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Krist's P.O.V.

Me, Dave, and a few of our friends sat in the dinning area of Brandon (our friend and person's house for the night) eating from about 4 pizza boxes. All 5 of us guzzled down slice after slice until only one box was left. Dave took one and ate it and I ate my 5th slice. I looked around as everyone laughed and then realized, where's Kurt? I ask Dave. He shrugs.

Kurt hasn't eaten anything today and needs to eat some pizza. I grab a paper plate and place 2 slices. I go around the house with Brandon trying to find Kurt. He's sitting in Brandon's daughter's room, who was out for the night. He's sitting in the corner staring into nothing in complete darkness. I hand Brandon the plate and walked to Kurt. I knelt in front of him and held his shoulder.

He looked at me as if in a horror movie. He said nothing but a single tear fell from his eye. I grabbed his limp body and held him. I'm not sure why he didn't move, but I just held him and he let tears fall. I lifted him and told Brandon he just needs some sleep. I brought him to the guest room where him, me, and Dave were going to sleep. I sat him on the ved and handed him the plate.

He wouldn't eat. I sat with him when Brandon went back party. I held the pizza to his face until he nibbled alittle bit off. His hand were constantly twitching and he mumbled little things that made no sense. He nibbled tiny bites and I stroked his back to make him sallow. I hate this state of Kurt. I hate it. He's so vulnerable.


Everyone went home except us and Brandon. "You guys know tht this room is sound proof, so if you wanna, you know, you can. I won't hear it." We all laughed and I helped Kurt get ready for bed. I laid him down in the middle of the only bed. Dave laid to his left and me to his right.

Kurt's P.O.V.

I laid in bed in between Dave and Krist. It was comfortable, but I could tell wanted to get laid. He began touching my back and I buried my head into the pillow. Krist pushed his hand away but i wanted it. I felt so alone. I made a small needy noise and he smirked and began again. Krist wasn't sure what to do. He knew I liked it but wasn't sure that I should like it.

I smirked as Dave began to moan in my ear. I turned to my back and he climbed onto me. We began kissing and Krist just watched as we did this. I could tell he was getting horny like Dave and myself. I reached up to Dave's hair and pulled on it. He tugged on my shirt's hem and reached his hand under it. he stroked my stomach and chest under my shirt and I moaned loudly.

Dave kissed from my lips to my ear an spoke softly, soft enough for Krist not to hear him but loud enough so I could. "Wanna have a threesome with Krist?" I smiled and nodded. He spoke to Krist. "Hey, wanna join us?" Krist nodded a bit rushed he sat up. Krist sat down and I sat on his lap. Krist touched my chest and stomach and moaned behind me. Dave was in front of me and he had taken my shirt off. He played with my nipples and bellybutton. I moaned loudly as Krist touched my no-no area.

Dave began to kiss my neck and we all began to sweat abit. I moaned as I felt Krist take his shirt and pants off at the same time Dave removed mine. Krist held me close to him and he licked and kiss the back of my neck. I moved my arms foward almost to get out of his grip as I helped Dave. I felt like kid being held by his parent. He held me so close and I moaned as he kissed my back and I felt his erection more now.

Dave removed his shirt and I untied his pajama pants. He took them off and I saw his naked body as it went towards me and he nibbled on my neck. I was stuck between the two most amazing people in the world as they pleasured themselves, myself, and each other. Krist reached off to the nightstand and took some lube out. He covered himself and told me to sit down on him. I did as I was told and I felt him enter me. Dave took the lube and covered his fingers. I felt Krist leave me and Dave began to strech me.

He covered himself and took me onto himself. He push into me and Krist came from behind. i was pushed back and forth between the two as they took turns. Dave began touching myself at one time and Krist pushed me down. On my hands and knees, only Krist contiued because Dave wanted to jerk off. I felt him come and screamed as I did as well. Dave moaned loudly but didn't come until he pulled me and made me suck until he did.

We finished and laid down. I smiled as they both held me close. I felt so loved. I laid in between them and we all snuggled. I grinned ad laughed loudly as Krist jumped up. "What the fuck just happened?!" I got up and pulled his down. Dave sat up and began to smoke a cigarette. I kissed Krist on the lips, wildly and Dave smiled.

I sat up and so did Krist. I took Dave's cigarette and took a long drag. Krist stole it as I blew out and began to puff it. Dave got mad and handed me my own and Krist his own. I kissed them both one after another and I got two kisses at the same time on the cheek. I blushed. I'm loved.

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