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Dave's P.O.V.

Nirvana was yet again touring. And now we were in England. Britain. Great! Britian! Pssh.

We're walking on the side walk when we look at the curb to find, in big white letters, 'LOOK RIGHT'. I was ahead of the group so I turned around and walked back to them. "I can't understnd this traffic shit."

Of course, Krist being the loud mouth cursing one interupes. "F*ck the traffic!" He turned to the street where a few cars were driving by. "F*ck it man! Start driving normally!! What's your problem?!"

Kurt giggled sweetly. His arms were folded over his chest. His infamous green overcoat hung limply over his thin body. The way it looks, being so long and Kurt's arms folded, made him look like he was in a mental asylum in a straightjacket. He was wearing his nicest outfit. His red and black striped shirt and a pair of loose, cut up raggity jeans. His hair was the best part though. Stringy and greasy looking as it fell from his head, in front of his face, and off his ears.

Krist and me weren't as dressed nicely like Kurt. I was wearing a black jacket covering only up to my stomach, and a pair of blue jeans all nice and fixed. Unlike Kurt's. But when though his were ripped everywhere, he still made them look good.


. efore the Concert:.

We were walking down a hallway to the stage when Krist decided to trip himself and Kurt. I pushed Krist for being a retard and helped Kurt up. "Thanks." I love Kurt's voice. So angelic. So pure. So full of pain.

"WTF man!? You help Kurt up but push me!" Krist was joking but it still got him upset. I always did help Kurt before him. "Oh! I understand! Dave~ has a cruuushhh~!"

We were sitting on the couch in the studio before the show. Krist was sitting on the arm chair and me and Kurt were sitting together on the couch. Kurt was sitting crouched low with his hood over his head slightly. I was sitting up straight.

"I do not!" I rebutted, blushing deeply. Kurt giggled and I could tell he was blushing too. I turned to him as he was looking the other way.

Krist put his hand up to his face like a a person would do if they were in love in a TV show. "Awww~! Kurt and Dave sitting in a tree. F-U-C-K-I-N-G!!"

I attacked krist tackleing him to the ground blushing VERY deeply. Kurt doesn't know how I care for him and he isn't about to find out. Krist laughed and I could hear shuffling behind me. I stop and look back to see Kurt had pulled his legs up onto the couch and was hugging them gingerly. He always did this when he was depressed. He blinked slowly and starred at the floor.

I stood up and walked over to him. He looked up at me. "Are you okay? You seem sad."

He sighed and smiled slightly. "Yeah. Just tired." I moved and sat down next to him. He looked at me saddly and laid his head on my shoulder. He alway did this. And I love it even more every time he does.

"Are you sure? If your tired, we can cancel the show."

"No! I'm fine. I'll take a nap after the show." He smiles at me brightly. I smile to. His smile is so contagious.



Buzz Love. I love that song. Kurt was singing happily and Krist was playing. I was banging the drums rythmly. (coughcough wishes he could bang Kurt cough) After the second verse, Kurt decided to jump into the crowd. Bad idea. Soon he's in a tug-a-war between the audience and the security guards. I know Kurt can get wild during a show, but then he started hitting one of the guilds with his guitar. Both groups let him go and start fighting with each other.

Kurt summersults away from them and towards the back of the stage. A soon as he gets up, the guild he had attacked with his guitar punched him.

'Oh no he didn't.' Kurt fall as Krist and me stop playing and I jump over my drums, running towards him. Krist, me, and other guards start yelling at the one who just hit my beloved Kurt.

I slip away from them and go quickly to Kurt. He's laying on his side with his guitar next to him. The guitar is broken and he is unconscience. I pick him up and craddle his head on my neck, supporting him with one arm under his knees and the other on his lower back.

I look at him as he lays in my arms so still. his cheek is starting to swell and his mouth is slightly open. He looks peaceful. I turn and leave the stage. The crowd is yelling at the guard things like 'No!' and 'Bullsh*t!'


I was backstage with Kurt. He was laying on th couch with his head on my lap. I was holding an ice-pack to my Kurty's face. Yes. Kurty.That's my nickname for him. He woke up after a while.

He sat up and looked at my, holding his cheek. "D-Dave. Ow!"

"Lay down, Kurt. When Krist comes back, we'll rake you to the doctor. I think you broke your cheek bone. He did as he was told and placed his head back on my lap. He turned it slightly and nuzzled into the bottom of my stomach a little. I blushed as he smiled warmly. I was so surprised that I didn't have boner by now.

I love Kurty. And I think loes me too. But not now. Eventually. Maybe.

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