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Dave's P.O.V.

It's 2:35 a.m. right in the heart of Seattle. We're in the mist of some type of weird, musicial, sexual party. I have last sight of Krist, probably off with some tranny. But I have kurt all to myself right here on my hip. He's way to into this party and is grinding up hard onto me. I want to just turn him around and bend him over and fuck his brains out. But no, we're in public. I can't possibly do that. But Kurt has one thin arm around the back of my neck and one swinging loosely by his side. He's swaying and smiling with his eyes closed. His head close to my chest and his hips pressed firmly to mine.

I'm not much of a dancer so all I can do is hold his hips and pull them closer to myself and moving from side to side. We're probably the worse dancing couple here, but who cares. We're having fun... actually. Not enough fun.

I pull Kurt exact close and yell into his ear (because the music s WAYY too loud) "Hey, let's get out of here. We can go back to my place, babe." He pulls away and smiles wide and nods and we're on our way. Krist will probably get a cab to the house later on or go home with someone else. I really care. All I care about is me, Kurt, and the rope by my bed.


Dave's P.O.V.

I take my key out to open the door and Kurt is leaning against the door saying something stupid with his drunken slur. He has one hand on the wall and the other on my butt. I open the door and grab him to help his drunken ass in. He yells something dirty at me as I close the door.

Soon the need over takes me and I push him against the wall and just attack his mouth and neck with teeth and tongue. He moans and giggles like crazy and his sloppy hands grope up my back and through my hair. I bite his neck once extra hard and he lets out a little squeak followed by some cute, childish giggles. I grunt and grab his leg and pull it up on mine.

"Daveeyyyyy~! Why are you so hard already!?!" He laughs in his drunken state and I push my cock against him harder and he moans. I smile at how silly he's being and I grab his hand. I pull him close and then let his leg slump. I pull away and grab Kurt's hips and in one swish move, lift up and over my shoulder.


In the bedroom, Kurt is still giggling like a crazy person as I place him on the bed and tear his clothes off. He lays naked and squirms around moaning my name. I undress and grab my cock and shake it a bit at him. I go and grab the rope in the night stand along with the lube, ball gag, and dildo. I take the rop and tie Kurt's hands together and then to the bed frame, nice and tight but lose enough to be abl to flip him on command. He laughs about the whole thing and squirms under my hard touch.

I move my hands up his sides and down his stomach and kiss him hard and long. We fight for dominance in each other's mouthes but we all know who wins. I grab his cock and pull on it as he moans. I reach over him and grab the ball gag and place it firmly around his head and into his mouth. Kurt starts to sober up, now knowing very well how I indeed to fuck and hurt him.

I grab the lube and dildo and brought them to Kurt. He moaned against the gag and from his eyes, I knew he wanted me to let him go. But I couldn't, I just couldn't! That'd be way to painful. So I grabbed Kurt's legs and pull them apart and crawled between them to his face. He whimpered and I licked up his face. I massaged his stomach and ran my finger over his nipples. He struggled agasinst the ropes and moaned loud. A thin layer of sweat covered his entire body. I ran my hands all over and then onto myself. I grabbed my cock and then the lube. I spread it over my fingers and then onto my cock. Kurt watched and whimpered, breathing harder. I stopped and grabbed his left leg. I pulled his leg up and brought his foot to my face. I massaged his cute, little toes and his nice soft heel. I moved my hand over his ankle and leg and once again back to his delicious little foot. I played with his toes and licked them all over. He moaned and strained to get closer to me. His hips lifted a little bit and I knew he wanted me to touch him.

I gently touched him and he closed his eyes and grunted. His body was covered in a little bit of sweat and I knew I was too. I let go of his adorable foot and pulled his legs down. I lift his body up a bit and got under him. My dick had pre-cum spilling over and I knew he wanted it. I push into him and he screamed. Or at least it sounded like he screamed. I couldn't control myself. I thrust into him hard and felt how tight he was. I loved it and I kieed his neck over and over again. I ripped the gag out of his mouth and over his head. He gasped and begged for more.

I grabbed the dildo and pulled out of him. I shoved it into his mouth and he moaned. I yanked it out and shoved it deep into Kurt's ass. He moaned and pulled on the restaints. I could no longer be held accountable for what I was about to do.

I grabbed the scissors from the bed side and cut the ropes while Kurt blushed wildly and moaned. I set his hands free and grabbed the dildo once more. I shoved it into his mouth and I pulled his legs above his head. Almost like an animal, I began to thrust in and out of his hard and crazy like. He screamed and clawed at my back. I felt myself swell inside of him and he began to moan wildly that he was about to cum. I took my opportunity and grabbed him and flipped him over.

I began to do the same until we both swelled and came. I collasped next to my baby and we both gasped for air. Kurt grabbed onto my arm and moaned that he loved him. I kissed him hard and difted off into a nice sleep. All in all, I fucking love Kurt.

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