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Dave's P.O.V.

Kurt's been doing pretty bad lately. He's skin and bones and refuses to eat. His hair is limpy unlike it's usual somewhat bouncy normal ways. I know his hair is shaggy, but it's looks ever weirder and dirtier. All he does (if we don't have a show) is sit around and listen to his music. I feel bad. Our manager has done nothing to help Kurt's depression. All he does is call Kurt names and make fun of him.

We're sitting in the lounge, studio thingy doing absolutely nothing. Kurt's laying on one of the three couches in this place. I'm sitting on another with Krist snoring up a storm on the last one. I'm starting to fall asleep too. I know Kurt's asleep. I can hear his slight, shallow breathes from here. Everytime Krist let's out a breathe, it's silent and Kurt's breath sounds silently through the room.

Krist snores and his breath hitches. He awakes with a start. "Whoa! Dave is fucking Kurt!" I stare at him confused and shocked.

With Krist yelling, Kurt awoke and sat up gently. He wrapped his arms around himself and asked why was Krist screaming. "Whoa. Sorry, Kurt. I was just having this crazy dream! I was walking through the house and I heard noises. I walked down here and listened for the noise again. I heard like a giggle or something and it was coming from Krist's room. I went into the room and Dave was fucking you, Kurt! Damn! You guys were getting busy!

I was blushing and Kurt giggled slightly. "Krist! That is disgusting!! Ewww!" I was yelling in disgust. Not really disgust. More like me trying to hide my feelings for Kurt. I hear him sigh and I turned to see Kurt had the most depressed face on. "Ugh. I'm sorry, Kurt! I didn't mean it like that!"

He turned to me with a fake happy face on. "It's okay. I understand. I don't blame you. Who in their right mind would want to fuck me anyway!" He smiled. He got up and starting walking to his room. "I'm tired. I'm going to sleep in my room, kay. It's much more comfortable."

Krist got up too. "You got a point Kurt. I'll sleep in my room too." We all went to our rooms.


.:Later (Krist is asleep) :.

We were all in our rooms now. I was laying in my bed with my arms behind my head, thinking. 'I think I hurt Kurt today. I feel bad. I'll go talk to him.' I lift myself off my bed and walk to the door. Making sure no one is in the lounge, I open it quietly and step to the left, to Kurt's room.

I knock softly and I can hear a muffled whimper on the other side. "K-Kurt? It's Dave. Can I come in?" He sniffles and says okay. I open the door to see Kurt sitting on his bed, cross legged, and with a pillow by his side. "Are you okay? I thought I heard you crying." I closed the door and walked over to where he was sitting. I propped myself down next to him and he rested backwards on his hands.

He smiled his gorgeous smile and answered me. "No! Silly. Why would I be crying?!" He was such a bad liar. He was still sniffling and his eyes were red and a bit puffy. He pushed a lock of his dirty blond hair behind his ear and rested his head on my shoulder. I rubbed his cheek gently and he moved his head up, looking deep into my eyes. He looked back down and spoke. "Okay, yes. I was crying. D-Dave. Can I ask you a question?"

He got back up and sat looking the other direction. "You just did, but sure. What is it?"

Turned back around but didn't look at me. More like the floor. "W-When Krist said he had that dream... and you said 'eww.' Do you... not like me?"

"K-Kurt. I... have something to tell you. I... don't like you. I... love you." He looked at me surprised and his face was a deep shade of red. "Kurt. I only said it because I didn't want you to think I liked you. I wasn't sure if you liked me too, so I didn't want to act like a fool in front of you. I thought you'd reject me. I'm sorry I hurt you."

I looked at Kurt. He smiled and moved his hand ontop of mine. His face got closer to mine, he moved until he was on his knees. He was short. And he knew it. He had to kneel to reach my face. Our faces got closer to each other's and he smiled. "I do love you Dave. That's why it hurt so much for you to say that."

I smlied too. "Kurt. You remember when you said, 'who in their right mind would want to fu** you?'"

He moved his head back away from mine and looked me in the eyes. "Y-Yeah."

"I would." He blushed and giggled. We got close again and our lips were almost touching. I felt his little breathes on my lips. I moved in slightly closer and our lips meet. A kiss. A nice, simple, passionate kiss. I placed my hand on his face and he moved is hands into my hair. I sigh. Deepening it.

We pull away and he lays his head on my chest. He relaxes hs knees and grips onto to my shirt with his thin, fragile fingers. "Please Dave. Next time, just tell me what you have to say and don't hide it from me. You'll just hurt me like that." I kiss the top of his head and he pushes himself closer to me.

"Of course, Kurt. I love you."

We stayed there the rest of the time that Krist slept. I now have Kurt as my lover. And I will protect him from everything. Even if it takes my life.

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