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"Sharon! This Brit is bothering me!" his voice was so unaudible that Ozzy Osborne could barely understand himself.

"Governor! Please! It's just an invite for a spot of tea!" Tyrren explained as he handed Ozzy an invite.

"Y'all get out of mah way, white boy!" Yelled Jimi Hendrix as he ran down the street. He wasn't racist. Just obsevant.

Suddenly, Kurt Cobain came out of an alley, all destroyed and ruinned. "I-I need... need some... powder. Spa-Spare change?" Kurt was so stoned it wasn't even funny.

Dave Grohl come out behind him and grabbed kurt. "Kurt! Please! Come back to me and Krist! Oh God, look at you! You're filthy! Masty-assed hair, dirty clothes, and broken shoes." He looked at Ozzy. "Thank you for finding him. But why did you give him drugs?!" He was pissed.

Ozzy was offended. So he punched the next thing that came at him. Krist Novosolic. BAM! "Damnit!" Krist yelled and punched Ozzy back. "You suck, druggie! Black Sabbath sucks ass!"

So the two fought insulting each other. Kurt grabbed some powder and snorted it as Dave stopped him. "No! no more." He reprimanded Kurt. But he didn't listen. He passed out. So sad.

Just when Tyrren thought that things couldn't get weirder, John Lennon crawled out of a swearor and dusted himself off. Of course, he had a guitar. he sat on the curb and began playing to the unconscience Kurt in his lap.

Suddenly, he sat up and took the guitar. He jumped onto Dave's shoulders and began playing "Smells like Teen Spirit". So of course, Krist and Ozzy stopped fighting and everyone danced.

The End

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