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Krist's P.O.V.

I was bored. And if anyone knew me well enough, they would know that's very dangerous. I've been walking around Seattle, Washington since about 11 p.m. It is now about 5 a.m. I decided to go home after looking in every store's window. I headed towards the direction of our little studio/cabin thing and just kept walking. I eventually reached it and walked inside.

I removed my thin but warm jacket and hung it on the rake. I felt weird for some reason. Like some strange aura was in the room. Instead of the usual happiness and lazy feeling. It felt... thick. I turned o see Dave sitting on the couch with his knees up and his face turned towards Kurt's bedroom. I called his name and he turned to me. Tears were falling from his eyes and his lips were so tight together it looked like they might fall off at any moment.

I walked towards him and sat on the couch next to him. I asked what was wrong and he buried his face in my shoulder. I rubbed his back and he gripped my arms hard. "It's Kurt... he-he... cut himself... and he won't... come out of his room! Please help him!!" He screamed the last part and began to sob uncontrollably. I gasped at the fact of Kurt cutting. i always knew was very depressed, but cutting? I held Dave as he spoke more. "He-He's threathening to... ki-kill himself. Please get him out Krist." I got up and placed a kiss on Dave's forehead. That's what Kurt would do to calm him.

"Don't worry. Pretty soon, Kurt will be here and ou two can kiss each and do whatever you want." I gave Dave a hug and walked towards Kurt's bedroom. I knocked on the door and spoke softly. "Kurt? Kurt? Are you okay, Kurt?" I heard a sob and someone scream. "Kurt. Please open the door." He yelled a no, so I tried again. "Kurt. please open. It's me, Krist. I'm not going to hurt you. Just please let me in so we can talk."

"No! i don't want to talk! I want to die!" I heard a metalic click. "I hate this!"

"Kurt, please let me in. I'll let you do whatever you want, just let me get in. I have something I got for you and Dave." I knocked gently and looked behind me. Dave had his eyes wide. It was obiously because I said that Kurt could do whatever he wanted. But I smirked and shook my head slowly. Dave took a deep breathe and sat back down.

I heard the door's lock click showing that it was unlocked. I turned the knob slowly and stepped inside. I saw Kurt standing on the far end of the room across from me with a gun in his hand. he was pointing it at me and I raised my hands a bit. "What did you get me?" I knew Kurt too well and he loved presents. Tears were still flowing down his face and he had a ctreak of blood on his cheek. I could tell it was from trying to wipe his tears with his bloody hands.

There was a cloth on his left wrist with blood staining it. he felt me staring at it and spoke. "Please don't look at me like that." I looked up and saw his beautiful blue eyes with dark bags around them. tears fell from them and you could see they were bloodshot. "Stop! or I'll-I'll..." He raised the gun to his head.

"Kurt! Please... don't!" I took a steep towards him and he backed up a bit. "Kurt. Please think. I walked in just now and the first thing I saw was Dave crying on the couch. Come on. You and Dave love each other. You can't throw that away. You wanna know what I have for you?" I rustled in my pocket and he stared at me for a second. I held the thing in my hand and didn't let him see it.

"Please... what is it? is it-it... really for... me?" I nodded and smiled. I went to the door behind and turned the knob. "No! Please... don't let Dave in!" he turned the gun to me again.

I opened it and Dave slowly came in. "K-Kurt." Kurt took the gun from me to himself. "No! Kurt, please no!" he had his finger on the trigger but I grabbed Dave and whisered into his ear and handed him the gift. He nodded and hugged me. "Kurt. Please... don't do this I have something for you." He moved his finger from the trigger slowly.

Dave moved to Kurt slowly. he was right in front of Kurt but Kurt still had the gun to his head. "Dave. What... what do you want?"

"Kurt. I'm sorry for before. I... I was horrible and drunk. I didn't mean to lie to you." I didn't know what was happening but I knew what was going to happen. "And if you want to kill yourself, then please," He grabbed the gun but kept it in Kurt's hands and turned it to himself, "kill me too. But i have one thing to say before I die. Kurt, please... marry me?" he opened his hands and the ring showed.

Kurt gasped and gropped the gun. He brought his hands to his mouth and tears fell from his eyes. "Dave. Yes! Yes! Please! That' all I wanted! I love you, Dave!" He jumped into Dave's arms and I smiled. They cried and cried and I went over and hugged them both. Dave pushed me away friendly-like and open mouthed kissed Kurt. They smiled and I grabbed the gun. I unloaded it and took it apart, crushing the pieces under my big feet. It was done.

Kurt's P.O.V.

Today was the day. The day I would get the letter D on my wrist for my boyfriend Dave. I walked to the tattoo parol trying not to have him see me if he was around. I had made Krist keep an eye on him for me. So they're probably shopping somewhere. I rounded a corner and walked into the gothic like tattoo and piercing parol. The man at thecounter was an attracting young man, bt taller than me. He was tall and lean with piercng on his eyebrows, lip, nose, and tongue. I know he had one of the tongue cuz I had talked to him the day before.

"Kurt! Hey, man! Come here!" He jumped over the counter and embraced me lovingly. I looked over his sleeve tattoos and piercing. "So. You ready for the tattoo?" He said it as if he were talking about a baseball game. Very non-chanlant like.

"Yeah. You remember, I just want a small D. Not to big but not too tiny. Is that okay?" He nodded and grabbed my wrist. He expected it and took out a small thin point sharpie. "Nothing spetacular either. Just make it simple." He drew a D and showed me. "Umm... it looks too plain."

He wiped it off and I squirmed as it smeared a bit. "This is going to be long. Let's draw it out first." He grabbed some paper and drew an elaberat D. I shook my head. He drew a normal D with devil horns and a tail. "Cuz I know you and Dave are little devils in the bedroom!" We laughed and he drew a normal D with a heart in the middle and slightly slanted.

"Yes! I love it! Can I get this one?" He nodded and dragged me to the back. he shut the curtain just as another artist came in someone. I didn't see the man's face but I heard him.

"Okay. So you just want his first initial on your arm?" I smiled and looked at my artist. He smiled when he heard the other person was getting another tattoo like my own. He sat me down instructe for me to place my hand on the side table and lay back.

As soon as my artist started, I blacked out. I can't remember when he started or finished. But I remember everything the person next to me was saying. "I just wanna get his first letter, you know, you show I love him. Cuz I do. He's the most beautiful perfect person ever. His eyes are a beautiful blue with purple on the rim. I just love him! I love holding him in my arms and kissing his beautiful lips. I'm in love. He's my sky and land and I hope nothing breaks us apart."

I was gushing when I woke up. My artist was going through my wallet to get the money and gave it back. I left a while later, not even seeing the man next to me.


I walked home and ran inside. Dave was walking towards the living room with nothing in his hands. i ran towards him and jumped on his back, bringing him down. "Dave! Look!"

I lifted my arm to show him as he attemped to get up. his sleeve rolled up and I saw his tattoos. i've seen them a million times before but they seemed different. Then I noticed a letter. A small K. I was shocked. It HAD to new! "Kurt! What the hell!?" He pushed me off and I hugged him. "Kurt? What's wrong?"

"Were you in the tattoo parol today?"

"Yeah, why?"

"I heard you talking. I was behind the curtain next to you! I can't believeyou got a K! I got a D for you! Look!" He smiled and examined it. he kissed my lips and I knew it was all worth it.

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