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Dave came over and sat on the rug across from me.

"how are you holding up? are you doing okay? Anthony seemed to have left in a rush."

"yeah, im okay, he wanted to break up our half baked relationship, its cool im not bothered, there wasn't much to end."

" Krist, it is okay to be upset! you dont have to be mr. tough guy all of the time, hurting is normal. Youhave people to help you get through it too, Kurt and I are here for you." Dave said putting a hand on my shoulder.

I felt uncomfortable under Dave's gaze. "Thanks Dave, I truely am okay. I have my sights on someone else, but i felt obligated to Anthony so now i can put more effort into looking into the other person."

"well that's great news. Hey you still wanna help me unpack? I could use the help."

" well, does kurt wear a lot of layers?"

"hahahaha yes! so lets get to unpacking!"

I walked into his room, we started taking boxes and putting them up, Dave had a box of books and drumsticks, i had his clothes. I started folding and putting away in drawers, he was smalll, not Kurt small but much smaller than me. Sooner than i thought we had all the boxes and suitcases unpacked so i started on putting his bed together and he started on putting his drumset together, we didn't talk much but i was fine with that. When everything was put together Dave and i were hot and tired so we went to the kitchen, Kurt had fallen asleep laying longways on the couch with a bowl of popcorn on his chest, while watching a documentary about swedish flying squirrels. Im not surpriesed he fell asleep, I'd fall asleep too, but Kurt was into these kind of things.

I poured Dave and myself glasses of coke and orange juice mixed, when I said,

"Kurt watches those things all the time, you just kinda tune them out after awhile. Although, sometimes a good one will come on and i gladly watch it with him."

"yeah, My sister loved watching documentaries when we were little. My favorite was the one about aliens helping the nazies. But im anti-nazi,seriously anti-nazi.

"i've seen that one! and yeah im obviously anti-nazi."

"why are you obviously?"

" well, im croatain, my father was from croatia my mother was born here, but her parents were from there too, i was born here, concieved here, raised here til i was about 14 when my parents died and shipped me to croatia to live with my grandparents who DIDNT SPEAK ENGLISH!! and i didnt speak croatian. I know what you are thinking,wasn't there a war back then in croatia? the answer is yes! war broke out soon after i got there, it was very dangerous! so i jumped ship.Literally i stowed away on a ship back too america, then i walked back to Aberdeen and ended up infront of Kurt's front door, I stayed with him until he and moved out together. But yeah Croatia was highly suppressed by naziism in the nazi times. So yeah,,"

"That is a very interesting piece of information about you Krist, I'm very glad to have heard it."

" haha, anytime."

" so when's the wedding?" Kurt broke in, surprising Dave so much he spewed his drink.

"What?!?" We both asked at the same time.

" awww! See you two already finnish each other's sentences!!"

"Not cool kurt, I'm just getting to know Dave here, don't be a four year old."

"Geez!!! Don't get your bass strings in a wad, I was just joking ! This is good I want you guys to get along, so chill. I'm takeing my juice and imma leave!" He said pulling the entire jug of juice from the fridge and went to his room.

As soon as his door shut we both started laughing so hard. Kurt was hilarious and we both knew it. Soon we started sharing stories back and forth with each other until it was 2 Am.

" Dude! D'you know what time it is??? It's freaking 2am!! We need to get to bed kurt would be super upset if we were tired tomorrow at practice." Dave exsplained.

I blushed because of what he said, and I felt super uncomfortable thinking about what he would say if he knew what I thought.

" yeah I guess we do need to get to bed. Bye," and I got up and walked away to my room super fast cuz I was blushing and upset myself. I had to stop now, I had to quit thinking about Dave in that way and being all hot and bothered around him! He wasn't interested! I don't know why I do this to myself I always go after the ones where it will never work out! I started pacing around on my rug with the lights out, bitting my thumb to not sob out loud as the tears ran down my cheeks. About half an hour later Dave went into his room, I heard the door shut, I was still pacing around in a state of almost panic this was a baaaaaaddddddd case of feelings this time, next came the pit in my stomach,,but then again, it could be a pit of hunger because I don't eat, but still either way it was a pit and it hurt. About 5 I had worn myself down enough I had to go sleep so I colapsed on my bed to dream. Dream I did, haha, it was me and Anthony and Dave in the Heathrow airport, and we all walked around together but then Anthony ran off and it was just Dave and I in the huge place, I turned to him to say good thing we were together but he was gone too! I turned around and around in the crowd of people but I was all alone in Heathrow, they had left me. I woke up screaming, I caught my breath and rationalized what my dream ment, I knew it was just my subconscious being paranoid that Dave will reject similar to Anthony and leave me all alone in the world. I neede to chill! So I got up and went into the bathroom to shower and get ready for the day.

*DAVE'S POV (the next morning)*

I got up and went into our kitchen and sat there I was still bummed and questioning what happened last night. I hardly noticed that Kurt walked in and Set the empty jug of juice on the counter from last night. Then he spoke,

" so how are you this morning Dave?"

" not so good, can I talk with you Kurt?"

" Dave of course you can talk with me! Anytime . What's going on man?" He asked sitting down across from me."

" well, I think I like Krist, I remember approaching your table and seeing him and almost not being able to control myself if you know what I mean. But I don't think he likes me or I scared him off,, I just don't understand what happened last night! We were up talking and having fun then I said it was late and we should probably go to bed, but he got upset and left really quickly, like a wall went up or something, I was really sad, I'm not sure why he reacted that way."

" okay firstly, this is great news, Krist hates your guts."

" what!?" I sobbed.

" I kid, I kid. He loves you man, he said so himself, He probably got embarrised by something you said but didn't want you to know he was embarrassed . Krist doesn't a always know how to deal with things he runs away from them but that makes it worse for him. Dude just keep trying or just tell him, you guys will be great together and I love the idea unless it interferes with the band then I will have to replace you both."

." Will you not tell him how I feel? I want to be sure, gosh, I've never been so happy than right now,"

Just then Krist came out of his room and went into the bathroom. Kurt started humming and singing the song, "here comes your man." By the pixies. And smirking at me.

" dude, don't look at me that way, I'm going to tease you just like I do Krist over you. So you might as well enjoy the great music."

Then Krist came out fully changed and said, " good morning boys, who wants some of my world famous pancakes?"

Kurt and I both agreed to have some. Then I asked,

" Krist are you going to eat any of them?"

" no I don't eat them I only make for others, the people I care for."

I thought it was sweet but kurt started wistleing " here comes your man" and smirking.

" oh kurt that's my favorite song ." Said Krist happily.

Then kurt and I both started laughing.

Soon the pancakes were done kurt and I had a plate, Krist sat with us and drank Coke and coffee mixed. I tried them, he was right they were amazingly tasty! One thing is for sure if we ever ended up together I would never go hungry . I really needed to turn on the Grohl charm about now .


It was now practice time so we started practicing, we started out with "about a girl" then we played "something in the way" and " sliver" after that kurt started playing the intro to "here comes your man" so I played the bass line, I looked back at Dave and he was trying to glare at kurt but couldn't stop laughing, Kurt was laughing too like he played the song to spite Dave, I have no idea what importance the song is to Kurt and Dave but it is funny to watch. Over the next two months Dave has pretty much been inseparable with me, almost flirty and clingy I talked to kurt about he said it was just Dave's personality, don't get me wrong I love being with him and him being so close we are touching some way but it hurts cuz it's nothing. We've gotten to know each other so well through practices, movie nights, bowling, shopping, riding in the van, jogging, the boys eating and watching,preparing for tour, and staying up late and talking every night. I was so sure I loved him now I couldn't stand it and it literally hurt,I wasn't sure how much more I could take . Little did I know I had a lot more to deal with

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