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Dave's P.o.V.

I sat in the living area of our cabin/studio place playing around with the new video camera I had gotten today. I heard the front door open and I turned to see Kurt come in. I smiled and turned the now recording camera on him. He giggled and took off his thin green brown coat off. "What's this?" He moved closer to me and put his face to the camera. He smiled and crossed his eyes. "Are you filming?" I nodded and he took it and turned it on me. I put my hands to my ears and wiggled my fingers while sticking out my tongue, blowing up my cheeks, and crossing my eyes. He laughed.

He clicked the button to turn it off and sat next to me. I turned slightly as he shrunk down into his seat. I placed one hand next to him and the other wrist over his head. He smiled and moved up a bit placing a kiss on my lips. I pushed him down and he giggled cutely. I laid next ontop of him and we kissed for a minute.

"I have an idea of what we can film, Dave." I smiled and made a questional sound. "How's about we go into the bedroom and... film." He reached up and stroked my cheek with his index finger. I smiled and picked him up dragging in to the bedroom bridle-style. "I hope one day you can bring me here like this for a reason." He wrapped his arms around my neck while saying that.

"You mean... marriage?" I laid him on the bed and he got up placing the camera on the cabinet aligning it to the bed. I was a little confused. He wanted to get married? Now?!

He walked towards me and pulled me by the wrist to the bed. "Yeah! I mean, if you wanna. Not now though. We're still too young." I sighed happily.

"Okay. Phew! I thought you wanted to get married soon! I was like, shit! I'm not ready!" He giggled and sat me down on the foot of the bed. The camera was right behind him but I still could see it. He kissed me and sat on my lap with his knees one either side of me. It wrapped his arms around my neck and I held his lower back.

He pulled back as I grabbed ass and he laughed alittle. "Are you grabbing my ass?!" He said playfully and kissed me. We got up and went towards the headboard on the bed to have have more sterdier back. I sat with my legs out and my lower back resting on the pillows. He came and sat on my leg's with his knees on either side of my thighs and his crocth resting on mine. "Hey, babe." He smiled and plcaed a kiss on my lips.

I smirked when he pulled away and moved his hands from my chest to be around my neck. I moved my hands under his black and red striped shirt and lifted it upwards. His tight, flat, soft stomach showed and I rubbed my finger along it. With my other hand I grabbed his shirt and pulled it. He raised his arms and I threw it away from us. I stared at his pale, hairless chest. He giggled and moved to shift his hips.

I began to kiss his chest and sucking on his nipple. I threw his head back and moaned wildly. I moved my mouth around and he keep his hands tangled in my long brown hair. I pushed backwards until he was on his back and I was above him. I was kissing his neck and he was laughed breathely while looking at the camera. I saw him smile and wave.

I moaned in his neck and got up, resting on my knees, to remove my shirt. At the same time Kurt wided his legs to let me get between them. I unzipped his jeans and mine at the same time removing mine. He sat up and got rid of his. I had taken off my boxers but he kept his on. He wanted to be a tease, okay then, I'll tease back. I pinched th top of his boxers and licked his lower stomach. He moaned loudly and I ripped them down his legs. I kissed his forming erection and he pulled my hair pushing me to continue.

I got between his legs and spit in my hand for some lack of a better thing to use for lube. I got ready and Kurt screamed as I entered him. I moaned loudy and contuned my pattern as he screamed and moaned. I felt myself climax and he was breathing loudly as I got closer he began to move and he filled us over so he was on top.

He moved up and down keeping my dominance but him with more movement. He reached down and kissed me as I exploded into him. He screamed and came on my chest. I smiled and he got off and fell on me. He moved his arms up and gripped my shoulders. "I love you, Dave." I smiled and repeated the words. "Really?"

"Of course, Kurt. In fact, I adore you." He moved his face to see mine and I kissed his forhead. "Now get the camera so we can see how that came out." He giggled and I loved it. I love cameras.

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