dave in my arms. The movie ended so I gently picked him up like he was a child and took him into his room, I laid him down and kissed his head then walked out and to my room to sit in my pain. I decided I couldn't take any more and that I was going to Quit NIRVANA after the tour, and I would leave and never think of Dave Grohl again.


I was enjoying myself quite a lot with Kurt..

" Kurdty, you bass player friend, he's got it bad for Dave, doesn't he? Look at them! Why don't they just shag each other and get it done with?"

" haha I love you're sense of romance,Courtney, I've asked the same thing. Although this is the most skin I've seen them touch so this is step in the right direction. "

The movie we were watching was good, and kurt is ridiculously sweet, he did the whole. Yawn to put his arm around you trick. But alas the movie was over and Dave had fallen asleep and Krist, I think that's his name, took Dave and put him to bed them stormed off to his own room.

" kurt, dear, your bass player friend, he looks really upset, is he okay?"

" oh Courtney, Krist is a pain in my side sometimes but I love him to pieces, he gets discouraged easily he is fine, he is just probably in his room upset thinking about how he will quit the band after the tour like a wise crack."

" oh god kurt, that sounds horrid, you wanna like, talk to him?"

" no man, he has tried to quit the band 4 times but never can fully do it,I'm used to it. Now, let get to the important part of tonight, you want any cake?"

" hahaha cake is my favorite!"

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