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Mikey sat in his chair quietly drinking his coffee. Then, a hungry looking Gerard appeared. Mikey, who had been wearing his beanie hat, looked up. Gerard, with a hungry look on his face, eyed the scrany kid his called his brother. "Uh. Gerard?" Gerard jumped. "BEAN!!" He quickly ran to Mikey and began bitting the younger boy's arm. "Gerard! WTF!!??" Mikey yelled. Sudden, a just as hungry Frank came and began nibbling on Mikey's face. Ray and Bob showed up a little while later. Both of which, began bitting on Mikey's toes. Bob yanked Mikey's toe off and spat it out. "Yack! This isn't a bean!" Frank reached up and pulled the hat off of the now crying Mikey's head. "It's Mikey!!" He yelled!

After about of minute of everyone stopping chewing on Mikey, Dave Grohl came into the room with his big horse-like jaw. Kurt Cobain following after him with tears in his eyes. Off of Kurt's hair was missing. he yelled, "Run! Dave is a horse! he'll g eat your hair!" Mikey got up but then Dave attacked him and grabbed all of Mikey's hair in the process.

Mikey became bald, and thus the idea for the Black Parade's bald patient was born! Forget the load of shit Gerard told you!

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