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Never was untrue.


" unhuh what Kurt?" I whined.

" today is the day we go and interview the new drummer!!! My old friend Dave Grohl!! Remember??" He was now jumping on my bed as I tried to cover my head up.


" please I beg unto thee, stop screaming,, and how the flip did you get in my room? Give me 20 mins I will be ready to go."

" oh, Krist, naive Krist,, I am an experienced lock picker. Get up!" He commanded and gave me a smack on the butt as he left.

Sometimes he could be a real piece of work but I loved him anyway. Oh, I guess I should let you in on what is going on, my name is Krist Novoselic, and the rude awakener was my best friend Kurt Cobain, we are the band Nirvana but we need a drummer, that is what we are going to find today, little did I know that we would be getting much more than a drummer. This story is about me and my love life with Dave Grohl, it will be me telling the story unless said that it is from Dave's point of view. Anyway, back to the story.

I dragged myself out of my room, in my normal grunge bass player get up, Kurt apologetically had a cup of coke-a-cola waiting for me, because he knew all to well I wasn't a morning person, and my head already was pounding, no I am not hung over, I think,.. I drank my coke, and we got in Kurt's car, I decided I would try to sleep some more. That was the one thing, I had no trouble or worries with Kurt's driving he was the safest driver i knew, I felt more comfortable with his driving than my own mothers.

" Dude, you want some food? I brought some bananas." Said Kurt.

" no man, you know I don't eat."

" Krist, you eat less than me and that's saying something!"

" well at least you like food, i cannot afford to like food, how else would I sustain this beautiful figure." I said sarcastically, as I presented all 6ft,'8 inches of me stretched out in the front seat. Kurt just smacked me on the leg and we rode in the humorous silence. I apparently went to sleep because soon he was shaking me awake saying we are here. We were at my least favorite restaurant ever, but it also happened to be Kurt's favorite, so the meeting was there. We sat at our usual place, and waited for this Dave Grohl guy, whom I had no idea who was. I personally got a little cross, I could be sleeping, or Kurt and I could be jamming.. My thoughts were interrupted by the bell of someone entering, I looked over and almost fell out of the booth. What looked like an angel walked in, I had never seen this boy before he was purely beautiful. He was about 5'11and very scrawny he was wearing a green sweater with ripped jeans, his hair was black and super long , it was in his eyes when he walked. His skin was so smooth and he was just fair skinned and I loved him from that moment. I closed my mouth and looked away because I had been blatantly staring. Then I spoke up,

" Kurt!, look at the guy who just walked in, he Is beautiful, I like him a lot, he is the most attractive person I've ever seen! Look!"

Kurt just laughed , like serious laughing he wouldn't tell me why but the guy started walking over, I got a bit nervous, then he slid in beside Kurt and it hit me. This was Dave. I was in shock, at that moment I prayed to every god I knew of to please just let Dave be in the band. Kurt finally stopped laughing and tried to catch his breath.

" Dave, I would like you to meet my best friend, my bass player, my other half , Krist novoselic! Krist, oh Krist my boy, this is Dave." Kurt smirked at me and I thought oh gods no.

" H-hi Krist. It's nice to meet you.."

" uh huh,," oh gee really intelligent there.

I pretty much zoned out just staring at Dave until Kurt brought my attention back to the conversation.

"What do you think Krist? , krist? Krist? KRIST!!"

" oh, huh?"

" what do you think?"

" about??"

" Dave being in the band,duh! Were you not listening to the past 30 min conversation?"

" oh, I was, yes!! Defiantly yes! He will be great!! Welcome to the band, brother!"

" yay!" Said Dave.

" yay!" Agreed Kurt, and I just sat there smiling so big like a complete idiot. Kurt and Dave got some food but I couldn't eat in this condition,so I just sat there, then I randomly spoke.

" so, Dave are you single?" Which promptly made Kurt spray his drink In shock.

" uh, yeah, I'm single and have been since,,, oh yeah, day one. And you?"

" yeah I'm single, so is Kurt, we just thought it's best to be a single band." Inside my head I was face palming myself because I'm such an idiot.

" oh that's a cruel rule."

" and it is now a demolished rule." Stated kurt . They finished their food and we all got up, when I got up Dave gasped.

" dude, whoa you're really tall man! I couldn't even tell from the booth. That's awesome dude."

I blushed and just asked Kurt if we could just go, we all piled in, even Dave because he skateboarded here and would be now staying with us since he was in the band. Soon he fell asleep and it was only kurt and I awake. Kurt would glance over at me for just a second to talk with me,

" Krist, you need to be carful with Dave, don't get attached and him not want the attachment. I've known you since 3rd grade and I've never seen you look at someone the way you did him. I hope it works out."

" thanks kurt, and you know me, I can get over anything, I got over you didn't I ? And I believe I looked at you that way?"

" yeah, but this is different you haven't known Dave for ever like you have me. And feel free to take a rest if you want, you are going to need it we have lots to do."

" okay." I yawned and rolled over feeling so warm and so satisfied and happy all at once, I couldn't wait to get to know the beautiful sleeping boy behind me, Dave grohl.

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