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Underneath The Bridge.

I was so excited to be here! I was starving, for adventure!!!!!!! hahahhaha! There was people everywhere, they all looked like artists or trouble, my kind of people. The sound of guitars were everywhere, as i walked around i found myself on the corner of 14th and U, there was a street band playing, there was a drummer playing 5 gallon buckets, a guitarist, an acoustic bass player and girl with a tambourine, i just stood there in shock so in awe of what they did. The guitarist walked up to me and spoke,

"Yo, Blondie we need a singer with a swinging pair of pipes, plus bring your axe out, jam with us. "

" okay!" I grabbed my electric out, and played it unplugged with them, then sang some, the word just came.

"But I can't see you every night, free, but I do, lalalalalalalalalalala" So it needed work, but for ad libs it was good. We jammed over an hour, and my arms got tired, so i told them i was gonna go explore the city. I wandered around looking at public art, listening to music and watching chalk drawers. This was amazing but then it started to rain, and i remembered i had no housing plans. I put my hood up and walked until i saw a little hotel it said on the sign,

"Welcome to the Hotel Yorba, all we got inside is vacancy."

hmm, sounded promising. I walked in, there was a guy and girl at the front desk, they looked a bit strange but also really cool, i walked up to them,

"Hi!, what is your cheapest room?"

"hey, welcome to the Hotel Yorba, our cheapest room is 50$. You can take the elevator to the rooms."

" ack! That much? "

" yeah, how old are you? Maybe you could stay with Meg and I?"

" uh, that's alright, I can't tell you my age,,"

," wait a second, you fit the discription of the missing kid report, you in trouble?"

" no that's not, me. Look the rain died down some, I will go, if I can't find anywhere else maybe I will join you and Meg?"

" sure kid, don't be afraid to come back, bye now."

I ran out of there as quick as I could, I had to find somewhere else, I think I spoke to quick about the rain, because it started pouring again. I ran looking for anything , then I came up to this bridge, with a river under it. I accidentally slid down the slope, almost hitting the water, but stopped myself, I noticed that there was a platform under the bridge, I assume it was part of the bridge's leg, but it had a wall to lean against as well, I sighed, it would do for tonight. I was worried that the river might, rise up and cover the platform but it looked fine, I figured if I woke up tonight in water, then I would know. I just sat under the bridge, I was very cold, so I looked around for some halfway dry sticks, then I reached out of the side of the bridge and grabbed some grass, I pulled out my lighter and set it on fire. I got warm next to it then I fell asleep. I woke up the next morning, I had slept over 14 hours! I picked up all my stuff and headed to town to find breakfast. I ended up getting coffee and headed to find people to jam with . I didn't find anyone right away so I kept walking, I walked down this alleyway but then these guys jumped out and demanded I give them my guitar and bag.

" you want my bag? I will give you my bag!" Then I hit him in the face as hard as I could with my bag then I started running as fast as I. Could to the bridge. I finally got there, and I sat under there catching breath, then to my horror he showed up under the bridge too! I stood up and we started fighting ,he was a lot bigger than me so it wasn't fair. But I, being smart, pushed him in the rapid moving water and he floated away. I was starting to like this bridge , I could stay here,, so i decided I would no body seemed to use it so I though I would, I hung up my posters on the wall, I put my blanket beside my fire pit, and I set my bag and guitar beside the blanket. I quickly came to terms with staying here it was cool, I had a never ending water supply, no one ever bothered me down there I could write and play the guitar as much as I wanted and no one cared. There were a few problems, I couldnt shower , I was running out of money for food fast and it rained all the time, but I was one no body's time but my own, and some times I go up and try to get some money from guitar playing but no one likes the sound of an unplugged electric, so that didn't work.


it has been three weeks since I ran out of money, it has gotten so very cold I wear so many layers now, I haven't eaten in 5 days, I drink lots of water and try to brew grass tea, I keep trying to catch fish like I did 5 days ago but it doesn't work, I am too tired to even capitalize every other letter now. I sometimes wonder if this was a mistake but then I remember it is better than beatings. I am very weak, I am not sure how much exactly but I have lost a lot of weight. I am not sure how much longer I can go on. I sit here hugging my guitar, or playing it, my time is taken up by guitar, trying to fish with the fishing pole I made from a stick, the string and paper clips I brought, writing in this journal or sleeping, I find myself sleeping most of the time, I think my body needs it because I don't eat. I think someone up there does care, because last night a cat came down here, and has stayed with me ever since, I have been feeding it dandelions it likes me, it has a collar so I know it belongs to someone but for now it is with me. But it is more free than me, it comes and goes but I hardly go up anymore, I sit here curled up in the fetal position with no hope. Also I think I am getting sick on top of all that.Signing off.

I closed my book and sighed, there was an unstoppable hunger in my stomach, the cat brushed up under my hand so I scratched it, I had started calling it Puff, I curled up with him, and just sat there, then I fell asleep. When I woke up Puff was gone, I was sad but I hoped he would come back, I liked having a pet. I started strumming my guitar, when all of a sudden a guy came under the bridge with me! I kinda screamed.

" who are you?"

" um, I am Krist Novoselic, I am looking for my pet cat he ran away 2 days ago, I have been looking everywhere so I decided to check here, who are you?"

" whoa, I didn't need your sob story. My name is Kurt Cobain, don't wear it out. I haven't seen your cat." I lied to him.

" oh, that's too bad, I really miss him, hey, do you live here? How old are you? 12?"

" haha, no I don't live here! I come here to play my guitar and think, and I am not 12! I am 16."

" oh, yeah sure. You look like you have had a rough day then, and I wouldn't want to stay under here much longer there is a blizzard coming through, that is why I was hoping to find Mr. Tickles, my cat. "

" o-oh, a blizzard? And dude, Mr. Tickles Is a horrible cat name, Puff is waaaay better." Suddenly I started coughing, I am not sure why but I did, really hard.

," Puff? Sounds cute, dude you okay? Can I give you a ride home or something?"

" uh-ggh." I coughed more, " n-no I will be fine,hope you find your cat."

" okay, thanks bro." Then he left. I felt bad for lying to him, he was nice and the most human contact I had since a month ago. I really think I was getting sick, because it was 30F and I was getting hot, so I unlayered, that was better, I kept coughing though, every couple seconds. I put up my guitar , and put my thin jacket over my t shirt, then to my surprise Puff came back! I was laying down because I was feeling worse, he came over and curled up with me.

" your owner is looking for you,"

" meow!"

" oh, great i am going crazy, I am talking to a cat."

" Meow."

I made a fire, then went right back to the corner to huddle, I was getting very sick now I could barely move, I fed Puff a few dandelions as I layed there. Then it started snowing, just a little bit, it was beautiful, puff and I went to bed for the night. The next afternoon I woke up screaming in pain I think. My stomach was killer, my throat felt like sadpaper my head pounded and I could not move anything! I tried but I couldn't, my fire was out, it was still snowing, but it was getting faster I think, Puff had crawled into my jacket with me, I'm glad he was okay. All of a sudden I got warm and I was remembering my childhood before things got bad with my parents and I, it was so calm and happy I wish I could go back there, so I will just remember it in this new strange warmth.

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