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The best of you

When we got to Dave's house we went in, all three of us. Dave had all of his belongings put into 6 boxes and two suitcases. His drum set was also in the middle of thefloor still very intact, he went to work taking it apart a putting it in its holder. Kurt was struggling with one of the large suitcases and was getting no where. I sighed, it looked like i would have to use my powers for good today.

"here kurt let me handle this, you help Dave with the drums."

I took the suitcase Kurt handed me, and I held that one and the other, in one hand, then i grabbed three boxes stacked in one arm and carried it out to the van, i put them in then walked back in and grabbed the other three, Kurt and Dave were mostly finished. When i got those last boxes in the boys applauded me!

"wow krist, that was intense and awesome! you carried out my whole house in two trips! d'you think you you could get my bed from upstairs?" asked Dave.

"oh dont be silly! it wasnothing if you guys where almost 7ft tall and this dashingly handsom you would do the same, and sure I will be back with a bed very soon!" I joked.

I bounded up the stairs and found a bed,took carried down the matress first and tied it to the top of the van, then i took the head end and the feet end down and put them in, then the side panels. i saw that the boys had put his drums in too , i closed the doors and we were ready to go. We all piled in the van again, I was tired and hot, but i didnt want to go to sleep again,

" Kurt im BORED!!!! can we PLEASE turn on the radio????"

" hahaha, Krist you have fingers, turn it on man!"

So i turned on the radio, it was my favorite song! 'anarchy in the U.K.' by the Sex Pistols. I started singing loudly out of key because I can't sing but lo and behold Dave started singing to! but he sounded better than me. When it went off he apologized for his random singing but that was his favorite song.

" no way, thats my favorite song too Dave!"

" thats awesome! we are like song twins!"

Kurt smiled smuggly at me then spoke, " I can tell you guys are going to get along swimmingly." Dave and i both blushed and just kinda let the silence ride until we reached our flat, the boys carried in Dave's drums and I carried in everything else, we set them in his room for him.

" D'you want help unpacking Dave?" I asked hopefully.

"nope I've got it."

" oh, okay, well my room is literally right across from yours if you need anything, two steps away for me, four steps away for you and six steps away if you are kurt, so yeah, im gonna be in my room." I said awkwardly and a little disapointed. Then i walked into my room and shut the door, my emotions were racing and i didnt know what to do. I paced around the room then I unmade and remade my bed 7 times to keep my mind off him, then i sat down infront of the door and tried to imagine what Dave was doing right now, I had to quite because, well he was truely NOT doing what i started to imagine. I turned on my bass and started playing a random song, I hadn't heard it before so i started calling it hitting cuts. After awhile i heard banging on my door and yelling, i put down my bass, and opened the door.

" may i help you?" i asked alittle shortly. It was Dave at the door.

" yeah, sorry to make so much noise but you couldnt hear me, but there is someone here to see you, Kurt said to not give you an option of not comeing to see them, because you would really want to see this person. so yeah, come into the living room, oh, and throw on some old spice because, honey! he looks important." then Dave walked off chuckleing .

my breath caught in my throat because i had a pretty good idead of who was here to see me it was going to be an old boyfriend of mine his name was Anthony Kiedis from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. We had dated when we where younger but his band took off and my band was here, so we went our seperate ways, but we where still great friends and we hooked up each time he was around in town I was super excited. I ran into the sitting area and it was Anthony ! He was standing in my living room wearing his grey shirt and red pants and he had flowers too!

" Anthony!" i squealed and jumped on him with a hug.

" haha hi Krist! these are for you. Do you have somewhere we can go and talk?"

" thanks Anthony i will put these in water, and yeah, lets go to my room." I put the flowers in a vase and we walked into my room and sat down on my rug.

"It's very good to see you Anthony , I missed you a lot."

" you too Krist, but I have something to ask you,."

" anything Anthony! What is it?"

" well, I came to ask your blessing, I know we where never exclusive but we have an on going thing, but I became very interested in someone and we both agreed we needed to check with you and get any final closer you need or want. Are you okay with me seeing someone else full time?"

" oh Anthony! That's great you found someone who can be with you forever! Of course I'm fine with it im happy for you! Who is it? Is it john or Flea? They had better treat you right! I'm really glad for you."

" oh gosh it's good to hear it Krist, and yeah it is Flea, I guess I really do have a thing for bass players , we love each other so much, how did you know it was Flea?"

" I can tell by the way you look at him, and the way you guys talk about each other. Or the way your eyes light up at the sound of his name."

" ha that's the honest truth Krist, I do feel bad just leaving you like this but you are taking it very well, is there someone else for you? Honestly the way you and Dave look at each other and the way he talks about you and guessing sinceyour spirit and eyes just lit up at the mention of his name, I'd say he was the one for you Krist."

" I do like him but I just met him,and he isn't interested. But I do feel strongly for him, but this isn't about me, it's about you and Flea! Congrats baby!" We hugged for a long time I just felt good in his arms, letting his fermiliar smell of peppermint , guitar wax and the lightest scent of cocaine surround and comfort me one last time. I sighed and let our embrace end, I looked into his troubled eyes,

"I.am.going.to. Miss. You. I know you don't love me how you used to, and heck up until you walked through the door I thought maybe I didn't love you as much as I did, it's just all my feelings where reinforced when I saw you Anthony, in a couple months bring a Flea over I will have fully delt with this and I wanna see you guys being adorible. I am very happy for you and I want you to keep me updated mr! But this is all bittersweet.,"

" of course! Flea would love to see you, and you know Krist if you ever want to talk im always here for you."

" I know you are Anthony. Are you wanting to stay or do you have to go right away, I mean I obviously understand you can't stay with me like you normally would if you where here, I just wondered what now?"

"Well Krist it's not that I don't want to stay, because I do, and it's not me thinking of what Flea would say either because honestly Flea thinks we where gonna do what we normally would so that's not a problem eatheir im thinking of you, just because things ended just now doesn't mean I don't still know you cuz I do and you are going to need time to work this out with time alone, you need you time to be alone and walk around you room until your strength wears out and you cry the pain away like you do. I will call you later. I love you Krist," he said as he hugged me, kissed my cheek and walked out of my room.


So Anthony Kiedis and Krist just walked into Krist's room, maybe he wasn't actully interested in me like I thought. Now it's just me and Kurt in the living room, kurt looks humorus and I just feel awkward.

" so, how does Krist know Anthony?"

" oh they used to date. Then the chili peppers got big and Anthony had to go, but every once in awhile Anthony comes into town and they have a passionate few days together and Anthony leaves again, and I'm always here to pick up the pieces of poor heartbroken Krist when they are over. I assume that is why Anthony is here today."

"Well, Anthony said he wanted to talk. Maybe he is staying for good this time."

" ha! He would never leave the chili peppers, and honestly he just probably said that to get into the bed room quicker."

" how long do you think they will be in there, I mean they wouldn't,, you know, right now would they?"

" hahaha! You don't know Anthony like I do, and Um, I'd say the happy couple will be in there a long time. Oh Dave you look like you've been beaten or something chill man! Chill,. Let Krist have his fun while he can, not much makes the big guy smile anymore, the subject of Anthony does though. " Kurt exsplained.

I slid off the couch and laid in the floor, I must be feeling heart break over Krist right now I had never felt that before, I kinda felt sick, in about 20 mins Anthony came out of the room, alone, with clothes on,I stood up to meet him, he came right over to me looking intent,.

"Dave, I came here to ask Krist blessing for me and Flea, he said he was very happy for us but I know this boy, he is going to feel it, and hard, it will be horrible on him and he is so strong he will say it doesn't bother him but it will a lot, I see the way he looks when you are mentioned, and I see the way you talked to him, he is going to need someone to be there for him, and to take care of his feelings during this and I think you should do it, he needs you company now, I know you are nervous but please try to help him, thanks Dave."

After Anthony left I took a deep breath and walked down the hall to Krist' room I was going to cheer him up I knocked on the door.


I just sat there on the rug in disbelief, when there was a knock on the door and it opened, I looked over and it was Dave,!

" hey, "

" Hi."

" can I come in?"

" sure."

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