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Do you love me?


Kurt and I where making some spagetti, we had jammed all day, he was a great guitarist. I was stirring noodles and kurt was handing me what I needed next.

"Hey kurt can you had me the paprika?"

" sure Krist.."

" Thanks Kurt."

" No problem." Then we just stood there cooking.

" so kurt I was thinking, what if maybe I moved a bed into my room and we are offical room mates? "

"Sure Krist! That's awesome! " we just finnished our spaggetti when I heand a knock on the door, I was not expecting who was at it. it was my evil aunt who I argued with on the phone, what the hell was she doing Here? I stood there in shock.

" hello, Kristipher, how are you?" She said with her meaness dripping from Her words.

" uh. Hi, it's just Krist by the way Aunt Maria Shapiro. What in the hel-heavens Are you. Doing here???"

" I came to help you with your , , problem, the tax problem? remember it had to do with your mom, can I come in?"

" oh uh yeah come in, thanks by the way." Kurt walked up to me he looked confused.

" oh I'm being rude, Kurt this is my aunt Maria, Aunt Maria this is Kurt."

" oh hello Darrling, Krist dear, you have great taste in boyfriends." Kurt and I both blushed,

" Aunt Maria, Kurt is not my boyfriend he is just a friend who im helping out."

" well , what a shame you two would be cute! I'm going to go rest after my journey, is that okay Krist?"

" uh yeah, go ahead. Third door on the right." Then she walked off, I was still in shock. She was here and being nice? My dad hated her, I thought he was right but- nope she has always been an evil skank she will alway be one. I walked up to my room and layed down this was shocking me too much to stay down stairs.


Krist just walked up the stairs with mouth hanging open in shock, didn't say a word, oh well im fine I just put on a Beatles record and sat down. I thought about his Aunt, she looked cool, she was wearing some black pants with a black and white top, she was a lot shorter than Krist but taller than me, by a lot too. She had brown hair that was medium length that she kept up in a hair tie. She sertaintly didn't seem evil, she thought Krist and I would be cute together, I thought that too, i like him, but he doesn't know, he can't know he helped me so much he would think I was horrible probably. I sighed deeply and pulled my knees up under my chin while I was on the couch thinking about Krist while listening to the Beatles. All of a sudden I desided I was not going to just sit there and feel sad and trapped, I spent my entire life doing that, but Not any more! I got up thanked John Lennon for inspiring me to do this with his music and walked up the stairs to talk to Krist. I knocked on the door and he said come in.

" Hi Krist."

" Hey Kurt, this is your room too, you don't have to knock." Krist answered, he was lying on the bed looking straight up at the ceiling.

" I know I just wanted to make sure you were not sleeping." I laid down next to him, looking up too.

" so, uh Krist, nice weather we're having, today." I said in pure awkwardness, I silently kicked myself for saying that.

" yup."

" so are you dating anyone Krist?" I asked hopefully.

" no, I am not seeing anyone right now. Why?"

" no reason, I just wondered About your life some, do you like anyone ??!?!" I smiled because at least he is single. Krist stayed silent a long time before he answered, I wasn't sure he was going to answer.

" No Kurt,I don't like anyone in that way." I kinda felt my heart shatter, I tried to make it not seem obvious.

" ah I see, I've been there ." I rambled on about something trying to not cry. I couldn't take it, I snuggled close to Krist in this kind of hug where he held me at his side and yet my head was on his chest . I had my eyes shut while holding onto him so I wouldn't cry but had comfort. We fell asleep in each other's arms.


Kurt just asked me if I liked anyone, at first I got really excited but then I realized I couldn't tell him how I felt. So I laid there weightino out the cons and pros, I had to lie.

" no Kurt, I don't like anyone in that way." I felt my heart shatter, because it was a lie I loved him so much but I could say so the pain of not telling him,of lying go keep him safe and here , it hurt terribly but was worth him. I held him in my arms he was so sweet and adorible, we just fell asleep together. I forgot all the bad things for that time. If everything could ever be this real forever, if anything could ever feel this good again.

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