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Dave sat in the Foo Fighter's cabin like thingy. Again. But this time it was diferent. It was New Years, 1995. Well, going into 1995. He was alone. Everyone else was up staris getting drunk and ready to count down to the new year. But not him. He was alone.

Only a few monthes ago, his best friend and lover had passed. Of course, this would be Kurt Cobain. He felt horrible. not just for his death. But for abdoning Nirvana to start Foo Fighters. This is what caused Kurt's death. Dave wanted to leave. Well, so did Kurt.


Dave sat in his room with a picutre frame in his hand. It was of him and his lover. Kurt. So young and beautiful. His long blonde hair. his piercing blue eyes. So clear. Just lke the sky.

But Dave didn't know the sky was so blue. All he knew, was that after Kurt's death, everything turned black. Wheither it was the sky, the shops, his band, or his clothes. Everything was black.

Then it hit him. /His band. The band he had started. How about Nirvana? he started that too! With... Kurt. When they were young and drunk and care free to everything.


It was time for the count down. He could tell. Everyone upstairs was shouting it. 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1! Happy new years.

He went to his picture frame. "Happy New Years, Kurt. For once, I don't have you with me. I hope you rest peacefully. Happy New years. love you." He rubbed the picture with his finger and let some tears slip. 'Dear God. I can't do this!'

He stood up. After walking to his cabinet and coming back to the picture, he smiled. "I'm joining you Kurt. Just wait for me."

A blast from the gun went silent from the noises up stairs. No one knew what Dave had done. Until later.


A bright light hit Dave as he stepped forth. 'Oh my God.' Was all he could think and say. Then he saw some shapes. Gates? Yes! Gates! To Heaven. Oh God! They're beautiful. Wait. Someone? Oh God. Could it? No. Yes!

Dave ran forth. As expected. There was an angel waiting for him at the gate.

Long blonde hair. Clear blue eyes. A gorgeous smile on his soft lips. Dave cried. "Kurt!" He ran to the angel but stopped right in front of him. "K-Kurt. Did- Did you wait for me?" He nodded. "Kurt. I love you. Please. Tell me why you did this!" Kurt put his head down.

From behind Kurt came a new type of bright light. A nice soft one. "Dave." Dave stared as these lights turned into something solid on Kurt's back. "everyone angel needs it's wings. You always told me I was angel. Well, now I am."

A few more tears fell from Dave's eyes and kurt wrapped his arms around Dave's neck. "why did you leave me, Kurt?" He held Kurt tightly.

Kurt pulled back and lefted Dave's face by his chin. "I never left you. I was always there. But it was my time to go on the stairway. I'm sorry. But heaven was calling."

Dave let it be. Now they were both happy with each other. Both, on the Stairway to Heaven.

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