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Kurt Cobain's P.O.V.

I woke up when the warmth of the sun's rays hit my face and my nose started to tingle. I moved gently and sat up. I felt weird for some reason. My head was pounding and I knew I had a hangover. But, why was I on the floor? I turned slightly and felt something move next to me. I jumped slightly but it grabbed my hips and pulled me into an embrace. I wanted to scream, but it stroked my hair and kissed me. It sat up and held me, us both sitting up now.

He pulled away and looked in my eyes. Who was this guy? Had I brought him home last night? Was the pain in my lower back cuz of him? Maybe. He began to talk. "Hey, babe. You must be pretty shocked." I was confused. Shocked?

"Wh-what?" I couldn't talk good. My throat felt rough, almost as if I was using it alot. Maybe I was. Dear god.

He giggled and kissed my forehead. "I'm Dave Grohl. You know, meet at a bar, took you to your place, to drunk to walk, fucked, DIDN'T give you a one-night stand. Remember?" It all came back. He had been the one to drive me home when I was COMPLETELY wasted. No wonder my ass and throat hurt. We must have fucked ALL night! Wow. He didn't leave. I'm, touched.

He smirked and placed his hand on mine. "You know, I didn't leave last night because I wanted to make sure you slept okay. So, how'd you sleep?" I smiled and I felt so happy. Some random guy stayed last night, taking the risk of me waking up and possibly bringing him to court for 'rape'.

I could've done that, but no. He was sweet. He got up and that's when I realized he was naked! I almost got a nosebleed from watching him walk into the kitchen. Then I realized I was naked from the waist down. I was only wearing my opened button down shirt. I got up and waked behind him. He was standing in the ktichen with a frying pan on the stove and a few eggs on the counter.

I cigarette hung between his lips and I couldn't help but wish I were that cigarette as he inhaled it deeply. I grabbed my boxers from the floor next to my feet and placed them on. He turned and smiled and I began to blush madly. He walked next to me and reached by my feet for his boxers. On his way up he placed a kiss on my stomach.

I was star struck as he slide his boxers up and began to crack two eggs and pour their contents into the pan. He started to keep the yorks perfect until they burst, so he quickly moved the around and made scrambled eggs. He began to toast some bread next to him and gropped a plate on the counter.

For some reason, I found this to be sexy. I didn't know why, but now I wanted him to fuck me because he knew how to fry eggs. It was hott. He was hott. I walked up behind him and wrapped him arms around him waist. He was taller than me by a few inches. He turned slightly and plaved the eggs on the newlt toasted bread. It turned in my hug and handed me the plate. "Here. You're very thin. You should start eating some more." I grabbed the plates and he made some breakfast for himself. We sat at the table and ate.

First I thought he was hott for cooking, then I thought he was annoying because he cooked for me to eat. I hate my body. I'm always thin and people always point that out to me. I want to weigh more than 99 pounds for once. After food, we went to my bedroom and laid on my bed. My head was in the crook of his neck and he held me tight. My legs bent up slightly and his legs matched.

The world was finally at peace. He kissed me gently on my head and I turned it upward to meet his gaze. He smiled and pecked my lips. "I love you. I don't know you're name, cuz you barely talk, but I love you." He spoke gently. His words conforted me.

"Kurt. My name's Kurt. Cobain." He giggled and his grip on me grew tighter. I loved it. That day, we spent in bed, getting rid of our hangovers and just watching TV half naked.

Night came and we still spent it together. With him between my legs and me panting wildly. I loved the rush he gave me! It was rough and wild and unorganized, but I was having a thrill. He made me moan and pant and come and... oh god! Again! I loved it all. I loved Dave Grohl!

I pulled his hair and he thrust in me. And I screamed and he groaned. It's amzing. I've known him for 2 nights and 1 day and... I love him. I need to tell Krist about him. So I called him that morning. While I walked around the living room with a phone in my hand held to my ear, Dave slept in the bedroom. He had out done himself last night.

I told Krist how we meet and how we spent the previous day together. He laughed and asked to meet Dave. Of course, I agreed. Krist came around noon. By then Dave had awaken and was holding me gently on the couch. My back to his chest, his arms around my stomach. I held his arms gingerly while my feet were on the couch turned to the left. I laid between his legs and his head was by my ear, whispering sweet nothings. I was defnityly in love.

Krist didn't knock. He never does. He came in and squealed when he saw us cuddling. On the TV was some news report about a little boy being molested by the priest in his church. We weren't paying attention. Krsit came ans sat next to us holding out a bag of chinese food he had picked up on his way over. Dave grabbed it and brought it to the table. I came behind him and wrapped my arms around him again. I kissed the top of his back by his neck and he giggled.

Krist was behind us squealing and making kissy faces at us. We just smiled and nodded.

It's been three years since that day me and Dave meet. We got drunk, rode around, and fucked. And now we're getting married. Him in a black tux with a white shirt and black tie and me in a matching outfit with my tux jacket a bit bigger than my body, making it hang losely.

We say our vows and 'i do's and we kiss. Just like the night we meet. But this time, I wasn't wasted out of my mind. That happened later at the reciption. We had our wedding night. Krist wanted to record it. Sick weirdo. I love him. But not like the way I love my Mister Dave Grohl.

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